Date: 03/07/2013




Muslims in India came by use of violent savage force, starting with the invasion by MOHAMMED bin Qasim in 712 AD who promised gold and virgins to the sex starved wild savages in the very land of Mohammed’s birth and filled their brains with his commands and teachings.

Bin Qasim looted & massacred to his heart’s desire, and after slaying as many natives as he could, carried off all the gold and silver and temple wealth that he could, and the two daughters of the Hindu ruler as presents for the Imam of Mecca and the Caliph of Baghdad, confirming their bestiality & exposing the truth and realitiy about so-called "ISLAM".

From that first moment the Hindus ought to have understood the “beast” that would cause widespread destruction of homes, schools, temples and libraries, and kill countless natives of the soil.

But modern Britain took them in voluntarily in the charitable kindness of Jesus Christ. So did Sweden, known as the magnet for the Muslims fleeing their own ISLAMIC Republics where they had ubiquitous “MOHAMMED” everywhere, to the right and the left, at the back and in front- and even in the constitutions.

So why did the Muslims vote with their feet in ISLAMIC republics like Pakistan? In the case of Pakistanis they had already “killed” the land of their birth (India).

They ran away from their countries, firstly to flee the mayhem and bloodshed of “Muslim upon Muslim” killings, and, secondly, to come to Christian lands to DO THE SAME here.

The Europeans are now beginning to understand that the beast is incorrigible and all attempts at integration, de-brainwashing and reform of the Koran have failed. Each new generation is again injected with the hate and fanaticism imbibed from that Book reflecting the culture of the barbarian Arabs 1400 years ago.

Europe is spending billions of dollars, pounds and euros to re-educate and reform the Muslims but to no avail as we see from the fires burning in Stockholme and the latest gruesome murder of a young soldier, not far from his barracks in Woolwich, London.

Emergency cabinet discussions, public statements and interviews by ministers, inter faith leaders, and renewed dialogues with the Muslims are the main news since that savage murder where the body of the slain soldier was continuously hacked and the head severed. Television shows the piles of flowers and messages of condolence and sympathy for the soldier, his colleagues, parents and the young wife in anguish. He leaves behind a two year old son.

To MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs who can still recall the Holocaust of 1946 and 1947 the sight of grieving widows and the cries of orphans would be as real as those of the siblings, wife and parents of the murdered soldier in London on 24 May 2013.

Most Indians have NO idea of the love and esteem in which the soldiers are held in this country. All the Royal family are, or have served, in the army, navy and air force. The princes (Charles, William and Harry) served in the Falklands war (when the islands were recovered without any cease fire) and in Afghanistan. In this country, where they clearly recall and celebrate in public, the valour and bravery of soldiers during World War 2, ONE soldier would be considered worth more than a million “imported” First Ladies or “Rashtramatas” like Sonia Maino-Gandhi in Bharat. The pride, unity and strength of this nation has only to be seen on such occasions to be believed.

The soldier at the time of the beastly attack was wearing the shirt with the motif of the charity, “HELP THE HEROES”.

Because of this fact there was such a surge of support for this Charity that the lines for donations were jammed.

Read the news item below:

(Quote) Woolwich Attacks: ‘Help For Heroes’ Donation Website Crashes As People Give In Memory Of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Supporters took to Twitter and social networks in a bid to boost the charity's coffers after the 25-year-old was hacked to death in Woolwich, south-east London, on Wednesday.

The charity "Help For Heroes" has been swamped with donations, leading to its website crashing after Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered while wearing one of its tops.

The popular military support group was deluged with calls, donations and demands for its merchandise, prompting its website to collapse from the massive internet traffic. (Unquote)



How on earth could Europe, Canada, the USA open the flood gates to the potential killers, rapists and arsonists knowing fully well what they did to the gentle and tolerant natives of Bharat in 1947, who were, consequently, forced to pay with a pound of flesh (TERRITORY) and a ton of blood (TWO MILLION killed, maimed or raped) and also made to keep the enemy WITHIN?

It just proves, “Politicians are dirty, devious and short sighted” everywhere. And our Gandhi, Nehru and Baldev Singh were no exception.

Even those sitting in the “Mother of all Parliaments” in London could not act in the interest of the United Kingdom that is now threatened to remain UNITED no more.

The murder of a soldier in broad daylight in the country’s capital is UNPRECEDENTED and has sent shock waves through the nation as well as the Hindu and Sikh NRI’s living here, some of whom have been shot, mistaken for the Taliban.

India was FORCED to accept them due to weakness but Great Britain and Sweden admitted them despite being strong and sovereign.

Often the natives of soil are not afraid but complacent until they are forcibly driven out as refugees. The Europeans have not only been complacent but also over confident, having conquered most of the world at one time or another. That over confidence has now become the key to their ultimate destruction.

The process of decline in civilisation has started. Stockholm in Sweden is the latest large city in Europe to be set ablaze by her Muslim immigrants. Two years ago it was London. What next?

ROOT CAUSE OF MUSLIM UNREST: Their memory is very short but expectations very high. They cannot recall how the Non Muslims are treated in Saudi Arabia and every Islamic republic.

They do not recall as to why they FLED the lands of Rasul Allah. And they do not recall the day they were allowed to enter Europe.

On that day they KISSED the soil and said “THANK YOU” to the host communities and were mighty GRATEFUL for the life of peace away from the violence and fires of their own countries they had left behind in utmost fright & frustration.

But only after a few years they are changed. They never integrated, kept females in purdah or indoors and married them minor, forced Koran and Arabic on small children to brainwash them from tender age, thus making them feel aliens and useless for the job market but very good at reproduction and demanding concessions and State benefits.

They also find the local girls not so timid or obliging as back home. Many give a slap when approached with offerings of gold and the promises of eternal love and instant marriage.

As soon as they step out of home they perceive the environment a mirror of their own inner thoughts and fears, i.e., hostile and threatening. That is where the urge to KILL a soldier and destroy a train or hijack and explode a plane takes hold of their morbid brains.

Bharat needs to copy the West with regard to treatment of the indigestible Muslim community in their midst, especially due to Partition when they all had to be shoved off to Pakistan.

Immigration in the West is very strict now. All mosques and most radical Muslims are under surveillance. Only a few escape the net like the killers of the soldier LEE RIGBY. The MEDIA devote pages upon pages and columns upon columns on any act of terrorism and the culprits pursued, caught and then sent to spend the rest of life BEHIND BARS. America goes a step further. We have all heard of GUANTANAMO!