Date: 19/02/2013



Father of Nation: HITLER (born in AUSTRIA)
He brainwashed his followers into believing that they were a superior race and had the right to subjugate the whole world.


Father of Nation: MOHAMMED (born in MECCA)
He conditioned his followers to believe that they were a superior people with God on their side and had to subjugate, convert or KILL the rest of mankind if they stood in their way.



They started with the mentally and physically disabled, then went on to liquidate the Communists, then the leftists and the liberals, after that the Jews and finally the Non Nazis.


They began with the Hindus and the Sikhs. After exterminating them they went for the Ahmediyas and then the Women. Finally (now) they have gone for the SHIA who are considered a danger to the SUNNI as in Bahrain.

At the time of writing 80 coffins are lying in the open streets along with their families and supporters in Quetta. They are insisting on military take-over to defend their lives. There are big rallies and demonstrations going on in every city and in Lahore a huge crowd is protesting sitting on the Mall, right in front of the Governor's House.



After her unconditional surrender before the Allies the new democratic secular Germany dumped her Book of Separation, Segregation and Hatred, “MEIN KAMPF”, and emerged with a new tolerant and liberal Constitution that treats man and woman, Christian ad Jew alike. There is peace in the land and all are happy with democracy and prosperity. Pakistanis, lucky enough to be in Germany, swear by Allah that there isn’t an Islamic Republic on earth worth living in and loving.



Hindus and Sikhs are dead or gone. Christians and the Ahmediyas are lying low in fear.
The Sunni knife is on the Shia neck. After the Shia are eliminated, exterminated and chased out, it will be the turn of the MOHAJIRS (migrants), the wretched Urdu speaking Muslims who fled their homes in BIHAR in 1947 and migrated to the golden mirage of Islam in East Bengal (East Pakistan), the newly captured Land of Rasul Allah where they eliminated the Kafirs (Infidels).

In their new home they became traitors in 1972 when they supported the army sent by West Pakistan to crush the Bengali (natïve) freedom fighters and rape as many Bengali girls and women as possible. Persecuted Biharis then embarked on ships for KARACHI where they rapidly grew in numbers to be seen as Fifth Column to overwhelm the native Sindhis.

After the Mohajirs, whose leader Altaf Hussain, lives in London and fears for his life if he went to Karachi, the Sunnis will split up into several ways, each killing the other, e.g., Taliban and Al Qaida, Pathan and Punjabi, Kashmiri and Baloch, Hazara and Pashtoon, People’s Party and the Muslim League (the “devils” who started it all in 1947 by breaking up “Akhand” i.e., United Bharat).

In the end, learning no lesion and drawing no conclusion, they will retain their Book of Separation, Segregation and Hatred called “THE KORAN”, and adopt a new crude and intolerant Constitution that goes on sowing seeds of hatred against one another and the rest of the world.
They will go on killing, slaughtering and raping one another, burn down their country and go under the Boot of Military again whose rule will be perpetual like that of the corrupt and ruthless Nehru Dynasty in Bharat.