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partition must go! 15 aug 2009
women in islam. put an end to islam! 15 aug 2009
conditions of indian partition 14 aug 2009
downfall of indian army in nehru's "baboon" raj 14 aug 2009
india's political bungling at kargil battle. 12 aug 2009
india not to reopen key wwii road 11 aug 2009
muslims in britain beat british protesters 10 aug 2009
meaning of friendship in islam 10 aug 2009
the extent of defeat 10 aug 2009
blowing their trumpet 09 aug 2009
dr. harshinder kaur threatened and dismissed 09 aug 2009
partition & i 09 aug 2009
: 450 grooms wed girls under ten in gaza 09 aug 2009
crimes against india- 09 aug 2009
who rules kerala now? 09 aug 2009
ignominious break up (partition) of india, 1940-47. 08 aug 2009
partition or independence? 08 aug 2009
part 33- crimes against india- 07 aug 2009
promoting tolerance and pluralism? 07 aug 2009
then hindus, now christians burnt alive and hacked to death 06 aug 2009
distortion of indian history 06 aug 2009
police brutality in india- 05 aug 2009
indians treated worse than animals by their police. 04 aug 2009
what hindus ought to do as the world turns 04 aug 2009
why is valour not honoured in our country? 04 aug 2009
former teacher of muslim students speaks out 03 aug 2009
it is illegal, immoral, offensive, provocative & despicable to control hindu temples in hindusthan. 02 aug 2009
daniel pearl's slayer nabbed 02 aug 2009
daniel pearl's slayer nabbed. 02 aug 2009
manmohan deserves nishaan-e-pakistan 02 aug 2009
daniel pearl's slayer captured 02 aug 2009
dear leaders, why are we still slaves? 02 aug 2009
a vision of hindu rashtra 02 aug 2009
"music, chess, and other sins" 30 jul 2009
on the eve of kargil divas, 30 jul 2009
sikhs call for boycott of india's independence 29 jul 2009
ignominious break up (partition) of india, 1947-1. 29 jul 2009
letter to sonia gandhi. "recognising" the alien. 29 jul 2009
why i killed gandhi ("godsent" godse) 29 jul 2009
a salute to of kargil war heroes 29 jul 2009
who is indian? 29 jul 2009
article 370 & traitor nehru 29 jul 2009
remembering kargil 28 jul 2009
partition of india 1. 28 jul 2009
sikhs asked to boycott india's independence 27 jul 2009
govt. of india snubs the soldiers. discover their hidden agenda. 27 jul 2009
the question is how.(channel 4 tv in uk) 26 jul 2009
indian ex servicemen celebrate a victory. government of india ("jackals") afraid of provocation to muslims 26 jul 2009
kashmiri culture under cover & dust 26 jul 2009
hindus may perish rather than recover 26 jul 2009
hindus' choice once again: death or islam. 26 jul 2009
mp assembly passes historic resolution on 'panun kashmir' 26 jul 2009
outrageous surrender at sharm-el-sheikh 25 jul 2009
hindu upset over abdul kalam's body search at new york 25 jul 2009
hindus must take to martial arts or they will vanish 24 jul 2009
wounded tamils of south asia 24 jul 2009
no aid to christians but all the aid to muslims 24 jul 2009
bungling indian baboo(n)s & kashmir 24 jul 2009
government ignores kargil day - tenth anniversary 23 jul 2009
hindu temple in mecca 23 jul 2009
nehru the traitor 23 jul 2009
abdul kalam turns up in new york 23 jul 2009
mother tongue devalued by indian slaves 23 jul 2009
islamic onslaught on america 22 jul 2009
hindu muslim marriages: no! 22 jul 2009
non muslim girls marrying muslims 22 jul 2009
kargil victory that the muslim infested government of partitioned india wish us to forget 21 jul 2009
is us proceeding towards civil war? 21 jul 2009
celebrate kargil victory day. defy the enemy at home. 21 jul 2009
hindus vanishing rapidly in hindusthan 21 jul 2009
hindu history distorted, belittled and curtailed 21 jul 2009
concern about the perishing hindus 19 jul 2009
not one statue of gandhi in pakistan. 18 jul 2009
pray tell me about gandhi 18 jul 2009
india's mohammedan m.p. belittles army victory 18 jul 2009
india's "goat" gandhi was not a mahatma 18 jul 2009
hindu identity formation 17 jul 2009
major communal riot in murshidabad 15 jul 2009
muslim united liberation tigers of assam (multa) 24 jun 2009
rule of bandits in delhi 23 jun 2009
message from the president of the united states. 22 jun 2009
burqa, sign of oppression, to be banned in france. 22 jun 2009
aggressive islam and the fleeing hindus 22 jun 2009
tehran's genocidal incitement against israel 22 jun 2009
thugs are finally in paradise. 16 jun 2009
why i left islam 16 jun 2009
quranic verse spelling downfall of islam. 16 jun 2009
a letter like this did not go to nehru, indira and the bofors chor 16 jun 2009
"i was lucky to have escaped!'' 15 jun 2009
is the military bulwark against islamism collapsing? 15 jun 2009
partition, a new perspective. 15 jun 2009
binyamin netanyahu's speech 14 jun 2009
madam sonia. o yes? 14 jun 2009
killing a canadian! 14 jun 2009
islam to atheism: a pakistani muslim's emancipation from ideological slavery. 14 jun 2009
business with a 1000 muslims in partitioned india 13 jun 2009
leave the hindus alone 13 jun 2009
rahul gandhi may marry in italy 12 jun 2009
rooting for ahmadinejad 12 jun 2009
the sovereign spirit of punjab 12 jun 2009
advance of lethal muslim tsunami. run for life! 12 jun 2009
pakistani gunman of mumbai in court 11 jun 2009
women in islam: 11 jun 2009
how to classify captured suspected terrorists 11 jun 2009
the corrupt baboo(n)s of india 11 jun 2009
hindus worship the political witch called indira who was killed at halloween 11 jun 2009
top 10 quran quotes every woman must see 10 jun 2009
1984 india's hour of darkness 10 jun 2009
tamil giant is about to rise 10 jun 2009
bnp secures two european seats 09 jun 2009
\where is my home, asks a hindu refugee in hindusthan. 09 jun 2009
may god destroy pakistan. 09 jun 2009
?he muslim world?/a> 09 jun 2009
respect for army- united kingdom. and broken bharat 09 jun 2009
distortion of indian history 07 jun 2009
indian slaves forget their own refugees but weep for palestinians 07 jun 2009
why (the hell) muslim world? what about hindu world? christian world? 07 jun 2009
distortion of indian history 07 jun 2009
obama and the middle east. 06 jun 2009
obama? deception 06 jun 2009
the fox is in the hen house 05 jun 2009
indians thrashed and beaten in australia 03 jun 2009
briton killed by al qaida, a pack of islamic wolves 03 jun 2009
"mohammed"- once a refugee for ever a refugee. 03 jun 2009
bbc (world have your say) and the tamil massacre 03 jun 2009
betrayal of tamils by delhi 02 jun 2009
jehad against india: procreate, reproduce and wage jehad. is this islam? 02 jun 2009
sakharov's wife said it plain and simple . 02 jun 2009
indian students in australia 01 jun 2009
will the indian "jackal" act? 01 jun 2009
(strong & defiant) israel vs. (weak & appeasing) india 01 jun 2009
"land grabber mohammed" must vacate all that land of hindus 31 may 2009
indo-afghan alliance can break pakistan 29 may 2009
veer savarkar, great indian patriot sent to oblivion 29 may 2009
america is sending commission on international religious freedom 28 may 2009
two killed in punjab 26 may 2009
wars of independence start from punjab. 26 may 2009
21st. may 1991: hindus?day of deliverance 26 may 2009
southernmost point of india 26 may 2009
wail of the sikh in vienna 26 may 2009
turmoil in east punjab. 25 may 2009
sikh "lions" are in danger while the hindu "goats" s are dead in delhi. 25 may 2009
unrest in east punjab 25 may 2009
unrest in east punjba due to treason of dynasty and their stooges, the govt. of india 25 may 2009
revenge of "rascal" rahul & tamils of sri lanka 25 may 2009
none on earth for indian refugees, then & now. 22 may 2009
keep your koran at home, not in constitution 21 may 2009
homage to loafer "bofors chor" of indian slave colony 21 may 2009
narendra modi: hindu-minus king of hearts 21 may 2009
when will lahore and mumbai be under one flag? 20 may 2009
bbc's "world have your say" & poll on islam in hawaii. 20 may 2009
revenge of the rascal. 20 may 2009
'lawfare' gains ground 20 may 2009
this is pakistan, a failed state 20 may 2009
islam day in hawaii 20 may 2009
swat valley and the curse of god upon it. 19 may 2009
can times of india justify that indian balck money deposited in swiss banks are just a subject matter of tax evasion? 19 may 2009
sikhs in swat betrayed by traitor nehru & bapu gandhi 19 may 2009
sikhs in swat & hindus on funeral pyres 19 may 2009
sikhs persecuted in swat 19 may 2009
pakistan producing millions of zombi mohammed replicas 18 may 2009
blunder by bjp 17 may 2009
causes of hindu defeat in elections 16 may 2009
day light robbery of hindu girls by muslims in partitioned india 16 may 2009
trail of blood from swat, pakistan. 16 may 2009
refugees from swat, pakistan. divine justice 15 may 2009
sonia, dagger in partitioned india's (bleeding hindusthan's) belly 15 may 2009
who was jawaharlal nehru (s.o.b.)? 14 may 2009
first they came for the hindus... 14 may 2009
will they visit convents where nuns are raped? 14 may 2009
an article by a pakistani woman 14 may 2009
muslim predator, hindu maiden the "kill" 11 may 2009
baap musalman, beta catholic 11 may 2009
german view on islam 08 may 2009
know your islam (from swat, too) 08 may 2009
they know we are vulnerable 08 may 2009
allah's barbaric treatment of women 08 may 2009
rahul gandhi: theatre of the absurd 08 may 2009
demographis disaster: islamic deluge 08 may 2009
congress (india) commitment 07 may 2009
mohammed will kill pakistan where hindus were exterminated 05 may 2009
jihadist magazine targets americans for training 05 may 2009
sri lanka. who deserves flowers and who gets shoes? 05 may 2009
why muslims are quick to explode and assassinate 05 may 2009
'quattrocchi issue is a dead issue': rahul 05 may 2009
aggressive and macho: the muslim youth of germany 05 may 2009
what if congress "swine" come to power again 04 may 2009
americal demo agaisnt murderous radical islam 04 may 2009
what is emp? electromagnetic pulse. 02 may 2009
rahul gandhi, bogus degree like father's 30 apr 2009
indian railways like congress party & nehru dynasty 30 apr 2009
india made rubbish dump by nehru dynasty. 30 apr 2009
muslim demographic "explosion" on earth 28 apr 2009
what if bandit nehru's congress subjugates the hindus once again? 28 apr 2009
taliban are no freedom fighters 27 apr 2009
hindu/sikh/christian girls, beware! muslim predators are after you. 27 apr 2009
frightening future of broken bharat. all mohammeds. 27 apr 2009
govt. of india, waiting to be exterminated. 27 apr 2009
netaji bose=100. mk gandhi= 0 26 apr 2009
facts behind this hindu bashing/ sikh killer govt. of india. 26 apr 2009
hindus of west punjab were vermin, muslims of gujerat were children of gandhi. 26 apr 2009
hinduism under threat 26 apr 2009
us pouring more dollars into bottomless mohammedan hole 25 apr 2009
varun gandhi's offence? none. 25 apr 2009
stealth jehad 25 apr 2009
how mohammed died 25 apr 2009
sonia? presence in delhi 24 apr 2009
a view on sonia gandhi 24 apr 2009
second tryst with destiny. 24 apr 2009
traitor nehru's tryst with destiny while mutilated india was bleeding 23 apr 2009
enemies to the east? 23 apr 2009
pakistan that was born in bloodshed is dying in bloodshed. 23 apr 2009
the big fight is for ?zzat? indian armed forces 23 apr 2009
god save india from italians 22 apr 2009
backward muslims in wealthy hindustan 22 apr 2009
soviet unions recognition of the azad hind government 21 apr 2009
hinduism in death throes? no leader in field. 21 apr 2009
net tightening around hindus and hindusthan 21 apr 2009
congress compromising national security 21 apr 2009
punjabi pakistani "slaves" forced to adore & admire urdu. 21 apr 2009
victory in florida!!. free speech guarantee 21 apr 2009
somali pirates are mohammedan robbers 20 apr 2009
muslims & hindus 20 apr 2009
mohammed became french 20 apr 2009
partitioned india rotting "dog colony" 17 apr 2009
qasab, the killer of mumbai, is laughing!! 17 apr 2009
the virulent wahabi virus 17 apr 2009
pakistan and iran's dysfunctional relationship 17 apr 2009
pakistan, state of disintegration 17 apr 2009
pakistan is a molotov cocktail 17 apr 2009
today the tamils in sri lanka, tomorrow the hindus in delhi 16 apr 2009
rahul "gandhi", future prime minsiter? 16 apr 2009
god help gandhi and his hindusthan. 16 apr 2009
gandhian (broken) bharat's porous frontiers and degraded army 16 apr 2009
"exploding" islam in europe and america 16 apr 2009
soldiers must vote for rights 15 apr 2009
somali pirates 14 apr 2009
"baboo(n)s" of india degrading their armed forces 14 apr 2009
prime minister singh speaks of defence of mumbai 14 apr 2009
separatist sajjid lone from kashmir becomes "secular" 14 apr 2009
let him contest poll 14 apr 2009
killing the pirates through non violence 13 apr 2009
kashmiri hindus, too, want homeland like indian muslims 13 apr 2009
"damn fool" india holds world record in slavery degrades her servicemen & women 13 apr 2009
carry on you filthy rich corrupt "bastards" of broken bharat. 12 apr 2009
pakistan was created without referendum in india. 12 apr 2009
this murderous ideology is not a religion. 12 apr 2009
should the world bail out pakistan? 10 apr 2009
is great britain beginning to ?ee the light??/a> 09 apr 2009
only hindu majority can save (partitioned) india 09 apr 2009
prime ministerial candidate 09 apr 2009
future prime minister of india with "donkey's head?" 09 apr 2009
asylum malekum 09 apr 2009
crimes against india- 09 apr 2009
gandhi postage stamps in india 08 apr 2009
"gang rape" of supreme commander of partitioned india. 07 apr 2009
uno should send team to swat (pakistan) 06 apr 2009
"sagg" and baboons 06 apr 2009
supreme commander, too ashamed, ran away 06 apr 2009
indian muslim is secular!! 05 apr 2009
trapped muslim women should escape islam 05 apr 2009
flogging of girl. 05 apr 2009
had sonia gandhi been raped 04 apr 2009
he rejected islam 04 apr 2009
holding the world in awe. now editor, statesman, kolkata 04 apr 2009
public flogging of a girl. 04 apr 2009
was the gunman in new york shooting a muslim? 04 apr 2009
article 3958 03 apr 2009
who will try these bandits for looting wealth of people? 03 apr 2009
congress in india with bloody and criminal hands. 03 apr 2009
bogus "hindu killer" institutions, foundations and schemes in subjugated/enslaved/partitioned india. 03 apr 2009
congress bandit, dacoits and plunderers of broken bharat (partitioned india) 03 apr 2009
bjp supports varun gandhi 02 apr 2009
netanyahu to obama: stop iran?r i will 02 apr 2009
congress govt. pays to become jehadis 02 apr 2009
culture of assassinations in indian democracy 01 apr 2009
nuclear threat from iran 01 apr 2009
honour of every woman was respected. 01 apr 2009
despicable sarkari judges of india, "dogs" of italy & islam. 31 mar 2009
pilibhit sikhs rally in support of varun 31 mar 2009
vhp seeks withdrawal of nsa against varun 31 mar 2009
jackals in 1947, today tigers 31 mar 2009
the unholy alliance beteen marxist anarchists and jihadi terrorists in kerala 31 mar 2009
go to jail for calling koran "sister of mein kampf" 31 mar 2009
partitioned india: the land misled by "eunuch & white elephant" 31 mar 2009
israeli railways compared to indian railways. 30 mar 2009
muslim countries & the hindu 29 mar 2009
mr. lk advani & your bjp, you are dead loss to hindu nation. 29 mar 2009
south asian terrorism: all roads lead to the british empire 28 mar 2009
varun gandhi's victory is more than symbolic 28 mar 2009
why shouldn't hindus look after their interests? 27 mar 2009
persecution of hindus in bangladesh 27 mar 2009
maneka breaks silence 27 mar 2009
"sikh killer/hindu basher" congress party of broken bharat 26 mar 2009
pandavas vs. kauravas. varun vs. rahul. 26 mar 2009
hindu angst 25 mar 2009
shaheed bhagat singh's punjab. 24 mar 2009
in support of varun gandhi 23 mar 2009
wealth of sri rama of ayodhya sent to mohammed of medina 21 mar 2009
who are the "moderate" taliban? 20 mar 2009
head accused of 'islamophobia' wins ?00,000 20 mar 2009
conversation on hindus being dhimmi 19 mar 2009
so-called mahatma gandhi was despicable stooge of muslims 19 mar 2009
ill mannered morons (muslims) call the non muslims "dhimmi" 19 mar 2009
history being distorted in broken bharat (partitioned indian secular state) 19 mar 2009
nehru's treachery with india's national anthem 19 mar 2009
crimes against india 19 mar 2009
support varun gandhi, the tiger among sheep 19 mar 2009
criminals ruling india 18 mar 2009
coolie colony of punjab in broken bharat (partitioned india) 18 mar 2009
gandhi family member is accused 17 mar 2009
nehru 17 mar 2009
nehru 17 mar 2009
janat-happy jihadi-hoodlums of islam 16 mar 2009
manmohan singh & asaf ali zardari 16 mar 2009
british/american soldiers fighting abroad 16 mar 2009
sonia gandhi, a disaster, traitor & worst liability 15 mar 2009
who will be made to "rot to death" in partitioned india? 15 mar 2009
hindus perishing under state design 15 mar 2009
a critical estimate of muhammad 13 mar 2009
pulling ears of the delinquent prime minister of india 11 mar 2009
a critical estimate of muhammad 11 mar 2009
women's rally against islamic laws 11 mar 2009
clever afghan women 11 mar 2009
pakistan arrests ahead of protest 11 mar 2009
how islam will take over the united kingdom 10 mar 2009
illegal indian deposits in switzerland 09 mar 2009
mk gandhi, the pervert "father" of hindu nati0n. 08 mar 2009
no muslim accepted as mp in holland 08 mar 2009
clash between freedom and slavery 07 mar 2009
pakistan facing 'mortal threat' 06 mar 2009
the surrendered paradise (kashmir) 06 mar 2009
"britain first, fight for it, or lose it." letter to british patriot 06 mar 2009
crimes against "disunited, weak and perishing" hindusthan 02 mar 2009
crimes against india 02 mar 2009
hindu tax payer feeding his killlers 02 mar 2009
congress (hindu bashing italy & islam) funds muslim causes 02 mar 2009
daniel pearl and the normalization of evil 02 mar 2009
anti-sikh riots victims voice concern on 'delay' in cbi probe 02 mar 2009
kashmir: the back channel 01 mar 2009
the nexus of isms in india: 28 feb 2009
crimes against sleepy india 28 feb 2009
fooling the armed forces of india. how long? 28 feb 2009
bogus indian commander's house will be rubble and ashes 27 feb 2009
soldier? lament 27 feb 2009
british values must be defended. 27 feb 2009
this lady is invitation to the taliban and pathans 27 feb 2009
most uninspiring supreme commander of bleeding partitioned india. 27 feb 2009
"lion" of free speech geert wilders in new york. 26 feb 2009
parity in rank & pension long overdue 26 feb 2009
immigration crisis on britain's doorstep 26 feb 2009
muslim vs. jew 25 feb 2009
nehru-gandhi-khan dynasty 25 feb 2009
congress party in india must be tried for crimes against india and nation 25 feb 2009
prime minister kevin rudd - australia 25 feb 2009
hindus honouring foreign invaders 25 feb 2009
a matter of honour 25 feb 2009
jail sentence of lord ahmed in uk 25 feb 2009
"destruction" of indian army by jawaharlal nehru 24 feb 2009
moist eyes, they return medals (to world's most despicable & cow-ardly indian shrimati supreme commander) 24 feb 2009
indian military: nation owes you 23 feb 2009
hindusthan will perish due to nehru's ultimate high treasohn 23 feb 2009
nehru was secret convert to islam & enemy of hindus 23 feb 2009
by giving lahore traitor nehru lost srinagar. 23 feb 2009
when dynasty's indian army was sent to sri lanka to kill tamils of indian origin. 22 feb 2009
indian military: progressively degraded. 21 feb 2009
.pensioners on the warpath 21 feb 2009
respect, salute thy brave soldiers 20 feb 2009
submission in advance 20 feb 2009
only a punjabi can dare to say this: 20 feb 2009
moderate beheading 20 feb 2009
govt, of india & armed forces. degrade them first and then destroy them.. 20 feb 2009
infidels of the world, unite! 20 feb 2009
a brave lady on islam 19 feb 2009
muslim cleric explains wife beating 19 feb 2009
indian army veterans return medals to supreme commander in protest (disgust) 19 feb 2009
geert wilders and the united kingdom 18 feb 2009
military: american and indian 17 feb 2009
careers in pakistan (occupied india) 17 feb 2009
british government sacrifices free speech 17 feb 2009
traitor jawaharlal nehru feared the army and the hindus 16 feb 2009
nehru swindled netaji 16 feb 2009
jawaharlal nehru was born in a brothel 16 feb 2009
indian army bravery awards, dozen for a dime. who are now the indian civil service "baboo(n)s"? 16 feb 2009
supreme commander of india urgently needs an injection of courage 16 feb 2009
for supreme commander of gandhian broken bharat (partitioned india) and kashmir minus hindus 16 feb 2009
jail for muslims 16 feb 2009
conference in nagpur, india ?2009. 01.31 ?02. 05 16 feb 2009
a letter to the prime minister who should have known! 15 feb 2009
islam & broken bharat. 15 feb 2009
hindu "mouse" for catholic "cats" 15 feb 2009
shame on the british government for its utter capitulation 14 feb 2009
jackals of sonia's hindustan & lions of gurus' east punjab. 13 feb 2009
bbc: geert wilders ban 12 feb 2009
"spit" in the face of india's cowardly supreme commander 12 feb 2009
muslim threat on valentine day 12 feb 2009
surrenders before islam. banning entry of geert wilders, dutch mp. 12 feb 2009
geert wilders, dutch mp banned from uk. 12 feb 2009
rulers of india: deaf, insensitive and selfish to the core. 11 feb 2009
malthus never heard of islamic demographic explosion 11 feb 2009
indian military veterans "insulted" by their own government 10 feb 2009
"blackened ugly" face of treacherous supreme commander of partitioned india 10 feb 2009
indian veterans return medals in disgust to their cowardly supreme commander 09 feb 2009
mohammed for do gooders. 09 feb 2009
india & israel, threatened with extinction on earth 09 feb 2009
one family corrupt & hindu bashing rule is destroying partitioned india (broken bharat). 09 feb 2009
sinister plan to islamize kerala 08 feb 2009
indian baboo(n)s degrade & devalue bravery awards 08 feb 2009
who are these nehrus & gandhis? knowledge is strength :. ignorance is weakness. 06 feb 2009
godhra tragedy. facts. 05 feb 2009
nehru & gandhi ought to have been tried for high treason 05 feb 2009
"baboo(n)s" (civil servants) of broken bharat (partitioned india) & armed forces 05 feb 2009
the third jihad film. massacre at beslan 04 feb 2009
show solidarity with jawans. dump italy, islam & congress. 04 feb 2009
response to veterans by rajiv khan 04 feb 2009
obama soft on muslim terrorists? 03 feb 2009
mohammedans are refugees for ever 03 feb 2009
reason to despatch every mohammedan in broken bharat back to mecca 03 feb 2009
infidels to prepare for death or conversion 03 feb 2009
the saudi-isation of pakistan 03 feb 2009
beware, you infidel! allah's followers will kill enslave or convert you. 03 feb 2009
act for america. someone will act for broken bharat, too 02 feb 2009
pranab mukherjee from broken bengal on muslim terrorism 02 feb 2009
why lying comes naturally to a mohammedan 02 feb 2009
india's republic day and mk gandhi 24 jan 2009
stamping out the problem of islam 22 jan 2009
the stealth attack on america that obama will not lift a finger to stop 22 jan 2009
the stealth attack on america that obama will not lift a finger to stop 22 jan 2009
the stealth attack on america that obama will not lift a finger to stop 22 jan 2009
manmohan singh victorious in war 22 jan 2009
faith, oath and obama 22 jan 2009
gandhi, stooge of the british 21 jan 2009
hindu kush = slaughter of hindus 21 jan 2009
barack obama's strong marriage 21 jan 2009
constitution of india. nehru's spit on hindusthan 20 jan 2009
the collapse of indian security system 20 jan 2009
barack hussain obama? 20 jan 2009
hero that partitioned india forgot 19 jan 2009
hero that partitioned india forgot 19 jan 2009
suicidal terrorists 17 jan 2009
now what about their right to return to their homes? 17 jan 2009
muslim infiltration in army war college in america 16 jan 2009 15 jan 2009
canadian woman's tribute to freedom fighters of 21st. century. 15 jan 2009
"paki", "sooty" & the danes. 15 jan 2009
paki, paki, paki. 13 jan 2009
danish hindus speak out against islam 13 jan 2009
prince harry's racist remark 12 jan 2009
is broken, bleeding bharat (partitioned india) a vanishing state? 12 jan 2009
pakis, pakis, pakis. 12 jan 2009
can muslim fundamentalists be moral? 11 jan 2009
advice to dr mahathir of malaysia 11 jan 2009
nehru dynasty, ruling party & government of partitioned india 10 jan 2009
rallies in support of israel taking place 09 jan 2009
retired indian armed forces personnel movement 09 jan 2009
indian armed forces & the 6th pay commission and historical processes 09 jan 2009
muharram and punjabi musalman 08 jan 2009
muslims & creative intelligence 08 jan 2009
jews are the blessing, muslims the curse of mankind 07 jan 2009
life in land where mohammed was born 07 jan 2009
spirit of soldier and treachery of indian baboo(n)s 07 jan 2009
there is a way to tame pakistan 07 jan 2009
11 point questionnaire for hindus 07 jan 2009
majority of bleating sheep is beaten by a minority of biting butchering wolves 07 jan 2009
why the israeli people have finally had enough 07 jan 2009
israel is a decent civilised state 06 jan 2009
muslims threw shoes at 10 downing street 06 jan 2009
weak defensive india submits evidence to belligerent pakistan 05 jan 2009
they are not the only refugees! 05 jan 2009
militant hamas in the usa 05 jan 2009
hindus join pro israel rally in usa. 05 jan 2009
traitor & coward mk gandhi, "father of coolie nation." 04 jan 2009
nehru was responsible for humiliating defeat of indian army in 1962 03 jan 2009
how nehru escaped assassination 03 jan 2009
congress party and the indian army 03 jan 2009
rahul gandhi, son of bofors chor, accused of raping 03 jan 2009
world's most useless president raises her salary 03 jan 2009
hindus butchered. india watched. 03 jan 2009
good luck, israel. january 3, 2009. 03 jan 2009
they are not the only refugees on earth! 03 jan 2009
changed stance of organisation of islamic countries. 03 jan 2009
sexual jehad by mohammedans 02 jan 2009
bernard-henri levy 02 jan 2009
mosquito's memory of hindus 02 jan 2009
hindus in kashmir exterminated. muslims in partitioned india thriving 02 jan 2009
grand dream of mughalistan 31 dec 2008
"israeli attacks in gaza and the arab demagogy" 31 dec 2008
what should israel do? 30 dec 2008
is history going to repeat 30 dec 2008
should india let go of kashmir? 30 dec 2008
'seduce hindu girls and make them muslims' 30 dec 2008
israeli bombing will only strengthen hamas 30 dec 2008
anal sex approved by allah 30 dec 2008
jai jawan is now death to jawan 29 dec 2008
rotten ungrateful indians, your servicemen need you. 29 dec 2008
what advice would you give to israel? 29 dec 2008
save indian army from native "baboo(n)s", relic of colonial era 27 dec 2008
future of pakistan 26 dec 2008
martyrs and martyrs 26 dec 2008
pakistan is schizophrenic. neither indian nor arab. neither here nor there. 25 dec 2008
iraq to rebuild guru nanak's shrine 25 dec 2008
birthday of ma jinnah, the djinn. 24 dec 2008
trial of musharraf 24 dec 2008
psychological warfare against hindus 24 dec 2008
india has forgotten mumbai 24 dec 2008
beaten taliban want to win a war 23 dec 2008
the war against hinduism 23 dec 2008
doing good: the limits of appeasement 23 dec 2008
india's top women are like a hole in ground 23 dec 2008
doing good: the limits of appeasement 22 dec 2008
nehru and the root of india's problems 22 dec 2008
hajj, wastage of money and cruelty to animals 22 dec 2008
stability in pakistan good for india, afghanistan 22 dec 2008
beggars' classic from london 22 dec 2008
hindus demonstrate in new york. 22 dec 2008
yahya, lashkar's bangla associate 22 dec 2008
motto of pakistani army 21 dec 2008
deadly deception of sasi tharoor 20 dec 2008
we all must accuse sonia & show her the door. 20 dec 2008
muslims become permanent refugees 19 dec 2008
abdul rahman antulay: icon of islamic evil 19 dec 2008
partitioned india's illustrious sons (navratna) 19 dec 2008
each muslim is a cool drop of petrol in tank 18 dec 2008
life in parallel universe by irfan husain 18 dec 2008
divine guru nanka 17 dec 2008
united nations award to benazir bhutto 17 dec 2008
indian army soldier's fate. ""desi aurat" supreme commander, "italian aurat rashtramatra." 17 dec 2008
shoes thrown at president george bush. 17 dec 2008
from jinnah to khwaja: ideological malleability of a self-styled loh purush 16 dec 2008
why are all muslims terrorists? 16 dec 2008
further comment on why kashmir was invaded 16 dec 2008
slap on the face of bhaarat 16 dec 2008
shoes thrown at president g. bush 16 dec 2008
call to end sharia law 16 dec 2008
why kashmir was invaded, october 1947. 15 dec 2008
limits of tolerance 13 dec 2008
why all religions are not the same 13 dec 2008
sonia, star in dark indian sky. native dwarfs are honoured. 12 dec 2008
who owns indian media 12 dec 2008
saddest story of our time 12 dec 2008
why nehru feared his own indian army 11 dec 2008
sharia compliant insurance 11 dec 2008
pakistan, a dying patient impossible to cure 11 dec 2008
aurat, aurat, aurat. women, women, women 10 dec 2008
aurat, aurat, aurat. 10 dec 2008
pandit nehru wanted kashmir to be invaded. 09 dec 2008
militant attacks in mumbai and their consequences 09 dec 2008
why kashmir was sacrificed to eternal militancy 09 dec 2008
the two prime ministers. 08 dec 2008
why kashmir was invaded in october 1947. 07 dec 2008
nehru, jai chand of 20th. century 07 dec 2008
go, sonia go. go back to italy. hindus have come of age. 04 dec 2008
samaritans at partition 04 dec 2008
meticulously planned and executed attack on mumbai nov 26-29, 2008 04 dec 2008
letter to prime minister of mice colony 03 dec 2008
a few quotations.time to think & wake up 03 dec 2008
lessons from mumbai : harvard news 03 dec 2008
government of india is to blame. 02 dec 2008
doctors 'plotted wholesale murder' 09 oct 2008
sharia law is hate 07 oct 2008
insult to a martyr 06 oct 2008
boycott starbucks, the islam appeaser. 06 oct 2008
hindus being killed & clobbered in hindustan 06 oct 2008
press release - $100 million libel lawsuit 05 oct 2008
bandit nehru, a seasoned chess player 05 oct 2008
warning to savage separatist mohammedans in kashmir & pakistan 05 oct 2008
one success by "cease firing" army 04 oct 2008
some bastard will deny our holocaust 03 oct 2008
hindu tax payers/ money pays for madrassas 03 oct 2008
qualifications of nehru/gandhi dynasty in partitioined india 03 oct 2008
who owns media in hindustan? 03 oct 2008
orissa government must apprehend forthwith killers of 03 oct 2008
chhou artist teams 03 oct 2008
if the hindu leaders still cannot see then............. 03 oct 2008
foreign money floods into obama campaign 02 oct 2008
is this damned islamic republic of hindustan? 02 oct 2008
mk gandhi paralysed the hindus: bombay riots 01 oct 2008
outcry of a sikh from north kashmir 01 oct 2008
why hindu marriage works 01 oct 2008
koran in punjab: an obscenity, a challenge. 30 sep 2008
sonia "gandhi" and jl nehru. revealing facts of life. 30 sep 2008
menacing mohammeds even in maharashtra 30 sep 2008
death fatwa on author 29 sep 2008
gandhi's non violence 28 sep 2008
get ready pakistan, mujahideen and fidayeen are rising for your "sar-koobi." 28 sep 2008
foundation stone of pakistan 27 sep 2008
what is an ?slamophobe??/a> 26 sep 2008
battle of saragarhi anniversary 25 sep 2008
militant hindu. what a joke! 24 sep 2008
free flying cossacks & the suppressed sikhs in decomposing hindustan 23 sep 2008
sikhs in much reduced east punjab are perishing 23 sep 2008
who will bell the (islamic) cat in pakistan? 22 sep 2008
sleeping simple sikhs waiting for "final solution" 21 sep 2008
when the government are friends of terrorists 21 sep 2008
letter to united nations on islamic attack on kashmir 20 sep 2008
muslim leaders should take stock 20 sep 2008
stable pakistan not in india? interest 20 sep 2008
jihad and the growing surrender of american counterterrorism 19 sep 2008
when cowards run the state. 19 sep 2008
when cowards run the state, the nation bleeds 19 sep 2008
hindu remained a sheep 19 sep 2008
article 3624 19 sep 2008
barack obama through muslim eyes 19 sep 2008
why are hindus angry? what the hell are mohammedans doing in partitioned india? 19 sep 2008
cause of destructive jehadi movement in world. 19 sep 2008
shabana azmi: what the hell are mohammedans doing in partitioned india? 19 sep 2008
countering an emp attack 18 sep 2008
this is scary: rapid growth of savage monster among civilised dwarfs. 18 sep 2008
un thugs 18 sep 2008
let us never forget 17 sep 2008
5th. september, a black day. 17 sep 2008
never forget, the manly american way. 17 sep 2008
kashmir, kashmir, kashmir, "maiden & the eunuch". 17 sep 2008
china claims ne india. what does india claim, if anything? 17 sep 2008
when it suits a devious muslim: 17 sep 2008
human rights only for muslim females in pakistan 17 sep 2008
let people celebrate kargil day. your government will not. 17 sep 2008
massacre of hindus is "all normal" for the government 17 sep 2008
it is honestly futile to complain. 17 sep 2008
perfidy of article 370 of broken bharat. 17 sep 2008
all-india congress party must be exterminated 17 sep 2008
act for america should be "act for world" 17 sep 2008
how to uproot islamic terrorism: ban koran 17 sep 2008
dangerous fissure 13 aug 2008
soni but not any hindu represented india in china 12 aug 2008
india's day of independence (panchsheel of 1947) 12 aug 2008
they are working on worldwide islamic state 11 aug 2008
no reply from president's office. a goat is ,made to carry a lion's weight 09 aug 2008
italian female is "mother of india" at olympics in china 09 aug 2008
pak army to ask musharraf to resign 09 aug 2008
assert your hindu identity. burqa & nakaab are not for you. 09 aug 2008
india's day of mourning. august 15. 09 aug 2008
land of goats and the world of olympics 09 aug 2008
india's useless home minister 09 aug 2008
start of hindu war of liberation from jammu 09 aug 2008
dodging the islamic-jehad 09 aug 2008
hindu protest day in london, 14 august 08. 09 aug 2008
call for hindu unity day. it should begin in bharat. 09 aug 2008
sex in an islamic republic, pakistan 09 aug 2008
jammu uprising. hindus being bashed and reduced 09 aug 2008
tell this to mohammed. he occupies lahore & karachi.. 09 aug 2008
fear of mohammed leads to book suppression in america 09 aug 2008
bhutto & (traitor) indira gandhi were friends. 09 aug 2008
partitioned india crawls when asked to bend 09 aug 2008
foundation stone of pakistan & letter to shri advani 08 aug 2008
towards an uprising 08 aug 2008
why muslims will always be terrorists 08 aug 2008
tolerant hindu vs. intolerant mohammedan 08 aug 2008
increasing muslim violence against hindus. 08 aug 2008
how to uproot islamic terrorism 07 aug 2008
why hindu being ignored and crushed? 07 aug 2008
kashmir on the boil. (as if partitioned india itself is not!) 07 aug 2008
article 3573 07 aug 2008
impeachment of general pervez (mohajir) musharraf is impeachment of islam & koran 07 aug 2008
europe's soft "under belly" england. 05 aug 2008
patriots should redouble efforts to liberate the hindus. 05 aug 2008
no memorial in land of despicable worthless hindu slaves 05 aug 2008
fatwa on adult sucking colleagues breast. 04 aug 2008
mohammed married his daughter in law 04 aug 2008
pathetic personal hygiene of mohammed 04 aug 2008
companions of mohammed drank his urine 04 aug 2008
how to eradicate islam 04 aug 2008
everybody wants muslims. nobody wants hindus 04 aug 2008
three wolves- two on either side and one in sheep pen 02 aug 2008
disembowelling hindustan from within. 02 aug 2008
savages attacking the civilised. 02 aug 2008
ex post all the "dogs & bitches & bogus khans" cheating hindujs of their glory 02 aug 2008
because it is ram setu and not nehru bridge 02 aug 2008
"muslim kings & hindu serfs in bharat" (land of hindus) 02 aug 2008
punjab leero-leer te jutti de thallay 02 aug 2008
what the hell do they share with the punjabis? 01 aug 2008
"islam does not distinguish between the american people and the american government" 01 aug 2008
ending londonistan 31 jul 2008
article 3552 31 jul 2008
who has the maximum number of martyrs? why? 31 jul 2008
martyr udham singh, 31 july 1940 31 jul 2008
paki taliban or afghani taliban: all read the same koran 30 jul 2008
the passing away of a great (indian) civilisation 30 jul 2008
letter to "act"for america". wall between lahore & amritsar. 29 jul 2008
despicable compliant stooge supreme court of broken bharat 29 jul 2008
supreme court of partitioned india 29 jul 2008
india's muslim time bomb, thanks to gandhi/nehru. 28 jul 2008
gandhi on muslims 28 jul 2008
decomposign broken bharat. hindus can sell their mother. 28 jul 2008
field marshal manekshaw. news in the dawn, karachi 27 jul 2008
partitioned indian secular state ignores the field marshal 27 jul 2008
shame of eastern europe 27 jul 2008
more islamic universities in partitioned india 26 jul 2008
letter to top 26 jul 2008
women: islam's domestic animals 25 jul 2008
rotten mp's in broken bharat. who cares? 20 jul 2008
decomposing "partitioned indian secular state" (p.i.s.s.) 18 jul 2008
brave baloch nation, go for sovereignty. 18 jul 2008
muslims feel like 'jews of europe' 13 jul 2008
iran believed to test missiles for attack on u.s. 11 jul 2008
kashmir - land and blood 11 jul 2008
islam caused islamic world's decline 10 jul 2008
there once was a hindu holy man in lahore......... 10 jul 2008
hindu cause in jeopardy. 10 jul 2008
we salute the great field marshal 10 jul 2008
hindus in nepal want to commit suicide 10 jul 2008
no memorial to fallen indian heroes 10 jul 2008
land grabber "mohammed" in kashmir's holy spot 09 jul 2008
islamists have the west 09 jul 2008
mk (mahatma) gandhi led his hindus to worst ever defeat, disaster & humiliation 09 jul 2008
partitioned india should copy the swiss. no minarets. 09 jul 2008
significance of the amarnath yatra 09 jul 2008
pratibha patil , the useless commander-in- chief of the armed forces with all the time in the world: absent. 08 jul 2008
the struggle against jihad and supremacist ideologies 08 jul 2008
article 3516 07 jul 2008
india's biggest rubber stamp 07 jul 2008
life threatening dangers in kashmir 07 jul 2008
lord amarnath will expose hypocritic and spineless hindus 07 jul 2008
hindus killed in hindustan. jul 7, 08 07 jul 2008
hindus being slaughtered in hindustan 06 jul 2008
sikh muslim accord 05 jul 2008
genocide in bangladesh 05 jul 2008
genocide committed by muslims 05 jul 2008
man tears off hitler head at berlin wax museum 05 jul 2008
why can't our bharat be shining like this? 04 jul 2008
whatever happened to those who signed declaration of independence? 04 jul 2008
the declaration of independence 04 jul 2008
paki occupied baluchistan: as i saw it ! 03 jul 2008
baluchistan's fight 03 jul 2008
islam in nutshell. 03 jul 2008
monin (believer) goes to an infidel (non believer) doctor. 03 jul 2008
great thinkers on islam, part - i 01 jul 2008
enemy within (wants to destroy united states & united kingdom as they destroyed united india in 1947) 01 jul 2008
myth of good gandhi 29 jun 2008
how can india be secular? 29 jun 2008
gandhian india is dead like dodo 29 jun 2008
subramaniam swamy backs sonia libel defendants 28 jun 2008
an assassin's account 28 jun 2008
high terror threat to j&k election 27 jun 2008
freedom gagged 27 jun 2008
muslims vs. amarnath shrine in kashmir 27 jun 2008
soldiers serving india or dynasty of gangsters? 27 jun 2008
indian nuclear bomb, made by a pakistani "bas**rd" called abdul kalam. 27 jun 2008
revolt in kashmir, hindu blood flows 27 jun 2008
council of khalistan vs. decomposing hindu world under jackboot of italy & islam. 27 jun 2008
rob the subjugated hindus to pay the dagger wielding muslims 27 jun 2008
soldier's disgusting worth in partitioned indian secular state (p.i.s.s.) 27 jun 2008
shackled musalman 27 jun 2008
article 370 on kashmir. pandit nehru's atrocious dirty act 26 jun 2008
govt gags retired officers from writing books 26 jun 2008
vale of kashmir on fire. 26 jun 2008
italian import of "bofors chor" under scrutiny. 17 jun 2008
sonia under scrutiny 16 jun 2008
islam in the uk 16 jun 2008
exporting heroin to the world. islam's export 16 jun 2008
victory, they had said 16 jun 2008
muslim mob attacks hindu pilgrims in india 16 jun 2008
army's war heroes to return medals 15 jun 2008
deoband? dar-ul islam 15 jun 2008
pursuit of forward policies 15 jun 2008
temper of indian politics 15 jun 2008
pakistan, spearhead of islamic bloc 15 jun 2008
combat islamist terrorism 15 jun 2008
keep pigs and eat pork to keep muslim numbers down 15 jun 2008
army heroes to return medals. pti. 15 jun 2008
india: political apathy towards veterans' honour 13 jun 2008
indian army, "eunuchs in uniform" 12 jun 2008
who is governor of east punjab, ruling from union territory? 12 jun 2008
who is governor of east punjab, sitting on union territory? 12 jun 2008
state ideology in india 11 jun 2008
list of criminals & traitors, june 1984 11 jun 2008
june 6, 1984, amritsar, east punjab 11 jun 2008
reflection by admiral arun prakash 10 jun 2008
uk: christians decrease while muslims increase 09 jun 2008
rise of islam, death of non muslims 09 jun 2008
minority and majority status in bhaarat 09 jun 2008
a soldier's worth in the uk 08 jun 2008
stand up for betrayed/neglected indian army 08 jun 2008
gen. musharraf will not resign 08 jun 2008
sant jarnail singh ? multi-faceted personality 08 jun 2008
indian army and police terrorism 08 jun 2008
gen. jamwal's recollections of june 1984 08 jun 2008
trial of indira gandhi and her generals ("eunuchs in uniform") 08 jun 2008
nuremberg style trial of indira and her generals 07 jun 2008
those who don't know the govt of india hope justice will be done 07 jun 2008
anti sikh riots, india's most appalling moments 07 jun 2008
london imam's attempt to carry out sunna gone awry 07 jun 2008
recalling army invasion of east punjab in june 1984: 06 jun 2008
sikhs can never forget golden temple attack 06 jun 2008
indira bypassed army chief: gen jamwal 06 jun 2008
indian army attack golden temple in amritsar 06 jun 2008
tragic memory of ?peration blue star?/a> 06 jun 2008
let partitioned india do like this 06 jun 2008
admire the enemy. pakistani freedom of media. 05 jun 2008
pockets of resistence in india 05 jun 2008
demand for khalistan 03 jun 2008
political "witch" indira khan's (aka gandhi) suppression of east punjab while liberating east bengal 02 jun 2008
make a million strong march in new york and ten million strong march in new delhi. 02 jun 2008
difficulties for sovereign hindus to create own media 01 jun 2008
tell me: is the president of india a blind "bitch or witch" (or from ethiopia or china) who does not know article 370? 01 jun 2008
leaders of partitioned india will be dealt with as italians dealt with mussolini. 01 jun 2008
trial of indira khan (aks gandhi), "bloated evil witch" of india demanded 31 may 2008
all pervading islamic terror 31 may 2008
hindus must have own strong media 31 may 2008
saving dying bleeding partitioned india: some learned thoughts 31 may 2008
no to obama, the devious muslim 30 may 2008
article 370 of broken bharat's constitution 30 may 2008
forget not your own bloody disgusting & shameful history of surrenders and slavery. 30 may 2008
roar of australian lion 29 may 2008
who will run india? 28 may 2008
veer savarkar recalled 28 may 2008
veer savarkar is no more, nor is the hindu king of nepal. 28 may 2008
gujjar revolt 28 may 2008
anti hindu media in bharat 27 may 2008
expose the jehadis 26 may 2008
enemy at the gate 26 may 2008
muslim prisoners cause trouble 26 may 2008
sonia ought to be forced to explain bofors commissions 26 may 2008
germany & israel while partitioned india is hiding behind bushes 26 may 2008
who owns the anti ?indu media in bhaarat ? 23 may 2008
there is something terribly wrong with india 22 may 2008
boy held for slandering sonia on orkut 21 may 2008
boy held for slandering sonia on orkut 21 may 2008
rss schools plan to teach in english 21 may 2008
censoring of indian history 21 may 2008
21 may & rejoice. "bofors chor despatched" by tamil goddess. 20 may 2008
wretched plight of mohammedan females in partitioned india 20 may 2008
sonia's photos everywhere. italian face above native. 20 may 2008
defenders of sonia khan but none showed up to defend lahore 20 may 2008
so-called sacred hair in srinagar calls for dna test 20 may 2008
mohammed himself came out of "lingam" 20 may 2008
madness of self-destructive world! 19 may 2008
illegal migrants fleeing rajasthan 19 may 2008
beware of christian/islamic aid to myanmar 19 may 2008
india? real terrorists 19 may 2008
broken bharat and islamic terrorism 19 may 2008
pakistan about to be "consumed" by sharia & koran 19 may 2008
1962 (sino indian) war hero is tawang deity 19 may 2008
myanmar & the outside hostile christian/muslim world 18 may 2008
wail of the weeping pakistani 17 may 2008
partition never took place, cowardly india 16 may 2008
kafir dreams 16 may 2008
congratulations israel. you are sixty. 15 may 2008
kashmir: kill the hindus and say "sorry"! 15 may 2008
if israel cannot survive............... 15 may 2008
ethical basis for war against political islam 15 may 2008
congratulate the state of israel 15 may 2008
america's dangerous lurch towards islam 12 may 2008
saare jehan say bad-tar hai pakistan hamaara 10 may 2008
dangerous christian plot 10 may 2008
un furious over myanmar 09 may 2008
the silent war on the people of india 09 may 2008
rakshabharatuk. .letter of congratulation 07 may 2008
rakshabharatuk: comment on military 07 may 2008
rakshabharatuk: letter to army chief 07 may 2008
poor pig despised by mohammed. 07 may 2008
act for partitioned (mutilated states of) india as they are acting for united (states of) america. 07 may 2008
hidden jewels of afghan culture. 07 may 2008
state of gutter matrimonial politics in decomposing bharat 07 may 2008
rotten top makes rotten nation (india) 07 may 2008
millionth hindu girl abducted and raped in hindusthan 06 may 2008
mohammad kay pakistan ki yeh dardnaak kahaani, ek bhookay nangay musalmaan bay-imaan haiwaan, shaitaan ki zabaani 06 may 2008
209 kashmiri pandits killed since 1989, say j-k cops in first report 06 may 2008
india? foreign policy mauled 06 may 2008
rakshabhartatuk: turn india into hindu rashtra for defence 06 may 2008
rakshabharatuk. letter by general 06 may 2008
glorious victorious sikhs suffered crushing humiliating defeat 06 may 2008
crush maharashtra, salute bangladesh 06 may 2008
general salute for first lady of bharatvarsha, sonia maino, khan, gandhi from the land of mussolini. 06 may 2008
strategic collapse of the west in present global war 05 may 2008
congratulations israel on 60th. birthday 05 may 2008
rakshabharatuk. .ill-equipped, poorly paid and ill-motivated defence forces is like a dud cheque on a failed bank' 05 may 2008
we, the corrupt, will sink the ship and drown. 02 may 2008
have pride in hindu dharma 02 may 2008
khalistan cannot be more controversial than bangladesh or pakistan! 01 may 2008
demands by indian army 30 apr 2008
another view on indian armed forces 30 apr 2008
indian army betrayed and doomed. 30 apr 2008
islam & mohammed destroyed his life 21 apr 2008
fighting global islamist ideology 14 apr 2008
multan is burning again. koran is the fire. 14 apr 2008
scared muslims discuss partition 13 apr 2008
pakistani "wuklaa" "cremated" alive in karachi 12 apr 2008
muslim scouts political program 12 apr 2008
inducements for conversion 03 apr 2008
the muslim students association and the jihad network 03 apr 2008
chief justice who stood up against arrogant indira khan 31 mar 2008
support fanatic mohammedan "devil" aurangzeb exhibition in partitioned india 29 mar 2008
ten more years of congress misruled "coolie colony" of hindusthan 29 mar 2008
fitna: 28 mar 2008
unbelievers' torture chamber 27 mar 2008
fitna: dutch courage. 27 mar 2008
islam and free speech 27 mar 2008
why is india a chicken? 25 mar 2008
why is india a gutless "chicken"? 25 mar 2008
muslims in british jails. 25 mar 2008
gandhis: devalued and degraded "bharat ratna" to corrupt & treacherous dynasty 25 mar 2008
all about gandhis 24 mar 2008
pope baptizes islam critic 24 mar 2008
welcome, abdul kalam 24 mar 2008
web site of dutch anti-islam film is suspended 24 mar 2008
a gandhi here, a gandhi there, gandhis everywhere. 24 mar 2008
fitna 24 mar 2008
mohammedans are increasing. run for life. 24 mar 2008
must watch this on islam 23 mar 2008
massacre of hindus and sikhs by mohammedans 22 mar 2008
we indians are all "langurs & donkeys" except all the gandhis 22 mar 2008
"dump" islam with courage. 22 mar 2008
nehru & gandhi played (territorial) hell with pubjab, bengal and kashmir. 22 mar 2008
islamic states and thought crimes: the thug's ideal 21 mar 2008
every muslim youth must strike fear 21 mar 2008
attack on christian priest in east london 17 mar 2008
inside the worldview of a middle eastern muslim 17 mar 2008
muslim league mischief in punjab, 1947. 17 mar 2008
islam is imploding upon itself 17 mar 2008
thugs and bandits, "chors" and rascals gandhis & nehrus ruling partitioned india 17 mar 2008
take a stand against islam and sharia 16 mar 2008
take a stand against islam and sharia 16 mar 2008
hindus destroying hindi, "licking" urdu, musalman & sonia khan in partitioned india 16 mar 2008
fitna, film on islam. when will they show it in partitioned india? 16 mar 2008
muslim growth in ne india is a menace 15 mar 2008
where hindu kills hindu but embraces the mohammedan who chopped & fragmented hindustan 15 mar 2008
congratulations to ford foundation for courage & wisdom to expose cowardly hindustan's silence of the mouse over. india's death and hindus' holocaust 15 mar 2008
no rights for wretched hinuds and sikhs from kashmir 15 mar 2008
hyderabad airport named after corrupt "bofors chor", gangster s.o.b. rajiv khan 15 mar 2008
jihad, islamism, and the american free press ::real threat to world 13 mar 2008
real threat to world 13 mar 2008
real threat to world 13 mar 2008
if they don't fool you they can't defeat you 12 mar 2008
are taxpayers footing bill for islamic school in minnesota? 10 mar 2008
hindus sat down meekly to get beheaded. 10 mar 2008
it humiliates hindus 09 mar 2008
why an exhibition on aurangzeb? 09 mar 2008
death of hindu kingdom (constitution) of nepal 09 mar 2008
congress (italy & islam) bans exhibition 08 mar 2008
why an exhibition on aurangzeb? 07 mar 2008
terror recruitment heads imprisoned 07 mar 2008
suicide bomber shouted "allah hu akbar" and detonated 06 mar 2008
massacre in multan, city of bhagat prahlad 06 mar 2008
worshippers of death 04 mar 2008
kosovo- grand mischief of the west. 04 mar 2008
fallacy of shared values. savage & the civilised 03 mar 2008
prime minister of india, most qualified pm on earth 03 mar 2008
the muslim brotherhood's "grand jihad" in toledo 27 feb 2008
filmfare or filmfraud? 26 feb 2008
kosovo, kashmir & the indian gandhian goat 25 feb 2008
kosovo, kashmir & the indian gandhian goat 25 feb 2008
say "no" to kosovo 25 feb 2008
what is "government" of india? 23 feb 2008
kosovo and kashmir. 23 feb 2008
rajput honour and mohammedan dishonour & deception 23 feb 2008
tourists' paradise turned into hell. 22 feb 2008
israel to vanish, says hezbollah 22 feb 2008
turkey's secularism exposed 22 feb 2008
the whole of west punjab and north kashmir is india's auschwitz 22 feb 2008
third class india did not protest over loss of lahore in 1947 22 feb 2008
turkey may invade iraq but serbia must not enter kosovo 22 feb 2008
to appease islam and turkey they chopped off serbia's leg 22 feb 2008
in india criminal minister cannot be hanged, "bofor's chor" corrupt rajiv khan (aka gandhi) could not be jailed 22 feb 2008
morality in sonia khan's bharat 22 feb 2008
the jihadi and the beheading plot 21 feb 2008
serbs demonstrate against kosovo independence 21 feb 2008
kosovo torn away by mohammedans 21 feb 2008
prominent pakistani islamic scholars 21 feb 2008
?esterners must mount a united front against islamic law? sure! 21 feb 2008
kosovo-islamist tinderbox in balkans 21 feb 2008
self-destruct pakistan 20 feb 2008
contentious kosovo 19 feb 2008
secret papers reveal threats from saudi prince 19 feb 2008
another view on kosovo & indian kashmir 18 feb 2008
thoughts on kosovo 18 feb 2008
kosovo & kashmir. 18 feb 2008
britain's encounter with islamic law 15 feb 2008
pakistanis too scared to even go out shopping 15 feb 2008
jodha-damn akbar 15 feb 2008
eu & nato support kosovo's independence 15 feb 2008
jodhaa akbar 15 feb 2008
devil may cair 14 feb 2008
civilisation jehad 13 feb 2008
boycott the movie "jodhaa akbar" 12 feb 2008
islamic threat: letter from america 11 feb 2008
the archbishop has bought his peace 11 feb 2008
house that al saud built 09 feb 2008
dangerous faces of marxist cultural destruction 09 feb 2008
rank and file, rise! 08 feb 2008
islamic subversion of u.k. 07 feb 2008
mahatma gandhi made a speech and impressed the world 05 feb 2008
look closer at mk gandhi, father of india 05 feb 2008
why patriot godse (godsent) assassinated cowardly traitor gandhi (who betrayed "akhand bharat") 05 feb 2008
state house muslim proselytism 04 feb 2008
legacy of father of indai gandhi 04 feb 2008
mk gandhi, the father of pakistan 02 feb 2008
america could have a muslim president 01 feb 2008
islam is a religion of peace 01 feb 2008
the fallacy of grievance-based terrorism 31 jan 2008
great martyr nathuram godse 30 jan 2008
benazir bhutto and partitioned india 30 jan 2008
give gaza to egypt 30 jan 2008
gandhi fizzled out like wind. 30 jan 2008
congress party's slow death 30 jan 2008
gandhi, the "mouse" in politics 30 jan 2008
attack from within 29 jan 2008
how to fight islam 28 jan 2008
netaji bose. was he eliminated by nehru/britain? 26 jan 2008
first genuine head of state in india 26 jan 2008
bharat ratna. 26 jan 2008
birthday of netaji subhash chandra bose 23 jan 2008
mohammed and his islam. the ugly truth 23 jan 2008
hindutva and radical islam: where the twain do meet 22 jan 2008
the secular road to hell 22 jan 2008
truth (partition) must be suppressed. 21 jan 2008
bitter truth about "independence" of india 21 jan 2008
u.p. is size of france and germany put together but... 19 jan 2008
migrant pain for channel truckers 16 jan 2008
bilawal bhutto in oxford 15 jan 2008
a global assessment of the confrontation 11 jan 2008
american muslims trampling the american flag 11 jan 2008
on this winter solstice, i am a gujarati 11 jan 2008
hindu fundamentalists wanted 11 jan 2008
"legal jihad" 11 jan 2008
facilities at indian airports 11 jan 2008
india's missile programme of abdul kalam 10 jan 2008
khalistan that won't go away. 10 jan 2008
christianising weak & tottering hindustan 07 jan 2008
indira was hindu! 07 jan 2008
corruption in armed forced in the land of bofors chor, the role model. 07 jan 2008
outrage in rampur. 1 04 jan 2008
outrage in rampur 04 jan 2008
what kind of democracy will pakistan have? 03 jan 2008
pakistani serfs : indian coolies 02 jan 2008
benazir was not friend of india 31 dec 2007
islam is a religion of peace! 31 dec 2007
partition: moment of error, centuries to bleed 31 dec 2007
assassination: three poisonour fruits of partition 31 dec 2007
beware, he is a hindu! 30 dec 2007
the monster she created, ate her. 30 dec 2007
holy terror. the inquisition 30 dec 2007
bhutto under curse of dynasties 30 dec 2007
the fateful cursed soil of rawalpindi 30 dec 2007
congress goons and traitors attacking mr. modi. 29 dec 2007
who will be in hell and in heaven? 29 dec 2007
eradication of islam 29 dec 2007
islam, muslims, terrorism, sharia, women etc 29 dec 2007
target pakistan. 29 dec 2007
democracy vs. islam. what a mismatch! 29 dec 2007
voice of reason. last hope for doomed people of pakistan. 29 dec 2007
relentless jehad at home and abroad 29 dec 2007
liaqat bagh murder and chandigarh scandal 29 dec 2007
jehad comes to my rawalpindi 29 dec 2007
the late benazir bhutto and her pakistan 27 dec 2007
benazir's assassination and nature of pakistan 27 dec 2007
letter to president bjp, india. 24 dec 2007
three lies by sonia 24 dec 2007
islam is a hoax 24 dec 2007
they are "killing" the hindu king of nepal 24 dec 2007
on bogus democracy of partitioned india 24 dec 2007
sonia, a fascist dictator 24 dec 2007
taslima nasreen in hindu india bleeding/dying by "halaal" 24 dec 2007
bhutto family: muslim conquest of hindu female 23 dec 2007
sonia's days are numbered. 23 dec 2007
turncoat tony blair, now a catholic 22 dec 2007
suicide bomber in charsadda, nwfp 22 dec 2007
three decrees of islam 20 dec 2007
the excessive kindness of islam 20 dec 2007
mohammed - "a true saint" 20 dec 2007
koran-the ultimate truth 20 dec 2007
prophet of terror and the religion of peace--part iv 20 dec 2007
prophet of terror and the religion of peace--part iii 20 dec 2007
prophet of terror and the religion of peace--part ii 20 dec 2007
prophet of terror and the religion of peace--part i 20 dec 2007
islam is terrorism. 2 20 dec 2007
islam is terrorism.1 20 dec 2007
mohammed's high regard for women 20 dec 2007
wondrous treatment of kafirs in islam 20 dec 2007
myth of hindu-muslim unity 20 dec 2007
islamic lust for hindu women 20 dec 2007
are the muslim numbers on the rise 20 dec 2007
in india a political "witch" is a "goddess" 20 dec 2007
london and delhi partnership 20 dec 2007
sonia, "daughter of mussolini" 20 dec 2007
mohammed's idea of earth 15 dec 2007
muslims of broken bharat (partitioned india), potential for death & destruction like those in united india (akhand bharat). 15 dec 2007
slap in india's face. but the face is stone. 15 dec 2007
muslim influx: india's time bomb. hindu is clueless or subservient. 15 dec 2007
suicide of reason, freezing of brain 14 dec 2007
can infidels trust a muslim doctor? 08 dec 2007
warmongering general called mohammed 05 dec 2007
cair called 'turnstile' for terrorist suspects 04 dec 2007
teddy bear mohammed! 04 dec 2007
muslim peers bid to free teacher 01 dec 2007
father of partitioned india (broken bharat) mahatma mk gandhi, "rat of appeasement" 30 nov 2007
gillian gibbons, a teacher in sudan 29 nov 2007
how can we copy them and "act for partitioned india"? 27 nov 2007
statue of a lacklustre coward and the one of a genuine hero 27 nov 2007
shameful neglect & decline of hindi in hindusthan (partitioned india, or broken bharat), in contrast, see the shine & glory of lithuanian language in lithuania 27 nov 2007
islamic schools in the usa 27 nov 2007
general musharraf is secret hand of hindu india 26 nov 2007
beginning of the end of islam 26 nov 2007
incest by command of allah 25 nov 2007
advani could not tell pakistan to join mother india. 09 nov 2007
ghost of partition 09 nov 2007
denmark, rising menace of islam 04 nov 2007
questioning the existence of lord rama 04 nov 2007
preservation of indian culture & heritage 1 30 oct 2007
western feminists serving islam 30 oct 2007
adopting hindu names to destroy hinduism 30 oct 2007
bangladesh overlooked. myanmar in focus. partisan u.n.o. and world powers 29 oct 2007
mk gandhi pushed hindus to their "endloesung" (extermination) 25 oct 2007
holocaust of hindus and jews 24 oct 2007
holocaust of hindus and jews 24 oct 2007
taliban in haryana, india? 24 oct 2007
deception: pakistan 24 oct 2007
which punjab? the one that is blessed of the one that is cursed? 23 oct 2007
slave countries like punjab, gujerat, maha-rashtra 23 oct 2007
sikhs' candle light vigil in u.k. on 7 november 2007 23 oct 2007
plight of hindus/sikhs in afghanistan 03 oct 2007
sonai khan (masquerading as gandhi) at the uno on behalf of hindustan? 03 oct 2007
2nd october and uno's non violence day. 02 oct 2007
gandhian "monkey circus" called india 02 oct 2007
mk gandhi, the goat, recalled. 02 oct 2007
pakistanis are d indians who were betrayed by traitor nehru and coward gandhi 30 sep 2007
dare to think, you serfs and coolies. 29 sep 2007
a muslim nation with reputation for tranquility 29 sep 2007
sonia khan (a.k.a. gandhi) an imposter. protest in new york 28 sep 2007
burning burma (myanmar), separist kosova and partitioned india. 28 sep 2007
bofors chor, son of a bi*** still at large 27 sep 2007
discard gandhi, the "mouse" who surrendered and went quiet 27 sep 2007
letter from bahawalpur 27 sep 2007
protest against sonia khan in new york 27 sep 2007
security council will discuss situation in myanmar. 26 sep 2007
one war we cannot afford to lose 25 sep 2007
sonia khan (masquerading as "gandhi") & "rama sethu" 25 sep 2007
it? the ideology, stupid !!! 22 sep 2007
dynastic empress to speak at uno, making a damn fool of excellencies. 13 sep 2007
whys (on bbc): why is islam so attractive to westerners? 11 sep 2007
america remembers. broken bharat is dead 11 sep 2007
nawab sharif sent back to jeddah. 10sep07 10 sep 2007
anti jewish and racial attacks in germany 10 sep 2007
teach arabic or recruit extremists? 10 sep 2007
dynastic democracy and dictatorship, two sides of same coin 10 sep 2007
hardline takeover of british mosques 07 sep 2007
cartoons in sweden incense the muslims 07 sep 2007
memories of partition, courtesy bbc 07 sep 2007
memories of partition, courtesy bbc 07 sep 2007
memories of partition, deleted by govt of india 07 sep 2007
memories of partition, courtesy bbc 07 sep 2007
not one muslim was harmed here but not one sikh survived there. 07 sep 2007
india has hope if media show courage 06 sep 2007
two heroes of weekly "organiser" new delhi. 06 sep 2007
america is awake to islamic threat 05 sep 2007
article 370 to benefit the muslim majority state. 04 sep 2007
partition, a personal view 04 sep 2007
what do the president of india and "mother of india" (sonia khan) think of yoga? 04 sep 2007
yoga is hindu! so says this church. 04 sep 2007
bengal, safe passage for jehadis? 02 sep 2007
india's permanent interest 02 sep 2007
muslim appeasement continues. so does slow death of hindustan 01 sep 2007
aggrieved peaceful islam. agra, august 2007 31 aug 2007
aggrieved peaceful islam. agra, august 2007 31 aug 2007
ban koran? 30 aug 2007
blasts and violence: ongoing disintegration of partitioned india 30 aug 2007
partitioned india: sharpening explosive divide. 30 aug 2007
u.s. sponsors islamic convention 30 aug 2007
hyderabad that is karnataka now, future pakistan 30 aug 2007
curfew in agra. 30 august 2007. 30 aug 2007
nelson mandela honoured, rightly so. what a contrast with mk gandhi! 29 aug 2007
muslim retribution was swift and tenfold in partitioned india 29 aug 2007
the links will start dropping off 28 aug 2007
saudi arabia: the islamist cage 28 aug 2007
"raakhi" by ignorant hindu "cows" on musalman, beiman, shaitaan, haiwaan. 28 aug 2007
seven days in indian politics 24 aug 2007
whose interest is national? 24 aug 2007
fate of buddhism in land of its birth 23 aug 2007
on crippling appeasement. 2. 19 aug 2007
on crippling appeasement. 1. 19 aug 2007
freedom at midnight has a bit of mutilation by rogue gandhi dynasty 19 aug 2007
the national anthem of india 19 aug 2007
law of ideology 19 aug 2007
1. plight of muslim women. 2. conspiracy to destroy ram sethu 19 aug 2007
india? freedom ?a shattered dream 18 aug 2007
direct action day of massacre. damn fool natives were surprised like the americans on september 11, 2001. 18 aug 2007
tasleema nasreen and bloodthirsty islam 18 aug 2007
nehru did not mention lahore or east bengal. his tryst with devil. 18 aug 2007
nehru "greeted" with shoes. truth at last. 18 aug 2007
politics of appeasement has crippled india 18 aug 2007
ban koran that calls me infidel or non believer 18 aug 2007
calling god from vatican and india 18 aug 2007
ban koran. (what good id liberating afghanistan if she reverts to koran?) 18 aug 2007
special economic zones. implications 18 aug 2007
what happened to bengal (and kashmir, punjab, in fact, the whole of wretched india) 18 aug 2007
daughters of india delivered to mohammedan (islamic) beasts 18 aug 2007
why have you spared corrupt politicians 18 aug 2007
warning to indian leaders 18 aug 2007
where is freedom in partitioned indian secular state? 18 aug 2007
india's subservient coolie media 18 aug 2007
ban koran like "mein kampf". the realistic cry. 16 aug 2007
to whomsoever it may concern on this independence day. aug 15, 2007. 16 aug 2007
muslim appeasement in partitioned indian secular state (p.i.s.s.) 16 aug 2007
how absurd, bogus and criminal was partition? 16 aug 2007
former guard accused of hiding muslim ties 15 aug 2007
comment on india on channel 4 tv in uk and deutsche welle in germany 15 aug 2007
will pakistan be re-born? 15 aug 2007
call to free india from mafia polity. 15 aug 2007
warning bells for india, august 15, 2007. 15 aug 2007
there were many more heroes, not just nehru and gandhi 15 aug 2007
stop the farce of celebrating "independence" 14 aug 2007
sad child who lost his kite. comment on india today 14 aug 2007
self destruct india, 6 decades later. 14 aug 2007
an honest comment on partition of india. aug 14, 2007. 14 aug 2007
who on earth celebrates the death and destruction of his own country? 14 aug 2007
queen's congratulations. august 14, 2007. 14 aug 2007
when india was smashed into fragments, 1947. 13 aug 2007
when india was smashed into fragments, 1947. 13 aug 2007
when sikh swords were guarantee of hindu safety 22 jul 2007
how long will the sikhs be part of dying/decomposing hindu nation? 22 jul 2007
those who cannot stand up are flattened by others 22 jul 2007
indian democracy, what a sham!! 21 jul 2007
indian p.m. shed tears for those are are, in reality, pakistanis 21 jul 2007
election and office of president of india- a mockery 21 jul 2007
nehru the traitor put foreign women above india 21 jul 2007
hindu pilgrims must fear for life and limb 21 jul 2007
new president of decomposing hindustan 21 jul 2007
india muslim doctor apprehended in australia 21 jul 2007
indian doctor arrested in australia 14 jul 2007
siege at red mosque in rawalpindi. jul 10 2007 10 jul 2007
what about indian muslim doctors? 09 jul 2007
what about indian muslim doctors? 09 jul 2007
what about indian muslim doctors? 09 jul 2007
muslim doctor's oath. july 2007 06 jul 2007
jews vs. muslims 28 jun 2007
sikh dilemma in wingless (partitioned) india 26 jun 2007
a britisher's view - jfk plot is work of a unified terror mindset 13 jun 2007
mulim league attack on sikhs and hindus in the punjab 1947 08 jun 2007
even manmohan singh is amritdhari 07 jun 2007
muslims target non muslim girls in the u.k. 06 jun 2007
corruption in pakistani peace mission 23 may 2007
trasnfer of population as in indai 1947 22 may 2007
was osama right? 17 may 2007
american jehadis were illegal immigrants 11 may 2007
muslim militancy in the usa 08 may 2007
patriot nathu ram godse 06 may 2007
islam, israel and india 06 may 2007
islam, israel and india 06 may 2007
1947: mohammed destroyed families to benefit ofislam 25 apr 2007
charter for italian muslims 25 apr 2007
italian born sonia gandhi, mother of partitioned (orphaned) india. 23 apr 2007
intolerance in turkey 18 apr 2007
why are there no hindu or sikh suicide bombers? 17 apr 2007
hindus of malaysia appeal to un 05 apr 2007
the trouble with islam 04 apr 2007
koran takes precedence over german law 04 apr 2007
united states and the u.k. going down like partitioned india 04 apr 2007
why iranians take hostages 02 apr 2007
why khalistan? 26 mar 2007
future of pakistan: death and destruction like her birth in 1947 25 mar 2007
general hari singh nalwa 25 mar 2007
sonia & satyagraha ?some questions 09 mar 2007
advice to hinud'sikh girls 09 mar 2007
islam: bane of a dark age 08 mar 2007
barbarity of islam. 08 mar 2007
islamic ruptures and fissures in partitioned india: muslim demands 07 mar 2007
pakistani abdul kalam misleading simple hindus. does not mention partition 06 mar 2007
hitler's germany was "shining" like congress controlled india today. 02 mar 2007
shame of hindu race and nation 02 mar 2007
the infidel revolution (will infidels wipe out islam?) 01 mar 2007
businessman accused in nyc of trying to help fund terror 20 feb 2007
death at panipat 19 feb 2007
real problem with the hindus on their own territory 19 feb 2007
facets of assault on hinduism 17 feb 2007
shashi or rahul? man of people or man of dirty dynasty? 17 feb 2007
exhibition on aurangzeb the hindu killer 17 feb 2007
conquest of khyber. never occured before or since. 17 feb 2007
muslim man and hindu female in indian films 16 feb 2007
salt lake jihad? 15 feb 2007
political islam 12 feb 2007
afghan warning to pakistan 03 feb 2007
cruelty in koran. rpt 25 jan 2007
how did muslim league demand pakistan? 24 jan 2007
islam, the religion of peace? 24 jan 2007
raising awareness on islam by ex muslims 22 jan 2007
to metropolitan police, london 20 jan 2007
in corruption indian congress and british labour are two ugly sisters 20 jan 2007
these (congress) "bastards" are beyond law.and the president is musalman beiman haiwan shaitan 15 jan 2007
poet laureate mohammed iqbal, a turncoat 14 jan 2007
indians (hindus) cannot be terrorists 12 jan 2007
previous posting: george 06 jan 2007
george 06 jan 2007
hindus in partitioned india under "dog and bitch". 06 jan 2007
cicero in ancient rome on modern indian muslims 04 jan 2007
mobility of hindus and sikhs 04 jan 2007
hindus being made fool of by sanjay dutt 17 dec 2006
"indigenous" muslims in partitioned india and the home grown terrorists in england and the usa 16 dec 2006
sinking of ins khukri 11 dec 2006
kashmiri hindus 11 dec 2006
why my website was banned in india 11 dec 2006
"perversion of india's political parlance"- 04 dec 2006
islam on fire & perishing 30 nov 2006
londonistan. 29 nov 2006
whole of pakistan and "bogusdesh" are disputed territories 29 nov 2006
sad demise of illustrious son of akhand bharat, anwar shaikh. 25 nov 2006
turkey and the european union 16 nov 2006
why godse killed gandhi 16 nov 2006
courses in pakistan 13 nov 2006
are all chancellors like this? 13 nov 2006
ahmadinejad - hostage taker? 13 nov 2006
leader of british national party (bnp) 10 nov 2006
anwar shaikh, intellectual giant of wales, u.k. 10 nov 2006
anwar shaikl 10 nov 2006
congratulations to nick griffin of bnp, uk. 10 nov 2006
bnp leader cleared of race hate charges 10 nov 2006
bnp leader attacks koran in court (uk) 10 nov 2006
"eunuchs" cannot see criminals tried 08 nov 2006
how did muslims demand pakistan? 08 nov 2006
three jailed for race-hate murder 08 nov 2006
political correctness: australia and the uk 05 nov 2006
natwar singh vs. sonia khan 29 oct 2006
india's defence is with the enemy, starting from the president 28 oct 2006
one of the top "dogs & bitches" of hindustan 28 oct 2006
why cowardly traitor mk gandhi was assassinated. 26 oct 2006
women compared to meat by imam in australia. some women do dress up immodestly, though. 26 oct 2006
muslim on-going conflicts in the world 24 oct 2006
turks will break tether and "go taliban" because of koran 24 oct 2006
how to solve the problem with iraq 24 oct 2006
sanskrit at cambridge. thy will prevails, sonia khan and abdul kalam 24 oct 2006
don't be fooled by moderate muslims 24 oct 2006
in the land of taliban 23 oct 2006
al qaida in britain 23 oct 2006
how do you solve the problem like iraq? 23 oct 2006
ultimate islamic target : crown in the u.k. 23 oct 2006
warning over uk race riot danger 22 oct 2006
ultimate target: act of accession i nthe uk 22 oct 2006
the truth about muhammad: 19 oct 2006
priyenka gandhi taking over? 16 oct 2006
no islamic law in minnesota 16 oct 2006
no islamic law in minnesota 16 oct 2006
test 16 oct 2006
what language? what does it mean? 16 oct 2006
hindus losing numbers due to conversions 14 oct 2006
conversions in nagpur 14 oct 2006
school in uk suspends woman over veil 13 oct 2006
mohammed in spain & india, guy fawkes in england. 09 oct 2006
dividing the enemy 05 oct 2006
the sikhs and partition of the punjab- 2 03 oct 2006
the sikhs and partition of the punjab-1 03 oct 2006
new mosque in london? no. 30 sep 2006
the pope must go, cry out the brutes and savages 9/25/2006
islam is morbid history, taslima nasreen, the persecuted muslim woman 9/18/2006
anguished cry of the hindu from lahore.2. 9/18/2006
hindu refugee from lahore cried out! 9/17/2006
brave to criticise islam 9/14/2006
woman who criticised islam 9/13/2006
truth about mohammed 9/7/2006
why are hinjdus sitting ducks for islamic terrorists? 9/7/2006
muslim aggression in ayodhya 9/2/2006
bomb blast in temple: abdul kalam is on course. 8/22/2006
a view on mohammed 8/22/2006
definition of pakistan 8/20/2006
british muslims like any other muslims 8/20/2006
hindu "rats and jackals" cannot hold kashmir 8/20/2006
anything faster than a camel is "haraam" in islam 8/17/2006
hindu forum (uk) condemns manipur blast. 8/17/2006
radical islam. letter to the rt. hon. david cameron mp, uk 8/16/2006
panch sheel of bandit jawaharlal nehru 8/15/2006
the worthless white elephant of india 8/10/2006
music of punjab 8/9/2006
inferior indian "baboons", serfs and coolies negate own history 8/9/2006
speech by prime minister of israel 8/7/2006
congress (italy, islam and ignorant subservient hindu) repression in east punjab 7/31/2006
saudi offer to fix delhi mosque. january 2005. 7/29/2006
doctrine of deceit, east punjab 7/27/2006
dump gandhi for survival 7/27/2006
europe's angry muslims. time bomb of future. 7/27/2006
what about the jehadis in bharat? 7/27/2006
master tara singh, meant to be forgotten. why? 7/27/2006
bogus struggle for freedom by congress party 7/26/2006
shashi throor, the despicable "dog" of corrupt congress in india. 7/26/2006
indian poverty & ignorance driven from above by government of "dogs & bitches" 7/26/2006
the inevitable war 7/25/2006
terror law: yes for mumbai, no for gujarat 7/25/2006
how non violent were the hindus historically? 7/24/2006
"why no nation will take india seriously" 7/24/2006
for this corruption many others would have hanged the prime minister 7/24/2006
wipe out hezbollah, hizbutahrir, jaish-i-mohammed, al mohajaroon and the lot 7/24/2006
hezbollah, the menace of. letter to leaders of free world 7/23/2006
first bofors chor, then santosh singh 7/23/2006
israel's manly response is also to encourage the "cow" called hindustan. 7/23/2006
sikhs, stateless, homeless, fatherless, in afghanistan. al jazeera reports. 7/22/2006
martyrs among the defeated and degraded 7/21/2006
are we heading towards a christian india ? 7/19/2006
thoughts on hindu dharma 7/19/2006
essential principles of hindu dharma (hinduism) 7/19/2006
extend scheduled caste quota to politicians 7/19/2006
eradication first: before diplomacy 7/17/2006
this is jehad 7/17/2006
merciless, corrupt and brutal gandhis of india 7/13/2006
three stages of islam in a country 7/12/2006
londonistan 7/11/2006
law of koran is above law of crown? 7/8/2006
fate of temple in dhaka 7/7/2006
britain bravely commemorates her tragedy. what about partitioned india? 7/7/2006
britain bravely commemorates her tragedy. what about partitioned india? 7/7/2006
insult to hindu gods/goddesses in/around delhi mosque 7/6/2006
the imam and the infidels 7/6/2006
the american general and the indian gandhi 7/5/2006
the american general and the indian gandhi. 7/5/2006
save your daughters, faith & territory 7/3/2006
how muslims think 7/3/2006
islam in britain, labour party''s high treason. 7/3/2006
is america not terrorist? dialogue with a hindu fool. 7/3/2006
australia and the radical muslims 7/2/2006
can islam be democratic? 7/1/2006
well done, australia. throw them out. 6/29/2006
"indian" way of life under sonia khan and abdul kalam 6/29/2006
were american nuclear bombs act of terror? 6/26/2006
with approval of government of "baboons" (india) 6/26/2006
glorious sikh troops degraded by partitioned india under abdul kalam 6/26/2006
'christians under siege' 6/24/2006
hindus will run from kashmir 6/24/2006
memorial in toronto for victims of air india victims 6/23/2006
outcry of patriotic hindu youth 6/17/2006
jehadi terrorism cannot be eradicated 6/17/2006
ongoing slaughter of hindus in kashmir. 6/17/2006
writing about sunset over sindh 6/17/2006
kashmir was tourists paradise in british days 6/17/2006
example of tolerance, culture and civilisation of mohammed 6/17/2006
perishing inferior hindu scum, suffering proud sikhs 6/16/2006
victims of mercenary indian army ("eunuchs in uniform") attack in 1984 6/15/2006
sikh dilemma in decomposing partitioned india 6/14/2006
hindu individually, hindus collectively 6/10/2006
sikhs exacted the price of treason and treachery 6/7/2006
encirclement from within 6/7/2006
why i published the muhammad cartoons 6/7/2006
most destructive government of congress "dogs and bitches" 6/7/2006
hajj house in mumbai, terrorists' haven in decomposing hindu world 6/7/2006
enemy targets marathas now after attacking the sikhs (operation blue star, june 1984) 6/7/2006
india is a totally failed state facing doom 6/6/2006
corruption ridden useless administration. crying in wilderness. 6/6/2006
tribute to great sikh martyrs in the land of defeated, smashed, demoralised and enslaved hindus in partitioned india. 6/6/2006 6/6/2006
wanton army attack on native shrine and people by leaderless, headless, wingless cowardly india 6/6/2006
jarnail singh bhinderanwale, "lion" among the "sheep" in the defeated, demoralised, "demolished" and enslaved hindu nation in decomposing partitioned india 6/6/2006
why khalistan? 6/6/2006
decomposing, despicable, headless, wingless, partitioned bleeding third rate hindustan of slave hindu "baboons" turned on the native sikhs having conceded pakistan 6/6/2006
islamisation of europe 6/4/2006
killing mutilated partitioned india 6/4/2006
two khans 6/3/2006
jemima goldsmith escaped. 6/2/2006
fish called "jemima" 6/2/2006
ravi shankar's lone cry in coolie colony of sonia and abdul 6/1/2006
india is a slave colony being driven like a donkey 6/1/2006
german terrorist females 6/1/2006
three germans in the service of mohammed of arabian desert & wilderness 6/1/2006
da vinci code: keeping east punjab in darkness of ignorance 5/30/2006
article 2769 5/26/2006
lootocracy and goondocracy of vajpayee and manmohan 5/26/2006
muslim mischief in the name of allah 5/26/2006
a deal to profit sonia and left 5/26/2006
focus on crawley, west sussex, uk. 5/26/2006
the sikh cried out...................montenegro 5/24/2006
india landmine attack 'kills 12' 5/16/2006
"muslim hardship" as per bbc report 5/15/2006
change the "swine" back home 5/15/2006
"sons of mohammed in hindustan" rape a minor girl 5/15/2006
gujarat produced a "bastards" and one "goat" 5/14/2006
pakistani assassins everywhere 5/14/2006
sonia ought to be in jail 5/12/2006
channel 4 tv on 7 july bombings 5/11/2006
i 5/11/2006
deterring tehran 5/10/2006
parliament of indian "baboons" changing constitution 5/10/2006
brave sikhs in wretched hindustan of baboo(n)s. 5/10/2006
mohammed wishes to wipe out israel, what he did to lahore. 5/9/2006
the magnitude of muslim atrocities 5/9/2006
mahmud of ghazni, the barbarian who created the indian guypsies 5/9/2006
muhammad ghori and his leutenants 5/9/2006
bloodthirsty khaljis (khiljis) 5/9/2006
why did aurangzeb destroy temple at kashi? 5/9/2006
indian "eunuchs in uniform" under abdul kalam on musalmaan hunt 5/9/2006
when is a muslim toleant? 5/9/2006
murder of kashmir by mohammed 5/8/2006
knife detectors and the sikh "kirpan" 5/7/2006
islam eradication programme 5/6/2006
despicable hindu "baboon" supports jihadis who killed two million at partition 5/6/2006
hindus, world's most timid and terrified nation 5/6/2006
mahajan's funeral 5/6/2006
veteran hindu mahajan's funeral under dirty tricolour 5/6/2006
terror of secularism! 5/6/2006
combating jihadi terrorism 5/6/2006
indian minister announced reward to kill 5/6/2006
islam wishes to overrun the globe 5/6/2006
hindu india "licks" the back of saudi arabia 5/6/2006
united kingdom must not vanish the way of broken bharat 5/5/2006
bogus gandhis win recognition 5/2/2006
gandhi, the goat, ruined his people and land 5/2/2006
india's national anthem is just one of the ulcers on hindu body 5/2/2006
india's national anthem is a fraud and insult 5/2/2006
hindus are killed like sheep when supreme commander is abdul 5/1/2006
why a jihad in jammu-kashmir? 4/30/2006
?ohammedan beast? the unfinished business for partitioned india 4/29/2006
prime minister of india appeases muslim killers and terrorists 4/29/2006
punjab crushing policies of government in delhi 4/28/2006
sonia gandhi, the costly fraud on poor indians 4/28/2006
they read koran for hindu's health 4/26/2006
is there a hindu university in pakistan? now look at aligarh in broken bharat 4/26/2006
muslims burn us flag in america 4/26/2006
hindu leaders are mental dwarfs and unfit 4/26/2006
india burning from kerala to kashmir 4/26/2006
broken india's flag and demoralised india's president 4/25/2006
why should sonia khan and abdul kalam's india support a native initiative? 4/25/2006
indian colony of east punjab could have own airline like bangladesh 4/25/2006
airport thuggery under president (baboon) abdul kalam 4/25/2006
hindu "midget" aspires to freedom 4/24/2006
where widoes and orphans are created: land of perishing pagans, baboons and monkeys 4/24/2006
obscene and provocative flag of mohammed 4/23/2006
the wolf who devoured india's five provinces and disembowelled millions in the eyes of dalai lama 4/21/2006
why are hindus such easy picking for predators? 4/21/2006
catch the thief: sonia khan (alias gandhi) 4/21/2006
what's wrong with mohammed and his islam? 4/18/2006
israel must be supported by broken bharat (decomposing hindu india under muslim president) 4/16/2006
kick useless "white elephant" sonia out of country. 4/11/2006
bloodthirsty mohammedan "beasts" killing each other 4/11/2006
a muslim "guru" in born in decomposing india 4/11/2006
watch out for the divils!! islamic techniques of intimidation 4/10/2006
baboons would have defended territory better 4/10/2006
handing goats' herbivorous hindustan to carnivorous muslim wolves 4/10/2006
land of elected criminals 4/9/2006
paralysis of indian judiciary 4/9/2006
romani, romuva, gypsies, betrayed children of despicable cowardly india 4/8/2006
"habshi" & "rakshas" musalman beiman shaitan haiwan 4/8/2006
censorship in east punjab 4/7/2006
indians living in fear due to state design 4/5/2006
hoping dual nationality from "monkeys & donkeys" ruling india 4/5/2006
decomposing india ruled by native "baboons" 4/5/2006
individual states being crushed. take punjab......... 4/5/2006
indira gandhi was a muslim "bitch" who fooled the hindus 4/5/2006
mohammed, the messenger of death & destruction on earth 4/5/2006
sonia khan, imposition on ignorant indian "coolie" nation 4/5/2006
sonia gandhi, curse on "indian coolie" nation. 4/5/2006
italian cat among the native mice 4/3/2006
five rivers, five centuries 4/3/2006
monumental neglect of native heroes. 4/3/2006
the president of "donkeys and monkeys." 4/3/2006
(dying) state of partitioned bleeding india 4/3/2006
is it too late to cry for the simple "nishkam sewak" sikhs? 4/1/2006
italian shame and dirt of india is hailed by despicable native coolies, serfs and slaves 4/1/2006
inferior "indian coolie" editors. 4/1/2006
mohammed will swallow up hindustan of "cows" and "sheep" 4/1/2006
death if you wish to escape the trap called "islam" 3/29/2006
the 1947 massacres from the book migration of sikhs 1947 3/25/2006
bhagat singh's martyrdom and the native slaves 3/25/2006
salute the best among us, you dhimmies 3/24/2006
hindu politicians are "earthworms, vermin, jackals, rats and insects" 3/21/2006
bush condemned but khalida zia honoured in broken bharat 3/20/2006
muslim "bastards & bitches", once our fellow indians, flew the obscene flag of mohammed over our town 3/20/2006
advice to victims of sword of islam 3/19/2006
hindu serfs and slaves want eduction from "illegitimate" seed of bofors chor, rascal rajiv 3/19/2006
kerala state's death wish. 3/19/2006
hindus feel unsafe in hindustan. have hindus become "wind". 3/19/2006
muslims as street mobs in india 3/19/2006
sikhs being eliminated under design of hindu bashing state in india 3/19/2006
hindu bashing in hindustan to its extreme vulgarity 3/19/2006
sovereign sikh speaks to sarkari sikh 3/18/2006
riot records have gone missing from the indian court. 2 3/18/2006
in decomposing hindustan court papers go missing 3/18/2006
uk hindu leader visited auschwitz 3/17/2006
sanskrit in english 3/17/2006
"not all wolves are bad," said the sheep and went on grazing 3/17/2006
india in critical stage 3/17/2006
india under siege from within 3/17/2006
who can doubt civil war in broken decomposing india? 3/17/2006
west will become afghanistan and iraq 3/17/2006
"recruit muslims in army," says a demolished hindu. 3/17/2006
hindus feel unsafe like scared "rabbits" in decomposing broken bharat. why? 3/17/2006
hindus, shout louder! 3/17/2006
debate on dirty punjab in partitioned india 3/17/2006
sonia khan rides hindu coolies, serfs and slaves 3/16/2006
bomb blast at mandir in indonesia. what is our abdul kalam worth? 3/12/2006
final warning by a patriot to save bharat 3/12/2006
those who are nothing at home cannot be something abroad 3/12/2006
india reaffirms gilgit and baltistan are indian territory 3/12/2006
churchill on islam. britain has forgotten. 3/12/2006
another patriot's call to nation of hindu "jackals" 3/12/2006
hijab clad mohammedan immigration officer at heathrow 3/12/2006
most sikh are "chickens" 3/12/2006
hindus are dying, india is perishing 3/11/2006
massacre in varanasi 3/10/2006
rid bleeding partitioned india of islam 3/10/2006
top jail imam in hate tirade 3/10/2006
gilgit and baltistan claimed by "mice" 3/10/2006
global islam on global rampage 3/10/2006
useless supreme commander abdul kalam flies off to rangoon 3/8/2006
comment on sikh warring factions 3/7/2006
the sikhs: fall from lion to goat 3/3/2006
muslim demo against george bush in new delhi, india 3/1/2006
george bush will not see a "hindu" in the human zoo called "hindustan" 3/1/2006
brave sikh regiments and the treacherous bandit dynasty of nehru 2/28/2006
futile prayers, pleas and cries of degraded indian "serfs & slaves" 2/28/2006
british national party and the sikhs in great britain 2/16/2006
test 2/16/2006

support bnp, appeal to sikhs in britain 2/10/2006
why sikhs in britain ought to support bnp, a view. 2/9/2006
corrupt bandit jl nehru was the root of corruption 2/9/2006
stand by denmark, you perishing disunited democracies! 2/7/2006
buy danish, boycott mohammed 2/7/2006
cartoons did not spill blood 2/7/2006
dump this damaging constitution 2/4/2006
donkeys, too, have democracy 2/4/2006
indian baboo(n)s will stick to italian memsahib for ever 2/4/2006
ideology and the perishing hindus 2/4/2006
hindus and sikhs and the british national party (bnp) in england 2/3/2006
the beast whom no one wants to see or know 2/2/2006
an nri has donated a college to india 2/2/2006
forget the past, said the gentle hindu "cow" 2/2/2006
"bastards" know only one language: assassination 1/30/2006
are the pathans in fact rajputs? 1/30/2006
what kind of constitution did we get? 1/26/2006
only a fool will trust india under abdul kalam 1/26/2006
only a da 1/26/2006
king of arabia: in the land of hindu serfs, slaves and servants. 1/26/2006
boot out the beast : islam and india 1/26/2006
saudi "spit" on hijacked hindusthan" 1/26/2006
brave and honourable who established holocaust museums 1/23/2006
mecca and delhi, both on death row 1/23/2006
"another partition is coming," warning to incorrigible damn fools 1/23/2006
"death to pakistan", shout the afghans 1/23/2006
ram temple is symbol of hindu freedom, honour and dignity 1/23/2006
blunders of three clever traitors 1/23/2006
lowly scum hindusthan apologises to italian "mafia" 1/23/2006
hindu slavery will continue for centuries 1/23/2006
hammer hindustan more. past surrenders not enough. 1/23/2006
sikh unrest over khushwant singh 1/22/2006
missing preamble to indian constitution 1/21/2006
india's nuclear programme is suspect 1/21/2006
flag of "broken bharat" (partitioned india) 1/20/2006
thank you, italian friends of india 1/19/2006
know the followers by their role model, mohammed 1/19/2006
bofors chor, rajiv gandhi stinks even after death 1/19/2006
stink of bofors chor burns your nostrils 1/18/2006
hindus, where will you go next? 1/18/2006
warning against marrying muslims 1/18/2006
sonia's new voice 1/18/2006
constitution of "monkeys & donkeys". republic day of indian slaves. 1/18/2006
nation of donkeys, appropriately taken for a ride 1/16/2006
hindu leaders of hindustan, wake up. sikhs are parting company... 1/14/2006
islamic interpretation of secularism 1/13/2006
muslim atrocities and barbarities and savageries 1/13/2006
indian constitution is fraud on nation 1/10/2006
in defence of indian gurus under attack 1/10/2006
wolf invited by sheep (king of arabia invited by partitioned india) 1/10/2006
war on mad mohammed. ("bastards" occupy lahore) 1/10/2006
birthplace of sri krishna, dirtiest, filthiest, why? 1/10/2006
killing hindus by legislation 1/10/2006
pakistan, nuclear hub, ought to be wiped out 1/10/2006
hindu leaders, the damn fools, will never learn 1/9/2006
pakistan and military 1/9/2006
king of saudi arabia is coming to hindustan on january 26, 2006. 1/9/2006
sikh cry before musalman president and italian mafia's frontman as prime minister 1/7/2006
sikh-muslim friendship. 2 1/7/2006
sikh-muslim friendship. in come the "lame duck" vanishing hindus! 1/7/2006
conversions on "guruan di dharti" when natives are "rats" 1/4/2006
sikhs and jews. what is the connection? 1/4/2006
discovery by sikhs & jews but to no avail 1/4/2006
when government of india became butchers of own citizens 1/1/2006
sikh and jews hold world record in persecution, yet they cannot sit together 1/1/2006
bloody devastating partition that treacherous "gandhis" call independence. 1/1/2006
persecution of hindus in pakistan 12/27/2005
how long will the allies stay in iraq? 12/27/2005
another dagger in the soft underbelly of hindustan (decomposing hindu india) 12/27/2005
durand line 12/27/2005
immoral, corrupt gandhi, descendant of "father of nation" gandhi 12/27/2005
immoral, corrupt gandhi, descendant of "father of nation" gandhi 12/27/2005
sikh nri's donating to pakistan 12/22/2005
can muslims be democratic, tolerant and secular? 12/19/2005
have you got children, especially girls? 12/19/2005
defender of hindu daughters and territory is a "haraami" abdul kalam 12/18/2005
partitioned india has a supreme commander. the "son of a bitch" is a pakistani" 12/18/2005
india has a supreme commander. the "bastard" is a 12/18/2005
muslims defend their culture of seduction, abduction, rape and gang rape 12/18/2005
who were their grandmothers? 12/17/2005
nehru saw "glow of freedom" 12/15/2005
they will be stood before firing squad in india 12/14/2005
bogus treacherous v.v.i.p. in enslaved india 12/14/2005
islamists terrorise women in bangladesh 12/13/2005
reality check on sick muslim mind 12/13/2005
australians, defend your beaches. 12/13/2005
united kashmir in disunited/broken india 12/12/2005
muslim contribution to india was zero. o really? 12/12/2005
allegations against sonia and bofors chor need to be probed 12/12/2005
muslims are beasts in human form. 12/12/2005
muslims are not only poor but pakistanis 12/12/2005
looming surrender/cession of north east india, hanging on thin thread 12/12/2005
once there was brave khalsa raj, then hindu "jackals" came and were exterminated 12/12/2005
those who don't like our way of life should get out 12/10/2005
sonia is communal, what can the indian slaves do? 12/6/2005
converts to terrorism 12/6/2005
corrupt "bastard" natwar singh of india 12/5/2005
tony blair sets the ball of islamic mafia rolling 12/4/2005
land of baboos and baboons ready for occupaton 12/4/2005
india's nuclear surrender to usa 12/4/2005
taj mahal, the true story that none wants to know 12/4/2005
corrupt indian minister is beyond law like rajiv khan, the bofors chor 12/3/2005
who killed our culture? we did (japan after defeat) 12/3/2005
political witch indira gandhi gave birth to "bastard" child bangladesh 12/3/2005
speak to allah in spanish 12/3/2005
speak to allah in german. 12/3/2005
"bastards and bitches" called indian national congress 12/2/2005
corruption, corruption, even in housing projects 12/2/2005
did nehru mislead nation on bose? 12/2/2005
hang the corrupt "bastard". start with bofors chor 12/2/2005
politics of appeasement has crippled india 12/2/2005
lions' demonstration before rats 12/2/2005
tottering hindus looking for "decent" people somewhere on earth 12/1/2005
did nehru mislead nation on bose? 12/1/2005
tinkering with education in broken bharat (headless, limbless partitioned india) 12/1/2005
how afghan captivity shaped my feminism 11/30/2005
encouraging islamic terrorism in india 11/30/2005
blueprint for tackling jihad in bleeding, decomposing, partitioned, india 11/30/2005
encouraging terrorists 11/29/2005
muslims in britain: truth is bitter but someone has to say it 11/29/2005
encouraging terrorists 11/28/2005
spineless india being kicked out of afghanistan 11/28/2005
kashmir. could the problem be abdul kalam? 11/28/2005
traitor jawaharlal nehru (s.o.b.) did not want kashmir 11/28/2005
the best of rotting hindu nation passing away 11/28/2005
the plight of the cellar girs in england 11/28/2005
imtiaz, mustafa, yusuf and rest of mohammads 11/27/2005
squeak from muslim. have dialogue with rascals 11/26/2005
russian response to her terrible islam 11/26/2005
article 2482 11/26/2005
islam is a riot 11/26/2005
high court notice to unaided school on removal of students belonging to weaker sections 11/26/2005
paris burns, november 6, 2005. 11/26/2005
hindu sheep caring for muslim wolves in killing grounds of 1947 11/26/2005
noble daughter of hindustan that terrifies the pseudo-secular hindu slaves of abdul kalam and sonia khan 11/23/2005
why mohammedans kill, assassinate, murder, rape and destroy 11/23/2005
ongoing degrading one way traffic of hindu females in broken bharat 11/22/2005
why delhi 10/29 should react like london 7/7 11/22/2005
being "son of musalman" nehru agreed to partition readily 11/22/2005
hanging in india. one day all gandhis and kalams will be hanged by people 11/22/2005
muslim world was frozen by mohammed and remains petrified in koran 11/22/2005
indian muslim's confession 11/22/2005
eternally ignorant of our enemies 11/21/2005
memorial to uk victims of mohammed 11/21/2005
cost of london bombing, july 7, 2005 11/21/2005
silence of the lambs 11/21/2005
sardar patel: when independence became defeat and partition 11/21/2005
"damn" anti hindu imam at hindu temple! 11/21/2005
allah is robber, condones rape of women 11/21/2005
jauhar and sati 11/21/2005
hindu human rights as per will of sonia khan and abdul kalam 11/21/2005
political "witch" indira khan labelled the sikhs terrorists 11/21/2005
i escaped to tell (warn) the others 11/21/2005
constitution of partitioned india, work of "monkeys, donkeys and bhangis" 11/20/2005
who will be after france? 11/20/2005
are we genetically inferior? 11/18/2005
dividing india? how can you break a damn thing that is already broken? 11/18/2005
bullets for those who cannot go by ballot 11/18/2005
hindu lambs save muslim wolves and tigers to get eaten up 11/18/2005
paris burns 11/9/2005
traitor sonia khan (aka gandhi) should be arrested 11/6/2005
paris burns. (europe and moh-mud) 11/6/2005
melting hindu/sikh hearts 11/5/2005 11/5/2005
remmeber, remember, the fifth of november! 11/5/2005
autocratic dictator indira khan's brutality in east punjab, 1984. 11/4/2005
manly muslim bulls riding weak hindu cows 11/4/2005
even a "lion" is a "dog" in hindustan (partitioned india) 11/4/2005
soon hindus will be on reservations in hindustan. 11/3/2005
relief to mohammedan nazis, killers of secularism and hindus? 11/2/2005
hindus dying, perishing, crying "shame, shame, shame" upon themselves. 11/2/2005
corrupt and useless police in india just like rulers 10/27/2005
giving kirpan to coward is insult to kirpan 10/27/2005
photo of pakistani man, honor-killing his sister in denmark 10/27/2005
defend the last surviving hindus 10/27/2005
wipe off israel from the map 10/27/2005
what if sonia gandhi is gang raped? 10/26/2005
there was no one left to help me. 10/26/2005
from internet to islamnet: net-centric counter-terrorism 10/26/2005
muslims are adorable. trust them. 10/26/2005
post from a spirited brave sikh 10/26/2005
indian mp's, the blood sucking leeches of nation 10/25/2005
deepavali 10/23/2005
dr singh emerges from sonia's shadow 10/22/2005
amrita university under attack 10/22/2005
malta going under mounting pressure of islam 10/22/2005
india inviting doom through default 10/21/2005
violent political and communal storms building up 10/21/2005
two goat droppings in tub of pure milk 10/21/2005
terror will for ever emerge out of koran and islam. 10/21/2005
status of a muslim in partitioined secular india 10/21/2005
comment on dawn report by a hindu 10/21/2005
we ask the uncef and the bbc 10/21/2005
dutch to ban burqa. well done! 10/19/2005
broken, truncated, bleeding east punjab under police terror 10/17/2005
world is watching the hindu collapse 10/17/2005
rss is not welcome in east punjab. why? 10/17/2005
how to win a muslim's heart and mind? 10/15/2005
liberate the muslim female from mohammed's "cage" or put the men in burqa 10/14/2005
why no nobel prize for indians? is it due to abdul kalam & sonia khan (kafir killer mohammed and mafia ridden italy), ruling india? 10/12/2005
brave british went where "mouse" abdul kalam did not dare 10/10/2005
mohammed chases poor infidel pigs out of britain 10/10/2005
one is indian by birth, the other is pakistan born 10/10/2005
if hindus do not celebrate or commemorate their own heroes, then 10/10/2005
murder of the innocent hindus, betrayed by rulers of india 10/10/2005
aliens and enemies ruling and fooling hindus 10/10/2005
for top hindu "dull dogs & blind bitches" still betraying the hindu nation 10/10/2005
abdul kalam and sonia khan, do not (not) become hindus! 9/21/2005
o no, mr. president. remain abd-ul-kalaam 9/21/2005
tiger and the lamb meet in new york 9/20/2005
remaining india is perishing 9/20/2005
infiltration in assam will prove lethal 9/20/2005
indira gandhi was an agent of kgb. 9/20/2005
moghuls, the true picture 9/20/2005
extermination of today's nazis (islam) 9/20/2005
who will run away from kashmir? pakistan or india? 9/20/2005
enemies at home 9/20/2005
koran cannot be amended. 9/19/2005
wretched fate of the betrayed hindus of bangladesh 9/19/2005
boy from beslan, september 2004. 9/18/2005
the organisers are surely hindus or jains, zero in lahore and east bengal 9/14/2005
what if the united states had not invaded iraq 9/11/2005
pagans perishing rapidly without state support 9/11/2005
india's million 9/11's 9/11/2005
children of beslan, what about children of india 9/10/2005
muslims set fire to a bus in south india for their holy cause 9/10/2005
pipleline through pakistan? 9/8/2005
conversions: some are above law- 9/7/2005
are hindus vanishing from ne india? 9/7/2005
for indian "coolie" media people. 9/7/2005
keep families together 9/7/2005
equality of women in sikh religion. an exemplary step forward 9/7/2005
why sonia khan did not go to the usa 9/5/2005
rahul. s/o bofors chor in kabul with the prime minister 9/5/2005
jihad against russia. the world must unite against islamic terror 9/5/2005
naga tribes demand homeland 9/5/2005
your royal highness, do you see islam lovingly through the spell-bound eyes of princess diana? 9/5/2005
sikh leaders: blind or "be-waqoof" 9/5/2005
rats are feeling safe 9/5/2005
"we accept partition!" 9/5/2005
indian leaders come and vanish 9/4/2005
australians will laugh at sikhs 9/3/2005 9/3/2005
unmasking sonia gandhi 9/3/2005
a dubious quotation, a controversial reputation: the merits of lord macaulay 9/3/2005
show us his wife, too. 9/3/2005
beslan, september 3, 2005. 9/3/2005
rahul gandhi s/o bofors chor being groomed for high office in indian coolie colony, land of hindu "baboons" 9/1/2005
will sindh declare udi? 9/1/2005
beslan massacre recalled, why not lahore? 9/1/2005
on aol message board. august 30, 2005. 8/30/2005
islam was in danger in india in 1946. it still is 8/29/2005
multi=culti fanatics in britian, the pro islam media 8/29/2005
majority hindus afraid of minority muslims 8/29/2005
study of islam is called pathology 8/29/2005
india under dictator sonia khan. ministers are "donkeys" and "baboons" 8/29/2005
hindu leaders are baboo(n)s, the most useless on earth. 8/29/2005
massacre of sikhs in bleeding broken bharat (partitioned india) 8/29/2005
kartarpur and lahore are in enemy territory now, thanks to "bandit" nehru, the traitor of century 8/28/2005
400 years of the british east india company inside india (by huw v. bowen) 8/27/2005
what is "muslim parliament" doing in united kingdom? 8/27/2005
suppressing indian history by indian baboo(n)s. 8/27/2005
massacre of sikhs. the wretched hindu is still a slave. 8/27/2005
butchers of their own loyal citizens: government of india 8/27/2005
open letter to hon?le supreme court 8/26/2005
suppressing history in india 8/24/2005
question for rt. hon?le mr. tony blair (by a british hindu). 8/24/2005
burning nepal and dead hindustan under foot of abdul kalam 8/23/2005
sikh massacre encouraged by government. godra riots were spontaneous 8/23/2005
from jamatul mujahideen of bangladesh 8/23/2005
india and israel. 8/23/2005
the house of warmongering field marshal mohammed, father of pakistan.. 8/22/2005
shiv sena was once a hindu forc. today it is drowning in islamic flood 8/22/2005
panorama on bbc exposes "home grown" muslims 8/21/2005
massacre of sikhs in india 1984. 8/20/2005
muslims wish death to all of us 8/20/2005
secular india, under sword of islam, spends $41 million on "hajj" subsidies to home grown terrorists 8/20/2005
which part of india is great, you ignorant hindu fool? 8/18/2005
fatwa on muslim women in broken bharat 8/18/2005
fifth reich of hindustan 8/18/2005
fatwa on women today, on hindus tomorrow in broken bharat 8/18/2005
mirage called glorious india 8/18/2005
"don't break up india" : press release. 8/17/2005
"bangladesh must be more islamic!" cry the mullahs. 8/17/2005
reflections of the nanavati commission report 8/17/2005
muslim view on massacres in 1947 8/16/2005
uk government signals change in attitude towards human rights abuses in india 8/16/2005
sikh massacres, 1984, in india, the donkey ridden by dynasty, italy & islam 8/16/2005
comment: 1984 ?carnage of sikhs ?shtiaq ahmed 8/16/2005
manipulated, enslaved and doomed hindus in partitioned indian secular state (piss) turn on innocent native sikhs 8/16/2005
abdul kalam and sonia khan's "cesspit" called hindustan : sikh massacres, 1984 8/16/2005
amnesty international indicts hindustan of abdul kalam and sonia khan 8/16/2005
israel is being reduced territorially, & weakened 8/16/2005
independence of india or her defeat? 8/15/2005
hindus congratulating themselves on defeat and surrender 8/15/2005
hindus exchange views on nehru's role 8/15/2005
spat between two hindus, august 15, 2005. 8/15/2005
why two sikh cops were shunted out on nov 1 8/13/2005
indian "dog" submits resignation to sonia khan, not to prime minister 8/13/2005
missing sikhs, shame of decomposing hindu india 8/13/2005
indian rulers call massacre "riots" 8/13/2005
honourable sikhs in dishonourable india. the unbearable burden of memory 8/13/2005
why the hindus will not get an apology 8/13/2005
do not leave iraq. 8/12/2005
15 august and decomposing bleeding partitioined india 8/12/2005
is manmohan singh a convert to christianity? 8/11/2005
misfortune of sindhis 8/11/2005
why holiday in hindustan on pope's death? 8/11/2005
root cause of muslim alienation is mohammed, the fuehrer. 8/11/2005
congress has made ours a nation of vermin, rats and jackals 8/11/2005
note the names of indian criminals, eventually to be executed by firing squads 8/11/2005
road of the hindu lion. exterminate congress goons and goondahs 8/11/2005
"bastards, dogs and bitches" ruling p.i.s.s. (partitioned indian secular state) 8/11/2005
at least manmohan can dump tytler, can't he? 8/10/2005
italian born sonia destroying hindu family structure 8/10/2005
allah said, "drive them out of lahore," then he saw nail polish 8/10/2005
glorify and hail this village of hindu soldiers 8/10/2005
demonstration in washington, dc, usa 8/10/2005
genocide and riots 8/10/2005
ten commissions, no action. state of india of "baboons" 8/10/2005
dead cow called india, massacres of 1984 8/10/2005
to the sikhs, "cry my child" while your parents are enslaved. 8/10/2005
lack of hindu think tank, manhood and awareness leads to hindu/sikh family break up. 8/10/2005
burqa banned. why not koran? 8/9/2005
"today gaza, tomorrow jerusalem", then delhi. 8/9/2005
muslims will always be sore, aggrieved, upset, separatist and angry as well as bestial and savage 8/9/2005
in the dark world of hindu midgets, serfs, coolies and baboons, priyenka is a star 8/9/2005
in the de 8/9/2005
world sikh council - strongly condemns india's denial of justice to victims of 1984 8/9/2005
why no action on nov 1984 massacre of sikhs? 8/9/2005
is manmohan singh a sikh? 8/8/2005
criminlas being sheltered by government of india 8/8/2005
europe, thy name is cowardice. 8/7/2005
political islam in the heart of secular europe 8/7/2005
terrorism: how britain and india view it. 8/7/2005
japan ought to become a permanent member of security council 8/6/2005
hindus should learn from iskcon 8/5/2005
partition of india. supposing........... 8/5/2005
muslim brutality, bestiality and savagery against the hindus 8/5/2005
hindu rashtra of gujarat 8/5/2005
what terrorists are up to today, aug 4, 2005. 8/4/2005
dangers of being a hindu 8/4/2005
an angel called abdul kalam 8/4/2005
british police carry out searches in public 8/3/2005
hindu is the easiest to fool, or to act a goat. 8/3/2005
relentless hot pursuit of muslim terrorists in europe. 8/3/2005
muslim terrorists in the uk 8/2/2005
support right to self-determination for kashmir 8/2/2005
letter to george bush of usa by the sikhs of britain on india 7/17/2005
article 370 of congress coolie colony called india 7/16/2005
look at korn in new light! 7/15/2005
british national party, u.k., must be heard, too. 7/14/2005
salute britain, shining in adversity 7/14/2005
bulldog breed versus cackling crows. india jul 5, england jul 7. world's difference between a rat and a lion 7/14/2005
the day lady london lost her virginity 7/12/2005
weak brits 7/12/2005
message rejected by hindu mahasabha? 7/9/2005
is it a funk organisation called hindu maha sabha? 7/9/2005
hindu mahasabha is terror stricken 7/9/2005
all india hindu maha sabha is a "chicken" 7/9/2005
breeding grounds for suicide bombers 7/9/2005
how london coped (july 7, 2005) 7/9/2005
british "covenant of security" with islamists ends 7/9/2005
corrupt sonia khan (aka gandhi) 7/8/2005
secularism is fraud on partitioned india (broken bharat) 7/8/2005
wake up, hindus. save the rest of bharat. 7/8/2005
america , fight back against islamic propaganda 7/7/2005
india's poor struggle on. "italian born mother of nation" rolls in wealth 7/7/2005
mr. blair, resign. you betrayed britian. 7/7/2005
how india got freedom and then got mutilated 7/7/2005
the deceit in the lineage of popes 7/7/2005
mohammed's assassination 7/7/2005
what language is india proud of? 7/7/2005
india will unite but under what flag? 7/6/2005
heroic struggle and sacrifices by sikh women 7/6/2005
jai shree raam (ayodhya, july 5, 2005) 7/6/2005
plight of musalmaanee in hindustan 7/5/2005
when the political witch of india struck 7/5/2005
legacy of jehad in india 7/5/2005
my vast hindu nation is sucking mud 7/5/2005
mohammed ali jinn (jinnah) 7/4/2005
the "haraami" (bastard) nehru dynasty 7/4/2005
another hindu leader killed, to be forgotten in a second 7/1/2005
iranian president, formerly a terrorist 6/30/2005
nominations to the nobel peace prize 2005 6/30/2005
indira gandhi was a witch according to .... 6/29/2005
decompisng india under one corrupt dynasty 6/28/2005
anti-terrorism declining fast 6/25/2005
sword gathering dust. dust on hindustan's head! 6/24/2005
women in pakistan that is india's bastard child 6/24/2005
should sikhs die in perishing hindustan? 6/23/2005
khalistan was not born yet! 6/23/2005
hindu sword of valour gathers dust in decomposing india 6/23/2005
why sikhs should leave hindustan at once unless.... 6/23/2005
muslim strategic aims 6/22/2005
disappointed pilgrims to amarnath. 6/22/2005
a democratic hamas? 6/22/2005
ideological rape of indian schools by congress "bastards & bitches" 6/22/2005
american hindus are different from those in india 6/22/2005
how separatist islam increased in numbers 6/22/2005
honourable punjab will rise to get out of cesspit called crumbling broken bharat 6/22/2005
sikhs have demands, if the hindus have none 6/22/2005
the inevitable war 6/22/2005
lk advani, refugee from karachi, is s.o.b. 6/22/2005
river of blood 6/22/2005
revive the dead hindu nation 6/22/2005
hindu "holy" man, "son of goat", wants to build mosque 6/21/2005
hindus minus self esteem and conviction 6/21/2005
species that over-reproduce 6/20/2005
blame mohammed for partition, not our own helpless side 6/20/2005
indian "niggers" blame the british for partition 6/20/2005
all good or evil comes from top. 6/20/2005
all good or evil comes from top. 6/20/2005
memorial to sikh martyrs is not allowed in broken bharat. 6/19/2005
punjab? which punjab? where is it? 6/19/2005
a close look at indian democracy 6/18/2005
crying for human rights in hindustan 6/18/2005
"pioneer" warns against khalistan! 6/17/2005
memorial to the glorious sikh dead 6/17/2005
no memorial for the underdog sikhs in east punjab 6/16/2005
nostalgia of the muslim ex patriate for lahore after killing the helpless hindu and abducting the defenceless sikh female 6/16/2005
who rules hindustan, land of hindus? 6/15/2005
anguished cry of a hindu. hear it! act!! 6/15/2005
brave muslim mujahideen blow up bridge on defenceless cowardly hindu pilgrim route 6/15/2005
oh! how boring. india is perishing because of her hindus. 6/15/2005
no nirvana for the cowardly hindus 6/14/2005
dalit muslim and catholic axis will wipe out the hindus 6/14/2005
abdul kalam, the supreme commander, celebrates infidels' plight 6/14/2005
biggest sedition was surrendering five provinces of india in 1947 6/14/2005
crying sikhs foretells the death of hindustan 6/14/2005
khalistan in p.i.s.s. (partitioned indian secular state) 6/14/2005
alienation of bashed hindus in broken bharat 6/13/2005
school blast in south kashmir kills 12 6/13/2005
if the hindus vanish, the sikhs will go, too. 6/13/2005
is sonia khan beyond law like "bofors chor" (rajiv khan)? 6/13/2005
is lk advani a lame duck or a dead mouse? 6/12/2005
vatican's new plan to wipe off other religions 6/6/2005
sikhs' must escape doctrinal dark tunnel 6/6/2005
hindusthan, not a mongrel dog, for security council 6/5/2005
this mutilated lame duck hindu india wants seat at security council 6/5/2005
honour the sikh martyrs of june 1984 6/4/2005
brave sikh woman's wail 6/4/2005
memorial to our glorious hindu/sikh martyrs must be in the open 6/3/2005
when will the hindu nation exterminate congress and gandhis? 6/3/2005
high treason is always high treason 6/2/2005
an open letter to my fellow foreign correspondents 6/2/2005
hinduja brothers acquitted in bofors case 6/2/2005
what happens when the despicable hindu leaders are crushed under feet of sonia khan and abdul kalam (italy & islam) 6/2/2005
referendums in france and holland (may/june 2005) 6/1/2005
hindujas acquitted in bofors case 5/31/2005
murderous killer jihad through history 5/31/2005
demise of islam is coming 5/30/2005
cowardly india's further (little known) surrenders. 5/30/2005
deep frozen stinking stagnating decomposing hindustan. great thaw is coming 5/30/2005
performance of indian (mercenary) armed forces 5/30/2005
hindu killer alliances becoming visible in decomposing headless broken bharat 5/30/2005
"islam is murder," says iranian mullah. (dont' we know?) 5/30/2005
indian brigadier passed on military secrets to pakistan 5/30/2005
a superb posting on internet 5/30/2005
hindu leaders asked to see the sikhs' point of view 5/30/2005
exposing sunil dutt. 5/29/2005
who will sound the death knell of the hindus? 5/29/2005
the sheep are conditioned to apologise to the islamic wolf at once 5/29/2005
relentless media onslaught on hindus 5/29/2005
bole so nihal! sat sri akal. 5/28/2005
missionaries and maulvis are all over east punjab 5/27/2005
convey this mosque, brick by brick to pakistan 5/27/2005
timid sikhs must copy the brave hindus now 5/27/2005
golden temple, amritsar, in 1887 and 2005 ad. common factor: slavery of sikhs. 5/26/2005
men charged as terrorists in england 5/26/2005
why no pride in being indian? 5/25/2005
bashed hindus and perishing sikhs must take heed. 5/25/2005
either frontier back to khyber, or face slaughter. 5/25/2005
in films bharatiya culture has gone to dogs and khans 5/25/2005
with stooge singh, clock has turned a full circle in broken bharat 5/25/2005
singh is a stooge, a rabbit, before pope's tigress sonia khan 5/25/2005
is broken bharat (partitioned indian secular state) really independent? 5/25/2005
actor sunil datt "congress dog" and sonia khan 5/25/2005
sikhs commemorate their dead while the hindus don't dare to do so 5/25/2005
good martyrs in bad political stink of hindustan 5/25/2005
wh 5/25/2005
christian missionaries are all over east punjab 5/25/2005
honourable balts and despicable inferior "baboons" of partitioned india 5/23/2005
india news media conspiracy 5/23/2005
glorious pagan past of europe 5/18/2005
sonia khan. arrest the thief. put her away for life. 5/18/2005
vulgarity of islam, how the hindus love them despite partition of india 5/18/2005
brave patriotic defenders of faith and hindu nation, given a bloody nose 5/17/2005
an iranian mullah says islam is murder 5/17/2005
don't blame the sikhs, blame the hindus" 5/14/2005
guy fawkes of bharatvarsha 5/13/2005
wail and cry of helpless useless sikhs of east punjab 5/13/2005
o almighty america! 5/12/2005
guy fawkes of india 5/11/2005
sound the bugle, senapati. 5/11/2005
corrupt indian civil service will ensure the final solution of broken bharat 5/10/2005
persecution of sikhs at universities in rapidly decomposing hindu india under abdul kalam and sonia khan 5/10/2005
dishonourable "indian coolie" nehru and lithuania 5/10/2005
the sikhs are now degenerated hindus 5/10/2005
beheading: mohammed's geneva convention 5/10/2005
find your own equivalent of ann frank, you hindu "sheep & goats, baboons & monkeys"!. 5/10/2005
"japan shuts the door on indian scientists," a sikh wails. 5/9/2005
free germans, not the enslaved indians, remember their dead 5/9/2005
what can one hindu do? 5/9/2005
turkey, concealed islamic bomb 5/9/2005
italian born catholic sonia khan tightens the noose around the hindus' necks 5/9/2005
israel and india: both under serious attack 5/8/2005
are the sikhs "hindus with long hair"? 5/8/2005
india missed golden opportunity. 5/8/2005
nazis and mohammedans 5/8/2005
v-e day in europe (sunday, may 8, 2005) 5/8/2005
two "asian" mp's, vaz and khabra, in london 5/7/2005
suspected maoist rebel kills hindu priest. o yes? 5/7/2005
indian army, "eunuchs in uniform". disgrace to their profession and reputation. 5/7/2005
bhutan banned "buckwaas" bollywood films. well done! 5/7/2005
two indian "midgets" reach the british parliament 5/7/2005
castrating the hinuds (spiritually): bashing the hindus physically. 5/7/2005
partitioned india and defeated germany 5/7/2005
tragedy of hinjdus in kashmir will end when they all perish 5/6/2005
rotting hindustan, as always..............rotten judiciary 5/6/2005
warriors of mohammed fleeing in "burqa and hijab" before wrath of u.s. 5/6/2005
muslim men at prayer behind a woman. "why give them such a chance?" 5/6/2005
turkey, the future islamic bomb 5/6/2005
gen j.s. aurora produced a muslim monster again, not a secular country. hindu is still zero in east bengal. 5/5/2005
why will east punjab not go the way of east bengal? 5/5/2005
gen js aurora, the hero of east pakistan dies 5/4/2005
are the sikhs hindus? 5/4/2005
calm before storm in east punjab under an alien governor 4/12/2005
fierce hindu resistance to islamic jihad 4/12/2005
watch dog against "dogs" misruling india. 4/12/2005
the popes were not all angels 4/11/2005
appeal to the strong and formidable hindu party in "broken" bharat: 4/11/2005
punjab was once sovereign and glorious 4/8/2005
conversion of impoverished, demoralised hindus is a crime. 4/7/2005
sikhs are perishing even in much reduced east punjab 4/6/2005
grand spectacle. let us learn something 4/4/2005
congress fooling us all, suppressing facts that all must know. 4/4/2005
italian born sonia ("empress" of degraded india) is sinking bharat's ship 4/3/2005
why should the governor of east punjab be a catholic from another (alien) world? 4/3/2005
indian slaves neglect native languages. governor of east punjab does not know punjabi. 4/1/2005
why disunited & demoralised hindus and sikhs lack the sense of doom? 4/1/2005
ideological surveillance 4/1/2005
emperor has died in his palace 4/1/2005
hail the hindus,  "thrash" the sikhs 4/1/2005
what islamic schools are teaching 3/31/2005
keep doing bhangra, you hindu slaves, and keep licking abdul kalam and sonia khan 3/31/2005
who killed jn dixit 3/30/2005
hang our own indira khan, the political "witch" of broken bharat 3/28/2005
we see hindus "thrashed" because we deny partition 3/27/2005
grand reception for mr narendra modi via satellite 3/26/2005
holi greetings from a friend 3/26/2005
how can sikhs be safe if india is not? 3/26/2005
narendra modi is a sacrificial goat 3/25/2005
modi calls off uk visit 3/25/2005
modi ji, you had to come to uk! 3/25/2005
partitioned india's indira with "balls" 3/25/2005
can hezbollah and hamas be democratic? 3/24/2005
jihad brewing in britain 3/23/2005
president vladimir putin of russia in jerusalem 3/22/2005
narendra modi, a man with capital ??/a> 3/22/2005
israel establishes holocaust museum.  a formidable challenge for terrified partitioned hindu india 3/20/2005
israel's holocaust museum.  a  formidable  challenge  for  weak  "hindu"  india. 3/20/2005
who took note of two million slaughtered in 1947? 3/20/2005
cancel invitation to gen musharraf, butcher of kargil 3/20/2005
top ten reasons why islam is not the religion of peace 3/20/2005
narendra modi, india's man of future 3/20/2005
mr. modi at interview. 3/19/2005
mr. modi's broadcast to america 3/19/2005
article 2043 3/19/2005
india should cancel visa to musharraf 3/19/2005
why is it "independence" of india and not partition? 3/19/2005
village named its theatre after gandhi 3/17/2005
mohammedans captured tripoli, libya, by deceit and blackmail 3/17/2005
england's house of commons celebrates ramnavami 3/17/2005
calls to ban swastika. where do our "hindu hater" sonia khan and abdul kalam stand? 3/17/2005
understand koran and be prepared for fate 3/17/2005
madam condolisa rice, please speak to sonia khan, the empress of hindustan 3/16/2005
not an inch to the "rascals" who have established 52 intolerant islamic republics on god's earth but can't tolerate one tiny israel 3/16/2005
save not only your daughters and territory from mohammed, but also libraries 3/16/2005
italian born sonia and treacherous nehru dynasty 3/16/2005
he expected halal, beef and koran 3/15/2005
sikh ostrich community. once they had eyes wide open. 3/15/2005
which privileges for islam?  concede, concede, and then vanish from earth! 3/15/2005
islam:  savage slaughter and blind submission 3/15/2005
india under siege 3/14/2005
nehru dynasty exposed. 3/14/2005
how to beat the global islamist insurgency 3/14/2005
interview with tushar gandhi, grandson of mahatma gandhi 3/14/2005
islamic barbarity towards women 3/14/2005
islam:  crude "jehalat", repression, suppression, imposition, intorlerance, savagery that is islam 3/14/2005   (truth about the "rascals, bastards and traitors") 3/13/2005
muslim brotherhood's conquest of europe 3/13/2005
never trust the oath on koran.  mohammed broke it a million times 3/13/2005
new hindu movement is born 3/13/2005
a hindu movement (agains 3/13/2005
when hindus inflicted crushing defeat on savage uncouth mohammedans 3/13/2005
salt march of "bapu" mk gandhi, deception by his grandson 3/12/2005
why did the americans shoot dead the italian? 3/11/2005
educate yourself on "bandit" nehru dynasty 3/11/2005
why did fbi let off the "scoundrel" rahul khan? 3/10/2005
islam:  claim, claim, claim till you kill off mankind. 3/9/2005
why hasn't bihar, the size of iraq, attracted president george bush's attention yet? 3/9/2005
how mohammedans advanced through india: through deceipt, deception and ruthless attacks 3/9/2005
o musalmaan, beiman, shaitan, haiwan,  thy name is treachery, treason, deceipt and surprise attack 3/9/2005
rahul khan, son of "bofors chor", held up at boston? 3/9/2005
death of akhand bharat and birth of state of israel 3/9/2005
the decade that was 1940's: death of india and birth of israel 3/9/2005
a confused sikh embraces "dying" hindustan in big love. 3/8/2005
sikh voice in the whole sordid hindu affair 3/8/2005
do you call the "mouse" a mahatma? 3/7/2005
muslim conquest of europe after killing india in 1947 3/7/2005
"let 'em all in!" film on channel 4 tv, britain 3/7/2005
did anyone know what "mj" in "mj akbar" stood for? 3/6/2005
mr. long of bbc compares india with china. how ignorant! 3/6/2005
five new muslim majority states? 3/5/2005
letter to lok sabha (indian parliament of terrified hindu "midgets") 3/5/2005
sikh,: "sipaahi to sewak to sheep".   progress in broken bharat is downhill. 3/3/2005
gandhi being recalled on holocause day, january 27, 2005. 1/27/2005
watch out for gandhi's die hard admirers in broken bharat 1/26/2005
the churchill doctrine 1/26/2005
cry, my beloved india by francois gautier 1/25/2005
january 26, 2005:  black day in indian history. 1/25/2005
the future of hindu bharat? 1/25/2005
tamil nadu chief minister. when hindus cry, sonia khan and abdul kalam laugh 1/25/2005
a kashmiri hindu writes: who will listen? abdul kalam or sonia khan? 1/24/2005
aushwitz and north kashmir 1/24/2005
auschwitz and hindu holocaust of 1947 1/23/2005
devil called jawaharlal nehru exposed 1/22/2005
congress (italy & islam) turn on against the sikhs in east punjab 1/22/2005
east punjab  will be slave; east bengal will be sovereign.  logic of inferior indian "niggers" 1/21/2005
corrupt nehru and his legacy 1/21/2005
when kashmiri pandits fled islamic terror 1/21/2005
godhra carnage: crucial evidence destroyed 1/20/2005
how the spanish defeated the islamic terror 1/20/2005
ill founded ?epublic day?and bharat? treacherous ?idhan?(constitution): part 2 1/20/2005
slovakia beats and slaps east punjab in broken bharat 1/19/2005
26 january 2005, the republic day of "mutilated india" (broken bharat) 1/19/2005
do not spare the "eunuchs in uniform", the indian army 1/18/2005
a noble cause for us all to support 1/18/2005
prince harry shamed and punished 1/18/2005
america's war in iraq 1/18/2005
bihar in midnight of civilisation 1/18/2005
radical islam's hypocrisy 1/18/2005
iran's al-qaeda link 1/18/2005
prince harry shamed and punishbed.  pt. 2 1/18/2005
prince harry shamed and punished 1/17/2005
lickspittle unscrupulous chief minister of union territory 1/17/2005
tsunami donations. don't hand over to dirty crooks and corrupt thugs in india 1/16/2005
hindu leaders, show initiative. for god's sake show initiative, 1/16/2005
they bashed the sikhs (june 1984) now the hindus (tamil nadu) 1/15/2005
the punjab that was glorious, is political "cesspit" of sonia khan and abdul kalam 1/15/2005
inferiority complex ridden, cowardly chief minister of east punjab 1/14/2005
is india changing? 1/14/2005
genetically reduced hindu argues: 1/14/2005
hindu religioius head treated as "dust" in partitioned india under abdul kalam and sonia khan. 1/14/2005
enslaved tamil nadu would have been better off like sovereign east bengal 1/12/2005
the hindus are perishing in bharat. what next? 1/11/2005
ignorant hindus' last days in south asia? their extermination will be a human catastrophe. 1/11/2005
horrendous consequences of article 370 in constitution of broken bharat (bleeding partitioned india) 1/11/2005
gilgit, hunza, nagar, yasin, ponial, chitral and skardu etc. our territories thrown to dogs in 1948 by "bandit" jawaharlal nehru 1/11/2005
sonia's long broom with sikh handle 1/11/2005
sikh "lions" allied themselves with the hindu "sheep" 1/11/2005
lm singhvi, the "sarkari dog? the hindu "rat" with oversized tilak on forehead 1/10/2005
this is islam, the state religion of pakistan and bogusdesh (that calls itself bangladesh!!). 1/10/2005
muslims infiltrating, penetrating, bending, twisting and breaking britain. 1/9/2005
sikhs' code of conduct ("rehat maryada") 1/9/2005
nehru and chinese perfidy 1/8/2005
more muslims in uniformed services in partitioned india 1/8/2005
illegal muslims in partitioned india, time bomb to explode again 1/7/2005
personal encounter with the "grandfather of all bofors chors:" 1/7/2005
hinduism in extreme danger 1/7/2005
impossible to "educate" a muslim 1/7/2005
cauldron of corruption, india.  only "bofors chor" was mr. clean in that decomposing cesspit. 1/6/2005
cauldron of corruption. on top is "bofors chor", s.o.b. 1/6/2005
hollywood discovers islam. what about bollywood? 1/6/2005
bogus, misleading, fraudulent national anthem of broken bharat 1/6/2005
"secularism must replace christianity,"  say indian jains, hindus and buddhists to uncle sam. 1/6/2005
what is history? 1/4/2005
"either partition or mohammed. not both curses,"  cries india. 1/3/2005
article of accesson by kashmir, now worth dust. 1/2/2005
a letter for the usa media 1/2/2005
three columns in india and a new movie company 1/2/2005
sikhs want the hindus to assert themselves, not run away. 12/28/2004
august 15, black day for hindustan 12/28/2004
illogic, illegitimacy and absurdity that is pakistan 12/24/2004
mr. advani may be behind bars soon? 12/24/2004
pakistani lower and higher education creates morons 12/24/2004
introduction to mohammed of the desert 12/24/2004
such a despicable renegade sikh female! 12/24/2004
vatican type status for sri nankana sahib 12/3/2004
hindus cannot be insulted/degraded/bashed any more 12/2/2004
india's first sikh chief of army staff while still no sikh high commissioner in london 12/2/2004
painful pictures of grieving sikh widows in delhi, india,  november 1984 12/1/2004
muslim in the united kingdom want sharia' law 12/1/2004
sonia "gandhi", white elephant, ought to be expelled, imprisoned or hanged 11/30/2004
fate of jammu and ladakh (in fire) 11/30/2004
islam and its brutalities 11/29/2004
death of islam is approaching fast 11/29/2004
daniel pipe's web log middle east. 11/28/2004
did guru tegh bahadur sacrifice his life in vain? 11/28/2004
commemorating hindu holocaust, august 14 11/28/2004
who is a hindu? 11/27/2004
surrender on august 15, 1947 and subsequengt high treason by all prime ministers of broken bharat (india) 11/27/2004
his excellency abdul kalam, musalman, beiman, haiwan, shaitan 11/27/2004
guard your dharti and dharma from sonia khan 11/27/2004
if mother india could cry 11/5/2004
sikh remembrance day 11/4/2004
hindus, do not commit high treason. 11/3/2004
of all the minorities in partitioned india (and that includes the separatist "hindu killer" mohammedans) why should it be the sikhs to become the victims of state aggression? 11/3/2004
light a candle for the dead sikhs of 1984 and hang the criminals 11/3/2004
your first duty, mr. president 11/3/2004
gunman kills dutch film director 11/2/2004
mohammed silenced his critics and opponents by killing them outright,  news of november 2, 2004. 11/2/2004
cull or kill the muslims in partitioned india (broken bharat) 11/1/2004
we should raise memorials to the dead of 1947 and 1984. 11/1/2004
10 reasons for george bush 10/30/2004
sikhs in india, 1984. continuing tragedy. why are the lions of hindustan crippled? 10/30/2004
sikh massacre in "free" india of baboo(n)s 10/29/2004
mohammed's jehadis and scant respect for women 10/29/2004
the indian gangsters who want to take "broken bharat" to security council 10/29/2004
indian bandits, thugs, loafers, throatcutters, extortionists, "bofors' chors" want to join security council 10/29/2004
hindu tactics and strategy 10/29/2004
in june 1984 all the "excellencies" at  united nations  were a cowardly "gang of eunuchs". 10/28/2004
"mongrel dog" india's application for membership of security council 10/27/2004
hindu pentagon 10/25/2004
the quran was compiled centuries later 10/25/2004
state of the crumbling hindu nation. 10/25/2004
father of nation, indeed! 10/25/2004
surrendering gaza 10/25/2004
fragment called india (+pakistan & bogusdesh), israel, nepal and margaret hassan 10/23/2004
israel, india, bogusdesh, nepal and margaret hassan (iraq) 10/23/2004
recovering sikh treasures and relics.  "burn their house and then say "sorry"." 10/21/2004
who is/was a punjabi? 10/21/2004
persecuting martial sikhs, a prelude to exploding and destroying decomposing cowardly partitioned india 10/21/2004
"fake encounter" in decomposing, disintegrating hindustan 10/21/2004
sikhs seen through the eyes of the others 10/20/2004
decomposing hindustan. "hindu" is not a decent word any more. 10/19/2004
islam. a murderous totalitarian ideology 10/18/2004
what is america doing about her muslim soldiers? what is broken bharat? 10/18/2004
american soldiers converting to islam, the one way trap. 10/18/2004
sexual mutilations and islam 10/17/2004
debate among defeated simple "nishkam sewak" all-loving sikhs (and hindus) 10/16/2004
hindus support every good cause but their own 10/16/2004
muslim females insist on head dress at school 10/15/2004
gita, sri guru granth sahib, dasam granth, the sikhs and the hindus 10/15/2004
vast accounts of defeats, degradation and deaths 10/15/2004
our survival is at stake 10/14/2004
perpetual killer and destroyer, the koran 10/14/2004
never call the mohammedan "dogs and wolv es" "bhai bhai" like fools. 10/14/2004
eliminate the separatist and savage "human" beasts among us 10/14/2004
no status, freedom and joy for indian coolies and serfs 10/12/2004
vibrant gujarat: navratri festival 10/12/2004
beslan, russia, bharat, and koran, the "mein kampf" of mohammed. 10/11/2004
islam is terrorism 10/3/2004
pakistan is failed mohammed 10/3/2004
mohammed was a paedophile 10/2/2004
they killed little children just as they have been doing for 14 centuries 10/2/2004
october and "killer" mk gandhi 10/2/2004
islam proven to be religion of violence 9/16/2004
gujarat eliminated- first from anthem, then from map of india 9/16/2004
"bashed" sikhs and hindus fleeing "bandit" nehru's partitioned india 9/16/2004
appeasing france, courageous nepal and "meat on hooves" called india, 9/14/2004
beslan, a survivor's tale 9/14/2004
shed the leprosy of islam 9/13/2004
muslim hostage-takers laughed as kids suffered 9/11/2004
brave america honours her dead.  <> 9/11/2004
lights of freedom going out on earth 9/11/2004
dark and threatening islamic clouds over switzerland. will it resemble kashmir? 9/11/2004
commemorating september 11 the hindu way 9/11/2004
pleasing the sikhs.  the other alarming side. 9/11/2004
bbc world service "talking point" on sunday, sep 12, 2004 9/10/2004
article 1838 9/10/2004
who is running india?  we cannot see anyone except italy & islam on top 9/10/2004
israel celebrates janmashtami 9/10/2004
mr. vladimir putin, please abolish islam. it is the other side of nazism 9/10/2004
bangla(bogus)desh and the hindus, meant for extermination 9/10/2004
pakistan is a nuclear time bomb 9/10/2004
chechen rebels trained in pakistan: russia 9/10/2004
kashmir:  tourism and industry could have brought in a billion dollars a year. 9/10/2004
pakistan supports terror. you don't have to! 9/10/2004
september 11, and august 15. 9/10/2004
september 11. 9/10/2004
beslan :  lessons for decomposing partitioned india 9/8/2004
bravo putin, the whole of india is mighty impressed. 9/8/2004
child of man-2004 :  nomination 9/8/2004
what should russia do with the eternal jihadi killers? 9/7/2004
not just "terrorists" but animals 9/7/2004
terrorists? o no, not just terrorists.... 9/7/2004
terrorists, beasts, savages, animals, "bastards" and mohammedans,  who killed hundreds of small children, denying them a sip of water and a bit of biscuit for two days 9/7/2004
partitioned india:  the most ignorant nation under the worst leaders 9/7/2004
india and pakistan hold fraternal (fraternal) talks in new delhi. 9/7/2004
sikhs urged to show solidarity with the grieving russians. 9/7/2004
tragedy of immense proportion in russia, and enslaved "partitioned" india under the foot of italy & islam 9/6/2004
hindus unite against islamic terror: vhp: 9/6/2004
views on sonia khan (aka gandhi) 9/6/2004
beslan is our own bleeding heart. we are hindus. 9/6/2004
rise, russia, rise.  it is too late for partitioned bleeding hindustan (india). 9/6/2004
shall we blast one of their schools along with all the children? mohammed never met his match! 9/6/2004
the day we abused mohammed profusely in public 9/4/2004
"bastard" state of pakistan demands compensation from macedonia 9/4/2004
ravenous appetite of allah for human flesh 9/4/2004
islam is not a religion. it is ideology of terrorism 9/3/2004
article 370 of india's constitution is extremely vulgar and obscene : islamic bamboo up hindustan's. 9/3/2004
well said, will cummins (uk scene), brave lion among secular sheep 9/3/2004
school siege in russia : islamic dagger in soft russian under belly 9/3/2004
appesing  islam  is  high  treason 9/2/2004
muslims are already 3% in nepal 9/1/2004
what could putin do? 9/1/2004
what would you do if you were president putin? 9/1/2004
12 nepalese hostages beheaded in iraq 8/31/2004
sikh turban issue in france, and government of sonia khan and abdul kalam 8/30/2004
the sikh scum were rulers of lahore and kashmir 8/30/2004
why did american airlines 587 crash? 8/30/2004
the french hostages in iraq 8/30/2004
5 september 8/29/2004
5 8/29/2004
french hostages and future of hindustan 8/29/2004
"press any key". state of the union bharat. 8/28/2004
why sacred city of amritsar must get unesco cover. a sikh input. 8/28/2004
hindu slaves, serfs and coolies will make film on "daughter of mussolini" sonai khan 8/27/2004
harrassment of a patriot by foreign enemy of india 8/27/2004
harrassment of a patriot by foreign enemy of india 8/27/2004
o hindu, be firm with your enemies. 8/27/2004
tackling violent islam 8/27/2004
bogus and fake national heroes 8/27/2004
centrality of jihad in islam 8/27/2004
meaning of jihad:  kill or convert the non muslims 8/27/2004
nightmare of brutal muslim world 8/27/2004
sonia khan and her congress slaps india in the face by ignoring real heroes of independence 8/21/2004
kalam and sonia. 8/19/2004
long march of islam: future imperfect 8/19/2004
university named after a "witch".  this is cooly colony of india. 8/19/2004
the real destroyers of india 8/19/2004
sonia khan, uncrowned queen of india, the truth about her. 8/18/2004
the sikh holy city of sri nankana sahib, now in profane (unholy) pakistan 8/18/2004
barbaric sharia law in civilised canada. another comment 8/17/2004
hindu killers are "freedom fighters" in bharat under abdul kalam 8/17/2004
muslim americans. talk of canadian muslims, too 8/17/2004
naming the enemy 8/17/2004
a genuine indian patriot honoured. sonia khan's sarkari stooges kept away. 8/17/2004
ultimate independence for the hindus 8/16/2004
medieval, dark, and savage sharia law in canada? 8/16/2004
india became partly independent, partly enslaved again 8/16/2004
warning in anguish by a senior citizen and astute politician of bharat. will it be heeded? 8/16/2004
sorry state of hindustan.  too eager to surrender 8/16/2004
indian prime minister praising nri's 8/16/2004
mk gandhi, a "mouse", a sex maniac or a "warrior" who got us partition? 8/16/2004
hindu "born slave" dreaming of ultimate independence (in next world) 8/16/2004
thank you, george w. bush,  for your vision and heroism in world war iv 8/16/2004
lacking direction and vitality, crushed hindu ex-slaves celebrate muharram. 8/16/2004
cry of patiala and punjab 8/15/2004
gandhi committed blunders but he is still a mahatma 8/15/2004
why 15th. of august?  (india's defeat and surrender in 1947) 8/15/2004
south india being battered and bashed by centre (hostile rulers in distant delhi) 8/15/2004
india's shame at olympics 2004. 8/15/2004
"mahatma" gandhi of broken bharat (partitioned/bleeding india) recalled today (august 15, 2004) 8/15/2004
terrible fate awaits india 8/14/2004
describing allah 8/14/2004
bogus article 370 cannot be deleted from india's constitution (of coolies) 8/13/2004
15 august and bleeding broken bharata (india) 8/13/2004
what kind of a prime minister does india have? 8/13/2004
end of islam is foreseen. the bloody tide has turned upon them. 8/13/2004
banning the veil in public. broken bharat could at least copy the italians like a monkey 8/13/2004
pakistani army and nuclear weapons 8/13/2004
dialogue on muslim loyalto to country of birth or domicile 8/13/2004
israel's creation. the untold diplomatic story 8/13/2004
"panch sheel" of broken bharat (partitioned india) 8/12/2004
british muslims seek guidance from imam in south africa 8/12/2004
criminals, thugs, thieves and rascalss misruling, fooling and plundering the nation 8/12/2004
india's independence and the institute of hindu ideology 8/12/2004
kashmir samiti, delhi.  a brief history 8/12/2004
comment on india celebrating "independence", august 15 8/12/2004
shame on indian leaders for forgetting partition 8/12/2004
august 15 (2004).   india will "celebrate" her worst ever defeat and surrender 8/12/2004
a little hindu child asks............... 8/11/2004
bandit nehru's oil painting in partitioned india's parliament must go. 8/11/2004
living america and dead india 8/11/2004
on "independence day", 1995 8/10/2004
hindu holocaust day 8/10/2004
islam, an aggressive ideology. 8/10/2004
glorious new temple to bharat mata 8/10/2004
muslims must be defeated and given hell, for a change. 8/10/2004
muslims say, "we are pure". one can laugh over it. 8/10/2004
independence day or partition day? 8/9/2004
creation of illegitimate absurt religious state of pakistan 8/9/2004
india's independence day, august 15 (1947) 8/9/2004
hindu fasting to death, sonia and abdul kalam at banquet. 8/9/2004
manipur:  govt.of broken bharat (partitioned india) is sonia khan and abdul kalam 8/9/2004
"tez gaam chal, o hindu!"  defeat of august 15, 1947 8/5/2004
when might is right, mohammedan style 8/4/2004
floods in bogusdesh, punishment by allah. 8/4/2004
you cannot have the cake and eat it, too. 8/4/2004
defence of hindustan in the hands of "dogs and bitches" and "bofors chors" 8/3/2004
the crime of vatican. like nehru dynasty they are beyond law. 8/3/2004
who killed agent of islam & british stooge mr. mk gandhi on january 30, 1948? 8/3/2004
know thy muslim "friend" 8/3/2004
floods in bogusdesh (formerly east bengal in india) 8/3/2004
murderous mohammed and his crude and primitive islam 8/1/2004
voice of east punjab 8/1/2004
hope from the incorrigible musalman 8/1/2004
india: soulless secular skeleton. 8/1/2004
brainwashing enslaved hindus in hindustan 8/1/2004
the french running away from muslim menace 7/31/2004
inferior indian coolie cannot think of 8/15 commission 7/31/2004
mohammed continues to behead the innocent 7/31/2004
when the enemy was destroyed completely 7/31/2004
nehru's high treason can never be 'time barred' 7/31/2004
clash of civilisations: 7/31/2004
why manipur burns and north kashmir has fallen off? 7/31/2004
alleged al qaida terrorist joins main political party in broken bharat (partitioned india) 7/31/2004
9/11 commission. congratulations america.   but no "1947 commission" in broken bharat. shame on you, terrified india. 7/31/2004
muslim / mohammedan barbarism 7/30/2004
violent truth behind sufi mask 7/30/2004
musalman (haiwan, shaitan, beiman) thinks he is pure. 7/30/2004
muslims forcing out the native danes. 7/29/2004
strengthening islam to finish off the mutilated hindu cow 7/29/2004
kashmir dissolving in muslim morass 7/29/2004
congress attack on the hindus, invisible and lethal 7/29/2004
pakistani "mohammeds" beheaded 7/29/2004
abdul kalam's bharat zero at olympics by design 7/28/2004
bogus secularism of partitioned india: never trust a mohammed. 7/28/2004
india's day of mourning, 14 august. 6/25/2004
where is muslimkush? we all know of hindukush. 6/24/2004
bewildered sikh- 2 6/24/2004
anguished cry of a bewildered sikh in broken bharat - 1 6/24/2004
fearless and knowledgeable churchill on mohammedans 6/24/2004
saudi royals and paki general doing their dirty dangerous evil? 6/24/2004
"hijda" hindu elephant, lying in defeat and dust, being ridden by abdul kalam and sonia khan, is looking up to israel, the size of "karela" (kerala) to act. 6/24/2004
what is shahabuddin doing in partitioned india? 6/24/2004
upset over hindu retaliation in gujerat 6/24/2004
proposal to put hindu mahasabha to sleep 6/21/2004
kashmir dispute. like partition, is of incompetent cowardly hindu india's own making 6/21/2004
al qaida in britain 6/19/2004
islamists form alliance with radical extreme left 6/19/2004
new cabinet in india (may 2004) 6/18/2004
regent in lahore 6/18/2004
pakistan 6/18/2004
lucky mohammed 6/18/2004
confucius 6/18/2004
partition or independence? 6/18/2004
bnp in the uk 6/18/2004
british national party (bnp) 6/18/2004
cactus and camels 6/18/2004
panorama on bbc tv: 6/18/2004
muslim veil 6/18/2004
veiled threat 6/18/2004
forgiving a mohammed 6/18/2004
burqa for muslim men, if there is equality in islam 6/18/2004
no mention of partition in land of "rats" 6/18/2004
law of ideology : why india collapsed? 6/18/2004
president of india is a pakistani secret agent. he is unmasked. 6/8/2004
progress of islam.  chrisitans first, then the bahais, then the jews, then the british, then the hindus, then the .............. 5/31/2004
support the lesser evil in saudi arabia 5/31/2004
catch this "thug" of dynasty, too. rahul khan alias gandhi 5/28/2004
overlooking all the islamic poison in pakistan, they called bjp "fascist"! 5/28/2004
disunity will mean death 5/28/2004
mohammedan to act the role of hindus' sacred lord rama 5/28/2004
vicious evil vindictive congress of sonia khan appoints a sikh killer as minister 5/28/2004
villain jagdish tytler, indian minister for nri's ought to be "hanged" 5/28/2004
regent in lahore. now regent in delhi. native is still slave 5/27/2004
go for, fight for, vedic culture and civilisation 5/27/2004
criteria for becoming ministers in broken bharat 5/27/2004
criminality & rascality of congress, communists and itlay 5/27/2004
did bhagat singh kiss the gallows in lahore for this? 5/27/2004
bangladesh relishing fruit of islam. give them some more of "mohammed's message of peace." 5/27/2004
anti sikh web site in india.  why? 5/27/2004
sonia khan commended for sainthood 5/25/2004
computers in impoverished hindustan 5/25/2004
italian onslaught against hindustan.  stop it. 5/25/2004
we need to revive dharma quickly 5/25/2004
is this hindustan of the sikhs?  letter to bbc 5/25/2004
india's new cabinet : may 2004 5/24/2004
sonia khan/gandhi seen as "black witch" of hindustan 5/24/2004
article 1636 5/21/2004
hindu is voiceless in hindustan.  under weight of slavery 5/21/2004
rahul "gandhi":  mp today, pm tomorrow.  this is decomposing hindusthan 5/20/2004
sonia, the "kalanq" (bane or curse) of hindustan 5/19/2004
india saved from congress' high treason 5/19/2004
fact file on manmohan singh.  now compare this with that of the "sweepress from italy" 5/19/2004
hindus being pushed to their (slow) death 5/19/2004
know your sonia khan intimately. save bharat from deadly snake in human form 5/19/2004
plight of hindus in mohammed's pakistan.  shamefully disgracefully betrayed by gandhi, nehru and india in 1947 and since. 5/19/2004
bogus "inner voice" of anti hindu, anti indian treacherous italian catholic "cat" sonia khan 5/19/2004
who was nehru?  who is sonia?  read carefully. tell the others fearlessly. 5/19/2004
how a waitress became a world leader 5/19/2004
singh & sonia   (native lion & foreign cat) 5/18/2004
serpent sonia and her simpleton sikh sewaks 5/18/2004
raising awareness with the speed of light 5/17/2004
sonia the icon of death and symbol of shame 5/16/2004
nation of "eunuchs" got what it deserves: slavery 5/15/2004
election result: shocking and shameful 5/13/2004
beheading is legitimate and allowed in islam 5/13/2004
get back to partition and start all over again. 5/12/2004
india in peril due to "snake" sonia 5/12/2004
when the jinn was in bottle and india was united 5/12/2004
hindu rashtra, if there must be islamic bogusdesh and pakistan 5/11/2004
uk & pi 5/11/2004
muslim europe : mohammedan dark age is already there in south asia 5/11/2004
constitution of partitioned india is "dung" 5/11/2004
the psychoanalytic roots of islamic terrorism 5/7/2004
the sonia club 5/7/2004
post-partition hindu rashtra must have very powerful native, nationalist, global broadcasting 5/7/2004
islam:  death to those who disagree 5/5/2004
lift the "burqa".  blast burqa. liberate muslim females in india 5/5/2004
islamism is fascism and communism: daniel pipes 5/5/2004
how and why religion of separatism, violence and savagery spread? 5/5/2004
hindu females' degradation  :  marrying muslims. 5/5/2004
citizenship debate will go on and on and on but the white elephant will not be "eliminated." 5/5/2004
who is a muslim? 5/5/2004
"nehru papers" not accessible to public in the political "toilet" called india. 5/5/2004
indian ?adrassas?- deception, separatism and the devastating future time bomb 5/2/2004
had the sikhs been dynamic enough to increase in india 5/1/2004
history of the koran = proof of fraud 4/29/2004
the most formidable ultimate weapon 4/28/2004
hindus, surprise yourselves.  bring in "foreigners" to kashmir! 4/28/2004
suhasini haidar of cnn,  reporting from (hindu) india 4/27/2004
women in islam.  hope you like to be a muslim female. 4/27/2004
precarious sikh politics in hindustan 4/27/2004
"expanding" islam in the "shrinking" united kingdom 4/27/2004
"pakistani" suhasini haidar reporting from partitioned india 4/26/2004
cyprus and iraq 4/25/2004
one good (clueless foolish) hindu writes 4/25/2004
global  army  of  free  world  to  confront  and  beat  global  mohammedan  terrorism 4/25/2004
prime minister sonia? dirty provocation to the extreme! 4/25/2004
cyprus and iraq 4/25/2004
brave crusader against congress corruption 4/24/2004
global army to confront global terror 4/24/2004
europe is not prepared for islamic terrorism 4/24/2004
blow up australian electricity grid 4/24/2004
priyenka, rahul, sonia and their treachery 4/24/2004
greeks and turks are not (not) "bhai bhai" like the hindus and muslims 4/24/2004
how much arms smuggling is going on in india?  the surviving hindus are doomed. 4/24/2004
un and eu want cyprus united, but not india, not bharat, not hindustan, because of the "third rate inferior hindu coolies, serfs & slaves". 4/23/2004
commemorate the brutality of muslims 4/22/2004
the british in ootacamund (ooty) after exterminating the "rat" called tipu sultan and his mohammeds from there. 4/22/2004
northern cyprus suddenly swears by secularism and unity!  beware of their oaths on koran. 4/22/2004
one hindu lion, for a change.  the muslims had a million in 1947. 4/21/2004
barbarians destroy hindu temples in hindustan.  watch out for severe retaliation. 4/21/2004
what kind of baboon or "buckwaas" is this hindustan? 4/21/2004
the treacherous anti national maino trio 4/20/2004
sonia khan, quit india before you meet the fate of other three "dirty" gandhis. 4/20/2004
remove article 370 of "indian coolies" constitution 4/20/2004
white hand (of death) on our nuke button. (don't forget abdul kalam, too, you native fools!) 4/20/2004
will hindustan be destroyed by italians of sonia's "loyalty & patriotism"? 4/20/2004
lahore was once hindu, and indian, till the "bastards and bitches" of all-india congress party surrendered it to the savages 4/20/2004
worthless arrogant "italian import" in the footsteps of autocratic imperial brown "lord" called "bandit" jawaharlal nehru 4/20/2004
italian born sonia khan (aka gandhi) hates native religions of hindustan and her inferior indian / hindu "nigger" followers and admireres 4/20/2004
sonia khan, a disaster for india 4/17/2004
a despicable "nigger" called ambedkar wrote the constitution of partitioned india 4/17/2004
constitution of "bhangi" ambedkar has article 370 in it. 4/17/2004
open letter to the election commission of india 4/17/2004
tryst with destiny of "bandit" nehru and his corruptly thuggish dynasty 4/17/2004
rahul gandhi's bogus qualifications, like his father's (the bofors chor's) 4/17/2004
pakistani army's mission impossible 4/13/2004
boom of baisakhi and birth of khalsa 4/13/2004
son of "bofors chor".  how and where did he get all his wealth from? 4/13/2004
sonia gandhi must be arrested, tried, questioned and then punished. 4/13/2004
congress chief minister, mrs. dick-shit of delhi with tim sebastian of bbc 4/13/2004
dear america, no cease fire in iraq. 4/12/2004
indian buys the most expensive house on earth. but his mother is bleeding, mutilated and dying. 4/11/2004
son of bofors chor, the future prime minister of the italian coolie colony called india? 4/11/2004
wadra, the despicable low down punjabi "rat" of priyenka 4/11/2004
italian "serpent" sonia and the "damn fool" suicidal hindus of partitioned india (broken bharat) 4/11/2004
stand all-india congress party before firing squad and "blow them all up!" 4/10/2004
arrest and punish them : terrorists in iraq 4/9/2004
fast and rapid transit for the hindus of sub continent 4/7/2004
response from the president of india's office, the grand circus.. 4/6/2004
next prime minister of hindustan, an egyptian belly dancer? 4/6/2004
rahul khan (s.o.b. calls himself "gandhi", too?) 4/6/2004
islam  and  partitioned  (bleeding)  india 4/6/2004
ayodhya issue will divide the country! 4/5/2004
mr. blair, why did you let in so many muslims? 4/5/2004
flyiing officer nirmal jit singh sekhon, pvc 4/5/2004
is our tolerance pushing us to our collective death? 4/5/2004
chamberlain and churchill, nehru and patel 4/5/2004
very inferior loathsome indian version of democracy 4/5/2004
abdul kalam's pakistan is unsafe for american tourists*** 4/5/2004
a wonderful india waiting to be destroyed 4/4/2004
abdul kalam, quit india.   "act of partition of india, 1947", is binding. 4/4/2004
china is the enemy of president of india, not pakistan!  amazing world of hindu "mule" 4/4/2004
sovereign britain, "coolie colony" of bihar 4/3/2004
east and west.  (militarise the hindus.  o yes?) 4/3/2004
gs tohra, ("great" sikh leader) passes away. 4/3/2004
happy new year (march 21, 2004) 4/3/2004
daniel pipe's weblog.  global islam = global terrorism 4/2/2004
sita ram goel, the illustrious son of india 4/1/2004
impostor abdul kalam, president of partitioned india must go 4/1/2004
why will cowardly and confused india lose kashmir? 3/31/2004
strong protest by sgpc 3/31/2004
pakistan is "lovely boy" of george bush, and gets mnna status 3/31/2004
"friends of india" in us senate 3/31/2004
he will ban rss, bajrang dal, etc. 3/31/2004
letter to un secretary general (gc asnani) 3/31/2004
religion, science and logic 3/31/2004
muslim terrorists, a factor in partitioned india 3/31/2004
pakistanis with british passports! 3/30/2004
gandhi at partition : "indian coolie", nothing more 3/30/2004
chamberlain and churchill, nehru and patel (by g.c.asnani) 3/30/2004
cherry chimes:  the glorious bell. 3/30/2004
letter to scotland yard. london 3/30/2004
secret pictures of snr. airman ahmad al halabi  (daniel pipes) 3/29/2004
change the constitution:  sooner the better 3/29/2004
leave israel alone! 3/29/2004
brief book review. (daniel pipes) 3/29/2004
why are hindus decreasing in hindustan? 3/29/2004
letter to the editor:  israel vs. plo, hamas, global islam, etc. 3/29/2004
partitioned (bleeding) india's weeps for the terrorist 3/28/2004
archbiship carey has changed his mind, well in time to avert the partition of u.k. 3/27/2004
living among the arabs :  an eye witness account 3/27/2004
perennial surrerings of the kashmiri hindus 3/27/2004
kashmiris wail and weep.  damn abdul kalam couldn't care les!  some "nigger indian coolie" president. 3/27/2004
archbishop dr. carey did not mention paradise 'as per koran' 3/26/2004
rewards of terrorism : descripton of paradise 3/26/2004
memorials, foundations and institutions after nehrus and gandhis,  hindustan's thugs, rascals, "bitches and witches" 3/26/2004
arabs running scared :  lifeless hindustan, start breathing 3/26/2004
horrendous consequences of article 370 in india's constitution 3/26/2004
yet another bogus "gandhi", son of bofors chor, grandson of "political witch".: hindustan is doomed. 3/26/2004
good bye musharraf! 3/25/2004
23 march and brave martyr bhagat singh of cowardly "hijacked" hindu nation 3/24/2004
article 1490 3/24/2004
cricket will undo partition, thus spake a smashed hindu 3/24/2004
are the hindus in broken bharat (partitioned india) approaching collective death? 3/24/2004
open letter to harvard university: (don't fool the world!) 3/24/2004
sonia khan, gandhi no. four ought to quit india 3/23/2004
al qaida's escape : islamic surprise 3/23/2004
gaza.  then what?  (softest target, the hindu) 3/23/2004
what did you do in war, dad? 3/22/2004
sonia khan, main danger to india.  exterminate all-india congress party of gangsters, goons and gandhis. 3/22/2004
sheikh yassin 3/22/2004
frauds in indian banking system. congress criminals 3/21/2004
mythical moderate muslim (must be "son-in-law" of tony blair) 3/21/2004
israel:  plans and plans.  all mean "give up territory!" 3/21/2004
demonstration in mumbai, (broken) bharat 3/20/2004
i swear, by gandhi and god, kashmir will go. 3/19/2004
"indian coolie" members of parliament enrich themselves 3/19/2004
fox in the henhouse 3/19/2004
new glow of freedom for indian coolies.  dual nationality 3/18/2004
spanish chicken for al qaida's dinner 3/18/2004
albanians in kosovo are mohammedan, and turk. they are europe's time bomb 3/18/2004
islamic terrorists declare cease fire in spain with a warning 3/17/2004
women molesting is islamic trait 3/17/2004
peace between hawk (musharraf) and sparrow (vajpayee), or peace between hitler and chamberlaine 3/17/2004
peace award for conceding "hijda hajpayee"? 3/17/2004
india vs. spain 3/17/2004
public opinion of a goat? 3/17/2004
no jews.  no hindus.  no kafirs.  whither saudi arabia? 3/17/2004
shame on spain.  how dare you, blair? 3/16/2004
al qaida and spain.  how dare you breathe, o' niggardly hindu? 3/16/2004
shutting down terrorist financing 3/16/2004
the lie that won't die: collusion, 1967 3/16/2004
canada's first family of terrorism 3/16/2004
immigrants with hostile sectarian (savage) islamic backgrounds and indoctrination 3/16/2004
our lethal (hindu) lords 3/15/2004
asking questions of the hindus 3/14/2004
sonia khan of congress, the party of partition 3/12/2004
voice of judea 3/12/2004
you cannot escape the damn thing.  once in, you are trapped for life. 3/12/2004
why is it impossible to bring political freedom to hindustan? 3/12/2004
idols of gandhi installed in temples 3/12/2004
eternally grateful hindu 3/12/2004
can there be the united states of india?  no, never.  indian is a born coolie and he dies a coolie. 3/12/2004
indians may visit pakistan visa free! 3/12/2004
spanish carnage, pakistan's voice reached the bbc, not india's 3/12/2004
islam and britain 3/12/2004
pakistan fires a long range missile 3/12/2004
two million palestinians claim israel.  one billion hindus cannot claim lahore. 3/12/2004
why is partition of india a non event? 3/12/2004
the king of hindustan is naked.  the president is mohammedan! 3/12/2004
truth behind nehrus and gandhis of india 3/12/2004
corroborator is criminal, too.   hang the hindu to death. 3/11/2004
god and dog in partitioned india 3/11/2004
muslims in india joing bjp (so-called hindu fundamentalist party) 2/26/2004
bogusdeshi pole from behind!  quite a vulgarity lady hindustan 2/25/2004
temple destroying beasts in human form 2/25/2004
where was the owner of the cow? 2/25/2004
(hindu) rape victim (went silent) 2/25/2004
problem of jammu and kashmir 2/25/2004
proposed first lady of partitioned india (hindustan) a muslim 2/23/2004
hindu refugees from south kashmir. in the north none is left alive 2/23/2004
hindus in east bengal (bogusdesh) are being exterminated 2/23/2004
taliban banned weather forecast in their exemplary "islamic civilisation" 2/22/2004
congress corruption puts india into cesspit 2/22/2004
initiation of the hindu as a warrior 2/21/2004
this girl is india.  she is india's dignity in dust. 2/21/2004
boycott works both ways.   pro islamic europe 2/20/2004
the titanic and partitioned india 2/20/2004
letter to bbc,  february 20, 2004 2/20/2004
india's abdali kalam and dissolution of pakistan 2/20/2004
watch saudi arabia and broken (hindu) bharat 2/19/2004
jammu & kashmir: high treason by pandit nehru 2/19/2004
who is the carnivorous beast among us? 2/18/2004
rising fifth column? after india, it is europe 2/18/2004
pride of gujarat : the sikhs of east punjab should learn 2/16/2004
indira gandhi:   ask, ask, ask, o' timid hindu. 2/15/2004
real islam- 2. 2/14/2004
a critical analysis of ?eal islam? its people, culture, 2/14/2004
leaving islam  by ibn warraq: book of millennium 2/14/2004
congress will destroy india 2/11/2004
voice of jewish people, that will be ignored 2/11/2004
france:  ban on head scarf 2/11/2004
israel and india 2/11/2004
is india secular?  no. she is "hindu bashing" 2/10/2004
saddam hussein vs. pervez musharraf 2/9/2004
british historians, muslims and tragedy of india 2/9/2004
how many women can a muslim man have? 2/9/2004
schizophrenia 2/8/2004
antisemitism and antihinduism and antisecularism 2/8/2004
more on hindu "mouse" who was "father of pakistan" 2/8/2004
british national party   (brave bnp) 2/8/2004
decomposing india's poverty and impoverishment are deliberate 2/8/2004
embedded and ineradicable evil in islam 1/19/2004
ask a muslim in "broken" bharat, "what the hell are *you* doing here after partition?" 1/19/2004
hindu-sikh unity, vital for survival of partitioned india 1/19/2004
hindu sikh unity crucial for defence of hindustan and hinduism 1/19/2004
unlike the other conquerors 1/19/2004
south kashmir :  questions not welcome 1/19/2004
sonia khan 1/18/2004
india's prosperity is illusion 1/16/2004
bouncing india since death of nehru dynasty 1/16/2004
sikhs are hindus. both are doomed. 1/16/2004
rogue rajiv (khan) & dynasty betray india, suppress native aspirations, fool and plunder the people 1/15/2004
muslims are misfits in civilisation 1/15/2004
never forget your umpteen holocausts 1/15/2004
vanish from iran, india and indonesia, your barbarians of islam 1/15/2004
semi-literate sonia khan (italian born widow of "bofors chor") claims diploma 1/14/2004
pakistan will blow itself up on her koran. 1/12/2004
indira gandhi (in reality indira khan) was a pakistani at heart. 1/12/2004
mohammed syndrome : "father of suicide bombers & hindu killers" 1/12/2004
sikhs are caring for the mosque 1/11/2004
mohammedan "beasts" burnt down an ancient city (death of civilisation and secularism in multan) 1/11/2004
conversion to crude islam, degradation of civilised natives 1/10/2004
prominent bbc presenter victim of muslim wrath 1/10/2004
hiding facts:  dirty, devious, despicable so-called "government" of india 1/9/2004   well done! do involve abdul kalam and sonia khan, too. 1/9/2004
buddhist thailand.  (tackling the kafirs and infidels in thailand) 1/9/2004
bangladesh & jihadi terrorism --an update 1/7/2004
barbarians "murder" civilisation and secularism in multan, india, and hoist the flag of mohammed of arabia 1/7/2004
jauhar (self immolation by defenceless hindu/sikh women besieged by murderous muslims 1/7/2004
partition without conditions, no!! 1/7/2004
bharat:  how to deal with the separatist mischievous disruptive muslims? 1/6/2004
duties of a true kshatriya 1/6/2004
the "good muslim" theory, invented by bandit nehru & dynasty 1/6/2004
hindu holocaust museum is coming up.   countless sikh holocausts will be integral part of it, too. 1/6/2004
insurgency in south kashmir.  post-partition leaderless "hindu" india is too weak, divided and ruined (and decomposing) to recover north kashmir from the muslim invaders 1/6/2004
short view of islam. bold and effective. 1/5/2004
india rulers, thieves, cowards, chor, chor like the bofors' chor 1/5/2004
sovereignty of india 1/5/2004
who is a muslim? what is he up to?  beware!! 1/5/2004
what is abdul kalam's hidden agenda? 1/5/2004
menace of muslim terrorism is dangerous and expensive.  it is growing 1/5/2004
simpleton sikhs of east punjab being lulled to death by clever "scholars and doctors" 1/5/2004
islam is schizophrenia 1/3/2004
muslims are our ideological sworn enemies. out with them! 1/3/2004
lowly hindu serf travels to his muslim master:  vajpayee in islamabad. 1/3/2004
origin of their "religion" that finally killed democracy in lahore and dhaka. 1/3/2004
hark!  mahatma gandhi, the holy father of hindustan, is speaking. 1/3/2004
muslims were my best friends.  then i saw them as murderous, killers, wolves and hyenas. 1/3/2004
the sheep that was gandhi.  the mouse that was mahatma. 1/3/2004
transfer of population the only way out. 12/26/2003
calif of baghdad 12/25/2003
both born on december 25.  angel of peace jesus and the jinn of partition 12/25/2003
"bastard" nehru and "bitch" indira.  their high treason 12/3/2003
initiative rests with the terrorist state 12/2/2003
time for a ferocious & fierce (peaceful) hindu counter attack 12/1/2003
temples & hindus robbed to reward mosques & "madrassas" in enslaved bharat 12/1/2003
"islam is a standard religion"   o yes? 11/29/2003
women left behind by fleeing hindus/sikhgs lost in 1947 when "india of hindu "chickens" was murdered". 11/29/2003
from arabia to india, it's coming (democracy) 11/29/2003
muslim terror suspect arrested in united kingdom. (are they here to partition her, too?) 11/28/2003
partitioned india:  muslims attack and kill hindus: tigers vs. lambs,  eh? 11/27/2003
cease fire by pakistan. why? 11/26/2003
india's prompt cease-fire. "thank god the pakistanis stopped firing!" 11/25/2003
how they treated the hindus for eight centuries 11/23/2003
"muslim terrorists", thank you america. 11/23/2003
sgpc approaches pakistan 11/23/2003
palestinians had a choice, not the hindus of west punjab and north kashmir 11/23/2003
this smashed & crushed hindu in lucknow 11/22/2003
hindu india and islamic terrorism 11/22/2003
england expects every muslim to behave 11/22/2003
they "discarded & umped" islam. so should the indian muslims 11/22/2003
how islam swelled its ranks in hindustan 11/21/2003
muslim view on partition of india 11/21/2003
editorial in "the daily telegraph", london. 11/21/2003
jews in palestine are "back home".  muslims in pakistan & india are intruders, not "back home" 11/20/2003
islam is deception and treason 11/20/2003
remember islam's misdeeds? 11/20/2003
loot, plunder, rape and abduction, root of islamic imperialism 11/20/2003
qur'an: a work of multiple hands? 11/20/2003
"exploding islamic population and anti-americanism in europe" 11/19/2003
hindu-muslim "bhai bhai" 11/19/2003
what can the hindus, being clobbered and crushed by all, do? 11/19/2003
hindus, militarise at the cost of usa and the coalition against terrorism 11/18/2003
hindus of east bengal and whole of india on way to extinction 11/18/2003
polluted sikh politics in south kashmir and east punjab 11/17/2003
choose between light and darkness, between ignorance ("jehalat") and enlightenment, between truth and falsehood 11/17/2003
declare islam illegal in saudi arabia and hindustan 11/17/2003
mohammed's work done in lahore and istanbul 11/15/2003
the fijians weep profusely and apologise 11/14/2003
israel defends herself within. how safe is south kashmir? 11/12/2003
bihari muslims cursed mohammed, ali and jinn  (jinnah) 11/12/2003
remembrance day in india, 11.11.2003. 11/11/2003
muslim will kill mohammedan in saudi arabia 11/10/2003
where is india's holocaust museum? 11/6/2003
sikh victims of 1984 massacres. could they appeal to sonia khan, or look up to abdul kalam, the "father" of nuclear bombs of gandhi's india? 11/6/2003
albanian nun teresa and catholic onslaught on hindus 10/28/2003
punjab in five fragments. all due to arabic 10/27/2003
when the enemy dominates and rules the terrified hindus, the children of nation perish 10/26/2003
asking questions : impossible for indian "coolies" 10/24/2003
india vs. israel, the unthinkable is happening 10/23/2003
india needs an injection of vitality by israel 10/22/2003
ignominious end of the dictator of iraq comparable to the ignoble end of empress indira gandhi of "decomposing fatherless" hindustan 10/20/2003
lethal look at partition through secular eyes - 2. 10/18/2003
lethal look at partition through secular eyes. 10/18/2003
our enemy is a spiritual enemy 10/17/2003
ayodhya, get the sikhs on board! 10/15/2003
coming battles in ayodhya 10/14/2003
memorial to "bofors chor",   why? 10/11/2003
remembering the dead of bali, not of south kashmir 10/11/2003
memorial of rajiv gandhi, grave insult and provocation to the nation 10/11/2003
on the twelfth day of christmas 10/8/2003
islamic threat to democracies and partitioned india will only increase till india is subjugated or eliminated 10/6/2003
ariel sharon, please take over and run (bleeding) india 10/6/2003
for hindu leaders and organisations:  liberate the timid (hindu) slaves in hindustan 10/5/2003
indictment of british government 10/4/2003
the son of god 10/4/2003
indian army:  "eunuchs in uniform" 10/4/2003
mrs. indira gandhi was reduced to ash and dust 10/4/2003
"government" of india (is there any?) will be blasted one day 10/4/2003
the first hindu hurls spit on "mahatma" gandhi 10/4/2003
read it at halloween (31 october). indira gandhi 10/4/2003
halloween 2003 ("despatching" of witches) is approaching 10/4/2003
palestinian terrorism now takes barbarism to new lows: hindus in india need to note 10/2/2003
pakistan, mother of terrorism 10/2/2003
the gandhi myth 10/2/2003
india's national anthem 10/2/2003
gandhi and christ 10/2/2003
sikh view of the hindus 10/2/2003
a sikh view on partitioned india's "mahatma" mk gandhi 10/2/2003
let us mourn broken bharat's   "mahatma"  gandhi today 10/2/2003
mk ("mahatma"?) gandhi, the coward who brought about partition 10/2/2003
abdul kalam considered a useless loafer 10/2/2003
clever george fernandes sheds crocodile tears for the simple hindus. 10/2/2003
indian kashmiri muslim is a terrorist 10/2/2003
kashmir (north & south) is "hindu free" state. why is partitioned india not "muslim free" land (paradise)? 10/2/2003
let's build iraq 10/1/2003
iranian woman to be executed.. joys of islamic republic 9/30/2003
partitioned india's potentially lethal trojan horse (the mohammedans) 9/30/2003
remember muslims are just 2% of uk 9/29/2003
jehadis in pentagon : grave threat to us all 9/29/2003
jewish views on terrorism 9/29/2003
call to muslims to oust gen. musharraf 9/29/2003
amnesty internatioinal report on despicable state of administration in east punjab in partitioned india (broken bharat) 9/29/2003
secular democracies pay for hajj and madrassas 9/28/2003
make partitoned india "muslim free zone" 9/28/2003
mosque blasted in partitioned india 9/28/2003
muslims only respect force : because they use it all the time. 9/28/2003
muslim threats of another partition 9/28/2003
muslims in india terrify the hindus. 9/28/2003
rajiv gandhi.  was the "bofors chor" loafer a graduate of cambridge university? 9/28/2003
a case for the arrest of top terrorists in partitioned india 9/27/2003
look at the koran 9/26/2003
kashmir, wail of a valley 9/26/2003
stoning: barbaric sharia penalty 9/26/2003
ayodhya temple must be raised sky high 9/26/2003
who is afraid of sonia khan (aka. gandhi)? 9/26/2003
is sonia gandhi a graduate from cambridge? 9/26/2003
the taliban in our midst; decomposing hindustan 9/26/2003
weapon of mass population of islam 9/26/2003
cowards and traitors in indian parliament 9/26/2003
dual nationality for indian "coolies" 9/25/2003
build lord rama's temple in ayodhya now 9/25/2003
no memorial to the dead hindus 9/25/2003
pakistan: powder keg waiting to explode 9/25/2003
submit, submit, submit, become a slave or moron 9/25/2003
what the hell is abdul kalam doing here? 9/25/2003
civil war looming in partitioned india? 9/23/2003
decomposing, crushed and crumbling hindu nation:  "servant, serf and slave" of italian born sonia khan 9/21/2003
law & order in broken bharat (partitioned india).  is there any, with abdul kalam at the top in hindustan? 9/20/2003
"rats" on earth have no memorial to their dead 9/19/2003
indians and the arabs,  men and mice? 9/16/2003
double attack on islam 9/16/2003
60,000 still languishing in jails across india 9/15/2003  truth about islam 9/13/2003
film  "hawayein" from disintegrating india 9/13/2003
mohammed in amritsar. is there a singh in lahore? 9/13/2003
bogusdeshi / pakistani connection with indian terrorists 9/13/2003
how much salary for hindu priests in pakistan? 9/13/2003
indian embassy in lithuania?   never will there be one. 9/13/2003
unite secular india by eliminating mohammed's arabic islam 9/13/2003
dirty, dangerous, despicable mrs. indira khan ("gandhi").   continued from previous posting 9/3/2003
mrs. indira khan (this doomed arrogant female, daughter of "bandit" jawaharlal nehru, later wife of feroze khan, a sunni muslim of allahabad, falsely known as mrs. indira gandhi), was a dirty, dangerous, divisive and despicable political witch of our era 9/3/2003
no indian embassy in vilnius,   no, never. 9/3/2003
indian army soldiers dying like flies due to  high treason by government of india 9/3/2003
genocide beyond hindu kush (lit. "massacre of hindus") 9/3/2003
independance or partition? 8/26/2003
arabia's civil war 5/20/2003
mischievous dirty mufti, mohammed 5/20/2003
despicable nri's are betrayying their own bharat 5/20/2003
president's toilets 5/19/2003
footprint of mohammed 5/18/2003
my augustinas has died 5/18/2003
hijrat calendar of the sikhs 5/18/2003
after france it will be the united kingdom to break up 5/18/2003
91 innocent lives lost in saudi arabia 5/13/2003
who will speak up for degraded hindu women in bharat? 5/13/2003
trapped and helpless indian "monkey" (vajpayee) should copy the americans 5/13/2003
not only kashmir, india, too, is lost to savage mohammedans 5/13/2003
when the filth of mohammed of arabia overwhelmed our sacred hindu territory (land) of five rivers (punjab) 5/13/2003
eternally treacherous muslim morons attack own motherland and slaughter fellow citizens 5/12/2003
article 1200 5/12/2003
was mohammed a big beggar or plunderer? 5/8/2003
"wild beasts of mohammed" rape, murder, maim and plunder in sargodha 5/8/2003
mohammedan onslaught on gujarat 5/8/2003
death of secularism and freedom in mianwali 5/8/2003
mohammedan "beasts" burned the city of bhagat prahlad 5/8/2003
united kingdom will have another name.  thanks to tony blair 5/8/2003
lay claim to lahore and khyber 5/8/2003
cruel death of freedom, secularism and democracy in montgomery (punjab) 5/2/2003
the day when the savage mohammedans destroyed one million "world trade centre towers" 5/1/2003
for sikh leadership in yakab (land of one river) 5/1/2003
who said, "hindu muslim bhai bhai"? 4/27/2003
muslims attacked hindus and sikhs 4/27/2003
sikh women degraded.   o yes? who is honourable in broken bharat? 4/27/2003
fighting till death.   hindu and muslim views 4/4/2003
the two presidents (of united states, and of partitioned india) 4/3/2003
letter to channel 4 television in the u.k. 4/3/2003
having smashed the hindus' guts and morale . . .  . 4/2/2003
de-briefing of abdul-. lull- kalam after return from amritsar - 2. 4/1/2003
de-briefing of abdul kalam on return from amritsar -1 4/1/2003
advice to mohammedans by a hindu scholar 4/1/2003
will iraq be the second vietnam? 3/30/2003
what are the "jaahil sikh masands" doing in amritsar? 3/29/2003
they wiped his shoes clean with their beards. the "nishkam sewak" sikhs of amritsar 3/29/2003
secularism is muck in delhi if not imposed on lahore and sylhet, too. 3/29/2003
are pakistan and bogusdesh indestructible? 3/29/2003
who administered death to kashmiri hindus 3/29/2003
"pakistani" abdul kalam in amritsar? why? 3/29/2003
sikh serfs & slaves to welcome treacherous, devious, "sarkari dog" son of mohammed, abdul kalam, defender of hindu "eunuchs, jackals and vermin" 3/29/2003
abdul  kalam,  musalman,  beiman,  shaitan,  haiwan  (since partition in 1947)  in   amritsar,  "the  vatican"  of  the  sikhs 3/28/2003
"om shanti"  of  donkeys  and  dogs 3/26/2003
ongoing pogrom of hindus in south kashmir. 3/26/2003
turkish ally  :  like friendship with a prostitute 3/25/2003
geneva  convention  as  per  koran 3/24/2003
"partition is past. it is a reality.   forget it,"  cried the learned hindu 3/24/2003
global islam is global menace 3/24/2003
a lesson till eternity 3/23/2003
lament and comment over partition. three views. 3/23/2003
hindus have "learnt the lesson" for good 3/23/2003
islam's other victim:  weak, tottering and disunited hindustan 3/22/2003
hindu brigade could have advanced on basra, too. 3/22/2003
"sullah musalman, shaitan, haiwan, beiman"  salman  khan  to  act  the  part  of  divine lord  rama 3/22/2003
supreme  america,  hail  thee! 3/21/2003
"hammer them," said the us general lion. 3/21/2003
"peace protesters" are ignorant, traitors or cowards 3/20/2003
letter  to  the  president  of  partitioned  india 3/20/2003
gigantic, historic, mighty, roll back has begun.  rejoice. 3/19/2003
pull the fingers of mischief out of lady bharatvarsha 3/19/2003
despicable minority ("hindu sheep") situation in east bengal (bogusdesh) pleases india's supreme commander  "son (pi**) of mohammed"  abdul kalam. 3/19/2003
transfer of terror, well done america 3/19/2003
extermination (ethnic cleansing) of the sikhs and hindus in west punjab. 3/18/2003
mohammedan did total ethnic cleansing of hindus and sikhs in west punjab in 1947 3/17/2003
dog's independence for hindustan 3/17/2003
mohammed is getting nearer to the throne of the united kingdom in sight. 3/16/2003
uno is "muslim donkey circus" 3/16/2003
muslim maggots consuming the dead body of bharat 3/16/2003
hindus came home, defeated, degraded, having lost self-esteem and pride 3/15/2003
morally inferior sikh "mouse" justifies abdul kalam's appointment 3/14/2003
"duck shoot" of hindus,   hindus have been dying in hindustan like the flies for centuries 3/14/2003
four killed in bomb blast in rajouri.  abdul kalam to blame 3/13/2003
western allies going round in circles 3/13/2003
fighting  the  culture  of  abdul  kalam  and  mohammed  in  decomposing  hindustan 3/13/2003
no  native  hindu  female  is  good  enough  for  the  two  top  houses  in  partitioned  india. 3/12/2003
there  was  a  mosque  (masjid)  in  ayodhya 3/10/2003
did you say rawalpindi? 3/8/2003
"be-waqoof" sikhs on the way out 3/8/2003
poetic  tribute  to  martyr  of  multan 3/6/2003
the immortal martyr of multan 3/5/2003
"softie"  young  in  britain :  leftist,  defeatist  and  pro-islamic 3/5/2003
peerless divine gurus of genetically inferior indian scum (hindus and sikihs) are vanishing even in east punjab 3/4/2003
women,  islam's greatest shame and disgrace (" wah-hayaat  kaala-muhn") 3/4/2003
babur's genocide of hindus during moghal era 3/4/2003
rape,  the  essence  of  islam-   great  thrill  in  victory  of  allah 3/4/2003
another hindu maiden (honour of hind) at the feet of a "sullah" 3/3/2003
for the sikhs only.  hindus may read and draw conclusons 3/3/2003
sonia hates the hindus.  still the hindus lick the soles of her feet. 3/3/2003
what will a "wide awake" manly hindu do? 3/3/2003
help catch this "khan of khans" 3/3/2003
congratulations, fbi.   you are superb! 3/3/2003
how hindus became "sheep" to serve abdul kalam and sonia khan (part 2 below) 3/2/2003
british  "nazi"  becomes  muslim.   what's  the  difference? 3/1/2003
noble  sindh  in  ignoble  pakistan 3/1/2003
genocide of the hindus under mogul rule 3/1/2003
veer savarkar of indian "coolies" 3/1/2003
inter-communal  scene  in  decomposing  &  disintegrating  india 3/1/2003
absurdities of hadith and muslims' denial #7 2/28/2003
displacement of jews from arab countries 2/28/2003
destruction of hindu temples by muslims 2/25/2003
indian born mohammedan mep justifies global terrorism- 2 2/25/2003
wretcged women enslaved like the camels by mohammed 2/24/2003
president of india muist be a pakistani at heart, an isi agent or even a member of al-qaida 2/24/2003
destruction of temples by mohammedan rascals, gangsters and bloodthirsty savages - 1. 2/24/2003
demolish all mosques in partitioned india (broken bharat) 2/24/2003
pakistan, bangladesh ("bogusdesh") and israel :  one wrong leads to other wrongs. 2/23/2003
nation  of  indian  "coolies  &  scum"  degrades  their  noble  and  heroic  women 2/23/2003
"secularism" defined on a sikh discussion list 2/22/2003
iraq:  dying hindu india needs an injection of courage 2/22/2003
six year old sikh girl abducted in nwfp 2/21/2003
indian born mohammedan  m.e.p.  justifies global terrorism 2/21/2003
boycott of bloodthirsty separatist beastly mohammedans in rajasthan (warrior rajputana) is better than the ethnic cleansing of hindus that they did in west punjab. 2/17/2003
lacking ideology, godless, fatherless, leaderless, rootless "haltlos, vergewaltigt," and mutilated hindustan is floundering on rocks 2/17/2003
the weather ruined the indian coolie's joy 2/16/2003
in any war the civilised hindu will be wiped out 2/16/2003
taliban were encouraged by our cowardice 2/15/2003
islamic hatred, terrorism and disruption on st. valnetine's day 2/15/2003
israel  furious.   hindustani  "cow"  dead & decomposing 2/13/2003
let all the hindus commit collective suicide 2/13/2003
nanak singh, the glorious martyr of multan 2/12/2003
slaughter & bloodshed of fifty thousand sheep in mecca 2/11/2003
shoot them!    (the fleeing muslims) 2/11/2003
advice  to  prime minister, mr.  vajpayee,   (edited and improved) 2/11/2003
where were you born, asked the immigration 2/11/2003
symbol of an awakened nation. 2/10/2003
challenge for any "haji" abdul kalam and the two million others at mecca today 2/10/2003
islam: the religion of deception, separatism & intolerance 2/9/2003
partitioned india's right turn (phoenix is rising from the ashes) 2/9/2003
ongoing  bleeding  and  slaughter  of  the  betrayed,  cheated  and  defeated  hindus 2/9/2003
beware of hajjis returning to multi-faith societies 2/8/2003
nehru and indira were mohammedans 2/8/2003
hindus / indians,  support  the uk  and the  usa 2/6/2003
first kill the donkey called india and replace it by a war horse 2/6/2003
recognize the new hindu state as you cowards recognize islamic bogusdesh. 2/6/2003
braudel on hindu holocaust 2/5/2003
nri  hindus   and   the  war  in  iraq 2/5/2003
counting mosques : india lacks guts to do the same 2/5/2003
damn constitution that equates, degrades the hindu 2/4/2003
muslim  time  bomb  that  will  make  small  of  the  great  britain 2/4/2003
the rape of multan, culture of mohammed 2/4/2003
death  to  the  musalmaan  who  insulted  islam 2/4/2003
a million dollar question? where are our own memory cells? 2/3/2003
our divinity has to be backed up by guns and "shakti" 2/3/2003
stop genocide of the hindus 2/2/2003
mr. president, bless that pagan / hindu conference in mumbai. 2/2/2003
nri and nri.   o'  what a difference! 2/2/2003
fly  the  pagan  flag  with  pride  (sp  attree,  usa) 2/2/2003
mohammed was "wah-hayaat buck-waas," he said. 2/1/2003
indian astronaut's family : not a penny in its palms 56 years ago from pakistan 2/1/2003
mohammedan fire in india's bowels : hyderabad 2/1/2003
who is a good muslim? 1/31/2003
description  of muslim  man  that  fits  his  islam 1/31/2003
secular civil servants in broken bharat (partitioned india) 1/31/2003
dump gandhi. go for gobind, you cowardly "rats" 1/31/2003
tees january 1/29/2003
"muslim heroism" as seen by an editor in the u.k. 1/29/2003
hindus will re-appear in srinagar after two million years 1/29/2003
come on lala vajpayee, stand up 1/29/2003
why  europe  balks   (why is europe gone timid and appeasing?) 1/28/2003
know thy koran. it promises death to hindustan.  do you still trust the "believers"? 1/25/2003
native heroes dumped by the nation of coolies 1/25/2003
warning to the gujerati hindus 1/25/2003
decomposing republic & treacherous constitution of hindu coolies, serfs and slaves in hindustan 1/25/2003
plight of hindus in east bengal   hindus, don't yawn. stand up and get involved. 1/19/2003
asylum: compare the rich sikhs, the richer jews, and the poorest mohammedans 1/19/2003
tv discussion on terrorism & asylum seekers (invariably degraded muslims) 1/19/2003
letter to general musharraf of napakistan 1/19/2003
the media ought to understand islam. 1/18/2003
more light on pakistan (partition) 1/18/2003
it's time to go to war : god bless america. 1/18/2003
jammu & kashmir.  attack with the passion of a missile.   go on the offensive after 55 years.. 1/18/2003
india needs talent to stay at home 1/18/2003
universal nature of sikhism & sikh definition 1/17/2003
hindus perishing. is it good for our morale? 1/16/2003
congress, the party of high treason. now vanishing in india 1/16/2003
should hindus be apologetic? 1/16/2003
abdul klam and sonia khan benefiting from hindu cowardice 1/15/2003
tony blair's finest hour  :  india's utmost shame 1/15/2003
embassy in lithuania, a case by mr. sp attree 1/15/2003
marrying a muslim groom:  what about his "culture"? 1/14/2003
indian  terrorism  and  dual  nationality 1/14/2003
dual nationality, indian "nigger" style.  some will have it the others will not 1/13/2003
what is coming to the "united" kingdom? 1/13/2003
india is running ahead.  she needs to be wary of her enemies 1/13/2003
the original sin (partition of india) 1/13/2003
india in the year 2025 ad. a child's fantasy 1/12/2003
hindus cowed down in hindustan by the enemies 1/12/2003
de-brainwash your humble hindu subjectss,   supreme commander and president abdul kalam. 1/11/2003
hail the new sovereign hindu nation of birbango 1/11/2003
establish an embassy in vilnius, lithuania 1/10/2003
yoga and ayurveda being exploited by foreigners 1/10/2003
raise the memorial to the dead of godra 1/9/2003
lesson in patriotism for president of india and the no. 1 "lady" 1/9/2003
israel, india and turkey- on the same boat? 1/9/2003
islamic invasion of europe. where will it stop? 1/9/2003
missionaries and mullahs think hindus and sikhs live in spiritual darkness 1/9/2003
who is guru gobind singh,  o' abdul kalam and sonia khan? 1/9/2003
three enquiries. one on bofors chor's commission 1/8/2003
"gurba kushtan roz-i-awwal"  india's nuclear weaponry 1/8/2003
20 million will become 200 million to drown india in their "p***" 1/8/2003
no dual nationality for the indian scum abroad 1/7/2003
no dual nationality to indian coolies 1/7/2003
bandits, donkeys and clueless "nishkam sewaks" of india.  a look back at 1947 1/7/2003
british television film on partition, the cruel imperial game that meant death to india 1/6/2003
the barbarians defy decency & provoke and challenge the free world 1/6/2003
challenge for uno.   abolish the islamic republics 1/5/2003
a pious hope with regard to the perennial snake 1/5/2003
shameful and shocking state of the betrayed indian army 1/5/2003
hindus honour their enemy aurangzeb 1/4/2003
letter to abdul kalam by a misguided hindu 1/3/2003
who was rajiv gandhi's father?  a peep into the "bastard & bandit" nehru dynasty of india 1/3/2003
spelling mistakes, typing errors 1/3/2003
indian musalman will return with vengeance 1/3/2003
indian muslims are waiting for opportunity to strike 1/2/2003
miss india, 2002.   a  "khan"  is  waiing  to  grab  her. 1/2/2003
britain and the year 2002 1/2/2003
there used to be happy hindus here. 1/2/2003
friends of prime minister's wife 1/2/2003
the muslims in the "united" kingdom 1/2/2003
"indian"  muslims  must  be  expelled   as   per   act   of  partition, 1947. 1/2/2003
jawaharlal nehru's high treason 1/2/2003
ethnic cleansing of muslims in america 12/15/2002
the "lion" of india: shri gopal godse 12/14/2002
donkeys, dogs and hindus 12/14/2002
warning to weak-kneed clueless conceding europe on turkey 12/12/2002
turkey in e.u. 12/12/2002
turkey's attempt to gatecrash into e.u. 12/11/2002
goddess meenakshi 12/11/2002
mohammedan mayhem and "gunda-gardi" in bihar and beyond 12/10/2002
urgent need of more input to this site 12/10/2002
kill the enemy "constitutionally" 12/8/2002
how  to  eliminate  the  human  pest,  the  "relitgion  of  bloodshed"  &  partition 10/28/2002
the   worst   of   them   all   is   the   koran - ii. 10/27/2002
the   worst   of   them   all   is   the   koran. 10/27/2002
nerve gas kills more than hundred of the hostages in moscow theatre 10/27/2002
the daily telegraph, london, runs a campaign for free country.. 10/27/2002
a government of india undertaking : p & s bank  in dog collar of government 10/27/2002
the punjabi nightingale is a crow 10/26/2002
clueless hindu and "nishkam sewak" sikh in broken bharat (partitioned india) sitting on a huge time bomb 10/26/2002
temple slaughter in gujarat.  shove and push them back to mecca.  experience peace on earth. 10/26/2002
salute the four million lithuanians! 10/26/2002
"we will wipe out the hindus one by one, here and there, now and then 10/16/2002
nightmare   of   (banditry called)   nehruism 10/14/2002
the   trial   of   "jinn",   "gandu",   khan,   kalam   &   kalam   in   rotting   hindustan 10/14/2002
three deep and dark, snake & scorpion infested, holes of islamic religion 10/13/2002
the sikhs   :  in ignorance will they perish like the flies 10/13/2002
keep the "bloodthirsty turkish wolf" out of e.u. 10/13/2002
the hindus have heard it a million times before : "islam or death?" most preferred the latter. 10/13/2002
turkey's application to join e.u. 10/13/2002
after west punjab, east bengal, kashmir and gujarat, now it is the maratghas 10/12/2002
civilisation of mohammed (peace be upon his victims) 10/11/2002
india must be a hindu rashtra 10/10/2002
was mohammed a paedophile? 10/9/2002
blasphemy.  why?   can one "abuse" the sun, or the moon, or god? 10/9/2002
torch of hindu liberation lit in the south 10/8/2002
tamil nadu, the size of france,  is not a chicken for sonia's kitchen 10/8/2002
partitioned india : muslim militancy & hindu collapse are the two sides of the same coin 10/7/2002
leeches on hindu body 10/7/2002
dalit muslim unity in broken bharat?   kick  the  useless  s.g.p.c.  in  the  ass 10/6/2002
will islam rule the waves? 10/6/2002
sister's  dream  in  new  delhi.    the wedding of kalam and khan 10/6/2002
jayalalitha,  the  new  "maharani  of  jhansi"? 10/6/2002
the  voice  of  the  punjab  is  gagged.  what  about  the  voice  of  west  bengal  orissa  &  karnataka? 10/5/2002
bleeding,  broken,  bharat   (partitioned)  india  needs  a  new  national  anthem 10/5/2002
indian  life  is  dirt  (damn) cheap.   even the pakistanis can see this if they are not blind. 10/4/2002
guided tour of india through 20th. century 10/4/2002
remove  this  "black crow"  called  k.r.  narayanan 10/4/2002
india's  hindus  are  seriously  endangered 10/4/2002
criticise islam day and night. for the hindus cancer and islam are the same thing 10/4/2002
the rulers are beggars  :  sikh children for adoption 10/3/2002
calling upon government of india! 10/3/2002
o'  one  billion  silent  hindu / sikh   "jackals",   listen  to  the  roar  of  the  lions 10/3/2002
friendless,   leaderless,  headless,  limbless,  wayward,  partitioned  &  dreaming india 10/3/2002
appeal to the indian muslims: native rose or arabian cactus? 10/3/2002
this looks a fabulous site . . . . 10/2/2002
chances of survival of israel and india are in the ratio of one million to one. 10/2/2002
alarming news of social decay and political decomposition in partitioned india. 10/2/2002
dull sikhs, duffer hindus.    wake up and advance! 10/2/2002
let us educate the british foreign secretary 10/2/2002
bad-mu'ash (rascal), through and through since day one. 10/2/2002
why are we "mud" on october 2 (2002)? 10/2/2002
october 2. do you see what i see? 10/2/2002
sikh's cry in wilderness:  perishing pagans 10/1/2002
who will give the idle sikhs in bleeding partitioned india their historic role 9/30/2002
always blame, hit, bash and clobber the hindu 9/30/2002
let "nihang singhs" guard every hindu temple in hindustan 9/29/2002
mohammedan morons hate temples 9/27/2002
shame of hindu and fame of mohammed 9/26/2002
the  thick  fog  behind  the  hindu's  car 9/25/2002
let  the  "star  of  david"  fly  over  mecca 9/25/2002
how tall is the hindu 9/25/2002
the price of hindu head in hindustan - 2 9/24/2002
price of a hindu's head - 1 9/24/2002
nine  killed  overnight  and  security  council   passes  a  resolution 9/24/2002
plo  and   italian mafia  want india to get a permanent seat at security council 9/23/2002
indians and gogs, keep out! 9/23/2002
india and iraq.  government of india is islam and italy. 9/23/2002
shove it back to mecca.   kick it out of ayodhya 9/23/2002
partitioned india: jews exit, enter mohammedans and italians 9/23/2002
the first lady of hindustan 9/23/2002
india is a cow, not a goat. 9/23/2002
"death to bandit's corrupt congress in partitioned india" 9/22/2002
sonia & advani. mohammed and lord rama 9/22/2002
peaceful solution to plo troubles 9/22/2002
nri  is  a  "nigger"  the  scum  of  mankind 9/21/2002
the hindu was not prepared 9/21/2002
persecution of hindus, etc., in bogusdesh (bangladesh) 9/20/2002
the president of india is a pakistani 9/20/2002
farook abdullah and abdul kalam : one of them is about to eat dust 9/19/2002
islam petrified in dark ages 9/19/2002
indo-us military cooperation 9/18/2002
no  dual  nationality  for  the  indian  scum 9/17/2002
the mohammedan fox scattered them like the chickens before it 9/17/2002
shedding tears and crying over atal behari vajpayee's coffin 9/16/2002
how would *you* feel, mohammed? 9/15/2002
first  you  have  to  make  the  emaciated  terrified  indian  goat  a  brave hindu  "tiger" 9/14/2002
j & k :  look beyond the valley! 9/13/2002
to anti hindu bigoted western "intellectuals" 9/13/2002
misunderstanding, ignorance or treachery of the west? 9/13/2002
india  has  a  nuclear  bomb!   ha!  ha!  ha! 9/12/2002
failed good guru, successful bad mohammed 9/12/2002
america's strategic blunder 9/12/2002
all the "cowardly indian rats" are rushing out to congratulatebrave  america 9/12/2002
hell  of  an  islamic  republic.  send  the  paki  back! 9/12/2002
hindus will not remember 9/11/2002
sikhs sympathise with the americans : september 11. 9/11/2002
will concessions by israel satisfy the advancing, hungry, beastly, world of islam? 9/10/2002
the inherent savagery and brutality in islam 9/10/2002
...."thou shalt not (not) remember, you indian coolie!" 9/10/2002
jammu & kashmir,   don't ask abdul kalam or sonia gandhi 9/9/2002
firing on own ancestors, degrading the language of own mothers 9/9/2002
can someone explain the hatred of the muslims agaisnt the christians, the jews, the hindus, the buddhists, the sikhs, .... the whole world? 9/9/2002
maoist attacks in nepal. heavy loss of life 9/9/2002
television is "haraam" in islam.  smash your tv sets and computers, too. 9/9/2002
."uncle sam, better late than never!" 9/9/2002
"we love secularism. we love america," cried the muslims, including all the bogus bangladeshis and the treacherous pakistanis. 9/9/2002
to see death, see an indian 9/9/2002
advice from bandit nehru's "coolie colony" to nri's.  leave sonia khan alone! 9/8/2002
september 11 attack :  "wise crack" hindu gentleman's lament 9/8/2002
o hindus, say "abdul kalam", controlling your disgust and suppressing your vomit 9/7/2002
all the "good" muslims like abdul kalam in partitioned india, please stand up for sri ram temple in ayodhya and "akhand bharat". 9/6/2002
letter to channel 4 tv in britain, sep 6, 2002 9/6/2002
hindus  treated  like  "niggers"  abroad  and  abdul kalam  &  sonia khan  are  very  happy 9/6/2002
musalman on top of hindustan 9/4/2002
"spare our lord's temple in ayodhya, your exalted majesty."   humblest plea by the defeated hindus of hindustan to invader babur. 9/4/2002
partition and the performing monkeys of india 9/4/2002
musical tunes on mobile telephones are "haraam" in islam 9/3/2002
get ready to be beheaded or converted 9/3/2002
how muslims see their new role in the world 9/3/2002
salute   and   spit 9/2/2002
if the hindus had occupied mecca 9/2/2002
that s.o.b. who called some "kafirs" and the others "momins" 8/30/2002
huge elephant of the small hindu mice 8/30/2002
rejoice o' abdul kalam.  the hindus are the easiest to deceive 8/30/2002
the day when separatist, war mongering, violent mohammed died.  read on . . . 8/30/2002
esteemed comment on "is george bush the only man who knows?"   (previous posting. see above.) 8/30/2002
let there be a million hits on this web site each day.   tell the others.  dear defeated hindus, forced into accepting that bogus and immoral "partition",    show courage for the sake of lords rama and krishna, and mother india.   tell the others.. 8/30/2002
state of gujarat on india's lethal frontier : the hindu lion, not the gandhian mouse 8/30/2002
is george bush the only man who knows? 8/29/2002
despicable separatist muslim mischief behind objections to vande matram. cowardly hindus concede the enemy a big say in the land of lord krishna. 8/29/2002
what should partitioned india do to her muslims? 8/29/2002
indian cricketers salaries limited 8/29/2002
rogues of delhi,   get out! 8/29/2002
decapitated hinduism 8/29/2002
supreme court judge (a "dog"") said, "sonia is indian. 8/29/2002
witnessing kashmir first hand.   report by a secular catholic in partitioned india 8/29/2002
india will solve kashmir dispute with pakistan 8/29/2002
ramakrishna mission and the hindus. 8/29/2002
diary of a hindu brigadier:  india collapsed . . . . 8/29/2002
the worst muslim on earth 8/29/2002
there is a frontier state called mtep ("much truncated east punjab") 8/29/2002
from the memories of a hindu survivor of rawalpindi in march 1947 8/29/2002
mohammedans "lebensraum" is getting very "eng" 8/29/2002
day of national mourning - august 15. 8/29/2002
foreign predators see their chance in decomposing partitioned india. 8/29/2002
why the natives in partitioned india cannot  "b--- m---"  the treacherous mohammedans and give them "sore red"?   understanding the "beaten man" from the fertile land of five rivers where the vedas were composed and sanskrit was spoken in preference to "pakistani" abdul kalam's arabic and sonia gandhi's  italian 8/29/2002
gandhi's "all means" could never be exhausted"     indian  subservient  serf  &  coolie  is  apart 8/28/2002
the sikhs of east punjab:  today's "nishkam sewaks" were once sardars 8/28/2002
this is radio tamil nadu.   this is radio karnataka.  this is radio punjab.  this is radio gujarat. (all on short wave for global reception) 8/28/2002
militant islam is fascism 8/28/2002
sikh will remain in the image of bin laden 8/28/2002
"monkey circus" called india which is p.i.s.s. (partitioned indian secular state) 8/28/2002
the killing of a non-muslim is not a capital offense! 8/28/2002
take drugs to christian lands, you fool 8/28/2002
the president of one billion hindu "dogs & donkeys" is a musalman-beiman 8/28/2002
too late to be horried, mr. hindu champ! 8/28/2002
decomposing, disintegrating hindustan 8/28/2002
islam, what it means to partitioned india 8/28/2002
4,000 british muslim militants 8/28/2002
islam's future (back to mecca!) 8/28/2002
15th. of august 2002.  bandit nehru's monkeys will sing and dance and perform 8/28/2002
the sikhs of east punjab:  today's "nishkam sewaks" were once sardars 8/28/2002
this is radio tamil nadu.   this is radio karnataka.  this is radio punjab.  this is radio gujarat. (all on short wave for global reception) 8/27/2002
militant islam is fascism 8/26/2002
sikh will remain in the image of bin laden 8/26/2002
"monkey circus" called india which is p.i.s.s. (partitioned indian secular state) 8/26/2002
the killing of a non-muslim is not a capital offense! 8/26/2002
take drugs to christian lands, you fool 8/26/2002
the president of one billion hindu "dogs & donkeys" is a musalman-beiman 8/26/2002
too late to be horried, mr. hindu champ! 8/26/2002
decomposing, disintegrating hindustan 8/26/2002
islam, what it means to partitioned india 8/26/2002
4,000 british muslim militants 8/26/2002
islam's future (back to mecca!) 8/26/2002
15th. of august 2002.  bandit nehru's monkeys will sing and dance and perform 8/11/2002
hindu/buddhist fundamentalism to be wiped out 8/10/2002
obscene, undemocratic and unholy partition of india.  will you dance and sing like bandit nehru's monkey? 8/10/2002
kargil battle showed the rotten state of nehru dynasty's mercenary army (once the brave indian army that never ceased fire or got a bloody nose) 8/10/2002
redefine war on terror 8/10/2002
"islamic" treatment of christians in sudan 8/8/2002
who are the sikhs?  aliens, if you listen to abdul kalam and sonia gandhi 8/8/2002
mind your language and apologise to mohammed!  (which mohammed?) 8/8/2002
most incapable, cowardly and clueless  hindu leaders of partitioined india (broken bharat). shame!! 8/8/2002
loot & plunder justified in islam 8/8/2002
destruction and islam go together 8/4/2002
indian government smashes the temples hard while mosques and churches enjoy boom 8/4/2002
pandit jawaharlal nehru. where did the "bandit" come from? 8/4/2002
open letter to the indian ambassador in washinton, dc, the u.s.a 8/4/2002
letter to high commissioner of bharat in london 8/3/2002
article 788 8/3/2002
foolish ignorance of the hindus- beyond words to describe 8/3/2002
film "lagaan" on channel 4 tv in great britain 8/3/2002
take them on in ayodhya first. 8/2/2002
uphold the dignity of hindu women! 8/2/2002
muslim president, a gamble 8/2/2002
no tradition among the indian "dogs" to honour the dead 8/1/2002
we swore never, never, to trust the mohammedans 8/1/2002
no muslim president or supreme commander 8/1/2002
the language of islam.  kill ten of them for one kashmiri hindu 8/1/2002
unworthy and undeserving leaders of partitioned bharat 7/31/2002
is hindustan a "dog kennel"? 7/31/2002
cowardly supreme commander of the hindus 7/31/2002
vandals, beasts, plunderers, rapists and killers of islam 7/31/2002
start steps to remove the scoundrels 7/31/2002
muslim president of partitioned india, why? are the hindus still slaves? 7/31/2002
come clean of it, you dirty old muslm president. why don't you shed the "leprosy" of islam? 7/27/2002
you worry me, too, o' mohammedans! 7/27/2002
this nri will never return to "bharatvarsha",  in sheer disgust 7/27/2002
they will retreat from the whole of hindustan one day, not only from ayodhya, north kashmir and south kashmir. 7/27/2002
why did those hindus have to die? 7/27/2002
president and the vice president of indian "coolies" 7/27/2002
hindus, don't degrade mother india like a prostitute 7/26/2002
petition to remove article 370 of broken bharat's constitution written up by a simple apolitical buddhist "bhangi" under the bandit's gaze 7/26/2002
"thank god, i am not living in the land of sri krishna and guru gobind singh any more!", said one hindu in the uk and the other in the usa. 7/26/2002
the hindu rose to defend his abdul kalam, the eternally beiman musalman 7/26/2002
a disclaimer:  concepts like hindu dignity and akhand bharat, and persons like rashtra have no place here 7/26/2002
hindu in hindustan is asking, not "where are we going? but where do we stand?" 7/26/2002
why article 370 of broken bharat's constitution cannot go, nor can sri ram temple in ayodhya rise from ruins 7/26/2002
defender of hindustan, a muslim eunuch 7/26/2002
parting kick to "nigger narayanan", the scheming "bastard" who wanted to hand over hindustan to italian born white elephant sonia khan and happily saw the bleeding of hindus in south kashmir 7/25/2002
for one billion hindu cows, one mohammedan bull.  defeated, degraded, truncated partitioned, india's darkest day. a mohammedan president. 7/25/2002
partitioned india:  such bright glory yet sitting under such dark shadow of death 7/25/2002
changing history of crushed broken bharat (defeated, partitioned, humiliated & subjugated hindustan)  to suit abdul kalams, mohammed alis, sonia khan (aka gandhi) and all the khans of mumbai 7/25/2002
banish hitlerism and islam 6/30/2002
conditioning of the muslim mind. die die die for mohammed 6/30/2002
social reform in broken bharat will be put on back burner 6/30/2002
"abdul kalam is better than the diminished lot."    o yes, mr. moron?? 6/30/2002
even the dead hindu will be flogged 6/30/2002
"kalam-o-mania"  is  a  major  strategic  set  back  to  the  terrified  hindus  in  broken  bharat. 6/29/2002
"for one billion black hindu / sikh goats, we found one shining mohammedan bull.  so what if he is a different specie? he can still inseminate, can't he? 6/29/2002
the hindu is telling the world:  "i am not yet ready for emancipation.   i love to lick sonia's bottom and abdul kalam's top 6/29/2002
muslim president, catholic prime minister, hindustan becomes a monkey circus, or a decomposing cesspit 6/28/2002
indian coolie's gold is for grabs 6/28/2002
you are welcome to come in, but if you go out, you will not escape death wherever you go 6/28/2002
inferior woman is just half a man 6/28/2002
the groom is a good man but he loves sleeping around . . . . 6/28/2002
is the hindu dead at the top? 6/26/2002
know thy angel of love,  abdul kalam of partitioned india 6/25/2002
broken will, frozen guts & burning body : partitioned india is going for a muslim president 6/25/2002
vishva hindu parishad.  what it stands for 6/24/2002
go to hell for urinating on yourself! 6/24/2002
immaculately secular timid hindu 6/24/2002
what's in islam? 6/24/2002
carefully constructed facades 6/24/2002
unparallelled inferiority complex and unprecedented sense of wealmess  &  insecurity of the hindus in partitioned india 6/24/2002
raid pakistan, save the world 6/23/2002
suspect, suspect, suspect, in order to survive 6/23/2002
no hindu head across south aisa 6/23/2002
don't insult abdul kalam. praise him, praise him, adore him. 6/23/2002
proof of slavery is love of musalman 6/23/2002
president of india should be 'one in a billion',  not 'one like the billion' 6/22/2002
20 killed in marriage party : o god, let them be born in hindu homes! 6/22/2002
millions of german women and girls raped in world war 1.  who did it? (the mohammedans) 6/22/2002
a lasting solution for partitioned india (broken bharat).   the rest will follow. 6/22/2002
no women in islamic armies 6/22/2002
kashmir : a few cats to be "belled" by the hindus 6/22/2002
hindu sikh girls, "pi**" on mohammed and his loafer boys.   avoid the filthy trap.   you are flag bearers of a great civilisation 6/21/2002
mohammed and his barbarian arabs inflicted islam on civilised persians 6/21/2002
gandhi here and a gandhi there.  rest of you lie down in front of them and pay homage. 6/21/2002
bhangi narayanan has only two hands! 6/21/2002
defender of faith - my foot!   the inferior hindus eat muck of degradation happily 6/21/2002
intellectual content of dr. abdul kalam's islam.  shun him as he shuns hinduism. 6/20/2002
bandit nehru's high treason was boundless 6/20/2002
"there is none like shah rukh khan,"  said a thrilled miss vajpayee 6/20/2002
muslim president - the fifth hindu colapse 6/20/2002
not everybody is proud of the president. most proud hindus find the very idea of a muslim head of hindustan disgusting beyond words. 6/19/2002
muslim president?  the very news encouraged the killers 6/19/2002
muslim president: respect the feelings of the hindu refugees from west punjab 6/19/2002
israel to reoccupy the land it surrendered to plo 6/19/2002
muslim president: implications for indo-israel relations 6/19/2002
muslim president of bharatvarsha?  gentle rain on our faces,  like spiritual amrit in our mouths 6/19/2002
the black dog is the devil as per islam 6/18/2002
eradication of islam 6/18/2002
fair maiden softly touching the sleeping hindu on his limb 6/18/2002
decimated sikh's boast: "we are pioneers of non-violence" 6/18/2002
cherie blair and the suicide bomber in jerusalem who killed 19 and wounded many more 6/18/2002
why partition of india (bharat) must go - 6 6/17/2002
choose a musalman as president, and be damned.  hindu need not remain a windbag full of words only, any longer. 6/17/2002
partitioned india going to dogs and bitches -  bjp bashing,  khan/islam licking president in the wings is lakshmi sehgal 6/17/2002
what a great contribution! 6/17/2002
two web sites:  save civilisation, decency and democracy from bandits, marauders, plunderers,  invaders, destroyers and rapists.  push islam back to mecca. 6/17/2002
famine in the muslim and catholic worlds 6/17/2002
new president of india 6/16/2002
hindus and sikhs and the british national party (bnp) in the uk 6/16/2002
bhagvad gita online. 6/16/2002
hindu killed like dogs.  assalaamu alaikum brothers and sisters 6/16/2002
how long will the secular "gandhian" hindu remain safe? 6/16/2002
"indira gandhi int'l airport," : spit on hindu's head and sikh's turban 6/16/2002
what kind of temples dotted northern india? 6/15/2002
tragedy of the fragmented punjab of the damn fools that was the size of france in 1932 6/15/2002
throw the women out of mosques.  stand up straight as in the army on drill square! 6/15/2002
every copy of koran will be bunrt. every miohammedan will be expelled, killed or exterminated. 6/15/2002
the prophet saw pakistan through his back 6/14/2002
hindus, go on the offensive. you are late by 1400 years. 6/14/2002
"if we could humble america, super power no. 1 . . . ." 6/14/2002
true face of islam:  partition of india 6/14/2002
christian and secular maidens and all the hindu and sikh maidens, know your muslim lover who is very keen to give you many many children, through his mohammed 6/14/2002
mr. karzai's bad luck 6/14/2002
political insemination- india/burma 6/14/2002
why can't the hindus have their holocaust museum? 6/14/2002
hindus vanishing from nepal 6/13/2002
the sikhs and the next president of broken bharat 6/12/2002
why partition of india must go.  5 6/12/2002
mohammedan as president:  spit in the face of sita ram kesri and boot up baldev singh's 6/12/2002
genetically inferior hindu still belongs to the indian coolie race. 6/12/2002
england versus nigeria 6/12/2002
fathers' day, june 16, 2002.   shame on indian fathers who deserve a kick in the back!. 6/12/2002
people of afghanistan were hindus. 6/11/2002
people of afghanistan, book reviews 6/11/2002
the origin of allah 6/11/2002
profoundly wise bits in islam 6/11/2002
india and israel must think, work and fight together in order to survive.. 6/11/2002
why partiton of india must go.  -4 6/11/2002
why partition of india must go.  -3 6/11/2002
saudi imam's verdict. warning to hindustan. 6/11/2002
why partition of india must go?    -2. 6/11/2002
partition of india must go!   1. 6/11/2002
hindustan's horrible tomorrow is her horrible yesterday 5/30/2002
"upon my empire, said mohammed, the sun will never set." 5/30/2002
famous women of ancient and modern india 5/30/2002
women were goddesses then. now they are inferior scum, no match to italians and burmes 5/30/2002
restructuring pakistan? why not dissolve partition itself? 5/29/2002
who created the dalits and why? 5/29/2002
why are the sikhs so special?   because there is none like them on earth! 5/29/2002
the "murderous" prophet approved the destruction of non muslim shrine and killing of devotees worshipping there.. 5/29/2002
clearly lay down the objectives of war.  temporary expedient or permanent solution? 5/29/2002
approaching clouds of civil war in partitioned india 5/29/2002
abolish the nuisance of pakistan - 5 5/28/2002
abolish the nuisance of pakistan - 4 5/28/2002
abolish the nuisance of pakistan - 3 5/28/2002
abolish the nuisance of pakistan - 2 5/28/2002
abolish the nuisance of pakistan - 1 5/28/2002
abolish the nuisance of pakistan - 5 5/28/2002
licking the muslim's a***, dear rajasthan? 5/28/2002
hit them hard, the traitors of 1947. 5/28/2002
unworthy and undeserving leaders of partitioned india - 4 5/28/2002
unworthy and undeserving leaders of partitioned india - 3 5/28/2002
music to the ears 5/27/2002
dead horse and the indian dog 5/27/2002
koran and islam they do not understand. 5/27/2002
every new weapon will be tried 5/27/2002
malthusian theory of population 5/27/2002
demand for another partition?   we are unprepared! 5/26/2002
it's the stagnant ideological hindu ponds, not the mohammedan malaria 5/26/2002
why are the hindus so "apologetic"? 5/26/2002
'lady partiition' from both ends : front and back 5/25/2002
mohammedan aggression in kashmir and england 5/24/2002
overloaded, overcrowded overflooded overburdened overcharged world of mohammed 5/24/2002
it is time for the sikhs to introspect 5/23/2002
let them in, and get impregnated 5/23/2002
president of partitioned india is a traitor.  he wishes death to the indian armed forces. 5/23/2002
scholarly predictions on paper overlook what napolean said, "moral is to physical as three is to one".  so india should win hands down.  but . . . . 5/23/2002
d day plus 2. when "mahatma" gandhi was behind bars, soldier won victoria cross 5/23/2002
indo-pak war, a sikh perspective 5/22/2002
a nation built on sand 5/22/2002
when will the hindu "shakti" act as a deterrent? 5/22/2002
almighty widow of "bofors chor" and many more such dirty political widows in our decomposing bharat 5/22/2002
d- day plus one.  (may 22).  prospect of nuclear strike on delhi. 5/22/2002
may 21, the date of death 5/21/2002
taming islam, or going islamic? 5/21/2002
go bharat, and get lahore, multan, rawalpindi and nankana sahib, too. 5/20/2002
open all borders with pakistan 5/19/2002
sanskrit university set on fire (it has no defender like akhand bharat?) 5/19/2002
counter attack is overdue 5/19/2002
pushtunistan - gone for ever? 5/18/2002
may 21:  don't forget to shed a tear for the "bofors chor", son of a political "witch".   your president will be doing the ludicrous thing at his "samadhi". 5/18/2002
(corrected and complete version)  mohammedan penetration knows no withdrawal.   lady hindustan should know. 5/18/2002
mohammedan penetration knows no withdrawal.   lady hindustan should know. 5/18/2002
decapitation and mutilaton of bodies of the captives is the norm in islam 5/17/2002
enough to dry the guts of the indian supreme commander 5/17/2002
let the indian dogs bark. let the hindu coolies cry their eyes out. we shall not act! 5/17/2002
hang the supreme commander, mussolini style.    chinese bold initiatives are a slap in the face of sleeping bharat 5/17/2002
tell "hijda" india to "bu * * er" off. 5/17/2002
brave words but define your "nation" first. 5/16/2002
what's wrong with shah rukh khan? 5/16/2002
valuable comment on web site : what do you think, sir/madam? 5/16/2002
manly khan, virile musalman, adva cconqueror mohammed, hindu maidens and emaciated demoralised receding hindu world of "cows" and partitioned india 5/16/2002
brave letter to a prisoner of fate,  no hope in hell for the subjugated hindus. 5/16/2002
degraded brown indian race under savage arabic laws 5/16/2002
more on "father of pakistan", mahatma mk gandhi 5/15/2002
punishment for a muslim terrorist- 'as per koran' 5/15/2002
were they vermin? cats and dogs? the victims of islamic genocide in pakistan in 1947? 5/15/2002
mohammedans, friend or foe? 5/14/2002
gandhi's genes have made india unfit to sit.  (the ability to stand is still light years away 5/14/2002
how did the "sparrow of gold" became a mound of mud? 5/14/2002
origins of muslim aggression in india 5/14/2002
congratulations, mohammedan bull, you have got the rear of hindu cow firmly between your legs 5/14/2002
no hindu at top please, we are monkey and donkeys! 5/13/2002
gandhi was no mahatma but a despicable cowrads 5/13/2002
50 years of bandit dynasty's rule and then accelerating decomposition & disintegration 5/13/2002
islam bigger factor than racial tension 5/13/2002
soon they will be killing in the united kingdom 5/12/2002
crusade for computers-   lift the terror of bandit dynasty & islam 5/10/2002
schizophrenic dirty mohammedan "dogs" going for sikh girls 5/10/2002
call for sikhs to police gujarat riots 5/9/2002
palestinians holed up in jerusalem ; send them to any land of mohammed 5/9/2002
heavy fighting in western nepal 5/8/2002
perishing pagans (hindus and sikhs) 5/7/2002
be loyal and firm footed in the path of vassalage and obedience.  be subservient to turkey. 5/6/2002
british mp apologises over "paki" joke 5/6/2002
"be-waqoof" buddhist burma is going the way of nepal 5/6/2002
ethnic cleansing that nobody wants to notice, not even p.i.s.s. 5/6/2002
sikh unrest, the result of perishing hindustan 5/5/2002
you indian "rats" had to name the airport after my "bofors chor" 5/5/2002
sick and dying hindu children of lord krishna dying in gutter need the likes of "mother" teresa 5/4/2002
mrs. indira khan's gift to islam (bogusdesh) 5/3/2002
british national party (bnp) in uk can tell the gold from the mud 5/3/2002
ban the hindu in hindustan! 5/3/2002
boycot america and israel. 5/3/2002
honourable women of a dishonourable people prefer to die 5/2/2002
foreign brats terrorising hindustan 5/2/2002
crippling congress, the "bastards & bitches" that held back partitioned india 5/2/2002
how the saudis run america  and  the italians run hindustan 5/2/2002
saudi-paki-us axis,   axe over partitioned india's neck 5/2/2002
let's finish in mecca what they started in lahore and nankana sahib 5/2/2002
end the siege of church of nativity, the gandhian way. 5/2/2002
serbs go before trial, not mohammedans 5/2/2002
pakistan's mohajirs from bottom and from top! 5/1/2002
hindus brutally burnt to death in hindu heartland 5/1/2002
history of sri ram temple in ayodhya 4/30/2002
are we safer? 4/30/2002
what it means to be a mohammedan 4/30/2002
mushrooming madrassas in broken bharat 4/29/2002
islamic "madrassas" are now mushrooming in our decomposing hindustan 4/29/2002
freedom of expresson as in land of mohammed 4/29/2002
to uphold righteousness, patriotism, secularism and principles, one has to be twice as manly, strong and fearsome as the nearest mohammedan bully within a hundred miles. 4/29/2002
hinduism in india. 4/28/2002
born in bloodshed, high treason & hatred of hindus & secularism,  pakistan will perish in the manner of her illegitimate birth 4/28/2002
the profane "bitch" that was mrs. indira gandhi 4/27/2002
indian cow 'on heat'. how else will one describe it? 4/27/2002
israel is justified to flush out the plo from church 4/27/2002
tragedy of the punjab that begain in 1947 4/27/2002
hinduism/buddhism under attack in sikkim 4/26/2002
united nation's envoy to burma is a mohammedan 4/26/2002
mosque blasted, women and children killed. 4/26/2002
glory to netaji and nanak singh;  death to bandit nehru! 4/26/2002
follow the precedence set by partitioned india.  plo lot should be settled down in saudi arabia. 4/25/2002
intimidated, treacherous india "coolie" media 4/25/2002
mohammedan beasts in east bengal (bogusdesh) let off by traitor indira gandhi 4/25/2002
hinduism in partitioned india 4/24/2002
mrs. indira gandhi, mrs. indira khan-beiman, is spraying the indians with her ideological "urine" 4/24/2002
mohammedan recipe for co-existence and fraternity with all mankind 4/24/2002
e.u., u.n.o., vatican, j.l.n. university, sonia khan, and the lot, talk of partition, or get lost ! 4/24/2002
guru nanak's compulsions were life threatening 4/24/2002
taking shelter in a church. predator's skills of survival 4/24/2002
waiting for bhagat singh.  wait for ever, o hindu, since there is "singh" in his name. 4/23/2002
is there another way out? yes, the way to pakistan. 4/23/2002
one million killed, one billion silenced.  a whole race degraded and degenerated. 4/23/2002
a mohammedan can attack his own country, kill his own countrymen and abduct and rape his own countrywomen. (gandhi's doomed "akhand bharat", 1947) 4/22/2002
well done france. don't go back to "mohammed". 4/22/2002
andhra pradesh like every other stinking rotten state 4/21/2002
guru govind singh, divine lord of hindustan 4/20/2002
the world cannot have it both ways -  destroy israel and obliterate hindustan 4/20/2002
all the plo out of israel just as all the hindus are out of west punjab and north kashmir. 4/20/2002
advice to kulsum bibi and her imam and grandfather. 4/20/2002
don't reduce and smash the jews like the hindus. "jehalat" & savagery are spreading. free world is shrinking. 4/20/2002
chacha nehru's niece 4/20/2002
india's supreme commander "bhangi" narayanan, & his burmese born evangelist "bhangan", are delighted at the outcome 4/19/2002
what comes naturally to them: trafficking in women 4/19/2002
thus commanded mohammed and allah obeyed 4/19/2002
hindus in partitioned india will perish, the sikhs will be slaughtered, or the whole lot converted . . . 4/18/2002
indian troops must join the allies in afghanistan 4/17/2002
hiding, sheltering, in church of nativity 4/17/2002
mk gandhi's cowardice and treachery towards hindus produced vile pakistan on the sacred soil of bharat 4/17/2002
the shankaracharya of puri - grab his neck before the "indian" muslims & the italians do. 4/17/2002
indian troops ought to be with the anti taliban allies in afghanistan 4/17/2002
withdrawal won't work. (which idiot said they will?) 4/16/2002
are you getting it back, mohammed?  it is no 1947 when you had a walk over over our dead bodies 4/16/2002
take a long bamboo, write "partition" on its tip and shove up this shankaracharya's who is hindustan's counterpart of the pope 4/15/2002
most honourable sikh & hindu "lionesses" 4/15/2002
manipulated anniversaries of indian slaves in broken bharat (partitioned india) 4/14/2002
why we need to abuse the traitors profusely 4/13/2002
two kinds of islam 4/13/2002
mohammed ali jinn's vision of pakistan 4/12/2002
idle boast of the "bhangi" of bhangi colony 4/12/2002
jammu & kashmir- state policy to deny communication 4/12/2002
mesmerised hindu "sheep", refusing to call "independence" bloody parittion,  get  ready to be blown up 4/12/2002
god damned islamic republic where even trees, dogs, donkeys and reptiles are islamic. 4/12/2002
serious islamic threat to britain and india 4/12/2002
posted by a khan from bihar, now in karachi via bogusdesh 4/12/2002
muslim's oath and promise taken on koran 4/11/2002
congratulations, president "nigger" narayanan! 4/11/2002
hindu parties must act bravely 4/11/2002
concession by those professing a third class native religion 4/10/2002
earth is god's gift.  "islamic" republics are obscene, filthy, immoral, and insult god 4/10/2002
p.l.o. "warriors" hiding in church of nativity,  jerusalem 4/10/2002
"white paper" on islam in partitioned india is needed 4/10/2002
is the koran same as the "mein kampf"? 4/10/2002
all the plo refugees and the hamas to partitioned india, please. 4/10/2002
tell them to speak up for the hindu victims, too. 4/10/2002
go to india and open your mouth there. 4/10/2002
go to india 4/10/2002
norway brokers a peace deal.  where was india? 4/10/2002
indian serfs, slaves & coolies ignore real heroes 4/9/2002
tell the world the truth on partition 4/8/2002
understanding the primitive, alien, intolerant, violent, separatist & arabic islam deeply entrenched in partitioned india (broken bharat) 4/8/2002
supreme court of indian "donkeys", morons, serfs, slaves, "niggers" and coolies. 4/8/2002
gujarat was to be noakhali 4/8/2002
ishapur, azamgarh and ishrat manzil etc. 4/8/2002
hindus still extremely weak in bollywood and media 4/8/2002
"switzerland of asia" is not negotiable.   vacate north kashmir, too.  come mohammed, ali, and jinn, and pandit jawaharlal nehru, get your heads smashed. 4/7/2002
why did the state of gujarat retaliate alone? shame on punjab, u.p., bihar, tamil nadu, rajasthan, assam, karnataka, madhya pradesh, himachal pradesh, meghalaya and kerala, etc., etc., the cowards who did not. 4/7/2002
what if pakistan falls? 4/7/2002
4,000,000 hindu militants getting ready to march into north kashmir, east bengal, sind and west punjab. 4/7/2002
threatening a brave hindu journalist- islamic/italian style? 4/7/2002
learn from the wide awake brave buddhists, o ye "eunuch" hindus. 4/7/2002
head straight for pakistan, "bastard" of a state on sacred secular indian soil 4/6/2002
land grabbing kafir killing mohammed 4/6/2002
india is hindu since partition. what the hell is the mohammedan doing there? 4/6/2002
a mohammedan can beat his wife 4/5/2002
muslims in europe threaten secularism 4/5/2002
hopefully you are kicked out, mr. mohammed. 4/5/2002
article 465 4/5/2002
the  dispute  over  ram-temple  in  ayodhya 3/30/2002
guru and gandhi misled the hindu nation 3/30/2002
mohammedan brute and the rest of the world 3/29/2002
do something for the good of partitioned india 3/29/2002
exchange of population in the middle east 3/29/2002
your days on earth are numbered 3/29/2002
the koran is the same as the "mein kampf" 3/28/2002
islamic "dogs" feeding bbc 3/28/2002
treacherous, despicable & cowardly cover up of history's worst defeat of hindustan at  partition 3/27/2002
there was no refugee in 1947 3/26/2002
lord rama; in ayodhya, not in supreme court! 3/25/2002
warning to p.l.o. 3/22/2002
defeated expectations 3/21/2002
bangladeshi mohammedan army needs hindu blood for battle experience 3/21/2002
musharraf's nice guy pose 3/20/2002
get partitioned india's "bhangi" supreme commander to visit afghanistan at the head of his army "of eunuchs" 3/20/2002
catholic lioness and the rootless sikh mice 3/20/2002
computers in east punjab -  light years away! 3/19/2002
afghanistan, still the death trap that she was for the soviet union 3/19/2002
b.n.p. won elections, thanks to bangladeshis! 3/18/2002
islamic rock of bogusdesh (bangladesh) and crumbling mud of partitioned india 3/18/2002
one woman against mohammed! 3/18/2002
savage ruthless enemy : hard counter measures 3/18/2002
marxism, nazism, and islam - the unholy trinity. 3/18/2002
uncontrollable "explosion" of muslim numbers 3/17/2002
bloodthirsty beasts in human form.  attack on church congregation in pakistan. 3/17/2002
growing menace of bangladesh in the united kingdom 3/16/2002
web sites on sacred ayodhya 3/16/2002
dear countrymen, unite & pick up the guns. you are approaching doom 3/16/2002
merciful islam:  go and ask the girls! 3/15/2002
hindus in jail, italians and mohammedans scot free 3/15/2002
mahatma nathu ram and "gandu" gandhi 3/15/2002
ramallah, temple of lord rama 3/15/2002
despicable supreme court of genetically inferior indian "stooges, niggers & coolies" 3/14/2002
muslim infested bollywood, like pus in the poisoned body of hindustan 3/14/2002
homage to the hero who defied the bogus "partition" 3/14/2002
third class despicable indian supreme court, stooge of islam & dirty dynasty 3/13/2002
is it too late for britain? islamic onslaught is relentless.. 3/13/2002
the real hero of "akhand bharat":  martyr nanak singh 3/13/2002
the british national party in the united kingdom (bnp) 3/13/2002
hindus and sikhs, the "mongrel dog of a qaum" 3/12/2002
golden idol covered in dog muck. why? 3/11/2002
september 11, 2002.  sikhs, khalsa and east punjab today. 3/11/2002
article 421 3/11/2002
post islam world, kingdom of god upon earth! 3/10/2002
hindu rage:.  retaliate like the wounded tigers, to survive! 3/10/2002
islam throws down the gauntlet at the whole world 3/10/2002
leaders of indian muslims meet 3/10/2002
hindu bashing in the coolie colony of jenab nehru's congress 3/10/2002
hindus are shedding copious tears while sonia khan gets ready to show the way forward. 3/9/2002
why is pakistan an ally of the usa? 3/8/2002
hindus and sikhs of england, support bnp to the hilt 3/8/2002
expel, intern or exterminate "indian" mohammedans 3/7/2002
a great web site!  ( 3/7/2002
meet ghulam nabi from lahore 3/7/2002
a man we all had to remember 3/6/2002
third world war over kashmir?  no, never! 3/6/2002
khan market in new delhi 3/6/2002
off to mecca, you son of a mohammed! 3/5/2002
5 march (1947) in multan 3/5/2002
equality is "four men per wife", you mohammed! 3/4/2002
temple in ayodhya is not at stake,  it is hindus' survival with dignity 3/3/2002
muslim attack vs. hindu response 3/2/2002
purification of mother india - washing off the pakistani dirt & filth 3/2/2002
partition of india means treacherous separatist mischievous jehadi mohammedans out! 3/1/2002
blood soaked dagger  of mohammed, dead weight of islam 3/1/2002
mohammed's "filth column" in partitoned india 3/1/2002
white is swan, brown in buffalo 2/28/2002
train set on fire.  what are the mohammedans doing in partitioned india?. 2/27/2002
nectar ("amrit") to ganga jal to sonia jal  (jal= holy water) - 2.  revised & concluded. 2/26/2002
nectar ("amrit") to ganga jal to sonia jal (jal= holy water) - 2 2/26/2002
the rascal and the saint 2/25/2002
a jain's view of islam 2/25/2002
nectar ("amrit") to ganga jal to sonia jal (jal= holy water) 2/25/2002
state of bharat:  dead 2/25/2002
elections: hindu/sikh under the jackboot again 2/25/2002
murder of daniel pearl is grievous blow to usa and her secularism 2/24/2002
bbc programme on british muslims.  terrorised partitioned india could follow 2/24/2002
"leave sonia alone!" syndrome of hindus and sikhs. 2/24/2002
will the sikhs perish in partitioned india (broken bharat)? yes, they will. 2/24/2002
lakshman rekha has been crossed. 2/23/2002
is indian media the worst on earth? "despicable rats and vermin". 2/23/2002
murdering a hindu is an act of islamic virtue (the koran) 2/23/2002
hindus kick their hindustan up her . . . . . 2/23/2002
nehru must face trial for high treason 2/22/2002
motivation behind this site 2/22/2002
pearl daniel's will be the fate of every hinud and sikh 2/22/2002
what about your parents? can they tell their children, too? 2/22/2002
call to all journalists (by chanakya) 2/21/2002
foolish singh & gaddha kumar (ideologically speaking) 2/21/2002
surrender of girls to the enemy degrades us all 2/20/2002
territory is the highest guru.& god 2/19/2002
sue the saudis, and nehru & jinn 2/18/2002
article 371 2/18/2002
the sikhs are perishing. did you know? 2/18/2002
"incorrigible inferior" sikhs and hindus of east punjab 2/17/2002
congress "bitch"", leave east punjab alone! 2/10/2002
sonia desecrates and defiles the sacre soil of east punjab 2/8/2002
in east punjab "cowardice" is called "courage"! 2/8/2002
disgusting, degraded sikhs of much reduced broken east punjab kiss the feet of their enemy 2/8/2002
tribute to sikh valour (before the death of "akhand bharat", of course.) 2/6/2002
when brainwashing under constant hammering if complete 2/6/2002
wanted advani, dead or alive! 2/3/2002
over 80,000 killed in kashmir. what's the truth? 2/3/2002
italy is keeping illegal immigrants out! 2/2/2002
murder in the land that bandit nehru surrendered 2/1/2002
cry of fear & anguish from maharashtra 2/1/2002
two more indian "rats in uniform" killed, killed, killed, killed, killed, killed . . . . . 1/31/2002
"what is your name?" an enquiry. 1/31/2002
biggest coward of 20th century shot dead: on 30 january 1948 1/30/2002
prime minister of much reduced mutilated & partitioned india is a "mohammedan"! 1/28/2002
article 353 1/27/2002
god's wrath on the bogus hindu "republic" 1/26/2002
dame india in saffron coloured bikini 1/25/2002
india's republic day, a "monkey circus". 1/25/2002
dual nationality?  inferior indian race can only dream of 1/24/2002 1/23/2002
real democracy, a sikh shows the way 1/23/2002
israel & india, trapped in islamic vice 1/20/2002
siegen oder sterben. (conquer!) 1/20/2002i
no dual nationality, never! 1/19/2002
geneva convention at guantanamo bay camp 1/19/2002
on this day 1/16/2002
my paradise guarded by two giant buddha statues 1/15/2002
"kashmir  runs  in  our  blood" 1/15/2002
whose money to re-build afghanistan? 1/13/2002
biased media in the west : democracy in pakistan is a laugh! 1/13/2002
"pakistani" editor, mj akbar of the asian age 1/12/2002
kashmir issue in a nutshel 1/12/2002
islam in the united europe (what it was in the united india) 1/11/2002
british national party & hindus and sikhs in the united kingdom 1/10/2002
"rajiv gandhi foundation" not included! 1/10/2002
dual nationality and "dynasty's dog" lm singhvi 1/9/2002
pakistan must disappear! 1/9/2002
sonia gandhi's war 1/8/2002
india's nuclear bomb will remain wrapped in cotton wool 1/6/2002
indira gandhi international airport : indians are slaves, coolies and "niggers" 1/5/2002
"black" sisters' dignity abroad 12/15/2001
israel and india : "man" and "rat". 12/14/2001
boast of hindu mp.  who was he? 12/13/2001
what every "terrified hindu midget" must know 12/12/2001
fall of nepal,   "hijda" hindustan 12/11/2001
symbol struck or snake bitten? the sikhs today. 12/11/2001
ever ready for jehad and martyrdom. 12/10/2001
the man who uprooted evil dynasty 12/7/2001
gang rape sonia gandhi, to convey the idea? 12/6/2001
gopal gandhi: ("dog of dynasty") -  2 12/5/2001
gandhi to london?  no!    no!     no! 12/4/2001
is isreal "hindu"? 12/3/2001
foreign finger up afghanistan's 12/2/2001
counterpart of hindu  "devis" are muslim prostitutes. 12/2/2001
enquiry on partition 12/1/2001
then a manly musalmaan came along, and impregnated the hindu's wife. 12/1/2001
six hindu women & a girl allegedly gangraped 11/30/2001
same "shakal".  same" aqal"? 11/30/2001
afghan solution is imposed secularism 11/30/2001
starving muslim prays for the hindu's prosperity 11/29/2001
genocide in bangladesh 11/28/2001
economically speaking . . . . . . 11/27/2001
confession by a dead taliban. 11/27/2001
crippled infant & the lion cub in cage 11/26/2001
anti bangladesh demonstration in london 11/25/2001
condemn frankenstein, not his monster 11/25/2001
is islam sheer banditry, murder, mutilation & mayhem? 11/25/2001
president of post partition india 11/25/2001
arrogant, autocratic, self-righteous  "b & b" 11/24/2001
mayors of new york and london 11/24/2001
genocide in land gifted away by mrs. indira gandhi 11/23/2001
bogusdesh of indira khanum & her wretched hindus. 11/23/2001
who is a true prophet or 'rasul allah'? 11/22/2001
arabia & pakistan, foreign fingers 11/21/2001
lengthening dark shadows of islam across the globe 11/18/2001
islamic wolves after one 'sheep' 11/18/2001
mother india 11/17/2001
switzerland of central asia 11/14/2001
afghanistan: kishwar-i-jehaalat-o-barbaadi. 11/14/2001
how visible is high treason? 11/13/2001
why are the muslims up in arms? 11/13/2001
mary robinson will see "nigger" narayanan 11/13/2001
muslim land and holy land tricks 11/12/2001
temple-wallahs, where are you in east bengal? 11/11/2001
islam's pyramid of extortion in india 11/11/2001
kashmir,  the switzerland of asia & a tourists' paradise 11/11/2001
caste war victims, boring routine. 11/11/2001
11 o'clock on the 11th of the 11th month, 2001 11/11/2001
nuclear weapons - but who will drop first? 11/11/2001
what do you think, son of bharat? 11/9/2001
both looked (damn) fools 11/8/2001
problem solved!   (revised) 11/8/2001
problem solved! 11/8/2001
"islamic" republic is an obscene state 11/8/2001
islam, the postscript 11/7/2001
islam, a  personal view 11/6/2001
afghan site. 11/6/2001
sealing indo-american bonds of love 11/2/2001
why mrs. indira gandhi hated the sikhs 11/2/2001
impoverished hindu "orphans" miss the "political witch of kalyuga" 11/1/2001
evolution of another kind - under muslim terms 10/31/2001
cowardly "bapu" and simpleton sikhs 10/31/2001
how tall is the hindu chicken? 10/31/2001
"british" muslims! 10/30/2001
five points 10/12/2001
please america, give refuge to the fleeing hindus 10/9/2001
commitment to what?  desperate cry of india. 10/6/2001
writing history to appease islam 10/3/2001
dog of dynasty, a comment 10/3/2001
indira gandhi, hitler & taliban 10/2/2001
a thousand donkeys for "mohammeds" 10/1/2001
death of "dynasty's dog" 10/1/2001
no aid to the starving afghan refigees. why not:? 9/27/2001
hindu disease "kills" the sikhs in america 9/26/2001
"talibanised" despicable hindustan 9/22/2001
indian dilemma in america 9/21/2001
hindu & sikh dilemma of "gandhian chickens" 9/21/2001
next target: daughters of simple sikhs 9/19/2001
travel by camels to please mohammed 9/18/2001
imam bukhari louder than prime minister vajpayee 9/18/2001
no chickens here called gandhi & nehru! 9/18/2001
george bush, man of millennium? 9/18/2001
dirty devious hindustan, poodle of dynasty 9/6/2001
presence of the enemy in your midst 9/6/2001
black list on sikhs in inferior indian "coolie colony" 9/5/2001
centre of islamic "kufr" in hindustan 9/4/2001
no marriage, no hindu! 9/3/2001
uprooting the evil poisonous plant in pandit nehru's coolie colony 9/3/2001
that which spread through violence . . . 9/2/2001
india never invaded any country! 9/2/2001
your roasted hindu will be delivered, sire. 9/1/2001
pride in hinduism 9/1/2001
"mohammeds" on the run.  unwelcome everywhere. 9/1/2001
future of hindusthan 8/31/2001
hindus love family, family, money, money and god 8/31/2001
conspiracy of silence of cowardly dishonest excellencies 8/31/2001
jinn's daily ration is two hindus 8/30/2001
"islamisation" of australia? 8/29/2001
ignorant air vice-marshal- feedback 8/26/2001
ignorant air vice-marshal 8/24/2001
rabbit in python's mouth 8/24/2001
pio ("poor indian ox"  or "person of indian origin"?) 8/23/2001
jinn's fondness for hindu flesh & blood 8/23/2001
third class indian immigrants minus dual nationality 8/20/2001
who will give "head" to the hindus? 8/17/2001
partition day "duck" shoot by manly hunters 8/16/2001
historic blunder, too big for 'midgets and morons' 8/15/2001
o  macedonia! 8/13/2001
how strong is sharon? 8/13/2001
savage attacks on israel : india next! 8/12/2001
"panch sheel" of bandit 8/12/2001
india's independence day (august 15) 8/11/2001
muslim hunter, hindu duck-2 8/11/2001
duck shoot in doda (south kashmir) 8/10/2001
sikhs, the endangered specie in bharat 8/9/2001
led by supreme commander "bhangi" 8/8/2001
abduction, conversion, degradation of hindu women 8/7/2001

attack must invite counter attack 8/7/2001

post card from eastern europe 8/7/2001

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one billion genetically inferior hindus 6/28/2001

hindu dreaming of peace & prosperity 6/28/2001

"behind the veil,"  documentary on afghanistan. 6/27/2001

welcome by one billion  "c_ _ts"** of bharat 6/26/2001

high treason by dynasty: 1947 - 1991 6/25/2001

black flags in ukraine, red carpet in bharat 6/24/2001

baboon of union territory & the cows beyond 6/24/2001

cow on heat welcomes the mating bull 6/21/2001

hindus' zero territorial sense 6/19/2001

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"we are hindus!"  we are "sheep", voluntarily. 6/17/2001

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north  kashmir  memorial  association 5/10/2001

dhaka,  sylhet  &  chittagong  memorial  association 5/10/2001

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Which business is best for housewifeParticipate in Online Forums: Online forums related to data entry can be a great place to promote your services. You can answer questions related to data entry and share your expertise with others.i want to work from home full time

online part time jobs redditOnline English teaching is a part-time job at home optionfreelance data entry jobs from home without investment

peshawar  memorial  association 5/10/2001

Does Amazon pay you to work from home9 / 9part time study

sialkot  memorial  association 5/10/2001

part time job near meIn conclusion, there are plenty of online part-time jobs that are perfect for beginners. Whether you choose to complete online surveys, do transcription or data entry, or become a social media manager, there are opportunities for everyone. So why not explore these options today and start earning money from home? With a little bit of effort and determination, you can turn your spare time into a valuable source of income.full time jobs

online part time jobs for students without investmentFinally, online data entry jobs can provide a steady source of income. While the pay for these jobs may vary depending on the company and the type of work being done, many data entry jobs pay hourly rates that are comparable to other part-time jobs. This can make them an attractive option for anyone looking for a flexible source of income.part time internship

part timeChapter 2: Types of Online Part-Time Jobsonline part time jobs from home with mobile

lyallpur  memorial  association 5/10/2001

jehlum  memorial  association 5/10/2001

gujranwala  memorial  association 5/10/2001

amazon part time customer service jobsCreating a website: A website is an excellent way to showcase your data entry skills and attract potential clients. You can include information about your experience, services, and rates on your website.part time evening driving jobs near me

lahore  memorial  association 5/10/2001

multan  memorial  association 5/10/2001

part time typing jobs for students without investmentDelivery Services: With the rise of online shopping, many delivery services require additional staff on weekends to handle the increased volume of orders. You can work as a delivery driver or package handler.full time wfh jobs

online part time jobs near meAs an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting other people's products and services. You can find affiliate marketing opportunities on various online platforms, such as Amazon and Clickbank.full time work from home jobs

online work from home without investmentWorking as a part-time recruiter at Amazon can also pose some challenges, such as:online part-time jobs no experience

quetta  memorial  association 5/10/2001

sukkur  memorial  association 5/10/2001

jobs remote part timeTaking on additional projects and clientspart time easy work from home

easy part time work from home jobsAbility to research and write about a wide range of topicseasy part time online jobs

10 hour a week jobs from homeWhen looking for remote work, make sure to research companies and opportunities thoroughly. Look for companies that value remote work and have a track record of success with remote teams. You can also consider freelance work as a starting point and build your portfolio and reputation from there.full time remote companies

joburi part time remoteFreelance marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are great platforms to find data entry jobs. These platforms connect freelancers with clients looking for data entry services. Creating a profile on these marketplaces is easy and free. Make sure to create a detailed profile with your skills, experience, and part time jobs for students with no experience

hyderabad  memorial  association 5/10/2001

part time customer service remoteTranslationpart time jobs near me for students work from home

karachi  memorial  association 5/10/2001

online jobs no experience part timeWork culture: You can work in a fast-paced, innovative, and customer-centric environment. You can also collaborate with diverse and supportive colleagues who share your passion and vision.remote customer service jobs part time

rawalpindi  memorial  association 5/10/2001

independence?  the bitter truth 5/10/2001

islamic atrocities in ahmedabad 5/8/2001

data typing work from home without investmentVirtual assistance involves providing administrative and technical support to clients remotely. You can offer services like data entry, email management, social media management, and customer support. You can find virtual assistant jobs on platforms like Zirtual, Fancy Hands, and Upwork.temporary summer jobs

sonia, devious foreign agent 5/8/2001

typing jobs work from homeConclusionwork from home for housewife near me

cancer of corruption, poison of congress 5/8/2001

defence of india:  laugh! laugh! 5/8/2001

trial of government of india for massacre of sikhs in 1984 5/7/2001

part time jobs no experience work from homeOnline English teaching is a part-time job at home option for people whoPart-time jobs at home have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering people the flexibility to work from home while earning extra income. Whether you're a stay-at-home parent, a student, or just looking for additional income, there are many part-time jobs available that you can do from home. In this article, we will explore some of the best part-time jobs at home options available and provide tips on how to promote and find the perfect job.saturday and sunday part time jobs

islam's inherent savagery : greece & india 5/6/2001

part time encoding jobs at homeSupplemental Income: Part-time work can provide you with additional income to supplement your primary source of income. This can be especially useful if youíre looking to pay off debt, save for a big purchase, or simply improve your financial situation.part time data entry jobs from home for students

body without head 5/6/2001

look!  hindu on time bomb. 5/5/2001

which devil struck united india in 1947? 5/4/2001

work from home for students without investmentChapter 1: Freelance Writingonline work at home for students

britain:  race, religion & immigration 5/1/2001

online remote jobs part time no experienceOption 5: Online Surveysremote customer service part time

data entry jobs for housewifeNo matter what type of part-time summer job you're interested in, there are plenty of options available near you. And with the added convenience of working close to home, you can enjoy all that summer has to offer while still earning some extra delivery jobs part time

great part time jobsYou can have more flexibility and control over your schedule. Working from home part-time can allow you to set your own hours and work at your own pace, as long as you meet your deadlines and expectations. You can also adjust your schedule according to your personal needs and preferences, such as taking care of your children, running errands, attending appointments, or pursuing hobbies. You can also avoid the stress and distractions of working in a noisy or crowded office environment.part time home jobs

religion of peace? 4/29/2001

part time work from homeTo get started with freelance writing, you'll need to create a portfolio of your writing samples. You can also write some soft articles on topics that interest you and publish them on platforms such as Medium or LinkedIn to showcase your writing skills.customer service remote part time

supreme commander "chicken" narayanan 4/28/2001

qaid-i-azam's last regret 4/28/2001

handwriting jobs from home without investmentPart 1: What is Data Entry?part time jobs no experience work from home

congress ought to have been exterminated. 4/26/2001

online part time jobs without investmentA graphic designer is a professional who creates visual content for websites, social media, or print publications. The job responsibilities include designing logos, creating graphics, and editing images. To become a graphic designer, you will need expertise in graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. You can find graphic design jobs on job boards such as 99designs, Dribbble, or Behance.good part time jobs for students

evening data entry jobsData Cleaning and Verification Jobs:internet part time jobs from home

will & testament of  j.l. nehru 4/25/2001

easy online part time jobs from homeThere are many different types of online part-time job opportunities available, depending on your skills and interests. Some popular options include:part time job evening shift

typing jobs from home without investmentIntroductiondata encoder part time job home based

mystery of nehru's birthplace 4/25/2001

inside story of sonia and rajiv 4/25/2001

online typing jobs from home without investmentPart 3: The Benefits of Part-Time Jobs and Remote Workfull time remote work from home jobs

mathai's "she" 4/25/2001

jinnah & his pakistani islamic heaven 4/25/2001

at home part time jobs no experienceEvent Staff: With summer comes outdoor concerts, festivals, and other events. Event staff members are needed to help set up, tear down, and manage the crowds.What can you work online with no experience

if vajpayee, then why not nehru? 4/25/2001

nehru swindled netaji 4/25/2001

nehru, born in a brothel? 4/25/2001

exposing "bandit" nehru, the s.o.b. 4/25/2001

ghori, gandhi, down to sonia 4/25/2001

hindu collapse is death to sikhs 4/25/2001

honour kanyakumari 4/24/2001

yasser arafat among indian coolies 4/23/2001

unconditional surrender of india 4/22/2001

part time jobs remote work from homeHow to Find Part-Time Workat home part time jobs no experience

encoder part time work from homeDog Walker/Pet Sitter: If you're an animal lover, consider offering your services as a dog walker or pet sitter. Many pet owners need help with their furry friends while they're away on vacation, and you can make a decent income while spending time with adorable pets.evening online work from home

work at home for housewifeThe Benefits of Working from Home Part-Timelegit online typing jobs

bastards & bitches of bharat 4/22/2001

"man eater, soul devouring / degrading predator religions 4/22/2001

free online part time jobs without investment for studentsThere are many job boards and freelance websites that specialize in data entry jobs. These websites can be a great place to find clients and promote your services. Some popular job boards for data entry include Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.stay at home mom part time jobs

mohan gupta 4/21/2001

best part time online jobs from homeJob boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster are excellent resources for finding online data entry jobs. You can search for jobs based on your location, skills, and experience.part time remote jobs that pay well

part time job evening shiftConclusionpart time weekend accounting jobs

What are the fastest way to earn the money money without experienceBenefits of Online Part-Time Data Entry Jobspart time job on mobile at home without investment

on the brink of revolution 4/4/2001

trial of government of india 4/3/2001

part time jobs near me remoteTechnical Support Representativespart time job home based data encoder

part time remote customer serviceEnsuring all articles are free from errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.easy jobs to do from home part time

data entry jobs onlineII. Types of online part-time jobsevening remote part time jobs

internet part time jobFood Service: Restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains require additional staff on weekends to handle the increased customer traffic. You can work as a server, bartender, or kitchen staff.typing part time job

supreme commander rubbish. 4/2/2001

no remembrance day? why not? 3/29/2001

amazon warehouse jobs part timeVirtual assistant:encoder work from home part time

what will *you* do on 15th ausugt? 3/25/2001

mr. keith vaz, mp,  "disgrace" of britain? 3/24/2001

remote jobs from home full timeFinding the Best Part-Time Job Near Youpart time saturday jobs

part time care home jobs no experienceFlexibility: Online part-time work allows you to set your own hours and work from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can work around your other commitments, whether thatís a full-time job or family obligations.part time evening work

full time online jobs from homeOnline Tutorbest part time jobs for stay at home moms

britain's "indian" mp keith vaz is portuguese! 3/24/2001

wretched widows of hindusthan 3/22/2001

How can an 18 year old make money onlineMonitor website analytics to track the success of promotional effortspart time remote jobs near me

what "republic", mr. president? 3/22/2001

"position impossible" (kama sutra) 3/13/2001

work from home jobs near me part time no experienceOnline Tutoring: Online tutoring is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise with others. You can teach a wide range of subjects, including math, science, and part time jobs for students without investment

remote part time jobs for studentsSetting realistic goalsamazon jobs from home part time

biography of indira khan a.k.a. gandhi 3/12/2001

the islamic "rats" killed the buddhist "elephant" 3/12/2001

muslims are secular, hinuds are "communal"! 3/10/2001

minority situation in bangladesh 3/9/2001

part time customer service jobs remoteA virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative support to clients remotely. Virtual assistants perform tasks such as data entry, scheduling appointments, managing email, and social media accounts. This type of job requires good organizational skills, communication skills, and attention to part time data entry jobs from home

decline of the west 3/9/2001

the new scourge is not new! 3/8/2001

how does it feel, dear taliban? 3/8/2001

defeat of mohammed : victory of buddha 3/7/2001

tal 3/7/2001

part time customer service jobs remoteAs a data entry clerk, you can input data into spreadsheets or databases for businesses and organizations. You can find data entry jobs on websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. You can also approach small businesses and startups directly and offer your data entry services.part time customer service jobs from home

indeed part time jobsThere are many advantages to pursuing a part-time data entry job. Here are a few of the most notable benefits:part time encoder home based

taliban and indira 3/6/2001

part time jobs near me evening shiftA virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative assistance to clients remotely. This can include tasks such as responding to emails, scheduling appointments, and managing social media accounts. As a virtual assistant, you'll need to be organized, reliable, and able to work jobs for 10th pass students without investment part time

the way forward 3/5/2001

part time jobs online encoder home basedIntroductionpart time typing jobs from home without investment

jai chand and jawaharlal nehru 3/5/2001

nri's speak out! 3/3/2001

civil war is inevitable 2/21/2001

part time jobs work from home for studentsZipRecruiter: ZipRecruiter is one of the most popular and widely used online recruitment software tools in the market. ZipRecruiter can help you post your job ads to over 100 job boards and social media platforms with one click, and reach millions of active and passive candidates. ZipRecruiter can also help you screen and rank candidates with its smart matching technology, and send them email invitations, reminders, and updates. ZipRecruiter offers a four-day free trial and flexible pricing plans based on your hiring needs.part time data entry jobs from home for students

online jobs no experience part timeChapter 5: Transcriptiononline part time jobs for students

easy online part time jobs from home- A computer or smartphone with internet accessHow much do online jobs usually pay

when home became hell 2/13/2001

best part time careers for momsAs a website tester, you'll be responsible for testing websites for usability, functionality, and bugs. You'll need to have good attention to detail and be able to follow instructions. This job can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, and you can set your own hours. While it may not be the most exciting job, it can be a good way to earn money experience data entry jobs from home

online part time jobs for college studentsOnline tutoring is another excellent online part-time job work at home promotion opportunity. Many students require additional help with their studies, and online tutors can provide the necessary assistance. Online tutoring platforms such as Chegg, TutorMe, and Skooli are excellent places to start your search for online tutoring customer service jobs part time

republic, gandhi and gujarat 1/30/2001

online part time jobs for housewives without investmentOnline part-time jobs offer flexibility, a wide range of opportunities, and the potential for earning extra income. With the right skills and approach, anyone can find success in these positions. By following these tips and being proactive in your job search, you can find the perfect online part-time job for you.In today's fast-paced world, online part-time jobs are gaining immense popularity. Many people are looking for ways to earn extra income in their spare time, and online part-time jobs are a great way to do so. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of online part-time jobs, the types of jobs available, and how to find typing jobs for students

good part time jobsWhy Choose Data Entry as a Part-Time Job?amazon jobs near me part time

the president of hindustan is not hindu 1/28/2001

rotten republic of broken bharat 1/26/2001

online part time jobs for housewives without investmentOnline Tutoringpart time work from home for students

amazon jobs online part timeData entry jobs can be done from anywhere, but most companies prefer individuals to work from home. This is because it allows them to save on office space and other related expenses. Also, it offers flexibility to the employee as they can work according to their own part time hours

partitioned india's "republic day" 1/25/2001

netaji subhash chandra bose 1/23/2001

pankaj anand 1/22/2001

home based part time job online data encoderWe are a content creation company that provides high-quality articles for various websites and platforms. We are looking for talented and reliable writers who can produce 1000-word articles on different topics and niches. You can choose the topics that interest you and work at your own pace and schedule.good part time work from home jobs

no hindu is "paki" 1/22/2001

hindu rakshak 1/14/2001

by a young sikh 1/13/2001

work from home jobs without investment daily paymentVirtual assistance is a remote work option where people provide administrative or creative assistance to clients. In this chapter, we will explore the skills and tools needed to become a successful virtual assistant. We will also provide tips on how to find clients, negotiate rates, and promote your services to potential jobs from home part time

Which business is best for housewifeIn today's world, part-time jobs at home have become increasingly popular as more people seek flexible ways to earn extra income. With advancements in technology and the rise of remote work, there are now more opportunities than ever for people to work from home. In this article, we will explore some of the best part-time jobs at home options available and provide tips on how to promote and find the perfect part time jobs reddit

agence france presse 1/12/2001

typing jobs from home without investmentNo Dress Code: You don't have to dress up for work as you would in a physical office. You can work in your pajamas if you work from home part time

the history saga: january 5, 2001 1/5/2001

e. kiruttinan 1/5/2001

part time virtual assistant jobs from home no experienceDon't be afraid to reach out to friends, family, and former colleagues to let them know you're looking for part-time work. They may be able to connect you with potential clients or refer you to job opportunities.What work should a housewife do

exodus of 1947 12/31/2000

vinod kumar 12/29/2000

online typing jobsIf you are looking to succeed in online data entry jobs, there are several tips you should follow, including:free part time jobs for students without investment

online jobs without investmentPart 2: Benefits of Data Entry at Home without Investmentpart time typing jobs online

nri force -  europe 12/16/2000

part time weekend jobs near meWorking as a part-time recruiter at Amazon can offer you many benefits, such as:weekend work from home

part time remote customer service jobsThe idea of working part-time online has been gaining popularity over the years, especially among students who want to earn extra money without interfering with their studies. Online part-time jobs offer convenience, flexibility, and the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home. The best part is that you don't need to invest any money to start working. In this 200,000-word article, we will explore various online part-time jobs that students can do without any investment.part time evening jobs hiring near me

hindu rakshak 12/16/2000

part time jobs work from home without investment for studentsUse social media: As mentioned earlier, social media can be a powerful tool for finding new clients. Use platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to promote your services and connect with potential clients.simple typing work from home without investment

jagmohan 12/14/2000

online work from home for housewivesDespite the low-stress nature of the job, data entry positions typically offer competitive pay. According to PayScale, the average hourly rate for a data entry operator in the United States is $14.10 per hour. This can vary based on experience and location, but it is still a decent wage for a part-time job.part time care home jobs no experience

the rediff special 12/9/2000

simple work from home part time jobsConvenience: You donít have to worry about commuting to work, buying expensive work clothes, or packing a lunch. With online part-time work, you can work in your pajamas and eat whatever you entry jobs work from home

watchdog 12/2/2000

part time weekend remote jobsSocial media management is a part-time job at home option for people who are knowledgeable about social media platforms and can create engaging content. In this chapter, we will explore the skills and tools needed to become a successful social media manager. We will also provide tips on how to find clients, negotiate rates, and promote your services to potential from home jobs full time with benefits

watchdog 12/2/2000

part time retail jobs near meHere are some examples of good reviews on Review Master:virtual assistant jobs part time no experience

part time weekend workCreate a List of Job Openings: Create a list of online data entry job openings that you can promote. You can find job openings on freelancing websites, job boards, or by contacting businesses from home jobs without investment

ishtiaq ali mehkri 12/2/2000

high paying part time jobs for studentsThe Key Features to Look for in Online Recruitment Softwareno experience data entry jobs from home part time

parsuram maharaj 11/18/2000

ravish mathur 11/11/2000

b. raman 10/18/2000

full time work from homeOnce you have found a legitimate data entry job, there are several things you can do to maximize your earnings:part time virtual assistant jobs from home no experience

part time data entry jobs homeSocial Media: Use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote data entry jobs. Share job postings, company information, and other relevant content.simple work from home part time jobs

a. ghosh 10/15/2000

sita ram kesri (resemblance to the anyone unintentional). 10/13/2000

online part time jobs from home with mobileBe responsive, neutral, and polite in your reviews. You can also reply to other users' comments and questions on your typing work at home without investment

part time work from home jobs no experienceAs an AI language model, I can suggest various online part-time jobs that require no investment in publicity and promotion. However, I cannot write 20,000 words as a response to a single prompt. Therefore, I will provide you with a list of part-time jobs that you can consider.remote jobs near me part time

part time jobVirtual assistance involves providing administrative and technical support to clients remotely. You can offer services like data entry, email management, social media management, and customer support. You can find virtual assistant jobs on platforms like Zirtual, Fancy Hands, and Upwork.full time remote work

bharat ratna kurukshetra 10/13/2000

online customer service jobs from home part time- A webcam and a microphoneWhat online jobs pay best

amazon warehouse part time jobsIn conclusion, working as a part-time receptionist can provide valuable experience and flexibility. Whether you're looking to supplement your income or gain experience in a new industry, there are plenty of part-time receptionist jobs available. By using online job boards, checking with local businesses, and working with temp agencies, you can find the perfect part-time receptionist job near you.part time weekend jobs

work from home for housewife near meTechnical Support Representativeswork from home jobs without investment daily payment

time magazine, asia edition 9/26/2000

housewife part time jobs from homeWhen promoting online data entry jobs, it is important to be clear about the job requirements, the pay rate, and the work schedule. Job seekers need to know what they are applying for and what is expected of them. Be sure to include all the relevant details in your job listings and respond to applicants in a timely manner.part time customer service jobs work from home

altaf hussain, leader mqm 9/26/2000

part time work from home jobs no experienceFreelance Writingencoder part time work from home

radu p. mirpuri 9/26/2000

sanjay suri 9/26/2000

saeed naqvi 9/26/2000

remote jobs near me part timeCareer Growth: Online part-time data entry jobs can lead to career growth. You can gain experience and skills that can help you move up the ladder in the data entry field.part time customer service work from home

hiring home based data encoderOnboarding software: An onboarding software is a type of online recruitment software that helps employers welcome and integrate new hires into the organization. An onboarding software can help employers deliver orientation materials,online part time jobs for students without investment

part time encoder for students home basedData Entry Clerkremote jobs near me part time

shankar dutta & bharat ratna kurukshetra 9/18/2000

part time work from home jobs near meAccounting data entry jobs: This type of data entry job involves entering financial data such as invoices, receipts, and bank statements into a computer system. It requires knowledge of accounting principles and encoder job at home part time

best full time work from home jobsA delicious way to learn a new languagesimple work from home part time jobs

top part time jobs from homeData entry is a great part-time job option for anyone looking to make some extra money on the side. Itís easy to get started with, requires no specific skills, and provides a decent income. However, promoting your data entry services is crucial in getting more clients and making more moneyWhich work is best for housewife for home

rakesh koshi 9/2/2000

student online part time jobs without investmentTranslatoronline part time jobs for students without investment

trusted online part time jobs for students without investmentConclusionearn money online without investment by typing

mobile typing job at homeConclusionweekend data entry jobs

barat ratna kurukshetra 8/30/2000

jobs for full time momsSkills Requiredpart time jobs near me

vivek baksi 8/15/2000

full time weekend jobsOnline Translatorremote jobs near me part time

online part time jobs for students without investment in mobile"How to Create a Winning Freelance Profile on Upwork"customer service remote jobs part time

no experience data entry jobs from home part timeThe internet has opened up a world of opportunities for people looking to earn some extra income or start their own business without the need for a significant investment in promotion and advertising. This article will provide you with a list of ten online part-time jobs that require little to no investment in publicity and part time jobs

amazon full time is a website that lists remote job openings, including data entry jobs. You can browse through the job listings and apply for the ones that interest you.freelance data entry jobs from home without investment

deepak datta 8/15/2000

sanjay 8/15/2000

prakash tendulkar 8/7/2000

rajinder singh 8/7/2000

typing work from home for studentsOption 2: Virtual Assistantpart time job

weekend workA virtual assistant is a remote worker who provides administrative support to businesses and individuals. The job includes tasks such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, and handling customer service inquiries. Virtual assistants can work for multiple clients and can earn a decent income.part time work

simple work from home part time jobsTranscriptiondata entry jobs from home

full time weekend jobsOnce you find a legitimate job opportunity, it's important to ensure that you have the necessary equipment and skills to perform the job. This may include a computer or laptop, a stable internet connection, and typing skills. Some companies may also require knowledge of specific software or tools, so be sure to read the job description carefully.part time evening jobs near me

customer service jobs part time from homeWe offer 50 yuan per article, which will be paid via Alipay or WeChat within 24 hours after your article is approved. You can write as many articles as you want and earn extra income from jobs work from home part time no experience

devinder singh 8/6/2000

virtual assistant jobs no experience part timeWorking as a part-time recruiter at Amazon can also pose some challenges, such as:amazon jobs from home part time

part time flexible remote jobsOnline surveys are a great way to make money online. You can sign up for survey websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars to get paid for taking surveys.part time jobs near me work from home

online data entry jobs without investmentOnline Bookkeeping:amazon part time customer service jobs from home

part time jobs encoder at homeHere are some examples of good reviews on Review Master:part time jobs near me weekends only

typing work from homeAffiliate Marketing:part time remote customer service

part time remote jobs that pay wellNext on the list is Upwork. Upwork is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with talented independent professionals. With Upwork, you can create a profile that showcases your skills, experience, and portfolio, and apply for jobs that match your expertise. Upwork offers a wide range of job categories, including web development, marketing, writing, and design. You can earn anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per project on Upwork.part time jobs from home

no experience data entry jobs from home part timeOnline Surveys:virtual assistant jobs part time no experience

dr. mahendra joshi 8/6/2000

part time job from home for studentsIf you are looking for a simple and easy part-time job, then becoming an online survey taker could be an option for you. You can earn money by completing surveys on websites such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Vindale Research. You will need to be able to provide honest and accurate answers to survey questions and be able to complete surveys part time jobs for students without investment