Date: 16/08/2013

The British East India Company took over the MOSAIC of a fractured India over two centuries. They amalgamated the Maratha Empire and the Sikh Kingdom and the Remnanats of the great Mogul Empire.

They achieved the impossible when they united India from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG. Till 1937 even Burma was a part of the British India!

But tragedy was in the waiting. They gave a PARTING KICK to India by handing it over to a Coward and two Traitors. They day they left India the country was in pools of blood, and divided.

The Coward was the "Father of All"- Hindus and Muslims ALIKE. The two traitors put their own personal glory above loyalty to the land of their birth and went their separate ways putting their followers in mutually hostile and warring countries.

While barrister Jinnah became the President of Pakistan and wiped out the Hindus by Koran, cunning JL Nehru became the Dictator of Hindusthan with the mandate to crush the natives by Constitution.