Date: 17/08/2013

Day after day West Pakistani soldiers are coming inside our borders and killing our soldiers but Italian Congress Government is not allowing Indian Army to take any action because...

1) West Pakistan's ISI has most of the Congress leaders including Gandhi family black money A/C details. ISI blackmails and controls our Gandhi family and hence controls Indian congress government and says:- If you will not Obey us then we will expose your black money A/C details in our West Pakistani news papers (which are not under Congress control unlike Indian media), which will finish your political career forever. This is the main reason why Congress govt can not take any strong action against West Pakistanis and keep allowing them to kill our soldiers.

2) Vote Bank politics of minority appeasement because Hindus are divided into a million groups.

Watch these video's if you dont know the truth:

b) (Dr
Mananiya Subramanian Swamy says Congress Leaders are blackmailed by West Pakistan )

(काले धन का पूरा सच - Truth of Black Money)