Date: 03/02/2013



Today evening the news read by Krishna Gurumurthy mentioned boatloads of Muslim Rohingas fleeing Myanmar and sailing to Thailand for refuge. The reporters broadcast their stories of starving and dying on board and fearing for their lives.

There are serious implications of this Islamic mass migration towards a Buddhist country already embroiled in bloody clashes with its own indigenous Muslims in the South as in the Southern Philippines.

Why should these Muslims sail for days on end when they can just cross the border into Bangladesh, a Muslim country?

Secondly why don't they go to INDONESIA, another Muslim country that should welcome their "brothers and sisters" in the name of merciful and benign Allah?

Thirdly why can't they be asked to sail around Sri Lanka and then find the whole ISLAMIC world to the West, stretching from Pakistan and Somalia to Libya and Morocco to find a welcome somewhere?

Their sailing to a "soft" Buddhist country, that is not sending its own refugees anywhere abroad, has sinister implications for that peaceful Buddhist land. Had there been global UNITED Buddhist world like the GLOBAL ISLAM they would have recalled the destruction of the ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan and shunned them from a thousand miles.

They could also find out the welcome the Buddhists and Hindus receive in Bangladesh and then keep the ideological ENEMY off the coast of Thailand.

Should we ignore at our own peril that the Thai Buddhists are "infidels" or "kafirs" in the eyes of each and every Muslim who believes in the Koran? What sort of welcome do the Buddhists find in any Islamic country?

The countries that receive MUSLIM refugees soon find their own internal security situation deteriorating rapidly due to various reasons like rapid increase in terrorist and destructive activities, seduction, rape and conversion of local girls who are made to produce ABOVE AVERAGE number of children in order to increase the Muslim numbers and political clout as here in the United Kingdom.

As soon as the Muslims settle down in a new country they start demanding concessions and privileges, enact their own Sharia laws, force “halal” meat on everyone in jails, schools and hospitals, and ultimately take to terrorism or threaten civil war under the banner of Jehad.

The local police and the army are overstretched in keeping them in check. All this adversely affects the economic climate and social harmony & cohesion in a country where the Muslims have landed.

In extreme cases they would attack the country that acted as their host and then force PARTITION while slaughtering the indigenous people as in India.

Please do not show the fleeing Rohinga Muslims as victims and then blame a Buddhist country that shuts the door on them for its own survival. All MUSLIM refugees from any country, especially an ISLAMIC land, should be directed to another ISLAMIC country just like the Syrian refugees in Turkey, the Afghan refugees in Pakistan and the Pakistani refugees in Egypt and Algeria.

What about the NON-Muslim refugees? What chance of acceptance in an ISLAMIC republic do they have? Can one give at least ONE example?

If Channel 4 is so moved by their plight the Rohingas could be advised to head for Australia where the government and people are quite capable of dealing with any ISLAMIC arrivals much better and more effectively than ill-resourced, peace loving, “soft” and tolerant Buddhist country like Thailand.

3 feb 13.