Date: 15/09/2013

Great News my friends .India may become great, Bharath again.

With Narendra Modi nominated for PM post,people are galvanized, not withstanding nay sayers who wanted to keep delaying anointing so somehow they can play some dirty tricks in collusion with 2Gs.

It is good that BJP bowed to wishes of people rather than bend down to 'tallest' or stateless leaders of the party.

Modi caught imagination of all patriots of India, foremost among them are the soldiers whose sacrifices made India safe for saints and sinners alike. Let the latter mourn for their days of looting India may be numbered. Saints rejoice. Bells in temples must ring when Modi becomes Prime Minister because the looters want to attach temple gold also to finance the deficit created by their banditry, even though other resources are available. So our deities will be happy also to see Modi win and bless him.

Now the soldiers whose valor and sacrifices were wasted in continuing appeasement of Pakistan and genuflecting before China under SoniaG's UPA, are now all set to welcome Sri Narendra Modi to his first public meeting in Haryana following his nomination as PM candidate by BJP.

There are many hopes and aspirations of all sections of people, from soldiers, saints to common people resting on Narendra Maodi who declared himself as Hindu Nationalist. India was deliberately kept all these years away from all the things that inspires majority people of India under the cover of Burka secularism whose only aim was to please vote banks led by anti-national elements.Only things that grew under such cover were corruption and compromise bordering on treason.

The philosophy,culture and civilization of soil of India all sacred for eons were all neglected, negated in the name of secularism condemining our noble heritage as communal.

Modi has shown in Gujarat what such patriotism can do be it in economic sphere , security matters or social harmony.

India is bound to benefit from Narendra Modi at the helm. The present period will then appear in near future as darkest time before bright dawn.