Date: 05/07/2013


Now, after conceding PAKISTAN to the Muslim terrorists, the Indian Government of "Congress, Dynasty and Donkey" is appeasing the Muslims as Bapu Gandhi did in 1940's. Will it not lead to the SAME result? We can see what's going on in Bharat from Kashmir to Kerala with our own eyes.

Please see below: "SoniaG 'S UPA is compromising national security."

Most Indians do not even know what "natiional security" means when those who had to EDUCATE the masses on this topic are themselves compromising national security!

Can we not see the end? We can be sure that when it comes, it will be 50 times MORE HORRENDOUS than the one in 1947 when suddenly five provinces disappeared from the map. Are all our hopes pinned on the next elections, or is there something else we should be doing?

OFTEN elections are manipulated (as in India) and sometimes they end up as in EGYPT!

5 Jul 13.

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SoniaG 'S UPA is compromising national security because of ISLAAMIC terrorists ------