Date: 29/06/2013

Yes, there should be schools teaching our own history and morality but under present hostile despotic rulers in Bharat this is not possible.

The rulers of India, LED AND INSPIRED by Italian Mafia hate the Hindus like the Taliban. They will deal with such schools like the Taliban deal with the Girls' schools in Pakistan.

We KNOW the problem but cannot tie the cart before the horse. In today's Bharat that resembles SINDH, WEST PUNJAB and EAST BENGAL in 1947, we may build as many schools, mandirs and mansions as possible but if DYNASTY+PARTY are not eliminated there is NO chance of survival of these schools.

Given the MUSLIMS still around despite, and since PARTITION, even the Hindus are not safe, leave aside the schools giving lessons on Hindu history.

First, all hands to join, to turn the Mongrel Republic into "HINDU RASHTRA".