Date: 28/06/2013

RSS is a patriotic national youth organisation, very close to people's hearts and are truly for Motherland.

On the other hand we know what kind of "service" was rendered by NEHRU while signing away five provinces of India to the enemy who are like "serpents in house", ever ready to bite to kill the Hindus.

The neglect of Bharat by its rulers is due to its "mongrel" ideology and lack of a clear Identity as a Hindu nation. At present, being secular it belongs to ALL, and, at the same time, to NONE- hence exposed to bad rule, breakdown of law & order, lack of care, and corruption where filth and chaos are overlooked by the rulers and suffered in silence and disgust by the people.

Nehru was for more than just personal power and glory. He was a secret convert to ISLAM, and therefore, one of "them" as well as his daughter Indira (real name MAIMOONA BEGUM) and now RAHUL and all the Islamic Fifth Column keen on completing the incomplete "Conquest of Hindusthan".

Instead of repulsing the first onslaught Bharat let go of North Kashmir, too. Some loyalty of Nehru and his despicable company & colleagues!

Nehru betrayed Secularism and Bharat with utmost ease like a Muslim Sultan. We cannot forgive him for delivering tens of millions of Hindus to death and exille and putting RSS under shadow of extremism.

We congratulate the RSS for ignoring the State administration that is culprit No. 1 for not FORE-SEEING the floods (It is their primary duty!), for not building proper roads and dams, for blasting the mountains by digging tunnles all over the mountain for River Ganga to flow underground 50 km or more, and for CORRUPTION.

RSS needs to be strengthened for such emergency and relief work and even to DEFEND Hindu families in the threatened zones, especially West Bengal and South Kashmir where Hindu life is under threat and their daughters being molested, abducted and raped with impunity while neither the police nor the armed forces are much good.

We now know quite conclusively that Nehru was an essential part of the grand international (ANGLO-ISLAMIC) strategy to break up (fragment) India, decimate the Hindus, demoralise and crush the Sikhs while the LOK SABHA keeps on looking up to ITALIAN MAFIA for "guidance" on how to run the government and the administration in India.

With wide open eyes the nation needs to watch the enemy within, and on top!