Date: 27/08/2013

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Namazwadi Party's Uttar Pradesh: Muslims rape 2 minor girls in two districts (Muzaffarnagar and Sambhal districts).

In the Muzaffarnagar attack, the pedophile-rapist is Dilshad.
In the Sambhal attack, the pedophile-rapists are Alim, Kayyum and Tabarak.

Most of the paid pro-Islamist news-media did not publish any details of these attacks (since the underlying Quranic principle is Maal-e-Ghanimat). More details in the 2 rare articles below.

It is not clear if the victims (minor girls) are Hindus. But it is definitely confirmed that all the pedophile rapists are Ghusalmaan (a.k.a Musalmaan).

(*In Urdu, Ghusal-khana is a euphemistic word for Toilet/Bathroom.
Therefore, Ghusalmaan means ......)

Please excuse my angry feelings and uncivil words.

Uttar Pradesh's Hindus must boycott all Islamists socio-economically in solidarity with our raped sisters. Let us first break these Islamists' backs economically and socially. Let us then see how and from where these Islamists will get their social-acceptance, audacity and money-power to wage in "Sex Jihad" against our sisters and daughters.

Every self-respecting Indian will definitely participate in this boycott as this is a fight to the finish ! Please spread the word in the various Indian community forums and Facebook pages!

Sambal is the proven home of many Muslim traitors who voted for Pakistan, swelled Jinnah's Muslim League rallies and stayed on in India to complete the unfinished agenda of Greater Pakistan.

Sambhal district has 25% Muslim population and 22% Yadav population (1991 census) . From 1989-2004 elections, all the elected Members of Parliament were Yadavs.

Within the next decade (2001-2011), Sambhal's Muslim population rose to 30%. (Source )

In 2009, the Muslims realised that they had no need for any alliance with Yadavs and showed their true colours (by spitting on the imaginary Yadav-Muslim bonhomie). The Muslims ditched Mulayam's Namazwadi Party and voted en masse for their fellow Islamist Shafiqur Rehman Barq (BSP) who won hands down as MP ! Yes, the same skull-capped bearded Shafiqur Rehman Barq who insulted the Nation by protesting against Vande Mataram and walking out of the Lok Sabha while the National Song was being played.


Class IX student raped in Shamli; minor gang raped in Sambhal
August 24, 2013

A Class IX student was allegedly raped by a youth at Lilon village in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district, police said in Muzzafarnagar on Saturday.

On Friday, the 13-year-old girl was intercepted by the accused when she was on her way to school. The youth Dilshad falsely told the girl that her father is ill, took her to a nearby house where he raped her, Deputy Superintendent of Police Prakash Kumar told reporters.

The girl has been sent for medical examination, he said, adding that a case has been registered against the absconding accused.

Irate people gheraoed the police station in protest against the incident, he added.

Meanwhile, a minor girl was gang raped in Asmoli area in Uttar Pradesh's Sanbhal allegedly by three youths, police said today. The incident took place on Aug 13 when the 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped by Alim, Kayyum and Tabarak of the same village, they said.

The FIR of the incident was registered last night by family members of the victim. No arrests have so far been made in this connection.

Minor girl gangraped by three youths in Sambhal

Sambhal (UP), Aug 24, 2013 (PTI)

A minor girl was gangraped in Asmoli area here allegedly by three youths, police said today.

The incident took place on Aug 13 when the 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped by Alim, Kayyum and Tabarak of the same village, they said.

The FIR of the incident was registered last night by family members of the victim.

No arrests have so far been made in this connection.

Muslims target Non Muslim girls with the spirit of holy Jehad. The aim is to “conquer” the girls by DEGRADING them, thus weakening and INSULTING their male relatives. For every girl gang raped, all the MALES connected to her are made to feel and live like “jackals and rats”. The Hindu nation has suffered immeasurable GENETIC deterioration.
We saw the result of widespread rape of Hindu females in the preceding THOUSAND years. How quickly one third of Bharat vanished overnight from the map as a result! Hindu manhood had suffered irrecoverably. Partition of India was accepted in a second.
Look at the supremacy of MOHAMMED in Bollywood that is degradation Hindu girls round the clock. Supremacy of the “KHANS” has not only become acceptable but is the norm! Most of them are marrying (“conquering”) Hindu maidens without any revulsion or reaction from the nation.
For a Muslim brought up on the lore of KORAN the whole world is the ENEMY. There are specific references in Koran to the hated KAFIRS, HINDUS, CHRISTIANS, JEWS and so on.
So, when we hear of yet another rape of a Hindu girl in Hindusthan we sadly realize that the Hindus have no self respect, dignity and unity left. Is it not for the top leadership to rectify the despicable situation immediately?
Look at the contrast: The Muslims are attacking and raping innocent HINDU girls. Yet the COMBINED MIGHT of the Hindus in the localities where the rape takes place is not enough to "GHERAO" or "ELIMINATE" the dare devil “Mohammeds”.
Let’s go to the beginning: Just consider the fraud & deception on India by her own top leaders who accepted the surrender of five provinces but forgot to insist on THROWING OUT every Muslim! Is it not time for the masses to undo the wrong that those traitors at the TOP did?
Do we want the whole world to read day in and day out the rape of HINDU girls in BHARAT? This is what we read in a mass circulation daily in the United Kingdom:
(Quote) Gang-rape suspects may have struck before.
The five men accused of gang raping a young magazine photographer in Mumbai last week may have attacked several other women, Indian police said yesterday after one of the suspects confessed to four other sexual assaults.
~The men were arrested after the 22 year old woman, who was on her first assignment for a lifestyle magazine, was dragged into a derelict building and raped repeatedly. Her ordeal emerged as India awaits the verdict on four adults and a juvenile accused of the gang rape and murder of a 23-year old student on a Delhi bus last December. (Unquote)
What has the top GENERAL got to say on this? Is his own daughter and wife not threatened in such a “demolished & degraded” country?
The heinous rape in Delhi on December 16 last made big headlines but the Muslims never stopped their old trade. Now we hear of another GANG RAPE of to Hindu girls in U.P., India’s largest State!
Who is standing up for the victims? Are ALL the Hindus in U.P. afraid? Do they regard themselves SHEEP and the Muslims “WOLVES”? Does lawless and CORRUPT India have a “Rashtrapati” on fat salary, living in a palace, protected day and night? Does the “dog” regard these girls like his own daughters? Or does the he think that he has to be distant and aloof like the former British VICEROY by living in the Imperial Bhawan?
Where is the prime minister? Does he have wife and daughters to think of? What about the “FIRST LADY” of Hindusthan spreading ITALIAN Mafia Morals in Bharat? Is she secretly rejoicing over the degradation of the Hindu nation? Where are our warriors who once used to rescue the captured Hindu girls from the marauders taking them back to Hindukush, or for public auction to Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar?

At this rate of deterioration in law & order situation in India the day is not far when MUSLIM MOBS will gate crash the President’s Bhawan and rush in, to GANG RAPE every female they can lay their hands on.
“Mr. President, the honour and safety of your own daughters are no different from the honour of these victims. Next time your PEOPLE expect you to go PERSONALLY to the hospitals where these girls are admitted for treatment after gang rape?”