Date: 13/06/2013

> > A farmer in Yorkshire sees a bloke drinking from his stream and shouts ,> >> >> > “Ey up cocker, tha dunt wanna be drinkin watta frum theer, its full o hoss > > piss an cow shite an it could kill thee”> >> > The Bloke says: "Sir I am a muslim from Pakistan , can you be speaking > > clearer, and slower please”> >> >> > The farmer replies: If....You.... Use.... Two ....Hands....... You... > > Wont.... Spill ....Any">

This is how many in the UK see the Muslims who were called "my children" on one day and "my Muslim BROTHERS" on the next day by Dynasty controlled India's "Father", MK Gandhi, who did NOT mind the unconditional surrender of FIVE provinces to his "brothers" in 1947.

Neither any challenge nor condition, nor even a fast in protest for ONE day after his “Akhand Bharat” was butchered in the ISLAMIC way!

That was the man who is honoured more than many honour their own fathers in India if you go by the number of his statues and buildings, schools, roads and parks NAMED AFTER HIM.

The COWARD'S "Samadhi" is a "mandatory must" on the itinerary of every foreign VVIP (including the President of the USA) who comes to visit Bharat.