Date: 14/08/2013
Have we not discovered in over six decades that Hindus are being "eliminated, evaporated and pulverised" in Hindusthan while the Christians and Muslims, with their joint motivation to eliminate the natives, are gaining the upper hand all the time? Where, and when, will the Hindus' downward slide end?

Where will the Hindus end up eventually if not on "Reservations"? And, when should the "counter attack" begin if not now?

With the politicians behaving like the "Dogs of Dynasty" and the police utterly corrupt and thoroughly useless, the besieged nation must now look towards the Army and shout, "SHAME!"

SHAME for watching the slow death, destruction and demoralisation of the Hindus and rapidly shrinking India without lifting a finger. Where will the army end up eventually if not in "Siberia" like Hitler's army?

Once under the British the gallant INDIAN army could fight the formidable forces of Japan and Germany without ever "cease-firing". Since Nehru took command their DEGRADATION began rapidly.

They vacated FIVE provinces overnight to give a free hand to the Indian MUSLIMS to wipe out the entire Hindu population in Pakistan.

They could not cross the bogus cease fire line in Kashmir to recover our own territory.

They could not recover North Kashmir when Pakistan was decisively defeated in 1972.

They did not destroy the Paki nuclear facility when it was first discovered.

Going out of their way and crossing the sea they attacked the Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN in Sri Lanka and, to cap it all, they attacked the Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar in 1984 instead of declaring the city sovereign like The Vatican in Italy and instead of negotiating the return of Nankana Sahib (birth place of Guru Nanak Dev) to Bharat. Of course, we all expected them to go to Ayodhya and help re-construct the grand Sri Ram Temple, keeping the violent Muslim fanatics at bay. No surprise they are called "EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM".

Since then they have been watching the cross border incursions without ever carrying out HOT PURSUIT of the enemy as if they are all the "sons-in-law" of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

No other country on earth has such a USELESS army that is a LIABILITY rather than an asset for the doomed nation. Indian armed forces are totally detached from the PEOPLE and COUNTRY so that the corrupt have NO check or fear and, as a direct result of army's becoming a cowardly bystander, law and order is rapidly breaking down and CORRUPTION is at its zenith.

An impoverished Italian non descript female of doubtful loyalty, the worthless import of "Bofors CHOR", has become one of the ten RICHEST women on earth. India is being LOOTED day and night and the Indian Army is just watching the "tamaasha"!

Hindus in Hindusthan have become the perennial victims on their own patch.
They are loyal to the "devils and witches" of the anti Hindu treacherous Congress Party that welcomes more MUSLIM immigrants from either side, including the fleeing Muslims from MYANMAR instead of stopping them at the border and directing them to Bangladesh, Pakistan, even Saudi Arabia where Mohammed was born.

The shameless generals of the Indian army do not wish to catch and shoot any Mohammed throwing a stone at a temple, killing a Hindu, or abducting and raping a Hindu girl. Their reputation is in RUINS like the historic Sri Ram Temple in AYODHYA.

When the Hindus are being wiped out in ethnic cleansing the Government of "Dynasty, Bitch and Dog" will neither afford them protection, nor punish their KILLERS, nor even issue the victims fire arms for self defence!

Why are the HIndus being shot dead with their hands tied behind their backs? WHY? What "glow of freedom" are the Hindus and Sikhs seeing in their own land of origin?

This army was supposed to take over Chittagong and the KHYBER PASS from the departing British but, instead, they were exterminated in LAHORE, KARACHI, MULTAN, PESHAWAR & EAST BENGAL. Now they are waiting passively to be KICKED OUT of the "REST" OF INDIA, handing over Delhi to "Mohammed or Mussolini".

We appeal to all the surviving (seriously threatened) HINDUS in fragmented BHARAT (Hindusthan) to take their defence and the safety of their homes, temples, gurdwaras, ashrams, and daughters in their own hands and NOT trust the "Eunuchs in Uniform" any more. The 28 cowardly Indian States should show some pride in themselves and reject slavery under one Italian imposter but go sovereign like the European States (EU) and the American States (USA).

Finally, on this day (14 August) in the Year of Devastating Defeat of India in 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru sent a telegram to his friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah in Karachi to congratulate him on assuming the office of PRESIDENT OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN. The Indian army did not shoot him dead before he took over the "lame duck with clipped wings" called BHARAT.

Today (August 14, 2013) we heard that "Poodle" PM MM Singh has congratulated his counterpart Nawab Sharif for going free from India. 66 years ago five provinces had to be amputated due to Islamic gangrene. But to India's bad luck the Islamic CANCER remained and India is dying slowly as a result.

Any other man in poodle's place would have issued a warning, "Join India or we will kick out the Muslims to Pakistan!" Nothing is wrong with such a warning since the whole world knows that after conceding Islamic PAKISTAN there would not be any Mohammed living in Hindu India.

Indian Army ought to end the misery of Bharat and take over. They should immediately start criminal proceedings against all the corrupt cabinet ministers and MP's.

They should turn Article 370 upon its head. Regarding the Supreme Commander of India a "dog", it bans him from buying any land or property in the State of J & K. The new Article 370 ought to ban a Muslim and a Christian from buying any land or property in Bharat! Thus the Indian "dog" will have his day.

This day in 1947 a Hindu refugee, fleeing in one of those long foot convoys, said, "Being rats we did not know who set fire to the ship. We are running in all directions to save our lives."

Let no resident of DELHI say tomorrow, "Like the rats on ship we did not know why the ship was on fire and sinking."

P.S.: Today, 66 years ago "Mother" India gave birth to an illicit son called "Pakistan" through a botched caesarean operation in pools of blood. Nehru, like a dishonest shepherd, had led his "flock of Hindu sheep" over the cliff to their death. The betrayed Hindu nation has now become Sonia Maino's "flock of sheep" in Kashmir, being slaughtered in the same way with the gutless "Gandhian" generals watching.

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Arun Jaitley's speech in Rajya Sabha on Kishtwar violence (Video). Please watch facial expressions of guilty Congie Ministers including PC. They have no shame. Hindus are cow fodder in J&K for so many years.

Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha and Gujarat MP Shri Arun Jaitley today spoke on the riots of Kishtwar in parliament. Presented above is full speech of Shri Jaitley. What is really happening in Jammu is Congress minority ministers aiding and abetting Anti Hindu ethnic cleansing.

No media, no opposition leaders, no army press conference on number of civilian deaths or damage assessment, total silence in parliament - An iron fence around Jammu to let the Hindu killings and burning of Hindu houses/shops go on without any break. Where is free press in India? why there is a gag order on army?