Date: 15/09/2013

Dear Friends,
Please do watch Narendra Modi's address to ex-servicemen of Indian army in Haryana which is his first address following his nomination for PM by BJP.

Impressive indeed to say the least. His words are rooted deeply in content , idiom that are patriotic and in our culture and civilization of timeless Sanatan Dharma native and indigenous to India. All this is far cry from verbiage of Burka secular gangsters. He talked about India being land of sages, Haryana where Swami Dayananda Saraswathi founded Arya Samaj , and where in Kurukshetra in same Haryana Krishna spoke to Arjuna before the battle conveying timeless knowledge and wisdom while the war that followed revealed valor and prowess of India's soldiers.
He paid repeatedly well deserved and earned tribute and gratitude to Indian army and Indian soldiers.

He drew unequivocally the contrast with such dedicated men and women in Indian army with present political leadership holding power in New Delhi.He deplored Defense Minister who said that some unnamed entities came in Pakistan army uniform and beheaded Indian soldiers and also castigated Congress minister who said that people join army to die.

He clearly pointed out that the problem is not at border with Pakistan or China but in New Delhi.

There are many more things which you may want to hear listening to him through the link below from CNN-IBN. And also see the enthusiasm of young men who completely filled the venue, climbed the posts to hear him and still more coming in with cheer on faces,undoubtedly anticipating change that is to come soon in favor of their and our motherland.
Bharatmata ki Jai
Narendra Modi calls for change, says India needs a stronger leadership