Date: 19/06/2013


Rape & Murder by Splaying Two Legs –
Apart Barbaric Even by Medieval Standards

By Kahini Roy

Photo Courtesy: Hindu Samhati

Shipra Ghosh, a 2nd year student in the Rajarhat Derozio Memorial College dies a dreadful death after she was gang-raped and killed by 4 men near Barasat, Kolkata. On Friday, 7 June, Shipra was returning after an examination when she was dragged into the caretaker’s quarter in a large 3 acre walled up land of a proposed factory. According to sources, the accused were lying in wait behind the 8 foot concrete wall surrounding the land. Just so that she does not identify the prime accused viz. Ansar Ali Mollah, who is the caretaker of that land and also a Trinamool Congress activist, they first strangled her to death and then had her legs splayed, after which they dumped her in the nearby fishery. Her severely injured and semi-nake d body was later recovered by relatives and neighbours.

Police had initially refused to take complaint, which has been the practice in many recent rape and assault cases. A missing complaint was however lodged earlier in the evening but police reached 3 hours after the discovery of the body. The news spread like wild fire and triggered mob violence when locals began demonstrations expressing their anger on the police whose reluctance and inaction, even after they had alerted the police on several occasions, had allowed the criminals to turn the godown into a den of illegal activities; a sleaze racket was also run from there. The body was only recovered from the angry horde once RAF and combat forces were deployed. The locals had started with their demonstrations much before the police had reached the crime scene. With police allegedly resorting to lathicharge to control the situation, the mob went berserk and damaged at least three vehicles, including a police jeep.

Photo Courtesy: Hindu Samhati

Media reports on Hindu Samhati’s Protest in Barasat

Photo Courtesy: Hindu Samhati

The prime accused, Ansar Ali, Noorul Islam and Sk. Amin were arrested in the early hours of Saturday while Saiful Mollah and Gopal Das were arrested later the same day. By Tuesday, Bhola Naskar, Aminur Rahman and Inamul Islam were arrested taking the total number of accused to eight. Ansar Ali who manipulated the feat is said to be related to Sayeeda Bibi, TMC Chief of Panchayat, Kirtipur (2) village who along with her husband went missing after the incident. Food Minister, WB, Sri Jyotipriyo Mallick and Nirmal Ghosh, TMC President of 24 Parganas (N) had tried to step in but were rebuffed by the enraged locals. Mallick had even offered monetary help for the family, which the protestors had refused asking him to leave immediately. They demanded justice and security, not compensation or politics.

Opposition leader Suryakanta Mishra expressed condolences for the family and assured them of the arrest of all the accused by hook or by crook. CPM State Secretary Biman Basu condemned the incident saying the rape of the girl and then the heinous murder is an embarrassment to the state’s law and order system. He added that the administration should implement necessary and immediate measures instead of the flowery empathies. Pradesh Congress Secretary Pradip Bhattacharya exclaimed that he had expected some stern actions by the Chief Minister of the State; instead she seems to bring the state to a primary position in case of rape and assault, it is shocking to see such indifference on her part when she is a woman herself.

Within merely 20 kms from Kolkata, Barasat has become a silent reign of terror with quite a few incidents in the recent past. Allegedly, notorious activities rose after Ansar Ali had taken up the job of a caretaker of the godown. The Kamdoni-BDO Office-Madhyamgram way had become a dragon’s lair with the anti-socials and lowlifes infesting the many liquor shops who openly operate during the day as well. The miscreants did not even care the age of the female passersby and had raped a 70-year old few years back. Women of this area have been facing this ordeal for sometime but never dared to protest out of fear of falling victim to the gang who are running a riot there. Evidently, many complaints of harassment were made in the Aminpur Police Outpost but the Police did not act as the miscreants enjoy political patronage. There have been several cases in the past which deserves mention:

i. Apr 25, 2013: 8-year-old girl raped by neighbor
ii. Feb 1: Class XI schoolgirl molested by gang of bikers
iii. Sept 3 2012: Two drunken youths beat elderly doctor to death for protesting when they pass lewd comments at his neighbour’s daughter
iv. Aug 29: A Class-XI girl molested by four youths
v. Aug 21: Bar singer gang-raped by her landlord and his friends
vi. Aug 20: 15-year-old girl assaulted and molested by drunken youths
vii. July 28: A Class XII girl chased and molested by a gang of 10, her father beaten up
viii. Apr 26: A Class V girl kidnapped while returning home along with her brother. Her father pays hefty ransom for her return
ix. Feb 13: 2011 Rajib Das, a Madhyamik examinee, stabbed to death by three drunken youths as he tries to stop them from molesting his sister

The locals have submitted a memorandum to the BDO of Barasat block no. 2 demanding a college in that walled up land. They have threatened to continue the agitation if security is not beefed up in the area. They have also demanded the demolition of the concrete wall to prevent the growing crimes in and around the godown and most importantly demand for the accused to be hanged. A Public Interest Litigation was also filed in the Calcutta High Court on Monday by Anindya Sundar Das demanding a special probe in the case. He expressed his despair in the probe by the CID, which has so far failed to carry out an impartial probe and book culprits due to ‘political patronage’. The petitioner suspected that police may tamper with the evidence in order to protect the culprits.

Thousands of people came out in protest next day also, not only from the victims’ village Kamdoni, but from everywhere and even from far-away Delhi; a lady came to show solidarity. It was irrespective of political color. Hindu Samhati members participated in protests who were detained after they tried to block the road at Champadali More around afternoon.

However, it is suspected that the Trinamul MP Hazi Nurul Islam wanted the Police to apply brute force to break the spontaneous protest immediately after the Rape and Murder, because the alleged criminals are from Muslim community as in several earlier incidents. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself made light of the Rape in Park Street and Katwa train, where the alleged assailants were also Muslims. In India Muslims enjoy such absurd unconstitutional ‘privileges’.

Just couple of years back in Deganga of Barasat, only 20 kms from Kolkata which has become a Muslim stronghold due to illegal infiltration from Bangladesh, Muslim gangs of several hundred attacked Hindu houses and temples destroying the deities and torched a market owned by Hindus. The Hindu victims alleged that TMC MP Nurul Islam was the instigator who used his power to let the Muslim perpetrators go and also made the Police harass the victims on top of the destruction.

Here it is a rape of a tender college girl, and a diabolical murder. She is the first college-goer from a poor family. Yet it is not getting the all-India and World media attention it deserves. People are mad about the role of Media in under-reporting of the satanic crime.

Photo Courtesy: Hindu Samhati

During Communist rule by former Chief Minister Jyoti Basu, Govt.'s Family Planning Team was attacked and women Health Personnels were raped and brutalized when they were in Bantala, a Muslim neighborhood. Dr Anita Dewan, Head of the unit was raped and tortured with a morbid mind-set and killed. The Police Officer of the area did his best to crack the vicious case, but Jyoti Basu’s Govt. covered it. Because the CPM felt as the Muslims allegedly committed the crime, even if it is terribly wrong, yet Muslims will not like their own to be punished. Media worked as hand-maiden and underplayed the whole episode.

Same thing happened in Dhantolla, where in the middle of night a bridal party bus was stopped in a lone highway, raided, jewellery and money looted. Then the male members were beaten and tied to the bus seats and women were forcibly dragged to a nearby vacant Madrassa and mass-raped until wee hours. In the morning the villagers found them and set them free. No serious action was taken, because the then Chief Minister Jyoti Basu, the Congress party Chief and other leftist parties never wanted to antagonize the Muslim vote-bank.

On top of it, India's own Media will brand anyone as communal who wants justice on sufferings of Hindus. Larger questions are never raised - why the Media acts in such a communal way? Why are they so indifferent about the Hindu majority? Why do they never raise the issue of true Secularism in India?

Why does the Media censor or even underplay such horrific acts? In fact, such biased acts of Media encourage the barbarians to run wild on the Hindus.

A Naked Truth. Where is the so-called Intelligentsia or the firebrand politicians? Only recently they vied to be in the huge candle light processions to protest and express sympathy for Rizwanur Rahman, when he committed suicide as his love marriage with a Hindu girl found no support from the girl’s family.