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Bankim Chandra Chatterjee was traveling in a train near Calcutta when he saw through the window green meadows , farms and fields . The grass was moving with the wind , the small streams were flowing, flora and fauna further added to the beauty. A sage and a poet he was ,his patriotic spirit that moved many heroes in the past, many sages and saints as well , like them he visualized Bharath Matha personified in the vision before him. Words and poetry welled forth. As soon as he reached home he put to pen his feelings that came not just from the mind, but straight from the soul, into words. It became Vandemataram a mantra and a hymn besides a beautiful, powerful poetry and song. Since it came out of a sage much like rishis of the past who received Vedic Hymns, Vandematarm also became a mantra that helped free India.

It inspired countless Indians to sacrifice every thing to free their mother from shackles of slavery.

And what happened to this hymn in the hands of those who came to power in 1947 also reflected what happened to the country itself . The song became truncated so did the country, partitioned. Actually sought to be eliminated altogether as Moslem league which became an ally of Nehru objected to it. However nationalist sentiment being very strong, it was edited but not made national anthem as much anticipated. Instead the honor went to Janaganamana which Tagore wrote on the occasion King George Coronatin.

All sorts of ridiculous objections were raised, including that Vandemataram was not suitable for band music since it is bands that are used to receive international guests. Then a musician played the song with band music. Still Moslems objected that praising mother is against Islam. Then a compromise was arrived at, since there was overwhelming national feeling towards Vandemataram. Just like so many 'directive principles' in constitution just to placate nationalist sentiment, Vandematarm was made a 'national song' while Jana gana mana ' which was written in praise of King George on his coronation became a national anthem.

Vandemataram was first sung in public by none other than Rabindranath Tagore himself in a public meeting. He said afterwards , he felt a current of electricity flowing through his entire body as he was reciting Vandemataram.

Such powerful mantra got truncated officially under Gandhi-Nehru aegis with only first few stanzas to be sung but not the other parts where India like Durga is mentioned as 'ripu dala samharini' one who eliminates enemy hordes.The same mindset that truncated the song, changed Tulsidas' Raghupathi Raja Ram to extrapolate , ' Iswara Alla terenam' instead of original beautiful 'Sundara Vigraha Meghashyam'. also did not hesitate to divide mother land again using ridiculous arguments just like with Vandemataram.

And Vandemataram was not only banned by British but by their successors as well for full forty years or so, it was prohibited to be sung in Parliament until BJP won large numbers of seats when P V Narasimha Rao was Prime Minister. PV Narasimha Rao himself was jailed by British for singing Vandemataram. Since then Vandemataram came to parliament as well.

Do listen to the song, entire song is on video and link is given below. To day August 15th.Many wrongs were done to India since 1947- Himalayan blunders -as self confessed by leaders then. Still nothing that cannot be corrected. Worship of India as mother did not start with Bankim Chandra. It goes back eons in history of India. One of the Vikramadityas when he drove enemies out of natural frontiers of India bordering to day Afghanistan , popularized worship of fierce Kaali trampling on pale colored demon who was the invader. Kaali was India. Bankim chandrs also saw Durga as well as Laxmi and Saraswathi in Bharath Matha.

After listening to it and seeing the pictures in video,it will not be surprising if one does not feel like doning any thing else except to meditate on lofty picture that comes to mind as painted by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in Vandemataram hymn.

Vandemataram. Bharath matha ki Jai.

Listen to Vande Mataram ! Remember Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s ode to the motherland has moved patriotic hearts for generations. We here atNiti Central are proud of this national treasure. Listen to the song.

Vande Mataram is spirit of India
By Saswat Panigrahi on August 5, 2013