Date: 23/06/2013


Mr Shakil Ahmed, writes in the "Organiser", New Delhi, dated 10-16, 2013, that Islam is a religion of mercy and peace.” That is insult to common sense, flying in the face of truth and reality.

He is the latest to make a fool of the world while living in PARTITONED India that is still reeling under the hammer blow of Islamic "mercy and peace" in 1947.

Obviously he is addressing the Lok Sabha that will more than agree with him. That is where to compare them to a donkey is to insult the animal. Sitting in the darkness of Sonia Maino Gandhi, they have not only forgotten the violent Sword of Islam that partitioned India in “rivers of blood” but actually celebrate it calling it “Independence”!

On the day of great bloodshed and massacres, abductions and rape when the country broke up in three fragments the top leader was embracing the Muslims calling them “brothers”. Still there are Indians, an overwhelming majority of them, who swallow bitter poison and agree that Islam is a religion of peace. They regard it an honour to do “salaam” to a Musalmaan, feed him and listen to him for pearls of wisdom.

But those who know the truth about Islam start from the beginning, comparing Mohammed with Gautama Buddha and Mohammed Ali Jinnah with Guru Nanak and are instantly illuminated within. There is no need to listen to the likes of Ahmed if one has own brain.

They are joined by those who notice, not merely see but notice, the ruins in Ayodhya and the massacres, beheadings and forcible conversions down the centuries and then comprehend, not merely understand, the Truth.

Sometimes one is confused to watch the rebels in Syria on our television sets shooting down a helicopter or blowing up a tank, shouting “Allah Hu Akbar”. That is Islamic peace, they assure themselves.

Now let us see those in our own life span who will confirm the peace in Islam.

The family of Pakistan’s first prime minister, Liaqat Ali Khan, and the children of Benazir Bhutto and in between the family of Governor Salman Taseer and those killed in a bomb blast in a mosque in Peshawar and the Member of Sindh Provincial Assembly and his son in Karachi last Friday. And today, 23 June 2013, it is the relatives and countrymen of the NINE foreigners massacred while climbing Nanga Parbat in Gilgit, Pakistan.

There is the mother of boy called Mohammed Katta who witnessed the execution of her 14 year old son in Syria. She says, “I was shouting, ‘Stop! Stop!’ you are killing a child!’ They just gave me a dirty look and drove off over my son’s arm.” His father said, My son was not allowed or able to speak before being killed.”

You need to be a human to realize their grief. Today not only Syria shows the peace in Islam but also Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Irak, Afghanistan, Syria and even your own Pakistan that separated from the peace loving tolerant Infidels in 1947.

So, Mr Shakil Ahmed, FACTS speak for themselves for your Belief. Don’t look to the Arab Beduines of 7th century AD for inspiration while living in the divine land of Bharat where true religions of peace originated. What a curse of Allah upon you if you have not chosen one of them for your salvation!


23 June 13.