Date: 12/08/2013


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A one hundred percent preposterous statement from many politicians who have tried to desensitize the issue from the office of PM down to a police station in the state of Bihar. Bihar's minister, Bhim Singh represent the mindset of many so called politicians throughout India. It is extremely painful to read, watch and even think about the manipulative minds of MOD in general and A. K. Antony (CATHOLIC DEFENDING HINDUSTHAN!) in particular.

Then again, what should we expect from idiots occupying the governance (UNDER ITALIAN BORN SONIA MAINO) all the way from Village-Panchyat to Delhi-central government?

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 18:05:29 +0530

Subject: Speak Out Now

"General, Can you salvage the Morale of your Troops?"

It is learnt that Army Chief Genreal Bikram Singh had pulled up the commanders of formations deployed in the Poonch sector in the wake of the killing of five Indian soldiers by Pakistan, in the Indian territory. He also asked the commanders to adopt an aggressive stance with immediate counter action to all provocations of the Pakistan army.

Is our chief really sincere in his stance? Has he actually authorized the local military commanders to take immediate, retaliatory and punitive actions against every Pakistani provocation?. If so, let the Chief may address the following issues with a view to salvage the morale of our troops:-

(a) Omar Abdulla, CM of J&K, who is in the habit of expressing severe anguish about the death of civilians, resorted to a calculated silence when five soldiers were killed at Poonch sector. It may be recalled that once he broke down in the legislative assembly over the killing of one person in Baramulla.

(b) AK Antony, when forced to issue a revised statement about the killing of five soldiers, was very careful to bail out Pakistan government from the incident. He hesitantly admitted that the Pakistan army regulars were responsible for the attack. The Indian government do not want to blame Islamabad for this attack.

(c) In an FIR lodged by the battalion of BIHAR Regiment , about the killing of five Indian soldiers with the local police station at Poonch, army chose to mention that ‘unidentified terrorists’ were behind the cross border attack. Who has instructed the commanding officer of Bihar regiment to refrain from bringing the involvement of Pak army/government on record?

(d) It was not Antony alone who has hesitated to involve the Pakistan army in the LOC attack; the entire government remained speechless as usual, when it come to matters of the armed forces. Sonia Gandhi who became so concerned with the suspension of a junior IAS officer Durga in UP, did not want to speak a word for the five Indian soldiers who were butchered in an unprovoked attack by Pakistan.

(e) Another Sonia loyalist, the home minister tried to down play the Chinese incursion into Ladakh by making it as a ‘non serious’ issue. The Home minister along with the defence minister made it sound like a game that China wanted to play for a fun with India. Alas! Our leaders are so ignorant about the truth behind the games that China playing in South Asia, particularly to blow a hole into Indian aspirations for becoming a regional power.

(f) Bihar government’s Rural Works and Panchayati Raj Minister Bhim Singh had remarked, "Sena aur police me log marne hi jate hain (People join the army and the police force only to die)." Are our politicians so insensitive? Is General Bikram Singh commanding a ‘victim army’ , abandoned by the political class and many senseless citizens. Do the world’s most powerful army deserves a better deal from this nation?

(g) When our adversaries know that our political leaders are too weak and cowardly to stand up in support of our soldiers, they (Pakistan and China) will continue to provoke us.