Date: 30/08/2013


Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2013 8:08:22 AM


You have written well like countless honest & upright Hindu patriots, writers, historians and scholars, but for whom?

Janta is like the cattle and Sonia Maino Gandhi has the WHIP. People are helpless, exploited, suppressed, crushed, brainwashed and misinformed, cursing their own luck but not Nehru and his "mouse trap", called "Constitution"! What should have been HINDU RASHTRA after conceding TWO Mohammedans Rashtras on either side, was cunningly turned into 'KILLING GROUND' for the Hindus.

From Kerala to South Kashmir Hindus live in fear of murder, rape and assassination. In North Kashmir the Hindus are EXTINCT while in South Kashmir Article 370 of Constitution perpetuates the "DISPUTED" status of the State.

Millions of NRI's regard themselves extremely lucky to have "jumped the burning ship" (trapped in doldrums and steered by "BABOOS"), that is, escaped the HELL and CORRUPTION deliberately created by DYNASTY, MAFIA & CONGRESS in order to emaciate and enfeeble the nation.

The need of the hour is to be "HINDU Rakshak", '' Hinusthaan Rakshaa'' not only "GAU (cow) Rakshak"!

They are sworn enemies of Hindus because having conceded supremacy of Mohammed in Lahore, they have pushed Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Guru Gobind Singhji out of sight and imposed a "Secular" Constitution in order to condemn Hinduism to neglect and starvation because they do not want to see a Hindu, fearing that just by head count the "sheep" could defeat the "wolves" and take over the Rest of Bharat and then launch criminal investigations into their corruption and scams and make the foreign banks return the huge LOOT of Sonia and Congress back to Bharat.

For Hindu LEADERS?
But they are the WORST in the world. When did they ever INSPIRE the nation to RETALIATE to any aggression, or COUNTER ATTACK?

They have not shown wisdom to do a "post mortem" of Akhand Bharat after her "murder" in 1947. Even if a homeless beggar dies the post mortem is carried out but where TWO MILLION died neither the Sarkar would look back, nor the so-called Hindu LEADERS. That VAST territory of our Motherland went to "DOGS" and those MILLIONS who perished during the "Transfer of Power" in 1947 are no more than insects and vermin in the eyes of the rulers and leaders.

My friend said, "Hindu leaders are the worst on earth. They were FOOLS not to respond effectively to the first Mohammed who entered the Land of Sri Krishna and destroyed the temples. They were STUPID not to notice the abduction and rape of HINDU girls even today in Bharat and have not given a warning to the rude, crude and savage 'Second Nation' to stop the practise or face the gang rape of MUSLIM girls in Haryana, Maharashtra and West Bengal means all over INDIA by HINDUUS . They must be IDIOTS.

What is the Hindu nation to do now when their past leaders like Nehru didn't mind one third of India GO to the ENEMY, or like Gandhi who sealed his lips when Akhand Bharat came under the butcher's knife, and now have sealed everybody's lips over the Italian born "Tuckay ki Laundiya" "guiding" the PRIME MINISTER of a nation with Gurkhas, Marathas, Rajputs, Tamils and Sikhs in it, and all the gallant armed forces?

These WARRIOR communities, too, have their own leaders. WHO are they? WHERE are they? WHY are they all quiet? WHY NONE has declared, "Each HINDU girl is the daughter of the whole Hindu nation."? and whole India belongs to all Hinduus

Why no one has said, "After Partition NO Muslim is entitled to possess the INDIAN passport!" There can be no peace where the MAJORITY has NO brain, NO guts and NO TONGUE!

Lastly, the drowning nation must look up to the ARMED FORCES. Are the Jawans and Generals foreigners or native? Will they survive when Bharat "dies"? Do we see any Indian Jawan and General in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, North Kashmir and Dhaka? Even a fool would know the answer! Our generals should know better, and ACT.

Only when the armed forces feel themselves an integral part of the nation and only when Hindu MANHOOD is revived and seen in Bollywood, will there be a slight hope for lasting peace in Bharat.

When our WOMEN start speaking like a LIONESS the nation of jackals will take note and stop following ITALY&ISLAM like zombies.

LAUREL AND HARDY (MM SINGH & P CHIDAMBRAM) have not just ridiculed themselves, but under the stewardship of Sonia Gandhi they have destroyed our economy with the dilution of ethics and brought our country at a very dangerous stage. The entire reputation of the country is at stake!

What a mess they have put the country in?