Date: 16/09/2013

Why all Muslim counties are Bleeding? It is a complex question We hear ridiculous explanations from Mullahs, Mukris, Imams and Islamic religious leaders. . The Saudi Arabian Imams and the kings are laughing. The desert Kingdom of Suadi Arabia has a sinister plan and cunning strategy to make all converted Muslims are bleeding. Look at all Muslim countries. There are 71 countries who declare themselves as a member of Islamic counties. Muslim countries don'rt practice any democracy, secularism, peace, progress, human rights and women's rights. Islam is against all these things and more. The Saudi Foot soldiers are waging a bloody war for their mentor Mohammad . Islam wants to wage a war against Infidels. In Afghanistan Pakistan Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Iraq and all Islamic countries are experimenting with beheading, sexual oppression, homicide bombing, and terrorism. The Arab spring is a colossal failure. Muslims kill each other for power grab The world hopes that Muslims will stop this blood letting. Any country with a substantiational Muslim population will witness riots, bombing and terrorism,