Date: 07/07/2013

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As Muslim HQrs in London has divided entire world , making
certain countries responsible to convert their assigned country
into ISLAM, similarly present Congress is following a similar
policy .,

Firstly, they have made Shri Narandra Modi as their main
target , followed by making certain Worst Corrupt Leaders
responsible to speak all absurdities against the BJP ruled
states & Its leaders, Specially, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh , Goa

Though even the ordinary man on the street is NOT at all
wanting the return of congress govt. but the congress had long
been saying that they alone will come back to Power as they
are applying all the dirty & corrupt methods which are reqd.
to keep a country SLAVE , 1st thing they did , was to announce
Rs.23,000crores or Rs. 230,000 million rupees food subsidy to the
poor , which in effect means to win over 75% of Indiuan Village
population & over 50% of urban population to their side.,
Then adopting all kinds of means , using CBI & IB as well as
advisory over advisory by appointing an Advisory committee over
Planning commission and so on.

thus owing to Congress is facing so many problems that itr is
such a long list that the readers may not be interested to
read or go thru to all the contents of my mail.

Hence I wd like to close my this mail by cautioning all our
Nationalists around the globe that they have to be
exceedingly be careful & its cronies ( MIRJAFFERS & JAICHANDS )
as they can stoop to lowest levels , if necessary to mysterious
( killings) from the scene as had happened to our Dr Shyma
Prasad Mookerjee, Shri Deen Dayal Upadhya, Prakash Vir Shashtri &
many more.

All our Nationalists & lovers of country must work in absolute
discreetly & quietly without making any claims that they will
win next elections etc.

Another most important is that in-fight amongst all of us must
stop forthwith inspite of several differences we may have and
we have to have good leaders with foresight & high
intelligence Not like Sudhindra Kulkarni Nor like that opium
addict Jaswant Singh. and we have to be careful from our
laceyies ( cronies )

Time is short , proper Planning & people with high intelligence
must be in our THINK TANK who should guide our Nationalist

Lastly, Narendra modi has to be exceedingly careful at least
till the elections are over as " Z' Security has No meaning, for
example, if I want I can penetrate into any "Z": security ,
further along with SHRI NARENDRA MODI's Motorcade min two
motocycle armed guards must move about by the side of his car
& before his motorcade passing thru any roads, these have, to be
properly checked and so on .....