Date: 08/07/2013

You wrote: "Please express your sincere commentary."
So here it is.

India has NO independent media. Most are controlled or owned by NON Hindus and the others are intimidated. Interest in politics among the Hindus is one hundredth of the interest in politics among the Muslims.

Those that are pro Hindu newspapers and broadcasting stations do not get any advertisements from the Government offices and agencies. They are starved to death.

The Indian army is no different from the Indian people- blindly following rules like the baboos. Both lack INITIATIVE. The Indian army is the product of the people.

Army may be efficient, brave and gallant but all these noble attributes become useless if the civil population DOES NOT VALUE THESE OR HAVE THESE, or is subservient and slavish that regards Sonia as the goddess or guide. Then it is like tying the pedigree race horse to the rattling old ramshackle bullock cart running on three wheels with one missing.

In such Bharat, there will be no progress but only dirty politics, "divide & rule" policies, further bashing and suppression of Hindus, more key posts to Non Hindus, scams, assassinations, banditry, loot and corruption, and the rule of ONE DYNASTY + ONE PARTY for ever.

We cannot compare Egypt to Bharat. You are right to say, "As promised, the Egyptian army have been waiting for government to act appropriately."

Our SEVEN DECADES of tolerance and decomposition, and single party rule are like SIX DAYS of the dynamic and fast moving world that has less tolerance for the corrupt or the idiots.
4 Jul 13.
PS: America today is celebrating her INDEPENDENCE.
India will be celebrating PARTITION, calling it Independence.
What fraud and dishonesty!
What TREACHERY towards country and its people, our people!

That is the difference between a GENUINE democracy and a BOGUS democracy. Obviously, logically, a BOGUS democracy is created and tolerated by bogus citizens, boosted by bogus media and fed and nourished by bogus governments.

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Dear Fellow Bharatiya,

I have no idea how much of live news coverage are being broadcasted by NDTV, IBN, TimesNow, STAR or any other major Indian's most watched televisions. In my thinking, it is the media's responsibilities to educate people of India about all aspects of struggle that takes place any where in the world in the democracy.

By the way I have been watching CNN & FOX News here in USA about the Egyptians uprising. As promised, the Egyptian army have been waiting for government to act appropriately. The army did say that they will intervene if the president of Egypt, Morsi fail to obey the demand of it's people.

I simply wonder why the news makers in India (Samachar.Com) has reported something not true. It appears to me that Indian media, as it has been found on many occasion, try to cover the motive of Sonia-Manmohan-Rahul-Priyanka-Robert regime. Is it possible that that the "paid media" in India are trying to discourage Indians from revoting against the Nehruvians sitting in Delhi? What do you think? Please express your sincere commentary.