Date: 18/02/2013


Today, 30th. Of January 2013, glowing tribute are being paid in the Partitioned Indian Secular State (Broken Bharat) to a man who was the biggest LIABILITY for the nation, whose last act of life was to acquiesce in the surrender of five provinces of India where the MUSLIMS formed a majority.

Invariably, it is the LAST act of a man that either credits him with fame or discredits him with notoriety.

Who would have heard of Jesus today had he apologised to the Romans and escaped death? Who would have celebrated the extreme sacrifice of Guru Tegh Bahadur had be accepted Islam to escape beheading in Delhi? Who would have commemorated boy Hakikat Rai and the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji had they embraced the barbaric, separatist and intolerant religion from alien Arabia and dumped their own beautiful native Faith of peace & love?

But Gandhi was different. Congress controlled India’s vast anti national “ruling, fooling and plundering” establishment right now, living under the fear and awe of a corrupt Dynasty has done a hat trick by making a “man out of mouse” and brainwashing one fifth of mankind into believing that “Gandhi chased the British out of India.”

Billions or rupees have been squandered erecting his uninspiring statues all over the country and writing books giving details, some fabricated and some exaggerated, of his life and deeds to justify the title of “Father of Nation”. But what a father if we see the deep waters of corruption and chaos rising in which the citizens are drowning and an Italian born “Mother of Nation” has taken over the country in order to carry on with his “Islam appeasing and Hindu bashing” ideology.

It’s a tragedy that so many gullible fools (including the President and the Prime Minister of India) with demented brains swallow the psychological “pill of poison” and call him “Mahatma”!

To evaluate Gandhi for posterity one must look at his last act, or deed. Most of his early life was mere theatricals, protesting, marching, going on fast like a weak sulking child, busy with endless useless discussions for freedom that ended with mutilation of his “Akhand Bharat”, and propagating the suicidal myth of “Hindu Muslim” unity. Neither the British nor the Muslims, both invaders, took any notice of him. He posed no threat to them. He was neither a Shivaji nor a Netaji! For the British rulers and the Muslims he was like a buzzing fly in the kitchen- a big nuisance but no threat.

The media and the rulers in (Broken) Bharat are extremely selective with regard to Gandhi just like those “Schwachkopf” (dimwits) who are stubbornly stuck to the myths that “Islam is a religion of peace;” and “Mohammed was merciful towards the Infidels, Christians, Jews and the Kafirs, and treated all mankind as one family.”

But even a cursory look at a couple of pages of KORAN will show that “the Momin and the Kafir” (“Believer & the Infidel”) are poles apart like the two ends of a rigid rod.

India’s despicable dishonest “sarkari” stooges, writers, scholars, journalists and speakers never mention that Gandhi was very much pro Islam and anti Hindu, that he had contempt for the slavish grovelling natives, that he wished them all dead, that he was preaching “Muslims are our brothers” when they were, in fact, the ENEMY, planning to bury him alive in earth or dismember him limb by limb, and cut and chop his Akhand (United) Bharat into three fragments.

They will never compare him with Churchill, who in the DARKEST hour of history, gave the spirited call to his countrymen to FIGHT ON LAND, FIGHT ON WATER AND FIGHT IN THE AIR, to destroy the enemy. They will never say that Gandhi was bullied by Jinnah with the threat of civil war if Pakistan was not conceded, that Gandhi did not counter the threat in a manly manner, nor called upon all the patriots to stand up and defend their Motherland. Gandhi was a DISGRACE to Sri Krishna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Sri Rama fighting the King of Sri Lanka to recover Sita, even to General Hari Singh Nalwa who captured KHYBER PASS after defeating the Afghans.

When Gandhi collapsed our Hindusthan was lost. When the leading sheep called “Gandhi”, chased by JINN, jumped over the cliff to death, the entire flock followed him into DEATH.

Leaders play a crucial role in the destiny of a nation since their views and decisions affect millions. When Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Muslim leader, threatened, “I must have my Pakistan, even the size of a handkerchief!”, Gandhi missed a heartbeat in fear. So, what kind of a leader did the Hindus have in MK Gandhi, to counter the Islamic onslaught?

Gandhi, the revered leader of the ruling establishment, could have effectively countered Jinnah with a few words like,

“Mr Jinnah, you are preaching TREASON and we shall deal with you accordingly!”

“Creating ISLAMIC Pakistan within SECULAR India will unleash demonic forces that will result in the massacre of millions, ruin peace for ever and give a bad name to the Muslims across the globe.”

“Mr Jinnah, how about holding a Referendum first, over the division of India?”

“Mr Jinnah, if you force us to concede Pakistan then the Muslims in India will have the Pakistani citizenship and treated as aliens.”

“Creating Pakistan will split the Indian Muslims into two restless and rootless blocks and the world will never trust a Muslim again.”

Instead, what did Gandhi say? NOTHING.

No countrywide tour to rouse the ignorant sleepy masses. No pledge to fight the secessionists till death. No call to Rajputs, Sikhs, Marathas, Tamils and Gurkhas to get their swords, daggers and kukris out and lash out to WIPE OUT the enemy. NO. NOT EVEN A FAST OF ONE DAY IN PROTEST!

Instead, Gandhi sealed his lips and went quiet. Yes, he went silent when the whole nation was on tenterhooks, wanting to know his decision. There were frantic calls from the Hindus trapped in the looming Pakistan as to his views, as to his advice. But he was silent like a mouse seeing the cat.

There was NO rallying call from our top leader to stand up, unite, fight the evil of terrorism and separatism, and exterminate the “vermin” that was threatening to ruin our peaceful social landscape, and to throw out the “Book of Hatred & Instigation” in the Arabian Sea, that was brought from Arabia by the invaders.

Gandhi’s lack of inspiration, lack of commitment (to United India) and lack of leadership did great harm to the manliness of Hindus, even in the armed forces who stopped short of capturing the whole of Kashmir. To them Gandhi was synonymous with “cease fire” that has become eternal. He did not want any Hindu to be seen with a gun but did admire the dagger with the Muslim.

Nehru, the Traitor, took full advantage of Gandhi’s name and exploited it to the full in order to perpetuate his own rule over (Broken) Bharat. Later, his Constitution, prepared with the willing help of his stooges, set the tone of future in which Hindu and Muslim, Indian and Italian, were the same and the Hindus were to be “bashed, demoralised and destroyed”, and the armed forces to be degraded day and night.

Rampant corruption, degradation of native Hindu women (Rajiv did not wish to marry one), the eternal cease-fire line in Kashmir, exodus of Hindus from Srinagar, regular terrorist incursions from across the porous borders and a demoralised army made to feel guilty to carry guns defying Gandhi, the Father of Nation, are the legacy of Gandhi besides the prospect of the rest of India, too, vanishing in chaos and corruption under the flag of Mohammed.

Due to Gandhi, tomorrow’s Hindusthan will look like today’s Pakistan.

In this dismal and despairing Gandhian scenario, Hindu leaders have a crucial role to play. Their first task is to REPLACE GANDHI BY GOBIND for the sake of survival in (what is left of Gandhi’s “AKHAND”) Bharat.

To find out the truth about Gandhi one had to interview a terrified homeless Hindu refugee who had just crossed into Hindusthan from Pakistan in 1947.

Everyone wished there were THREE patriots in India, one each for JINNAH, NEHRU and GANDHI.

Eventually God sent us only ONE: Nathu Ram Godse, the real hero in that bloodshed, terror and chaos, who should be celebrated by all today.

Gandhi died a traitor’s death who betrayed his followers and the land of his birth. Indians ought to celebrate Nathu Ram Godse, the brave patriot, instead.