Date: 01/07/2013



Thank you for your email (below). I respect your esteemed comment.

You write, "The Armed Forces are apolitical and as per the Constitution hold allegiance to the President and the government irrespective of any stupid (sic) political party in power!"

Thank you for those key words, “stupid government”. You may not have realised what a “stupid” government can do to a brave army.

When Pakistan had a stupid government, her army, 90,000 strong, suffered a crushing defeat and became prisoners. It is, therefore, horrendous to foresee the impact on our own armed forces should the Indian government, led by Sonia Maino Gandhi, followed by Lok Sabha, take any stupid decision.

At the time of writing (01/07/2013) the Egyptian armed forces, seeing their government behaving “stupidly”, have given 48 hours’ ultimatum to all political parties to come to a consensus or face military take-over. So much for the lucky Egyptians whose army puts the people above Constitution!

We agree that the Indian armed forces are apolitical to the fault, but it is questionable whether they should be loyal to any ("Tom, Dick, Antony or Mohammed") President and any “stupid” political party in power! We are not talking of Syria or Somalia but our ancient and glorious Hindu nation with long history. Since our gallant armed forces are expected to be loyal to Constitution, let us now look closely at the Constitution.

A Constitution is a man-made document and reflects the honesty or dishonesty, loyalty or treachery, of those who write it. Normally it is a guide that a nation can follow with eyes closed. But if a treacherous guide leads us to a cliff, we do not jump down it. That is why we all have brains to think, and eyes to see, even if we are unable to act. The armed forces, too, have brains and eyes apart from blind obedience.

In fact, the present Constitution, promulgated on 26 January 1950, with big fanfare, is the handy tool of a cunning traitor, JL NEHRU, meant to fool the nation and save his own skin. He was not basking in glory but sitting under the dark shade of a historic and unprecedented defeat, surrender and shame.

His foremost concern was his own personal safety from the bullets of patriots like Nathu Ram Godse and Udham Singh who put Bharat above their own lives, career and families.

Instead of Independence we had PARTITION and saw tens of millions of bedraggled penniless REFUGEES, including grieving widows and crying orphans, pouring in from "brotherly" Pakistan. Please ask one of them about what he thinks of Nehru and his Constitution.

Lacking patriotism and courage, the Indians could not FIGHT for Akhand Bharat nor lynch NEHRU. Nehru's Constitution has made sure that the Indians still lack patriotism, cohesion and courage to identify the enemy.

Here are some serious objections to this so-called Constitution that our gallant armed forces should also know. Basically, each and every soldier is also a citizen and his fate and destiny are LINKED to that of the nation.

1. Why is it secular when India acknowledged Islam, a RELIGION, to be the decisive factor and surrendered all that TERRITORY to them? Was Secularism not worth defending? What impulse is there in this Constitution to encourage the nation to stand up after the fall in 1947?

2. Why does this Constitution not mention the HINDUS as a nation, as a community, even as people, while going out of the way to acknowledge the MUSLIMS as the second nation? Hindus were simply "wiped out" on the very soil of their origin just because Nehru HATED the HINDUS. His Constitution, too, is the reflection in the mirror of his mind! We ought not to rest till a new Constitution of Bharat (“Hindu Rashtra”) is written up that mentions Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak Devji and the HINDUS in Hindusthan. NONE on earth is ashamed or embarrassed due to one’s RELIGION. The USA wrote up their secular Constitution when there was NO Muslim living within a thousand miles. If they were to write one today it will be beyond recognition by the earlier “fathers” of nation. The word “Muslim” will be in its first Article!

But our Bharat is not like the USA, not even UNITED. We simply need to imagine the state of mutilated bleeding Bharat when our Constitution was written. Blood was still dripping from the Muslim dagger (Sword of Mohammed) that had gone through the middle of Kashmir, Punjab, Assam and Bengal with tens of millions of refugees scattered across India. We were all looking for our armed forces, NOT for Nehru!

3. Why does the Constitution not define the MUSLIMS as “second nation” in view of their assertion of being separate and distinct from the rest of us? It is like the pigeon shutting its eyes seeing the cat.

To equate the Muslims with the Hindus in Constitution AFTER PARTITION is to put the Hindus on the road to annihilation.

4. What kind of a Constitution is this that is BLIND to any Muslim, Italian, or a “stupid fool” holding the HIGHEST office in Land? Under it a MUSLIM can be “Rashtrapati” and an Italian non-descript the “Adviser” to Prime Minister! Bharat is not a “tamaasha”!

5. Constitution of India looks like a Book of the "Demoralised, the Defeated and the Pigeon" that accepts Partition without mentioning AKHAND BHARAT. Remember Nehru “determined” to defend every inch of Kashmir, having happily surrendered a thousand billion inches earlier? What fools he thought we, and our armed forces, were!

6. It accepts the unconditional surrender (Partition) as PERMANENT. In it we see NO inspiration, patriotism or direction for the country’s future. It has made India relinquish her aspiration to reunification under ONE flag and ONE Constitution. Let us compare it with the German Constitution written when there were EAST Germany and WEST Germany. In its very first Article the aspiration to REUNIFICATION was firmly stated. And because of the powerful patriotic impulse given by that Constitution, today we see Germany as ONE country whereas the Indians, living in one fragment (Bharat), are condemned to MOURN the death of two fragments (Pakistan and Bangladesh) in perpetuity. There is nothing in this document to encourage the Hindus to unite, be strong and brave, in order to get rid of the Power Vacuum that will again INVITE aggression. The Constitution that does not see the difference between FORCE (“SHAKTI”) and VACUUM (“KHAALI”) is a crippling liability that promises doom to both Civil & Military.

SHAME on all those praising this Constitution who do not aspire to see the "bhagwa" flag flying over KHYBER PASS that was downed by the British in 1849 and betrayed by JL NEHRU and his armed forces in 1947. Netaji’s INA would still have been there along with India's frontier!

7. What does the Constitution say about the “Divide & Rule” policy of the ruling and fooling “All India Congress Party”? Where does it say anything about the COHESION of the nation and the UNITY of all its people, and where do we read in it the word "ENEMY"?

It looks at all the bashing, beating and battering the Hindu nation has had since 712 AD, as "fraternal" or brotherly!

8. Article 370 deeply embedded in it devalues it for treating the Muslim Majority State as the "son in law" of Jawaharlal NEHRU. Why is it there in the first place? And WHEN will any Lok Sabha, President or GENERAL act to remove it? Thanks to this Constitution the Article has become PERMANENT like PARTITION. And thanks to this Article the State of J&K is still “DISPUTED” (not integrated).

It's a PITY that not one other State has demanded the extension of its beneficial provisions for itself. Are they all dead or morons? Why West Bengal and East Punjab do not deserve to have the same funding, concessions and privileges like SOUTH Kashmir? What is the worth of this Constitution that allows the Kashmiris to operate and buy immovable property ANYWHERE but prevents an INDIAN, including the President of the Republic, to do likewise in Kashmir? This Constitution, in fact, considers the Indians INFERIOR and third class people. It has only invited derision and ridicule of India when the foreign reporters hear the cry, "INDIAN DOGS GO HOME!" in the streets of Srinagar. Do we ever hear, "SONIA MAINO, QUIT INDIA!"?

9. Indian Constitution is the handy tool of any dictator to silence opposition by declaring EMERGENCY. This cannot happen in a democracy. Do we know how often it has been amended to suit the whims of our third class corrupt rulers?

Our people are conditioned by our ruthless, dictatorial, dishonest and CORRUPT rulers to shoot the messenger before even reading the message, leave aside COMPREHENDING it and standing up to ACT.

So much for the so-called "apolitical" Constitution to which the brainwashed, subjugated and INTIMIDATED Hindu nation expects the honourable and brave armed forces to swear loyalty, and then salute the First Lady from ITALY.


1` July 2013.


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kindly note and register this matter in your memory that the ARMED FORCES do not get involved in all these petty/cheap popularity issues. Kindly learn the ROLE of the Armed Forces, this will do good to you. The Armed Forces are apolitical and as per the Constitution hold allegiance to the President and the government irrespective of any stupid political party in power!