Date: 21/06/2013


We have read the report. (Below). It should be given widest publicity.

This is clearly anti Indian High Treason. Instead of inviting the INDIAN ex servicemen to settle in the Valley with their families the Government is inviting the ENEMY back!

Isn't it the SAME "Government" (the same Party and the same Dynasty & the same "servile stooge" Lok Sabha) that accepts in eternity the surrender of ONE THIRD of India to the enemy without a single condition in 1947, that acknowledges the supremacy & superiority of Islam over Secularism?

This is aggravating the dispute, not solving it! Surely, this is concentrating and strengthening the ENEMY not dispersing them. This is robbing the dispersed & scattered Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits) of the hope of ever returning to their homes.

It does not make sense except that the Govt. is determined to lose Kashmir, except that the Government itself is the ENEMY.

That is why Article 370 cannot go in order to INTEGRATE the State in Bharat, and NONE has ever squeaked "Akhand Bharat" in that despicable Lok Sabha of servile stooges.

There is more to Pakistan than meets the eye. Nehru being the son of a Muslim naturally favoured them. He wanted them to overwhelm the Hindus and re-establish the Islamic rule in India. But, so his logic, how could a minority, dispersed across the land, do this? He needed to CONCENTRATE them and give them the WEAPONS. He gave them PAKISTAN.

Now the INDIAN Muslims under a new identity have the two things: Territory and Sovereignty. Bharat, on the other hand, emerged much REDUCED and WEAKENED, a "mongrel" State for all despite Hindu majority, yet with no Faith & Ideology, but "secular" for everyone, including the Muslims living on the right, the left and in the middle!

It was again due to her own religious conviction for which Maimoona Begum (Indira Gandhi) returned EAST Bengal promptly back to her "faith brothers". Logically one expected her to hold REFERENDUM among the people of newly conquered EAST Bengal to choose between Bharat and Sovereignty. The opportunity to choose between Secularism and Islamic fundamentalism was NOT given to them. Father Nehru and daughter Maimoona ("Indira") were on the SAME anti Hindu platform.

After Rajiv, the "BOFORS CHOR", Sonia is continuing the policy by keeping Kashmir separate ("disputed") under Article 370 of Constitution and throgh unbridled CORRUPTION in order to impoverish their Indian colony for eventual hand over to Islam.

Muslims in Bharat are secular for jobs but live in defiance of their Koran that pours venom on the Kafirs and calls for Jehad. With split personality they are unstable, insecure, unsure, unreliable and schizophrenic, a virtual dangerous Fifth Column.

If we solve the problem called "Partition", Kashmir issue will go away instantly.

We are needlessly looking up to our gallant armed forces to put the country first and save Bharat but NOT the regime of Sonia Gandhi in order to prolong the agony of Kashmir. But disappointingly, this army is no "Azad Hindu Fauj" of yesteryear.

The future of India, not only of Kashmir, looks threateningly bleak. Who could disagree?



June 21, 2013.


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