Date: 25/08/2013

The grief of families of Indian soldiers will have to be felt by those who rose to defense of Pakistan and to those who provide it apologia and by those who callously dismiss such sacrifices saying, after all when those Indians who enlisted for army, they also chose to lay down their lives. Yes they did, but why do they have to sacrifice themselves needlessly. There was no shooting war but only perfidy by Pakistan . And this act is not first, it did just that few months back when it abducted and beheaded Indian soldiers. As you know following that act when Pakistan PM came to Ajmeer Durgah of Moinuddin Christi he was treated to halal mutton lunch by Salman Kurshid , miniter of External affairs,Govt of India.

Thanks to 24 hour news channels in India as well, the editing of Indian Army statement to suit interests of Pakistan possibly by Prime Minister office came to the public attention. The alleged motive was to save coming meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Man Mohan Singh, the PMs of Pakistan and India.

Is their conclave so important that it overrides loss of lives of Indian soldiers ? Perhaps. Because elections are around corner and such kid glove approach to Pakistan, in view of politicians of India will secure them vote bank support. So other than some platitudes,and eventual statement that UPA is not afraid to continue peace process, nothing better or new can be expected from New Delhi. We can expect however announcement of cricket matches, continuing composite dialogues and what we cannot expect is postponement , let alone cancellation of Sharif , Singh talks come what may.

Remember another refugee from Pakistan, who also was PM, I K Gujral. He used to meet the same Nawaz Sharif at every opportunity, even if there was no opportunity, such was his love to meet Paki PM. And also wide publicity used to be given to the menu as well. Puri , Halwa breakfast was their favorite. Of course other than consumption of such sumptuous breakfasts nothing else good for the country came out of such umpteen get togethers but they surely had good time while terror attacks, firings across LoC against India continued unabated. So there is no need to hold breath as to outcome between coming meeting between the two PMs. This time neither of them can expect a noble peace prize either which was in cards with Vajpayee's bus trip to meet same Nawaz Sharit or later with his successor, Musharraf.

Meanwhile however our sympathies and prayers should go to the families of slain soldiers of India. And one of the families have even refused to accept any remuneration from New Delhi saying they want action instead, against Pakistan. It is only because of such patriotic, nationalist families of soldiers there is freedom and democracy in India. And their sacrifices should not go waste. Even if current dispensation continues policy of insanity, that is doing same thing over and over again but expecting a different result,with Pakistan, sooner rather than later, the effect of all cumulative acts of terror,proxy war against India should prove to be detrimental to existence itself for Pakistan.

May Sri Rama bless the souls of slain soldiers of India and bless their families.

Govt almost ambushed

Ravish Tiwari , Pranab Dhal Samanta : New Delhi, Thu Aug 08 2013, 04:01 hrs

The grieving family of slain Army jawan Vijay Kumar Rai in Bihta, Bihar, Wednesday.

The decision to change the Army inputs on the involvement of Pakistan army regulars in Tuesday's attack on the Line of Control that killed five Indian soldiers was taken at the highest level in a bid to insulate the first meeting of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with just elected Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the margins of the UN General Assembly at New York in late September at this delicate juncture in the relationship.

Given the ambiguity over the identity of the attackers in the dead of night on LoC, sources said, it was felt that pointing fingers at the Pakistan Army should be avoided without any direct evidence. It's learnt that this was decided after consultations at senior bureaucratic levels in South Block including the National Security Adviser and the defence secretary.

While some officials said that the stock line on violence along LoC always blames the Pak army, sources said, caution was advised in the absence of any clear proof.

However, sources said, the government was caught in a bind after the BJP stepped up pressure and called for stopping the dialogue with Pakistan. This was reaffirmed forcefully by the BJP top brass at today's meeting with the Prime Minister.

The problem for the government, sources said, is that it stalled the dialogue process over the beheading of an Indian soldier in January when the government went on record to blame Pakistan Army regulars. A similar admission this time would have strengthened the BJP's demand to withhold talks, a "strategically undesirable" objective for the government as it does not want to accentuate acrimony with Pakistan's new government.

Moreover, sources said, blaming the Pakistan Army would force Sharif to take a hard stand against India, which would virtually derail the peace process at this crucial juncture.

But with the BJP drawing a red line on its demand for a clarification by Defence Minister A K Antony, the government is now looking to make the point that it's not absolving the Pak Army but is awaiting more evidence. In this context, Army Chief Bikram Singh's feedback would be crucial as it would indicate the nature of evidence available to level charges against Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the BJP top brass Rajnath Singh, LK Advani, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley raised their strong objection to what they called was Antony's alleged "dilution" of the statement to provide an "escape route" to Pakistan. They reiterated their demands of an apology from Antony and a suspension of talks with Pakistan at their meeting with PM.

"It was made plain and clear (at the meeting) that Defence Minister will have to withdraw his earlier statement and present a correct statement before both the Houses regarding the LoC incident," said a BJP source. "This is not time to hold a dialogue. Certainly not at the level of Prime Minister."

The Government side, led by the Prime Minister, was learnt to have said that "greater clarity" was expected after the Army Chief returns from the front.

The Prime Minister was learnt to have sought the BJP's cooperation on the issue of the land boundary agreement with Bangladesh but BJP leaders were learnt to have refrained from committing their support and instead suggested that the government should get all stakeholders (West Bengal, North-East) on board before considering a Constitution amendment.

"The government should first make it (agreement) palatable to the people," the BJP leaders were learnt to have told the government in response to the PM's appeal for cooperation. "Otherwise, a Telangana-like situation may erupt there as well."