Date: 20/06/2013

Just look at the TALIBAN. Do they have tanks, ballistic missiles, bombers, drones, armoured personnel carriers (APC’s), advanced mine detection equipment, aerial reconnaissance planes, regular supply lines to convey food, munitions, weapons and clothing, and field hospitals to treat the wounded?

Yet, they defeated the mighty Soviet Union after resisting and fighting for TEN years. And now they have humbled world's MOST POWERFUL NATION, the U.S.A., that is pulling out their troops out of Afghanistan in order to “cut their losses and run!”.

Afghanistan has remained the same. Women there are treated the same. Its mosques and madrassas are the same. She does not have even a new (secular) Constitution.
Now look at India's top LEADERS, MK Gandhi and JL NEHRU, at the time of our historic defeat at the hands of the indigenous Muslims who did not possess even the crude & primitive weaponry that the Taliban have today.

In the 1940's the leader of the Indian Muslims, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, demanded a separate HOMELAND for his Muslim community called “Pakistan” and threatened “lethal” consequences for the Hindus in case of refusal.

How long did the Indian leaders defy him or resist?
NOT A SECOND! The collapse (unconditional surrender of India) was instantaneous and (for this despicable third class rotten “scum”) easy and effortless like breathing! Then they told the decimated, bereaved and bleeding nation to "FORGET IT!"

Not one pistol shot was discharged from the weapon by the Indian side (armed forces included) in defence of their country called “Mother” India (or Bharat “Maata”). Even a jackal would have stood up to a wolf for half a minute!

Indian leaders at the time did not show guts to accuse the Muslim leader of high treason, or demanded his arrest and execution.

None is on record having said, "Mr. Jinnah, We shall take you to SUPREME COURT to be tried for HIGH TREASON."

Most willingly they signed the DEATH WARRANT of their own country, BHARAT.
Overnight India was MUTILATED into three fragments and emerged in its present hideous and ugly map outline.

Hindus and Sikhs were savagely WIPED OUT in Pakistan while not one Mohammedan was “touched” or forced to leave India on account of Partition. They stayed back as before. Now due to their above average (abnormally high) birth rate the Muslims have once again become a FORCE (within Hindusthan) to reckon with.

Reading the news below, every HINDU (or patriotic Indian) should go and literally SPIT on the bogus "Samadhis" of these useless "leaders" who proved a LIABILITY. They ought to have been caught and dealt with like Benito MUSSOLINI (on 28 April 1945) by PEOPLE.

We commend the courage and PARIOTISM of the TALIBAN to our own present day leaders in Bharat. If the world’s most powerful nation can talk to the "rag bag" Taliban they can also talk to the Naxalites, the Maoists and the Tamils, not forgetting the Kashmiri MUSLIMS!

Our Hindu leaders need to be of very different mettle in that most unstable, dangerous and violent, part of the world.
19 June 13.

Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN | Jun 19, 2013, 12.00 AM IST

The engagement, the first of its kind in more than a decade since the post 9/11 conflict, follows key concessions made by Washington, including dropping the pre-condition that Taliban immediately break ties with al-Qaida, in return for much broader, generic commitments by the unyielding terrorist group

WASHINGTON: The United States will begin formal talks with Taliban, including the Haqqani network, in Doha, Qatar, in a couple of days, Obama administration officials said in a major announcement on Tuesday. The engagement, the first of its kind since the post 9/11 conflict, follows key concessions made by Washington, including dropping the pre-condition that Taliban immediately break ties with al-Qaida, in return for much broader, generic, self-serving commitments by the unyielding terrorist group.

In a conference call from Northern Ireland where President Obama is attending the G8 summit, US officials said they expected Taliban to issue a statement opposing the use of Afghan soil to threaten other countries (which implicitly meant not sheltering al-Qaida); and second, that they support an Afghan peace process.

As it turned out, the statement released by the Taliban was stunning in its implied rejection of even the minimum US demands and assertive in its own assumption of Afghan leadership and how it would achieve its objectives: "It is well known to all that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been waging jihad to put an end to the occupation and form an independent Islamic system," it said, interposing itself in the Afghan leadership position and projecting the US,and not al-Qaida, as the problem.

It also said "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considerers it its religious and national duty to gain independence from the occupation and for that purpose has utilised every legitimate way and will utilise it in future too," while making no commitment or reference to the Afghan constitution, the current US-backed leadership in Kabul, or the rights of women and minorities.

Earlier US officials had already reeled back on their expectation. "We've long had a demand on the Taliban that they make a statement that distances themselves from the movement from international terrorism, but made clear that we didn't expect immediately for them to break ties with al-Qaida, because that's an outcome of the negotiation process," they said, explaining the concessions made to the nihilistic outfit, which, surprisingly, includes elements Washington has repeatedly described as, and officially designated as, a terrorist group - the Haqqani network.

US officials had also maintained that they had got enough and the "statement that we expect today is this first step in distancing them, distancing the movement from international terrorism" although they conceded "it's not as far as will demand them to go at the end of the process."

The negotiating group, which calls itself Taliban Political Commission, are the "fully authorized representatives of the movement, and authorized by Mullah Omar himself" administration officials said against the backdrop of Washington having been previously fooled by elements claiming to represent Taliban. "We don't know the exact makeup of the Taliban delegation, but we believe that it broadly represents, as authorized by Mullah Omar, the entire movement to include the Haqqanis," they added.

The officials were cautious about the outcome of what they said was a first step in what could be a complex, long, and messy dialogue. "I think we need to be realistic. This is a new development, a potentially significant development. But peace is not at hand," one official said.

In fact, officials said the first meeting is likely to be just an exchange of agendas rather than any substantive, detailed discussion. "We'll tell them what we want to talk about; they'll tell us what they want to talk about; and we'll both then adjourn and consult on next steps, and then have another meeting in a week or two later," they said. Among the things the US will want to talk about from the beginning is how Taliban going to cut ties with al-Qaida — the group that attacked US on 9/11 and was sheltered by the Taliban — "how quickly, exactly how they're going to do it, what it means."

Washington's dramatic outreach with the Pakistan-backed Taliban came even as US - and Nato-led international coalition handed over the lead on security to Afghan National Forces at a formal ceremony in Kabul, marking a milestone in the protracted conflict in the land-locked country. It also came on the eve of secretary of state John Kerry's visit next week to India (and Pakistan), where the latest developments will be part of the talks' agenda. Officials said Pakistan was supportive of the dialogue and had played a key role in bringing Taliban to the table.

They however implicitly maintained that despite the diminishing American military footprint, engaging Taliban did not mean Washington would abandon its core interests. It would continue to protect its equities Afghanistan.