Date: 16/08/2013

World is better off keeping MUSLIM Brotherhood away. ISLAM IS NO DEMOCRACY, nor Secularism.

Egypt does have NON MUSLIMS, too. Who is THEIR "Brother" in that country?

The situation in Egypt is like that in Germany in 1932 when NAZIS won the elections through democracy. It was not long after that, that the world saw what was unfolding. It took the whole world, and 50 million dead, to put an end to THAT "democracy"!

Later in 1947 the world conceded a new country called PAKISTAN to Islam. What happened to the minorities there in MOHAMMED'S "REICH"?

The Christians are living in terror and the Hindu/Sikh population was wiped out. From 24% then it is 1.5 % now.

Hence when the MUSLIM Brotherhood cries, "death of democracy" the world should beware!

We might begin to trust them if they were prepared to come down from their macho pedestal and call themselves "Muslim Sisterhood"! With ONE WIFE PER MOHAMMED there will be democracy.