[media_monitor5] Ghotala: Air Services agreement with Abu Dhabi for a mere $50b investment, bartering traffic over Indian skies

Date: 03/07/2013

Dear ir,
There appears to be a confusion in offices of Government of Bhaarat in conducting treaties with foreign countries. Atomic Power Plant treaty with USA & Russia, Trade treaty with European Union and now this air traffic treaty with Abu Dhabi are just examples of these treaties having concluded with economy in mind (as per media reports). It appears that the economy as base for these treaties is improvement of the foreign partners and recession to Bhaarat. The Bhaarateey companies that can assemble Atomic power plants will be entirely left out. There is no chance for them to undertake them. When are we going to use our Thorium technology that AEC of Bhaarat was claiming to be developing since last decade? In between our Thorium Deposits may not be sold off to foreign countries for their use. EU trading will surely open Bhaarateey market to their goods but our industry producing those items will be destroyed with no import duty for European Union supply, isn't it? Is there any benefit to Bhaarateey air transport companies with this Abu Dhabi treaty, or only Abu Dhabi will become richer? There re lot of problems in it as per Dr Swamijee, is it not?
While undertaking any treaties with foreign countries prestige as well as economy of Bhaarat must not be adversely affected, is surely the responsibility of the Central Government, isn't it?