Sexual Abuse among Muslims and Converted Christians in India

Date: 29/08/2013

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Sexual Abuse among Muslims and Converted Christians in India


Dr. Babu Sushilan

Sexual abuse of women and children and predatory behavior of Muslims and converted Christians and phony secularists and immoral atheists are on the increase in India. Recently, media reports that Arab marriages of underage girls, deviant and perverted sexual indulgence, alcohol and other drug abuse and Jihadi terrorism coercive religious conversion, corruption and crime are also on the increase. Arab marriage for sex abuse of Children are on the increase. Love Jihad in our country doubled or tripled in India, our sacred country who has developed decorum, and decency in sexual behavior and family values in India. Rich Arabs visit Kerala and marry poor, uneducated Muslim girls for few weeks and engage in perverted sex with under age children and abandon them for rot. Kerala Muslims with underage girls are colluding with Arab Muslims saying that it is practiced in Saudi Arabia. Islamic rulers who want to implement the Saudi desert doctrine of Marriage is not interested in preventing such sexual abuse and predatory sex abuse in Kerala.

Foot soldiers of Saudi Arabia and converted Christians replace morality, wisdom, and introduce excessive consumerism, and discarded information and manipulate children. Modern and sexually wrong and immoral information are presented to manipulate gullible people to indulge in sexual abuse. Print Media and electronic media is replete with sexual abuse, perverted sex style alcoholism and other drug abuse. One thing is clear. Is it not time for our spiritual masters, alienated political leaders and professionals to stop this atrocious behavior.

But there are choices to to be made. If Hindus are not united, organized and work together for the betterment of India, such sexual exploitation of our precious children will continue and their future life will be doomed. How we respond to this inevitable tide? We can build a country of spiritual masters with morality, decency and ethical family values. Or we can act with denial, indifference, and apathy. The examples of Saudi foot soldiers ransacking, looting and killing and forcefully converting innocent infidels in Persia and India. Christians have converted the entire Philippine and Classical Greece. A great deal is at stake in this choice, and the majority Hindus have to be very careful.

Sexual abuse of our children, elderly abuse and cruelty to animals are part of the culture war. Sexual perversion is a choice of individuals our enemies want to promote and to destroy our ancient spiritual culture.. Our enemies are skillful in promoting culture war. Under the guise of freedom, our enemies and their agents hiding in India are promoting coercive conversion, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, corruption and crime.

These crazy anti-national forces indulge in sex abuse, predatory sex, elder abuse, animal cruelty, and environmental degradation. Hindus need to wok under a nationalist leader and expose, and neutralize these anti-national criminals. These ant-national, anti Hindu criminals and should be cornered and contained. A force continuum shall be applied.

The discovery of eternal Hindu values will provide us a structure, an integrated vision. What we need is Hindu unity. The theme is stressed in the CHANDOGYA UPANISHAD centuries ago:

BHUMA TV EVA VIJIJNASITAVYA: That which is whole is joy. There is no joy in fractional existence. Only the whole is joy. But we must understand the whole. Always remember SHANTI COMES FROM SHAKTI.