Date: 12/06/2013

Ref. e-mail below. "INDIA'A SALVATION LIES WITHIN". (Just like her indigestible treacherous "Second Nation" lies within!)

"RAHUL TO MARRY MAANYATA?" Perish the thought. NO WAY!

She is a native Indian born female and thus for arrogant RULING Dynasty INFERIOR scum, slaves without a say, like the leaves of a fallen tree.

We understand that Rahul has already put his head at the feet of a Venezuelan beauty. Her whereabouts are being kept secret. Her strong point is her Faith (like his own) in Pope and so in India she will help Rahul "demoralise, divide & pulverise" the Hindus.

Many people KNOW that when Rajiv put his head at Sonia's feet in England he said, "ONE DAY MY HINDUSTHAN WILL BE AT YOUR FEET, TOO."

She phoned her Mum in Italy to say, "THE INDIAN FOOL IS SO DAMN SWEET & STUPID!"

Her mother, knowing how quickly the Indians SURRENDER and never look back, replied, "Don't wait another day. Bag him like a hunter bags his KILL."

Sonia's wise mother could foresee BILLONS coming to Italy in the years to come- not merely FIFTY MILLION dollars, the Bofors Commission that are beyond recovery like North Kashmir..

So RAHUL will keep the family tradition alive. That is, REJECT the Indian born inferior females and touch the feet of a FOREIGN “mem sahib” to raise his image and enhance his prestige.

But he has a dilemma. TIMES ARE CHANGING FAST. The Hindus are going through rapid transformation from mutton sheep to hunting tigers. Rajiv was lucky to bring his FOREIGN bride straightaway into the Prime Minister's house in New Delhi where NONE dared to squeak, even like a mouse "Someone please, do her security vetting!"

Rahul, too, is hoping to give his Venezuelan bride a red carpet welcome and 21 gun salute at New Delhi Airport named after his grandmother of evil stroke, when he is the next Prime Minister.

He is now afraid that the next Prime Minister will be Narendra Modi and the New Delhi airport will be renamed "PRITHVI RAJ CHAUHAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT", or even "GUGU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT"!


In a message dated 12/06/2013 15:36:56 GMT Daylight Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

A sure cure to all our ailments….

Sub : India’s salvation lay within

Manyataa, please marry Rahul Gandhi and Save India



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