Date: 17/08/2013

city KishtwarLocation in Jammu and Kashmir, India

State Jammu and Kashmir
District Kishtwar
Founded by Shiva
Named for

Chenab river and Brahma mountains grace this city.Here is some information about the city from Wikepedia.
The Chenab River flows through the district. Major Hydel power projects on kishtwar are Dul Hasti 780 MW. Rattle 480MW, Kirthai 1400 MW, Pakal Dool 700 MW, Lower Kalnai 200MW and Chaudhary 150 MW highest per capita wattage production in world for such a small area. The Kashmir Sapphire is produced from a single mine at Padder valley. There is a gypsum mine at Trigam . The famous Synthan and Margan tops are high motorable road passes. The Steep Brahma mountain peak is sitiuated at Dachhan. Saffaron of purest quality is produced in iron rich soil at Pochhal, Matta, Lachdayaram and Hidyal. Kishtwar National Park in the northeast region of the district has a large number of peaks and glaciers.
District Kishtwar in the past used to be an independent hill principality the present name, related with "Kishat Rishi" who stayed here, is the modified version of earlier name of Kishaswar. Located about 238 km from Jammu at a height of 5,360 feet, Kishtwar in its ancient form Kashthavata, is first referred to in the Rajatarangini during the reign of Raja Kalsa of Kashmir (10631089), when "Uttamaraja", the ruler of Kashthavata visited the court of Kashmiri king in company with several other hill chiefs to pay their respects to the Raja. The Mehta Family was gifted the lands of Kishtwar by the King of Kashmir. Their family temple "Hatta Wali Mata" and their Heritage can still be tracked back to Kishtwar. The founder of this family was the Commander-in-Chief of the Kashmir Army "Sip-E-Salar Sri Jiya Lal Mehta". Known for his Bravery and valour he fought the Mughals and Northern raiders who invaded the land.
Kishtwar endowed with dense forests of deodar, fir and pine is treasure of scenic beauty. There are high altitude mountains ranging between 20,000 feet to 21,000 feet like Num Kum, Burmah and Barnag. It offers tremendous scope for pilgrim tourism also as some important shrines are located in the area. These include Ziarat Zain-Shah-Sahib, Farid-ud-Din Sahib, Hazrat Asrar-ud-Din Sahib, Athara Bhuja Devi temple, Chandi Mata temple and Hatta Wali Matta.
Kishtwar merged with the State of Jammu and Kashmir in 1821, A.D. With the passage of time Kishtwar became a Tehsil of District Udhampur and remained its part till 1948, when it became part of newly created District Doda in the wake of first re-organization of the state during the post-independence period.
In 1941, Kishtwar had a population of 3,235.[1]
As of 2011[update] India census,[2] Kishtwar had a population of 34,982. Males constitute 63% of the population and females 37%. Kishtwar has an average literacy rate of 78%, higher than the Indian national average: male literacy is 82%, and female literacy is 42%. In Kishtwar, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.The main language spoken here is called Kishtwari (related to kasmiri) by locals.

The following appears to be official or semi official version of recent events.
Kishtwar Clashes
Main article: Kishtwar clashes
On 9th August 2013, after the Eid festival, there were clashes reported in Kishtwar. [3] The trouble started in Kishtwar as a bike rider was trying to make his way through a procession of Muslims going for Eid prayers. The bike rider reportedly entered into a heated argument with members of the procession. Anti-India slogans were raised and this led to clashes between the two sides.[4]. Curfew was imposed and Army called out in Kishtwar town in Jammu region on Friday after about 500 villagers raised anti-India slogans that led to clashes between two communities.
A police officer said a procession of around 500 people from Hullar, Banderna, Punoo Sangram Bhata and Indira nagar villages took out a procession in Kishtwar town, 220 km from winter capital Jammu, raising pro-independence slogans. "Following this, stone-pelting clashes broke out between the two communities at Kulid chowk in Kishtwar," the officer said. "As the news of the clashes spread to the Eidgah grounds where people had gathered to offer Eid-ul-Fitr prayers, many of them joined in the violence," he added. "The mob torched four shops, a truck and a scooter. Police used tear gas and batons to control the situation and fired warning shots to disperse the mob," the officer said. [5] These clashes resulted in three people dead and twenty more injured.


There are many holes in this version that the riots broke out spontaneously due to some altercation between a bike rider and peace loving EiD processions. Both home minister, Sajjad Kichloo and police commissioner of the town, his appointee , were said to be in mosque from where procession got started. And when asked what they did to prevent carnage unleashed,an explanation was given that they were helpless because they were locked up in a room and were prevented from getting out, but they did by climbing a wall. So it that is the case then the EiD processions had some thing more in their minds that greeting each other and the officials Mubarak. And what are the pictures of Mohd Afjal, hanged for killings during attack on parliament and Qesab, hanged for killings on 26/11 were doing in the procession ?

And the carnage , attacks on 'minority' went on for 3 days with no relief in sight. Please note the obfuscation. Media and officialdom never will call spade a spade. The term 'minority' here is misleading because Moslems in India are a minority.
But Hindus obviously have dwindled in the district to a minority status. So the attacks on Hindus continued for 3 days until Omar Abdullah woke up, called the army. His excuse was the police and army stationed in the town were inadequate to deal with situation. What if it was Pakistan army not just peaceful EiD procession resorting to attacks ? Would it take 3 days for Indian army to reach there ?

In fact the lapses in Omar Abdullah administration were so glaring even the UPA government in the center which is usually very accommodating , is constrained to put blame on failure of J&K administration for the violence in Kishtwar.

And we do not know as to how many Hindus perished besides destruction of property,lives and injuries suffered in the jihad that followed EiD because there was complete black out of news and no other leader or observer was alllowed to visit. Arun Jaitley was detained at the air port and not allowed. Mercifully Omar did not emulate what his grand father Sheikh Abdullah did with Shyama Prasad Mookerjee.

Kishtwar along with Doda are being denuded of Hindu population in a systematic manner both through Pakistan sponsored terrorist attacks and indifference of J&K administration to say least, for years now. Sooner than later like what happened in Ladakh which once had Buddhist majority but now completely purified like Pakistan, Jammu part which has Hindu majority will join the ranks of Sri Nagar and Kashmir valley which also got rid of Kafirs. Incidentally when things became too hot in Kashmir once, then Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah took shelter in Jammu . Wonder if Jammu too loses Hindu presence, where will Abdullahs go ? London was the other place Abdullah Sr went to in the past. But now even London has become Londonistan with most common name for children born is Mohammad .

In Lazza, Taslima Nasreen recorded from Bangladesh news papers some episodes. A Moslem burns the house of his Hindu neighbor in the night. And he comes out in the morning expressing sympathy to grieving Hindu. Thus exodus and grief of Hindus in J&K too has become a joke . Just listen to leaders of separatist movement in the valley and pronouncements of their apologists on TV Channels. Kashmri is known for communal harmony, they said tut tutting their tongues at the violence unleashed against 'minority' in Kishtwar. And they were the ones with their fiery speeches against India and Hindus railed up mobs to massacre and drive out Kashmir pundits from the valley. From 30+ percent now to almost 0. They are the ones now pontificating on communal harmony!

And they are being amply rewarded as well for their contributions to such communal harmony by J&K administration of Abdullahs with generous grants , support including chauffer driven cars all at government expense. And of course this money eventually comes from Center, New Delhi. And where does the center get it ? Why of course from Kafir tax payers, the Dhimmis.

And what is the outcome of all this vicious circle- getting rid of Hindus out of Kashmir earlier and from Jammu now.

And of course since the victims are Hindu , there wont be any denial of visa to Messers Farooq or Omar Abdullahs nor to any of the separatist leaders to US. And there wont be not even 5 or 6 MPs let alone 65 MPs even with forged signatures, appealing to Presdient Barrack Obama to cancel visa to Omar Abdullah.And there wont be any big hue and cry either from human rights outfits in India or abroad because such attacks on Hindus are normal like on Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh where they are all disposable . Only if Hindus react like they did in Gujarat following Jihad at Godhra railway station instead of beoming refugees to live in slums like Kashmir Pundits, then all the usual suspects will come out of wood work breast beating and bemoaning , 'secularism in danger' ! Sure enough then they will blame Narendra Modi for creating an atmosphere of intolerance.

Truly speaking it is an intolerance to coninuing atrocities by Jihadi forces but not to any other faith or religion in India that is very much in need to day .

Jihad has been going on for centuries. All sort of cock and bull stories of bicycle rider's altercation with EiD procession are nothing but smokescreen for bigotry and intolerance of radical Islam provided and supported under the aegis of Burka Secularism.

Actually the same cure was advocated by none other than UPA Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh. He used to say before 26/11,especially in international fora that there should be ' zero tolerance to terrorism'. Sure his audience might have been impressed. However the problem is, he never implemented it. Instead he even lost sleep, in his own words, when Australia arrested a Moslem physician from Bangalore suspected in bombing of Glasgow Airport in UK

So instead of that infinite tolerance to terror as shown in practice by New Delhi, let there be intolerance to this menace. If nothing else it will surely bring harmony . Of course present dispensation whose spokesmen refer even to bin Laden as 'Osamaji' to Moslem audience are not the ones to bring this about.

We just have to wait till next elections which hopefully will bring men with capital M to power to make India a safer place.

Modi clearly stated he is a 'Hindu Nationalist' which no one ,not prime minister or prime minister aspirant so far ever did in India. By itself thus it indicates a paradigm shift in thought and words. Let us hope action too will follow soon.