Date: 09/07/2013


In 1947 the "indigenous" MUSLIMS savagely attacked the integrity of India on the day the British colonial masters left India. The Muslims BIT OFF an arm and a leg (Pakistan, East and West) of their OWN land of birth, thus demonstrating that the Muslims cannot be loyal to their own countries of birth, especially if these are "INFIDEL" (KAFIR) lands in their eyes.

Islam being "DECEPTION, FRAUD & SURPRISE ATTACK", the Indian Muslims never left India for their Pakistan but stayed back in PARTITIONED India where they are again doing what comes naturally to a Mohammed, i.e., Indulge in Jehad, bomb explosions, abduction and rape of girls, insurrection (Kashmir) and the predatory cultute of drugs, crime and smuggling.

Before our eyes PARTITIONED INDIA is perishing due to excessive tolerance and political correctness of the HINDUS.

Let that be a warning to Norway and the rest of Europe to BEWARE OF MOHAMMED! Once he is in, he will NEVER GET OUT ** but multiply and increase. Just save your democracy and DAUGHTERS.
9 Jul 13.

** It took the United Kingdom eight years of legal battles and nearly TWO MILLION POUNDS to get rid of ONE MUSLIM, Abu Qatada, It showed the true nature of the SCHIZOPHRENIC Mohammed who hated Secularism, Democracy and the Royal family and yet at the same time REFUSED to return to his own country of birth where ISLAM is everywhere and supreme. One DELINQUENT Pakistani, ordered to return to his land of birth, begged, "PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME BACK TO HELL!" None else could define an ISLAMIC Republic better!

The Muslims HATED India and took out vast territories to establish their Pakistan but now hate to emigrate from India to their own ISLAMIC Pakistan- the Land of Mohammed, Koran and Sharia!

What do the NORWEGIANS make of it?

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The Cost of Islamisation of Europe

Norway loses 4.1 million kroner ($713,740.30) for each non-western (Muslim) immigrant coming into the country and that immigration has cost 70 billion kroner ($12,185,810,000) in seven years. On Wednesday the newspaper determined that the government spends 2 million kroner ($348,110) per newly arrived non-Western immigrant they get to work or study.

Nevertheless, according to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) fewer and fewer start work or studies. Only half of the participants who completed the program in 2010 are doing something useful after two years of training in Norwegian.

Including social benefits and course fees, the state has spent a total of 56 billion kroner ($9,747,080,000) on training of 56,000 immigrants from 2004 to 2010.

This also means that the government has spent 23 billion kroner ($5,743,815,000 on 23,000 people that are not doing anything useful. (This financial information probably does not include the cost of combating the crime rise and incarceration of Muslim offenders. The effect on social coherence is impossible to calculate!)