Date: 16/08/2013

Let us not forget them in the false euphoria of so called 'independence day' , to day August 15,1947.

Sardar Patel rightly observed that there was no joy on the faces of people of India on August 15, 1947. Contrary to incessant propaganda independence of India was not won with 'non violence'. Millions have lost their lives then, still no end seems to be in sight. Latest is Kishtwar in Jammu. And then there is on going genocide in Bangladesh with 40+ million Hindus being present there in 1947 now reduced to 8-10 million. And on the other side,in Pakistan there were at least 10 million Hindus , now hardly few thousands are left. As such real sacrifices were made by people of India , real sufferings were endured by them to win freedom. The sin of partition cannot be laid at their door. The sabotage, conspiracy and betrayal of such trusting people of India , that resulted in most bloody , violent tearing apart India belong to leaders of India then, hailed now as Mahatma, Bharat Ratna or Secular.

Yet we should not give ourselves to despair or dismay at what happened then. Nothing is forever, especially defeat and failure. All falsehoods, bogus entities are against nature as such are against Providence, as such they only have short life span. Witness mighty Soviet Union which lasted mere 70 yrs. But for indulgence shown and continues to be shown to Pakistan , this part of India most violently broken apart would not have lasted this long as a separate state let laone a 'nation'. Just as a Hindu who becomes a Moslem becomes a different national was bogus then it is so now. Only unbridled hate towards India and Hindus is fueling Pakistan's separate existence. And such negative emotions and feelings are self destructive both at individual and larger level. We are witnessing this phenomena unfolding at present in Pakistan. Though it is nearly 100 % Moslem yet there is no peace let alone prosperity .

Anyway we are children of sages. India is land of sages and they wish us all well. Aurobindo was one such in recent times. He witnessed partition and its horrible effects. In spite of all that holocaust, the sage of Pondichery confidently predicted that partition will not stand.

Earlier Swami Vivekananda at a time India was down in dumps also predicted rise of India once again to the glory of her past, even exceeding it.Pakistan did not exist in his time and we can predict it wont exist for long, in future either.

Never again we should see pictures like this in future. Never again we should allow such things happen to our people in future . That should be our resolve and prayers on this day.

Jai Sri Rama


P.S: Once Guruji, the second Sar Sangh Chalk of RSS was asked by pro Pakistani, journalist, Kuldip Nayar, 'why do you always insist on Akhand Bharath, Pakistan is a settled fact'.

Guruji replied, " We will unsettle it ".

Thus we dont have to settle for any thing less than what is best for our motherland. And if we bring about unsettling of Pakistan, no doubt it will be good for our adopted land, US as well. Its sky scrappers will be more secure,.