Date: 12/07/2013


“Drummer Lee Rigby Is The Hero And Martyr,” says the family as they prepare for funeral.

The Huffington Post UK | By Jessica Elgot Posted: 12/07/2013 08:05 BST

As Drummer Lee Rigby's family prepare for what is sure to be one of the most difficult days of their lives, one thing gives them comfort, that his killers did not succeed in demonising soldiers, but instead created a hero.

"Lee has become a hero. Whatever the intention was it's backfired because it's made Lee into the hero and the martyr," his stepfather Ian Rigby said, ahead of his boy's funeral. "The country is united whatever elements may wish to stop it."

That heroism has been heralded across the world, with sympathy and good wishes sent from every religious movement in the seven weeks since the brutal killing on the streets of Woolwich.

"There are so many kind and generous people out there. It's just horrible that it takes something such as this to make you see how many good people there are," Rigby's widow Rebecca said, in an emotional interview where all three members fought back tears.

"We have had masses of cards, letters and donations from everywhere. It's unbelievable really the things that have been coming in.

"We have had letters from the Prime Minister, from senior politicians from all parties, the Duke of Kent, from the Sikh community. Various large mosques and interfaith groups have been in touch with letters of condolences and such."

(NB: The British Sikh community, being well aware of the most disgraceful and humiliating (unconditional) surrender by India before Islam in 1947, showed solidarity with the British soldier murdered in cold blood by Muslim terrorists on 22 May last. Back home their brave community that once defeated the Afghans and hoisted the “Bhagwa” on KHYBER PASS, was compared to “leaves of a fallen tree” by the “BOFROS CHOR” Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister of Partitioned India, who watched thousands of innocent Sikhs being massacred, their women degraded and their houses and shops set ablaze all over Northern India in November 1984, and did NOTHING to prevent the carnage! Then (1984) the nation was squeezed tightly by Maimoona Begum (aka “Indira”) and son Rajiv, while today the Hindu nation, with countless refugees from Pakistan and Kashmir, is squeezed even tighter and strangulated by his widow, the great “Charmer & novelty from ITALY”. Thousands of grieving widows and orphaned children are still waiting for justice and compensation from Government of India!)

Rigby, from Middleton, Greater Manchester, was killed as he returned to Woolwich barracks from the Tower of London on May 22.

On Thursday night (11 July), hundreds of well-wishers honoured Rigby at a vigil on the eve of his funeral.

Comrades, forces veterans and members of the public lined the route to Bury Parish Church where soldiers kept a guard of honour over the body of Fusilier Rigby overnight.

The 25-year-old's heartbroken loved ones attended the event in Bury, just a couple of miles from his hometown of Middleton, Greater Manchester, which came to a standstill as pubs and shops around the church closed as a mark of respect.

Far from igniting the country to "rise up" against the government, or spark hatred and drive wedges between communities in the UK, Rigby's stepfather said the outpouring of support his family had received renewed his faith in the kindness of strangers and the unity of the British people.

(PHOTO) Rebecca Rigby, wife of murdered soldier Lee Rigby, looks through letters and cards at the Fusilier Museum in Bury

"Everywhere we have been, people have been supporting us. They have been incredible with us. Total strangers. They have been absolutely incredible, coming up - not in your face but shaking hands and saying God Bless, that sort of thing. And they have really meant what they said to us.

"And it's the same in the community. The support in Middleton - it's a small place - but the support we have had off everybody has been incredible. At one stage for about three weeks we just had a garden full of flowers.

"We couldn't move in the garden. There were flowers everywhere. And the same in the town centre. It's still going now at the memorial. People are still putting flowers on it now. They just tidy it up a bit and take away the dead ones away and some more turned up... it just keeps on going and going. It's amazing.

"And the support and the unity through the country... we have been having phone calls or letters off mosques, off Jewish sections, every religion you can think of and not just in this country. We have had letters and cards from all over the world in support and just giving their best wishes."Rebecca Rigby tearfully recalled how two small gestures of support for the couple's two-year-old son Jack had meant so much to her.

"I was handed £1.10, two 50p coins and a 10p piece, that had been handed over by somebody at the Tower of London," she said. "It was requested that it be passed on to the soldier's son's money.

"And I have had a cheque off another lady. She sent me a lovely letter and a cheque for £10 asking me to buy something to put a smile on Jack's face. He wanted a scooter so we got him a scooter which he absolutely loves."

Clutching a Fusilier teddy bear, Lyn Rigby said her "fun-loving" son had "fulfilled his dreams" by serving in the Army.

"He was so loving, he really was," she said. "He would do anything for anybody. He had a heart of gold. He wouldn't hurt anybody."

"His job meant the world to him, being in the Army. But his family still came first."

Ian and Lyn Rigby, step-father and mother of murdered soldier Lee Rigby, were at the Fusilier Museum in Bury.

Rebecca Rigby said: "He was so bubbly inside and energetic. He loved socialising with everybody, no matter where they were from or what they believed in. He didn't hold anything against anybody. "He lived his life like a kid in a candy shop."

Asked about how Fusilier Rigby would like to be remembered at his service in Bury, she said: "Lee always wanted his service to be a time that people would remember him and shed the tears. But then he always said a remembrance of his life.

"He wanted people to enjoy that and sit and talk about happy days and happy memories they have got of Lee and the things he used to do and say because he was always so full of life.

"He just wanted to put a smile on everyone's face."

Ian Rigby said: "I think today should be a celebration of Lee's life, what he has meant to us.

"We would like today a certain amount of respect and dignity but we would like it to be Lee's day and Lee remembered as how he was. Not upset because he wasn't that sort of person. We don't want everybody crying and getting heartbroken. We would rather enjoy Lee's memories as he was with us."

Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, (both converts to Islam) have been charged with the murder of Fusilier Rigby and are due to stand trial at the Old Bailey on November 18.

They will appear at the same court for a plea and case management hearing on September 27.



And guess who came for the honour of attending the soldier’s funeral?

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron;

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Members of Parliament

The soldier’s regiment

His commanding office, Lt Col Jim Taylor, who described him “so full of life”, and said, “We, his regimental family salute him, a brother in arms. We will feel his loss keenly and will always remember him with pride.”

The media from around the world.

The soldier’s grandparents, parents, widow and his two year old son who wore a jacket with the words, “MY DADDY, MY HERO” on the back.

Soldiers in uniform carried his coffin slowly and carefully down the steps of the church. The service was broadcast live on television and radio for the whole world to see.

Non Resident Indians (NRI’s) living in the United Kingdom agreed that “England is an honourable nation honouring its soldiers in this manner.”



Now the other (DARK) side: India that was PARTITIONED when our brave armed forces were ordered to withdraw from their own cantonments and barracks that were surrendered in West and East Pakistan along with the FLEEING civil population (millions of Hindus and Sikhs).

India: where no high ranking general or politician came, not even the Defence Minister, to attend the funeral of her most illustrious son, Field Marshal Maneckshaw. The rotten corruption ridden government of “SINGH & SONIA” (D*g & Bi*ch) refuse to approve of a befitting memorial to honour his memory.

Every proud Hindu is agreed on the following facts:

In India there is one party and one dynasty government since 1947. In genuine democracy we do not see governments going on in the same family for generations- from Nehru to Indira - to Rajiv and now - to his widow Sonia while Rahul, son of Rajiv/Roberto, is waiting to be the next prime minister. It is an INSULT to democracy and to the nation of one billion. A nation that tolerates insult over DECADES, not days or weeks, is a thoroughly degraded nation and exists in what they have created, that is, a “sub human culture and way of life”.

The scene in Bharat for the NRI from the USA or the UK is like that of LILIPUT Island where Gulliver landed among the tiny humans, the size of finger nails. (Jonathan Swift's novel “Gulliver's Travels”).

To the demoralised intimidated natives of the “bashed & battered” Bharat, Jawaharlal Nehru, his daughter, Maimoona and the grandson Rajiv, even the lady from Italy, Sonia Maino, seem the size of giants. Just look at the bogus “samadhis” of these traitors, thieves and thugs in India’s capital! Yet NO memorial to honour the brave Army!

Nehru dynasty and Congress Party are not afraid of any power or authority for carrying on with extreme corruption. They have enriched themselves AT THE COST OF THE POOR. They are also ruining the entire administrative system where honesty and integrity are not rewarded but punished, or seem a weakness.

The ruling establishment pursue self-interest ruthlessly in order to stay in power for ever, and they resort to mean tactics like misleading the masses (clear example: deletion of the word “Partiton” from public parlance), selective promotions, rewards and recognition to stooges while side lining the honest and the patriots. People are intimidated, kept ignorant and misinformed. They are divided into castes, clans, regions and religions- one pitched against the other, so no political Party except the Congress Party has any chance of ever coming to power.

Military generals, the last hope of any country that is sinking deeper and deeper in the morass of chaos, corruption and dynastic politics, have not acted bravely like the drowning nation’s life savers. They are either cowards or collaborators and at best mere spectators and ever ready to do the bidding of the corrupt and treacherous ruling and fooling establishment.

We all have surely seen a bus stuck in knee deep mud being pushed by all the passengers except one who is standing away and watching, because he is wearing an expensive suit and shining shoes. THAT IS WHAT INDIAN ARMY IS LIKE TODAY.

Back to the bus stuck in mud: When will the people of India curse the driver for choosing the flooded route and the DANDY bystander, enjoying the sight?

We know who said, “WHEN ALL MEANS FAIL, IT IS RIGHTEOUS TO DRAW THE SWORD,” and we know that he ACTED. We also know the “Father” of modern India who has become a convenient cover for the rascals looting Bharat day and night. He is the one who said, “India will be cut upon my dead body but then instead of inspiring anybody, left the field, singing, “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!” That is the legacy of today’s armed forces in BHARAT in which nobody will turn up for a soldier’s funeral.


Finally, let us conclude with this thought: “Which bandit or robber loves the police? And, which corrupt and criminal dynastic government will love the army?”


12 Jul 13.