Date: 03/07/2013

The Organiser
New Delhi. India.

Thank you for your article on “The man who died for the integrity of the Nation”, published in your esteemed weekly dated June 30, 2013 (p. 14).

It is an eye opener not only with regard to the extreme courage of Shri Mookerjee but also on the treacherous nexus between Sheikh Abdullah and JL Nehru who were determined to keep Kashmir “Islamic, separatist and disputed” for ever.

How revealing to read the following lines quoting Shri Mookerjee:
“I am going to Kashmir tomorrow to find out what is happening as I have received information that Praja Parishad workers and leaders are being harassed and tortured by the Sheikh Abdullah at the behest of Nehru government (sic) at the Centre.”

Shri Mookerjee informed the people that he had tried several times to go there but he was not given permission to enter the State. He was not allowed even though he was a Member of Parliament and in that capacity he could move to any part of the country without seeking permission from anyone. He added that “the government keep on saying that Jammu and Kashmir are parts of India but still they say that we need permits from the government to go there as if it was a foreign land.”

What a pity that today things are even worse with all the Hindus forced out of the Valley and the President of India cannot buy a piece of land in the State where his soldiers are dying to defend Kashmir that now lies South of the “cease fire line” imposed by Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Yours truly

3 Jul 13.