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There are definite exceptions where Indian Institutions are judged better than U.S. or U.K.

The Harwardian graduates in Management do not get even 50% of what an IIMA graduate is offered at the time of placement. Harward is a more Politically funded University catering to the needs of VVIP-s like Rajiv or Raol Vinci, who was admitted to the course apparently after JIndals gave a fat donation of millions to the institution.

Indian IIT and IIM graduates are better equipped to hold responsible positions in any field, having risen to top positions in many Countries esp. U.S., on merits.

Sanjiv Gandhi was caught driving a stolen car and arrested but sent back to India in a different passport changing the name to Sanjay and continued to do the same in Connaught Place with his gang of youths including Kamalnath and Ambika Soni among others, driving away the parked cars and abandoning them elsewhere.


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Qualifications gained from Indian universities are considered RUBBISH by most Indians like the quality of her Parliament, Cabinet and Civil Service (the BABOOS). The very top families in the land, starting with Nehru, have themselves set the worst example in this respect.
“Bandit” NEHRU, who is said to have fought for India’s freedom, made sure that his land of birth is DESTROYED. Please see the maps of India on the last day of British Raj and on the very first day of Bandit’s Raj to see the difference and then judge yourself his patriotism and service to the country.
NEHRU studied in London and thereafter looked at the natives of soil with scornful eyes of the British colonial masters. The sacred soil of "MOTHER INDIA" was not worth even a rag in his eyes. What was the quality of his "EDUCATION" that did not include love of land of birth or the motivation to defend every inch? Together with another traitor Jinnah, he gave us PARTITION instead of Independence.

Next his daughter INDIRA, who learnt DECEPTION from her very young age when she married a KHAN but called him “Gandhi” and herself “Mrs. Gandhi.

She rejected all the universities in Bharat but studied abroad. she enjoyed an excellent education in Swiss schools and at Somerville College, Oxford, England. But like her son Rajiv, she could not gain any qualification in England and as a result became frustrated, neurotic and an “unfulfilled” female. It was to have horrendous consequences for India. Lacking self confidence as a woman and being unsure of her cabinet’s loyalties she became arrogant, autocratic and dictatorial.

Though she was ruling the world’s largest democracy she imposed draconian Emergency on the nation and locked up tens of thousands of free thinkers and political opponents behind bars. Later, noticing the Sikhs cursing her for her Islamic disposition and insulting attitude she launched her malicious army attack on the Sikhs’ holiest shrine in Amritsar that was world heritage and had to be preserved and supported by State. The army attack needlessly caused the death of hundreds of unarmed civilians.

Being a secret convert to ISLAM she could not bear the thought of Ayodhya and Amritsar being declared Holy cities in Bharat like the Vatican in Italy. Too busy in political intrigues she had no time to establish some reputable first class universities in India to attract the best students from home and abroad. She was assassinated under Divine Disposition at Halloween, a festival in Europe and America held on October 31 every year that reminds everyone of the bygone Dark Age when WITCHES were killed on this very day of calendar. Therefore most Sikhs believe that Maimoona Begum was a living Witch- far removed from Education and kindness. She was the opposite ot ANGELA MERKEL of Germany who is called “Mutti” (Mother) in love, respect & affection by the Germans. Only India is cursed to have rulers who openly hate the Indians and love power and corruption.

Her elder son Rajiv considered all the universities in India RUBBISH and went to study at Trinity College, Cambridge, and later at Imperial College London, but did not get a degree at either. At Cambridge he met the Italian-born Antonia Albina Maino, who, according to State propaganda, was also studying in the university. WHAT A LIE TO FOOL THE INDIANS!

Sonia was a mere au pair, that is, a maid with an English family and met Rajiv in a cheap cafeteria in Cambridge. She was too flattered when he put his head at her feet and declared like an orphan, “One day the whole of Hindusthan will be at your feet!” That is when she saw “Education” of the Indian “coolie” who was degrading the proud, honourable and decent Hindu womanhood of Bharat!
Sonia was never a student at Cambridge University! So obviously like her husband she learnt fraud, deception and telling lies as part of her own “education” in England.

Maimoona’s younger son Sanjay, too, went to England to take up an apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce. He returned without any qualification. Once back in India he also neglected Education giving rise to public perception that Nehru Dynasty did not want to educate the natives since it was easy to keep them subservient slaves due to their ignorance.

The result of NEGLECT of education by Nehru Dynasty, their Congress Party, the State, and the Muslim Fifth Column in India is the FAILURE to achieve excellence at world level. See below:


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NEW DELHI, August 16, 2013
Updated: August 16, 2013 11:07 IST
Only one Indian institute in the top 500 world universities
Indian Institute of Science campus

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is the only institution that figures somewhere between 300 and 400 in the list

India’s higher educational institutions have once again failed to find a respectable place in the world’s top 500 universities.

Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is the only institution that figures somewhere between 300 and 400 as ranked by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) for 2013.
American universities have captured 17 positions of the top 20 slots, with two going to the British universities and one being occupied by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich. Of the 500 universities ranked, American universities captured a total of 182 slots; European universities occupied 200 slots — but only three made the top 20. As many as 17 Chinese universities were included as well.

Harvard University has been described as the world’s best university with a score of 100; followed by Stanford University with a score of 72.6. University of California, Berkeley; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and University of Cambridge have scored around 71 points.
The IISc has just about held on to its last year’s slot but improved its performance in the Departments of Chemistry and Computer Science. In the former, the Institute has jumped two ranks from 45 in 2012 to 43 this year and in the latter from a range of 101-150 in the past to 51-75 in 2013.

In Natural Science and Mathematics, and Engineering Technology and Computer Science, the score remains stagnant, ranging between 151-200 and 76-100 respectively.
ARWU, also known as Shanghai Rankings, considers every university that has any Nobel Laureates, field medallists, highly cited researchers, or papers published in Nature or Science. In addition, universities with significant amount of papers indexed by the Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCIE) and the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) are also included. In total, more than 1000 universities are actually ranked, and the best 500 are published on the web.
Universities are also ranked by several indicators of academic or research performance, and the per capita academic performance of an institution. For each indicator, the highest scoring institution is assigned a score of 100, and other institutions are calculated as a percentage of the top score