Date: 17/02/2013

Pseudo secularists, criminal politicians, corrupt retired supreme court justices, bogus liberal media persons, anti-nationalist Muslims and converted Christians , and journalists who support atheists and anarchists, and the conversion gangs, Marxists, and Maoists, are claiming VIP status in India. The government of India headed by the Vatican agent, Catholic, Italian born uneducated Sonia Maino approves it and spent enormous amounts of Tax Payers money for protection of these criminal, anti national politicians.These anti- social strategies happen only in India. We, the majority Hindus tolerate these non sense and compromise with these nasty, cruel and brutish deviant amplifying attitudes.

Tolerance of anti national attitudes,of criminal enterprise and corrupt practices are not tolerance or compromise. These are social pathology. We need to eliminate all these corrupt politicians and criminal MP s from India and clean Indian VIP system. If the majority thinks and act like that these politicians are anti-national, (why spent enormous of amount of tax payers money for protecting the bogus leaders) India will be a great country among nations. They should be cornered and contained away from the community to save safety and security of the law abiding citizens.
India never had a social revolution. We need a social revolution to wipe out these anti national, pseudo criminal politicians and corrupt bureaucrats. India will be great country if we have a social revolution to weed out these weeds.