Date: 17/08/2013

The other day my daughter made this remark, "Gandhi made Indians weak".

This one liner pretty much captures the essence, the sum and substance
of Gandhi's influence and impact on India and Indians. Today
terrorism is wreaking havoc from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Assam to
the heart of India and we are unable to confront it, other than
offering inane plattitudes of peace or running down the messengers.

The concept of ahimsa is now deeply entrenched into the Hindu psyche.
Non violence is laudable as a personal trait, but to make a trait of
the country is suicidal. Violence and non violence are two sides of
the same coin (dharma) to be practised at the appropriate occasions.
But Gandhi obfuscated this simple truth and turn valiant Hindus into
impotent eunuchs.

So yes, Gandhi indeed did make Indians weak. Unless we are able to
shake off this stupor, there is no hope for us as a people and and as
a country.

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