Date: 12/07/2013


The news below of 1500 ILLEGAL Rohingya MUSLIMS from Myanmar having arrived in Hyderabad, should wake up even the most useless Rashtrapati and the sleeping Prime Minister.
India since the surrender of PAKISTAN is a HINDU country. Yet the Hindus are afraid of mentioning the fact, or to utter the word "PARTITION". The Government of India is, therefore, themselves 'Party to Partition' and ought to be KICKED OUT of office. Can anyone think of bigger TRAITORS ("Hindu bashers")?

The local officer in the area does point out that "most of the Rohingya Muslims are staying illegally in India."

So, what is going on? Is Sonia Maino Gandhi, with her heart in ITALY, the "Government" of India? Is there complete breakdown of law and order in Bharat, or open collaboration with the ILLEGAL Muslims to secure their "vote bank", or something MUCH WORSE (that is not difficult to guess)?

Do the Hindus have a stake in Hindusthan, the very LAST place of "safety, refuge and shelter" in rapidly shrinking world?

As the PRESSURE on the Hindu nation increases, the natives have to put into action at least some measures to ensure their own survival in the future when the INEVITABLE happens.

There MUST be someone in "Broken" Bharat to confront the Rohingyas and ask, "HOW IS IT THAT YOU DID NOT SEEK ASYLUM IN ISLAMIC BANGLADESH or PAKISTAN, or IRAN, or MALAYSIA or INDONESIA, or even SAUDI ARABIA where your Kafir-hating Prophet was born? Did nobody check your passports or visa at the border? Or, were you just waved in with a Gandhian smile?

"Will the sight of Buddhist and Hindu temples and so many INFIDELS and PIGS in the open around you, and the sight of women without burka in Hindusthan not provoke or infuriate you?"
13 Jul 13.

Around 1,500 Rohingya Muslims take refuge in Hyderabad
July 12, 2013

Ashadh Shuklapaksha 4, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

The Andhra Pradesh government
will soon have to deal with the Rohingya Muslims
living in the old city of Hyderabad; many of them illegally.

Sources in the Andhra Pradesh government say that there are about 1,500 Rohingya Muslims in Hyderabad who came to the city a couple of months ago to take shelter in the wake of the violence in Myanmar.

Many of them have taken refuge in the old City of Hyderabad, which has a dominant Muslim population. An officer with the Hyderabad city intelligence unit said they are keeping a watch on the movement of these people.

With little money and no aid from the government most of them are struggling to meet day-to-day expenses. However, some locals have decided to help them as a goodwill gesture, says Lateef Mohammad Khan, the convenor of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India, an NGO in Hyderabad.

Khan says that migration was an issue in 2012, but the population of the Rohingya Muslims has reduced considerably now and most of them are planning to return to Myanmar.

In Hyderabad, many of them have found odd jobs to do. They do petty jobs in small shops to earn their livelihood. Most of them are, however, extremely uncomfortable with the environment in India since they do not find anything common between them and the Indian Muslims.

Their food habits and culture is completely different. They do not eat the rice or roti and cannot even converse with the local Muslims. They are keen on getting back to their country, says a Hyderabad police officer.

After the Bodh Gaya blasts, a probe by the Hyderabad Police found no link between the attack and the Rohingya Muslims in Hyderabad. “They are only interested in their safety and not violence. There is nothing to show they are linked with any terrorist activities,” the officer said.

The officer, however, pointed out that most of the Rohingya Muslims are staying illegally in India.