Date: 18/08/2013


Slaves are those people who can expect to be treated differently from free men.

Take India. Muslims can get PAKISTAN without offering any martyrs, without any conditions or price while the Sikhs are labelled traitors for asking for a few districts to call it Khalistan. That is "Justice", Gandhian style!

Punjab is the traditional homeland of the brave Sikhs and it is divided between India and Pakistan "by design". There is the prospect of peaceful union to take out the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF PUNJAB, or as the dishonest corrupt Centre wills it, the split will open up and bleed both parts to death along with Bharat, too. The first scenario is possible if the leaders are like the European countries but the second scenario is for the "People of Jehaalat" who have already destroyed the peace on the sub continent!

Indian leaders who accepted Partition had no love lost for Punjab or the Sikhs, not even for the Hindus or Hindusthan (Akhand Bharat). Nehru and Jinnah were the "monkeys" and the natives of Hindusthan were like the "cats" in that proverbial story.

"You can have Pakistan and keep North Kashmir, too," declared Bandit Nehru but at the same time he labelled the Sikhs as "terrorists" and sent instructions to the administration to "look out!" (for them).

It must be due to IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY that the fearless and brave Sikhs did not see the motives behind acceptance of Pakistan and rejection of Khalistan simultaneously.

Muslims were rewarded, the Sikhs were punished while the Hindus were NO factor worth the mention. Their Akhand Bharat died without a murmur and is all forgotten now.

That was the day of the "Red Rainbow" over Punjab on 15 August 1947.

The other burning issue is the capital of the truncated State. Days, months and years have passed but the bad blood remains. Why should the capital of Punjab be located on Union Territory but not on its own? Punjab is countless millennia old while Haryana is not even 70. Yet Nehru & his dynasty swore revenge.

Now let us look at the chief minister. Is he a man of vision and courage like Maharaja Ranjit Singh or a tame, "go along" type, like Giani Zail Singh who was called "Sweeper"?

What stops him from moving his Secretariat to PATIALA or NABHA to rule from there till Chandigarh is squarely in Punjab, and Haryana, its step sister under Nehru's evil design, is asked to move to AMBALA or build a new capital?

Sri Nankana Sahib is the birth place of our First Divine Guru. The sacred town ought to be taken out of ISLAMIC Pakistan and declared a free city like the Vatican of Bharat's First Lady, Sonia Maino. How many times has Mr. Badal approached Pakistan with this request? What kind of joke is this that the Muslims get ONE THIRD of India while the Sikhs cannot get even one city out of that Islamic land? We can read the Bandit's mind. He made sure that poor Pakistan gets the money from all the Sikh pilgrims till eternity!

The present prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, did not mention this when he congratulated his counterpart Nawab Sharif, the "Lion of Lahore" in Pakistan, the other day, on the birth of Pakistan! What kind of a Sikh is he? Total collapse, sheer disgrace?

Again Sri Amritsar is the entire world's holy city with Harmandir Sahib with its four doors, and deserves the same level of FREEDOM in Hindusthan as The Vatican in Italy. What has Shri Badal, the Sikh chief minister, done to ensure its dignity, freedom and inviolability, even invincibility?

Prime Minister MAIMOONA BEGUM was quick to launch her malicious army attack on the city in 1984 on the occasion of a Gurpurb to maximise the number of dead. Brig Brar, Gen Vaidya and Gen Sunderji, her despicable mercenary commanders (all "eunuchs in uniform"), forgot to tell her that during World War 2, THE VATICAN was not bombed while Rome was reduced to rubble. And the "Lok Sabha of Midgets" ought to have asked Maimoona Begum to go there as a humble devotee to pay respect at the holy place.

The International Airport in New Delhi is named after, what so many believe, was the political "Witch of Kalyug" who ruled like a dictator. The name of the Airport is obscene and, therefore, should be changed to "GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT". An honourable country will never ignore the genuine historic personalities of the past. Guru Tegh Bahadur did not surrender his Faith despite the threat of death hanging over his head. (Contrast this to MK Gandhi who promptly surrendered one third of India unconditionally to the Indian Muslims in 1947!)

Who will object if the name was after Guru Tegh Bahadur? On the other hand the whole world will respect Bharat for honouring a universally respected and revered holy man.

But selecting "Indira Gandhi" with her "poisonous" heart, who IN REALITY was Maimoona Begum, is deception and fraud on the slave nation. One feels like "throwing out" in disgust!

Further, we look at the airport at Sri Amritsar. Should it not be "GURU RAM DAS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT"? Do we see any Sikh LEADER worth his salt, acting with boldness and courage to demand the change of name? Has the Government of Punjab no power to do so unilaterally?

Finally, do we see any statue of the emaciated senile old man called "Gandhi" anywhere on the proud soil of Sikh warriors? If so, the sight will make us SICK.

and all those who fought the MOGULS, THE BRITISH and the "dirty" (NEHRU) DYNASTY with utmost courage, never raising hands to surrender.

Let us see the end of "Era of Gandhian Rat" and the start of the new Era of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Let us honour our Gurus and martyrs and send Nehru's bogus secularism to Delhi where it belongs while we see Lahore next door, basking in the sunshine of Islam.

18 Aug 2013.
PS: Let us tell the world that the ONLY justification for Khalistan is, "because there is Pakistan!"