"Kashmir: Its Aborgines and their Exodus"

Date: 18/02/2013

Congratulations on publishing the book.

It is with great distress that I watched the deliberate attempt made by Government of India and its so-called free press to hide the story of exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in 1989-90. They were successful in burying this story of immense human tragedy for various reasons which have been enumerated in the book. Because Indian media did not report this big story, international media only followed its lead and ignored it too - perhaps, even more effectively.It is because of this reason that India and the rest of the world remained oblivious of the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in 1998-90.

During my long tenures in conflict situations in J&K , I realised the massive threats that India faces to its security.I also realized that ethnic cleansing of KPs was part of a larger design of Islamists to further their agenda. My whole aim of writing this book is to tell the story of KPs exodus- with no holds barred, as one who too had to flee from there.

When Allies re-captured Europe from the Nazis during the closing stages of WW II, they were horrified to see the concentration camps in which the jews (nearly 6 million) had been gassed, starved or just plainly shot to death. The Allied Supreme Commander, Gen Isenhover (later to become President of United States) ordered every horror his troops saw in the concentration camps, to be recorded in photographs, lest (in his own words) "some b......d, fifty years down the line, just denies the whole thing". It is through his efforts that the world learnt about the horrors of Auswitch, Spandau and other hell-holes in which Hitler implemented his 'Final Solution' . Ike's apprehensions came true as some countries, like Iran, have catagorically refused to accept that genocide of Jews ever took place, or that the concentration camps ever existed.

With KPs, the denial of their exodus has come much earlier, as our story was deliberately witheld from the world by our own country's media, the government and the political class.

It is for this reason, i.e., to put on record what we went through, that I wrote this book, when numerous eye-witnesses of our genocide and the consequent exodus, are still alive. Let people deny or refute what I have written, they will be adequately responded to by those who went through hell when radical Islamists in Kashmir targeted us and forced us to leave our home of 5000 years.
A large number of our young men are spread in far corners of the world and can spread the story of our exodus instantaneously by the press of a button. My book is only one of the many books on the subject- all tell the same story, though in different style. i am sure they will play their part in disseminating this story about our exodus from Kashmir- a place where we can trace our history back to ancient times.

It is not too late to tell our story- my book covers every aspect of it; every single question about the exodus is adequately answered therein.Therefore, kindly use all modern means at your disposal to inform others of the TRUTH about how in 700 years, Kashmir with 100% Hindu population, became a Kashmir with nearly 100% Muslim majority.

Tek K Tikoo

Subject: Review by Dr K L Chowdhury

After striding through the versatile Dr. Chowdhury's beautifully edited review of Col. Tikoo's book titled: "Kashmir: Its Aborgines and their Exodus", one can have a visceral feeling that the the said book comprising of 680 pages may be the first ever attempt by any KP over the
past 22 years, to espouse the reasons behind the exodus, followed by the ethnic cleansing.
Once the book is available to me, I'll make it a point to go through those pages from cover
to cover. Until then I'll reserve my accolades to the Col. God bless Dr Chowdhury and the veteran Tikoo for their perseverance.
Regards !

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Brilliant review given by Dr K.L.Chowdhary and thanks to Col Tej Tickoo for writing such a book with all facts and figures. This is most appreciable to add more and more documentation about our exodus and the elements in the valley who were responsible for forcing us out from our native land. Many many thanks to Col Tej.

The picture drawn on the cover of the book by Artist Veer Munshi looks exactly like to the pencil picture drawn by a young jewish artist, while being himself in the concentration camp in 1943-44; of jewish prisoners, huddled in a cell ,helpless, sunken cheeks, pale faces and haggered figures , awaiting for their death either by starvation or in gas chambers or by some disease, in Scahsenhausen concentration camp, Berlin That drawing is still preserved in the museum at Berlin.