Date: 30/06/2013


When people have a good honest government they live safely, happily and in harmony, and develop and progress. They make their country great and respectable. But where PEOPLE are sleeping, intimidated or ignorant all sorts of “dogs and bitches”, corrupt rascals, loafers, robbers, scamsters and fraudsters” COME IN, one after the other, following the Law of Nature in order to fill in the VACUUM.

WHY HAS BHARAT, the land of DIVINITY and MORALITY and a lot of SHAKTI, always had a POWER VACUUM?

It is a serious question that had to be addressed in 712 AD when a Killer Predator MOHAMMED bin Qasim invaded Sindh and “filled the vacuum”, with his culture and civilisation of the Arabs by his sadistic blood shedding killing spree and forcible abduction of the two daughters of the Hindu ruler who was, after all, in his own country with no idea and desire of invading Mecca and Baghdad to bring home camels, dates, females, cactus and Koran.

The power VACUUM in Hindusthan was never verbalised or openly discussed but the feeling of acute insecurity moved the Hindus inexorably towards ESCAPE, that is, “Bhakti & Pooja”.

Who on earth could tell the Hindus, “Balance your “pooja” with fighting skills.”? Who could emulate the FORTY-EIGHT hour long non stop recitation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the “Akhand PaaTh” by Sikhs in Gurdwaras? But the cursed VACUUM was neither discussed in a “Mandir” nor in a “Gurdwara”. The result? Joy and delight to the “Kafir Killer” ENEMIES who came in to “fill the VACUUM” (Vacuum of “SHAKTI”) again and again.

Unfortunately too many Hindus have gone out of the Hindu fold by embracing Islam and Christianity, thereby simply joining the enemy, or going “secular”.

Nehru made Secularism the stick with which to beat the Hindu nation into pulp. He made the whole Constitution “secular” to rob the Hindus of their loyalty, devotion and commitment to their RELIGION. He never met with any objection!

We saw Secularism becoming a lethal liability in 1947 when the Force of ISLAM clashed head on with the Vacuum of HINDUISM. So easily did the black Mohammedan coaltar cover the landscape of Bharat from Karachi to Gilgit and the whole of East Bengal from Bay of Bengal to the lofty Himalayas! Darkness of intellectual “JEHAALAT” covered India where we see Pakistan and Bangladesh today.

So the question is, “Why should we not attend to the VACUUM and get fit to dominate our (HINDU) territory in a manly manner?”

Who will give the call, “Become manly and take the foreign fingers OUT of Bharat’s body!” Show SONIA the door and INTEGRATE Kashmir in Bharat as the Chinese integrated Tibet. There should be NO privileged Kashmiri Muslim thinking aloud, “Article 370 of Constitution is to keep the “INDIAN DOGS” out!” Who is the “Indian DOG” in the eyes of Kashmiri Muslims?

It’s not the average Indian but the high profile “Dog & Bitch” Duo that is holding Hindusthan’s fate to ransom.

We are afraid to even protest. Slavery of Bharat under “ITALY & ISLAM” is unacceptable. The present situation since 1947 is no secret from the whole world. So let the Hindu nation not float in VACUUM any more but do our best to break the constitutional shackles fitted by Traitor NEHRU and turn the scales in favour of SHAKTI.


27 June 13.