Date: 20/06/2013

The NRI had been saving for a long time to afford the ticket to his land of birth, Bharat.

The plane landed and he kissed the soil of his Motherland. But his first shock was to see the sign “INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”. The spontaneous feeling was definitely disgust. “Why is it not “NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”? Or, “PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT” Or, “GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”?” It occurred to him that BHARAT was still slave.

After this indecent introduction to an ancient land of wisdom and divinity, he took a taxi.

The driver, a middle aged man, explained the reason for the name of the airport. He said, “She became Prime Minister under “Divine Right” of Dynasty when her father died of syphilis. She ruled with iron fist and imposed Emergency to seal the lips of her critics. She was, indeed, a hoax who concealed her real name “Maimoona Begum” after she married Feroze Khan. Nobody in India can recall the names of his parents, uncles, aunts and the first cousins!

Explaining her assassination he said, “Being a Musalmanee she was pleased to see the ruins of Hindu temples and found the Golden Temple in Amritsar as an eye sore. So she schemed and planned to reduce its vital strategic annexe, known as Sri Akal Takht Sahib to ashes to look like the ruins in Ayodhya. In reality the Sikhs’ holiest shrine had to be protected like The Vatican in Italy.

“She had all the attributes of a stonehearted cruel Mogul Empress who looked at the Hindus as “dirt under her foot”. Living among the Infidels her soul was in agony and that made her bitter and mad like Hitler during his last days. She often dreamt of entering Hindusthan with the SWORD in one hand and KORAN in the other. Thus in order to kill for the sake of killing she cleverly manipulated the scenario of that attack and chose the special day in the year when the Sikhs gather in the TEMPLE in their thousands to commemorate an earlier martyrdom, that of Guru Arjun Devji who was tortured to death in the most sadistic manner and finally put in cow hide and thrown in River Ravi.

“No Hindu, however cruel, deranged and despicable, could cross the limit of such a beastly action, that is, to attack and destroy a native holy place of worship while simultaneously killing thousands of innocent pilgrims gathered there for worship.

The NRI listened intently and wondered as to why a woman calling herself “Indira” after a Hindu goddess, did not raise the demolished Temple in AYODHYA first! He realised that a “Muslim does not build but destroys & kills!” With regard to Golden Temple Maimoona did what comes naturally to a Mohammed.

The NRI agreed and said, “There were so many suitable names for Delhi’s International Airport.”

The following day the NRI took the same taxi for sightseeing. First he headed for Raj Ghat. The outspoken driver explained, “This is where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi are interned. He was India’s TOP LEADER who at first inspired all by saying, “India will be cut upon my dead body,” but when JINNAH, the Muslim leader, took the sword out of sheath, metaphorically speaking, the Mahatma was petrified and forgot to give the call to the Rajputs, Jats, Marathas, Gurkhas, the Sikhs and everybody else, to defend every inch of Akhand Bharat and teach the HOME GROWN separatist “basta*ds” a lesson that they would never forget.

At the next “Samadhi”, the driver explained, “This one is to commemorate the rule of the stone-hearted “Maimoona Begum”, who like her father, was the friend of Muslims but enemy of the Hindus. Her strategic hat trick was the creation of TWO Islamic republics out of one! Thus if ever Pakistan was destroyed the other will survive. And if Bharat succumbed to chaos, corruption, internal revolts, insurrections and misrule she will immediately find herself caught between the two jaws of the Islamic crocodile called “Mohammed”!” He concluded, “Truly the “Wi*ch” lying here had a vision.”

The taxi came to yet another SAMADHI, that of gallivanting Rajiv Gandhi. Instead of taking the surname of his father he called himself “Gandhi”. Who could suspect that he had renounced Islam in a second, to become a CATHOLIC when he put his head (and Hindusthan) at the feet of the Italian born Sonia Maino.”

“What did he do to deserve a “Samadhi” in India’s capital?” asked the NRI.

“A lot Sir,” replied the taxi driver and spoke of the TRUTH concealed and the nation fooled.

“He was corrupt to the core and took $50,000,000 as commission from the Bofors Gun Company in Sweden. The amount is now in some secret foreign account. He was sent to Cambridge for education due to lack of a good university in India but instead of a degree he brought an impoverished Italian girl working as au pair (domestic maid) in an English family.

“Straightaway she moved in the Prime Minister’s house without security vetting or passport check. Today she is called “First Lady”, or “Rashtramata” of Bharat. No journalist, historian or detective has ever tried to look into her family background or to locate that English family, or the dilapidated private school where she went to learn the English language.” The NRI was listening intently and asked the driver to carry on.

“Rajiv, the CATHOLIC and his mother a MUSLIM, both looked at the natives (Hindus and Sikhs) through the eyes of St Xavier and Babur respectively. They wanted to wipe out the ancient religions of the land that had given succour, comfort and peace of mind to hundreds of millions of Indians over countless centuries. So while his mother targeted the Sikhs Rajiv turned to the TAMILS in order to suppress them in Tamil Nadu. He sent the Indian army across the sea to wipe them out in Sri Lanka where they ruthlessly killed the Tamils of INDIAN origin who were looking towards Tamil Nadu for support and safety. After his assassination Rajiv’s mantle came to his widow SONIA to ensure the extinction of Tamils in Sri Lanka and of the Hindus in Nepal.”

The NRI asked, “Why do the Hindus accept their rulers without thoroughly looking into their background and belief? Surely it is ruining the country.”

The taxi driver replied, “Sir, my generation of Hindus understand all this. We salute those who sacrificed their lives in order to finally liberate our nation. We will not rest till these profane “samdhis” are REPLACED by those built in the name of real martyrs. New memorials will be seen by all the Indians including the foreigners, on these very spots.”

After saying all this the taxi driver felt like a little hero who dared to speak the truth as per country’s motto SATYAM VIJAYATE!”



Raj Ghat by the Memorial of NATHU RAM GODSE.

Maimoona’s Samadhi by the Memorial of Rani of Jhansi seated on horseback, facing West, sword drawn.

Rajiv Samadhi by the Memorial of the Tamil “goddess” "Gayatri" Rajaratnam who did to him what he was doing to the Tamils.

Besides the above, suitable memorials ought to be built to honour the memory of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Maharana Pratap, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Gen Hari Singh Nalwa and many many more whose contribution to Hindus, Hindusthan and the entire mankind were most noteworthy.


21 June 13.