Date: 16/08/2013


World is better off keeping MUSLIM Brotherhood away. ISLAM IS NO DEMOCRACY, nor Secularism.

Egypt does have NON MUSLIMS, too. Who is THEIR "Brother" in that country?

The situation in Egypt is like that in Germany in 1932 when NAZIS won the elections through democracy. It was not long after that, that the world saw what was unfolding. It took the whole world, and 50 million dead, to put an end to THAT "democracy"!

Later in 1947 the world conceded a new country called PAKISTAN to Islam. What happened to the minorities there in MOHAMMED'S "REICH"?

The Christians are living in terror and the Hindu/Sikh population was wiped out. From 24% then, it is 1.5 % now.

Hence when the MUSLIM Brotherhood cries, "death of democracy" the world should beware!

We might begin to trust them if they were prepared to come down from their macho pedestal and call themselves "Muslim Sisterhood"!

With ONE WIFE PER MOHAMMED there will be democracy.


PS: In Nehru's SLAVE colony one is as likely to see the pictures of the murdered Hindus in Kishtwar as those of the fleeing and dying Hindus at Partition in 1947.
History will have to be re-written after EXTERMINATION of Dynasty, Congress (Party) and Islam in our PARTITIONED INDIA.

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A picture of unrest in Egypt.

When President Morsi,Moslem brotherhood candidate and elected President of Egypt sought to convert Egypt into a Taliban state, millions rose in opposition and he was ousted by Egypt's military. Moslem brotherhood forerunner of Al Qaeda, not exactly given to peace loving took to streets. It is a well organized outfit with world wide reach.

And besides protesting against Egypt's military ,for a good measure it is also burning churches of Egypt's minority Christians,mainly Coptics which is an ancient sect in Egypt existing well before Islam arrived there. Coptics were expert sailors and in the past were used to man the ships of Moslem armies on seas. And now their homes and businesses are attacked besides pulling down Churches some very ancient in the ongoing unrest by Moslem brotherhood. At least some 20 churches were gutted in this latest episode of actions by Moslem brotherhood.

And what is happening there can be seen on our TV screens and other media.

But not so in Kishtwar, Jammu where 'iron curtain' has descended as noted by Arun Jaitley. J&K is treated as private preserve of Abdullahs just as India has become one of Gandhi-Nehrus banana republic in the words of first son-in-law Robert Vadra So what happened there or happening there is none of any body's business. There is no mention anywhere as to how many temples got destroyed, how many Hindu homes got burnt and how many injured or killed. If we substitute images of Egypt to Kishtwar the similarities may not be too far fetched though scale may be different. In Kishtwar also 'minority', the Hindus are similarly treated as coptics in Egypt , even worse because Hindus being disposable do not merit attention outside perhaps of BJP circle, let alone internationally, so their suffering goes unnoticed,

Otherwise there is much in common between two, in some respects worse in Kishtwar. Because in Egypt the military is against Moslem brotherhood. In Kishtwar or elsewhere in J&K both Pakistan army and J&K administration provide support to Jihadi, Separatist Moslems who are also well organized like Moslem brotherhood. Till recently it was common to hear threats coming from them about world wide Umma against India if Moslem separatists or jihadis are harmed. However internecine quarrels from Syria, Libya, now Egypt etc have punctured that myth. Except for Pakistan army, or J&K administrations essentially Jihadis are on their own.

Any way we may never see any pictures of Kishtwar victims, we did not see much either in news photos, media stories when 30,000 Kashmir Pundits killed and about 300,000 got driven out through sheer terror in 1990. Now only we hear about them in passing in media.