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regarding islamic bhai chaara 13/04/2023
islam is good for the arabs only 08/04/2023
23% muslims have left islam: 04/04/2023
hindus taking it lying down 03/04/2023
uno is like the three proverbial monkeys 03/04/2023
wash away the filth & stink known as "nehru-gandhi". 01/04/2023
religious conversion for marriage 31/03/2023
who is the boss here in hindusthan 29/03/2023
pre partition conditions of life & gandhi 29/03/2023
allabout mk gandhi 28/03/2023
third world war is going on 24/03/2023
did we ever think of that 23/03/2023
cross the frontier only once 24/11/2022
observations on akhand bharat 13/10/2022
how akhand bharat is possible. 13/10/2022
partition was phase one 09/10/2022
waqf board in hindusthan 29/09/2022
the worst religion on earth 29/09/2022
anti mullah protest in iran 29/09/2022
when fathers killed their daughters 26/09/2022
demographic shift on earth 26/09/2022
brutality in islam 11/09/2022
what you will get in islam 11/09/2022
is the following true? 09/09/2022
understanding islam 07/09/2022
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hate thy name is islam 06/09/2022
crime or neglicense of pakistani doctors 03/09/2022
why muslims hate women 03/09/2022
addressing the pakistanis 03/09/2022
no end to rape crune ub ubdua 31/08/2022
why are the muslims notorious for rape 31/08/2022
hindu civilization and rape 31/08/2022
rape in india 31/08/2022
quality of a muslims life 30/08/2022
pakistanis will run from floods to india 30/08/2022
law of ideology frequently violated 23/08/2022
how islam is viewed 22/08/2022
pakistan described 18/08/2022
about pakistan 18/08/2022
india in the eyes of a pakistani 18/08/2022
the slaves will not utter the word partition 16/08/2022
august 1942 revolution 08/08/2022
panch sheel of nehru 31/07/2022
muslim radicalization in india 30/07/2022
will islam convert itself 28/07/2022
why democracy is incompatible with islam 28/07/2022
calibre of a muslim 27/07/2022
why muslims always find problem with democracy 27/07/2022
army reform in india 26/07/2022
how to recover akhand bharat 26/07/2022
non violent mindset of the hindu nation 22/07/2022
meaning of pakistan 16/07/2022
christine weick, 10/07/2022
muslim benefit fraud, muslims in europe, muslims in the uk, uk muslim demograhics, uk statistics 08/07/2022
scared despicable supreme court judges of partitioned india 03/07/2022
brutal killing of innocent hindu in broad daylight 30/06/2022
anguished cry from gilgit baltistan 29/06/2022
britain sinking under unproductive muslims 27/06/2022
wake up you muslims 27/06/2022
god bless india 24/06/2022
allah is angry with afghanistan 22/06/2022
to all esteemed patriots 20/06/2022
discussion on indian islam 19/06/2022
need to possess arms 11/06/2022
three strike rule formodiand amitshah 07/06/2022
why should these facts bother anyone? 07/06/2022
solving hindu muslim problem 07/06/2022
press release by american sikh council june 1, 2022 03/06/2022
malicious arrogant and autocratic maimuna begum prime minister of submissive hindusthan 03/06/2022
uncle chacha nehru and grandfather bapu gandhi 30/05/2022
islamic ravages in india 27/05/2022
the fallacy of all mankind being one family 17/05/2022
the trap set for the hindus 12/05/2022
russian invasion of ukraine 11/05/2022
hindu families sent back to pakistan 10/05/2022
john mathai and she 29/04/2022
sovereignty or break-up of india 29/04/2022
misfortune of islamic occupation of india 27/04/2022
grand design against partitioned india 22/04/2022
not only kashmiri pandits were betrayed but all the hindus and sikhs 21/04/2022
what died with akhand bharat was hindu spirit 20/04/2022
dire need of hindu holocaust museums 18/04/2022
ban halaal in partitioned india 16/04/2022
a nation without goal 16/04/2022
exemplary patriotism of ukrainians 15/04/2022
let the pen destroy the sword 12/04/2022
slaves are about to deal with ideology called islam 10/04/2022
account for each and every hindu and sikh murdered in west punjab during 1947 or forced out of their homes 06/04/2022
mr putin, you have daughters, too 05/04/2022
the worst of monstrosity in recent memory in ukraine 04/04/2022
ill trained & ill disciplined russian soldiers rape small girls in ukraine 04/04/2022
new mosques in east punjab 02/04/2022
new mosques in stagnating decomposing east punjab 01/04/2022
communal violence bill 29/03/2022
the original and the photocopy 29/03/2022
love jihad is slow genocide happening all across bharat 29/03/2022
how hindus became extinct in kashmir 29/03/2022
surgical operation needed to cure mutilated india 10/03/2022
was it partition or surrender 10/03/2022
letter to president vladimyr putin 04/03/2022
pitiable & pathetic plight of indian students in ukraine 01/03/2022
the brother turned out to be the enemy 23/02/2022
failings on the part of the government of bharat 22/02/2022
why indira gandhi international airport 21/02/2022
give this matter to un 20/02/2022
thoughts on koran and islam by some writers. uncensored. 18/02/2022
was it partition or surrender? 18/02/2022
boldly honour netaji subhash chander bose 17/01/2022
partition must be undone 16/01/2022
democratic governments do not go for guns 13/01/2022
temples destroyed by invaders in india 11/01/2022
what is in store for indians in 2022 11/01/2022
shri narendra modi as seen by new york times 06/01/2022
pakistan disintegrating since her illegitimate birth 05/01/2022
pakistan must do this first 04/01/2022
was pakistan resolution of 1940 not an act of high treason 01/01/2022
the congress under sonia maino gandhi celebrates its foundation day 29/12/2021
islam out of step out of time 23/12/2021
in praise of modi ji 23/12/2021
devil and his goat broke up india in 1947 21/12/2021
devil and his goat broke up india in 1947 part 2 21/12/2021
come to peaceful islam 17/12/2021
nehru dynasty were the curse for secularism and india 14/12/2021
gandhi and bose 27/11/2021
education reform needed in bharat 11/11/2021
barbarians destroyed peace of the past, now sell daughters to feed themselves 11/11/2021
europe inviting slavery 18/04/2021
why army did not take over at the time of partition of india in 1947 06/04/2021
things were out of control in 1947. 05/04/2021
ill-trained policemen massacred 05/04/2021
indian army failed (betrayed) the nation 05/04/2021
a soldier forgotten 03/04/2021
how and why we lost europe 01/04/2021
double standards of muslims 30/03/2021
shaheed udham singh 30/03/2021
plight of kashmiri and bengali hindus 24/03/2021
hang the rulers of partitioned bleeding india 22/03/2021
firsthand accounts of the situation on the ground in 1947 22/03/2021
march 23 in 1931, 1940 and 2021 22/03/2021
geert wilders is a member of the dutch parliament 20/03/2021
partition was accepted without population exchange 19/03/2021
population control among muslims in india 17/03/2021
taming the tiger 07/03/2021
what happened on march 4, 1947 04/03/2021
gujerati crook robs punjabi bank 02/03/2021
moplah massacre of hindus - 1921 27/02/2021
unifying buddhism proved to be superior to divisive hinduism 26/02/2021
unifying buddhism and divisive hinudism 26/02/2021
gandhi supported islamic state in india to wipe out the hindus 26/02/2021
ambitions of islam -- goals of islam 26/02/2021
what happened in 1947 23/02/2021
sloths of partitioned india get the stick by prime minister 18/02/2021
hindus the weakest community in partitioned india 16/02/2021
hindu himself is in power but unable to run a sate 05/02/2021
greatest farmers protest in partitioned india 04/02/2021
farmers continue protest at delhi borders amid heavy rains 04/02/2021
gandhi in the eyes of his great grandson 27/01/2021
partitioned india needs a french style revolution 27/01/2021
worlds greatest demonstration in punjab 25/01/2021
certain questions remain unanswered 15/01/2021
government ought to resolve the farmers protest 24/12/2020
sovereign east punjab ought to be a buffer state 18/12/2020
the poor of indian capital being fed at nanak free kitchen set up by farmers 07/12/2020
muslims in their true colours 03/12/2020
indian ex sevicemen return medals 03/12/2020
muslim take over of west bengal 26/11/2020
punjab farmers protest 26/11/2020
stop love jehad 17/11/2020
the curious case of indian bureaucrats 17/11/2020
partitioned india built on foundation of sand 12/11/2020
learned brahmin and the illiterate fisher boy 12/11/2020
global ambitions of islam 10/11/2020
check the march of arab civilization 06/11/2020
advance of arab civiliation at the cost of christian & hindu civilizations 06/11/2020
non arab slaves of the arabian empire 06/11/2020
hindu civilization being replaced by arab civilization 04/11/2020
english translation of quran 28/10/2020
muslim concept behind killing of non muslims 24/10/2020
nathuram godse ji 24/10/2020
how these countries tackled islam 19/10/2020
muslims should quit usa if they want to follow sharia laws 19/10/2020
anil ambani and rahul gandhi 16/10/2020
nehru got away scot free 15/10/2020
nehru and gandhi are above india 13/10/2020
this is how indian govt looks after its mps and mlas 11/10/2020
sardar patels daughter and nehrus daughter 11/10/2020
britain is funding migrants 09/10/2020
peaceful protest against death 05/10/2020
emmanuel macron on islam 05/10/2020
in praise of jawaharlal nehru 05/10/2020
declare second october a black day in partitioned india 05/10/2020
mysterious deaths of gandhis 03/10/2020
is bollywood controlled by isi? 03/10/2020
on nehru 03/10/2020
sleepy government overlooks fraud 01/10/2020
pakistan exposed as lawless state 25/09/2020
undo partition of india 23/09/2020
hindu fascism in india 17/09/2020
what does islam produce? 17/09/2020
islam is a brainwashing system par excellence. 17/09/2020
latest guffaws by rahul gandhi 16/09/2020
antonia maino sonia’s olympian folly 16/09/2020
uk cannot keep them away 14/09/2020
rotten gang rule in maharashtra state 11/09/2020
the incomprehensible doctrine and practices of islam 10/09/2020
brutality of islam in kashmir 10/09/2020
incomprehensible doctrine and practices of islam 10/09/2020
fake encounters in east punjab must be investigated 01/09/2020
who really destroyed peace in kashmir 29/08/2020
what happened in kashmir 29/08/2020
the personal ordeal of cynthia mahmood 29/08/2020
why just the 61st cavalry, get rid of all imperial relics and mindset 29/08/2020
hand of providence that saved partitioned india 25/08/2020
bollywood khans & gangsters to be dealt a blow with iron fist 25/08/2020
what is coming to the hindus 22/08/2020
why tipu sultan was killed 21/08/2020
they are universal gurus 20/08/2020
personal view of partition 18/08/2020
a very weak & inferior race accepted botched partition 18/08/2020
life changing calamity 1947 14/08/2020
voices of former refugees. 14/08/2020
partition or independence? defeat or victory? 12/08/2020
view from august 13, 1947 12/08/2020
when kashmir was islamic state 10/08/2020
historic event in ayodhya 04/08/2020
kashmir is not the same as until now 01/08/2020
inferiority complex ridden indian muslim slaves look towards arabia for salvation 30/07/2020
was sardar patel killed by nehrus orders 23/07/2020
well-being of troops in siachin & ladakh 12/07/2020
pakistan in death throes 10/07/2020
reservations for the muslims in partitioned india 10/07/2020
diamonds treated like coal by fools 08/07/2020
asylum seekers rape a minor german girl 08/07/2020
destruction of the temple in ayodhya in 1526 and partition of india in 1947 were aggression by the same enemy 04/07/2020
secular india hates buddhist china and hindu nepal 29/06/2020
now coronavirus from pakistan 28/06/2020
ban azaan 28/06/2020
look at the pakistani irony 27/06/2020
pakistan prime minister says us martyred bin laden 25/06/2020
islam gave the world its first refugees 25/06/2020
statues are falling 15/06/2020
islam spread quickly 11/06/2020
why has islam spread across the world so quickly 09/06/2020
bollywood movies corrupted indian culture 09/06/2020
muslim grooming gangs harassing white girls in uk 09/06/2020
outstanding trial of nehru 09/06/2020
the eleventh wife 09/06/2020
remove statues of gandhi everywhere 09/06/2020
stunde null of hindusthan 08/06/2020
apology for 1984 08/06/2020
operation blue star june 1984 08/06/2020
further condemnation of nehru 08/06/2020
plot to behead pamela geller 08/06/2020
statue of mohammed ali jinnah in london 31/05/2020
bans female flatulence in indonesia 29/05/2020
a major cultural mistake in hinduism 29/05/2020
the eleventh wife 29/05/2020
beware islam 18/05/2020
nehru dynasty. some hidden facts about the nehru-gandhi dynasty 16/05/2020
demographic threat facing indian civilization 12/05/2020
farage warns of an invasion 12/05/2020
what is wrong with all of pakistan & some of afghanistan 30/04/2020
denmark collapsing 30/04/2020
end of evil in information age 30/04/2020
what went wrong with the dream called india 29/04/2020
two sadhus murdered in bulsndsher, up after three were lynched in maharashtra. 28/04/2020
end of great evil on earth 28/04/2020
comparing narendra modi with rahul gandhi 27/04/2020
killing of sadhus in broad daylight 23/04/2020
ultimate misfortune of lahore 18/04/2020
dangerous threat for hindu bharat 18/04/2020
india should be hindu rashtra 18/04/2020
kashmir will stay in bharat 15/04/2020
j & k news 15/04/2020
amritsar massacre, mk gandhi, and jl nehru 13/04/2020
islam does not acknowledge civil rights 05/04/2020
why no memorial in india to honour the dead of 1947 03/04/2020
foreign islamic preachers arriving in perishing partitioned secular hindusthan 27/03/2020
where the masses are ignorant like the cattle 26/03/2020
cowardly terrorist attack on gurdwara in kabul 26/03/2020
a reaction to terrorist attack in kabul 26 march 2020 26/03/2020
why more muslims get caronavirus? 19/03/2020
how absurd the conjecture but how plausible the connection! 17/03/2020
citizen slaves pay for her imperial upkeep 15/03/2020
abrogation of art.370 and 35a 14/03/2020
maharaja ranjit singh 12/03/2020
what noted authorities say about india 11/03/2020
savdhan india and dastak 11/03/2020
on three former indian prime ministers. 08/03/2020
persecution of hindus in india 06/03/2020
savdhan india and dastak 06/03/2020
naked truth on mk gandhi 29/02/2020
act of parliament on partition 28/02/2020
the cancer of south asian stability 28/02/2020
understanding shaheen bagh 27/02/2020
why so much halla gulla on caa 27/02/2020
biggest scam under congress party rule 26/02/2020
give rousing welcome to presidnt trump 23/02/2020
how safe is hindu in hindusthan? 02/02/2020
existential threat to india from within 30/01/2020
slow march of islam 30/01/2020
glorious tradition at gurdwara 28/01/2020
germans will not cover up their shame 28/01/2020
muslims are the second nation in partitioned india 26/01/2020
holocaust memorial in london 24/01/2020
pray, tell me in which country 22/01/2020
rulers beyond law in partitioned india 18/01/2020
tribal people in pakistan must be heard 18/01/2020
partitioned india finally sorting our her population muddle & mix up 18/01/2020
muslims are planning not to cooperate 18/01/2020
partition must be annulled 18/01/2020
hindu nation is being torn apart 18/01/2020
hindu nation is being torn apart bit by bit 17/01/2020
is the future of kashmir negotiable? 13/01/2020
resolution by multan bar association 12/01/2020
peace overtures by the weak and the foolish 12/01/2020
after colonialism fascism & communism we have radical islam 10/01/2020
qasem soleimani took my father from me. 10/01/2020
pushpendra kulshrestha speaks 07/01/2020
murder of rowinder singh in peshawar 05/01/2020
d 05/01/2020
disband jnu 05/01/2020
how mughals drained the wealth of india 04/01/2020
hindus & sikhs will continueto pay the price of bogus partition 04/01/2020
but india is not mother 02/01/2020
not allowed to shout allah hu akbar in venice 02/01/2020
indian army & civil ought to be integrated 02/01/2020
researched article on islam 31/12/2019
unanswered questions 31/12/2019
ambition of islam 29/12/2019
partitioned india could become lebanon 28/12/2019
press release by panun kashmir. december 2019 28/12/2019
persecuted christians in wilderness with no friends in sight 26/12/2019
neta ji subhash bose 75th memorial lecture 24/12/2019
islam and global demography 23/12/2019
from futile to productive & useful 23/12/2019
from futile & useless to productive & useful progress 23/12/2019
who are we hindus? 16/12/2019
aggressive evangelism in partitioned india 16/12/2019
anarchy in assam over citizenship (amendment) bill, 2019 (cab) 14/12/2019
kashmir is no more disputed 11/12/2019
a landmark, historic, strategic decision 10/12/2019
citizenship amenement bill 10/12/2019
collapse of four pillars of the constitution 08/12/2019
hindus must have the right to return to bharat 06/12/2019
churchill proved to be correct 06/12/2019
is partitioned india sinking 05/12/2019
international conspiracy to destroy india 05/12/2019
compare east punjab with lithuania 03/12/2019
rape is common in the land of gandhi 01/12/2019
mohandas karamchand gandhi was secretly converted to islam. 01/12/2019
patriotism guts and character of mk gandhi 29/11/2019
free fall of a decomposing nation 29/11/2019
wake up sleeping hindus 29/11/2019
prediction 29/11/2019
jawaharlal nehru university in new delhi 29/11/2019
prediction 29/11/2019
gandhi did not undertake fast unto death 29/11/2019
why did maratha conquests fizzle out 29/11/2019
vital key points for survival of the nation 29/11/2019
but they were not called terrorists 29/11/2019
the terrorist is called a patriot in rudderless partitioned india 29/11/2019
the killers and persecuters are honoured in partitioned india 29/11/2019
hindus the only people who honour their enemies 29/11/2019
the country is powerless against this rotten university 27/11/2019
the invisible satans who alienated the hindus from the sikhs are scot free 27/11/2019
islamic bull in the hindu china shop in hindusthan 27/11/2019
are hindus cowards 25/11/2019
lost heritage of pakistan 25/11/2019
stunningly regal and splendid st petersburg 23/11/2019
bbc shirked from upholding truth 23/11/2019
implications of abrogation of article 370 23/11/2019
solution to national problems 23/11/2019
positive side in partitioned india 23/11/2019
a nation that learns nothing from its past 23/11/2019
march from jammu to srinagar 26 november to 1 december 2019 23/11/2019
india is floating rudderless in the ocean with despair 21/11/2019
stop blaming china 21/11/2019
watch and be inspired 21/11/2019
the most notorious university in wayward india 21/11/2019
shiv sena sheds hindu dharma and becomes secular in partitioned india 21/11/2019
call to moribund nation to re-name university 20/11/2019
ram janmabhoomi movement was started by sikhs 20/11/2019
more on jawaharlal nehru 20/11/2019
land of fools & idiots 20/11/2019
maulanas are baying for the prime minister 18/11/2019
sidhu - neo revolutionary in the making 16/11/2019
how china organized mass detention of muslims 16/11/2019
indian muslims who object to sri ram mandir in ayodhya 16/11/2019
letting falsehood spread is no virtue 16/11/2019
modi, armed forces and j&k 14/11/2019
mohammedan ancestry of jawaharlal nehru kept top secret 14/11/2019
baal diwas in india 13/11/2019
partition at pitch dark midnight 13/11/2019
great but perishing india 08/11/2019
prime minister modi has given freedom & dignity back to the citizens 08/11/2019
government of india unhappy over free access for sikhs to kartarpur 07/11/2019
thank you pakistan for giving access to gurdwaras 06/11/2019
strategic blunder by merkel 05/11/2019
why are they allowed polygamy? 05/11/2019
invisible might of nature. royal plane diverted. 05/11/2019
gandhian congress brought partition instead of freedom to india 05/11/2019
why congress party is dangerous for india 04/11/2019
guidelines for the sikh pilgrims to gurdwaras in pakistan 02/11/2019
remembering 1984. 35 years later 01/11/2019
the political witch was dispatched on halloween 1984 31/10/2019
comment on the political witch of disoriented partitioned india 31/10/2019
free bungalows provided by slavish government 30/10/2019
islamists march on the pakistani capital 27/10/2019
understanding the chinese invasion of india in 1962. 25/10/2019
honour the memory of june 1984 martyrs 24/10/2019
pakistan was a very bad idea 24/10/2019
kartarpur pilgrimage agreement. october 24, 2019. 24/10/2019
anti-sikh, pro-islam bigotry of the bbc 24/10/2019
24 october the anniversary of raiders invading kashmir 24/10/2019
the anti-sikh, pro-islam bigotry of the bbc 22/10/2019
destruction by islam in india 21/10/2019
hindu voices from malabar graveyard 21/10/2019
pakistanis deported. not wanted! 21/10/2019
invisible might of nature. royal couple’s plane diverted. 18/10/2019
when mk gandhi died morally 16/10/2019
intolerant, brutal & savage islamic state within secular india 16/10/2019
crude and antiquidated religion on the way out 11/10/2019
biggest scam in the world under congress party misrule 11/10/2019
the first countries to ban islam 08/10/2019
questions & answers on pandit jawaharlal nehru 08/10/2019
happy dussehra 2019 08/10/2019
bbc on the appeasing slope 07/10/2019
my hazrat is a foreigner! 03/10/2019
letter to chief minister of east punjab. july 2015 03/10/2019
only slaves or fools celebrating mk gandhi 02/10/2019
manhoos anniversary of mk gandhi 02/10/2019
no progress in india unless baboodom is killed 30/09/2019
why babur beckons nehru-gandhis 30/09/2019
kashmir and pakistan 28/09/2019
letter to mr. imran khan 28/09/2019
a kashmiri hindu asks for answers 25/09/2019
mosque demolitions across china 25/09/2019
self destruction of a great nation 24/09/2019
ludicrous partition without population transfer 21/09/2019
serving pork in canadian schools 17/09/2019
sovereignty of bharat and our rotten failed leaders of india 16/09/2019
obscene & provocative name of new delhi international airport 16/09/2019
the genocide of hindus at marichjhapi, west bengal, in january 1979 16/09/2019
pakistan is aggressor in balochistan 16/09/2019
article by maria wirth on hindu religion 16/09/2019
is deradicalization possible in south asia? 16/09/2019
is islamist jihadist deradicalization possible in south asia? 16/09/2019
why jl nehru cannot be forgiven or forgotten 16/09/2019
why jl nehru cannot be forgiven or forgotten 16/09/2019
grooming gangs in britain 15/09/2019
us- abdullah 1953 conspiracy 14/09/2019
why did nehru give 40% of kashmir to pakistan as a gift 14/09/2019
deception and fraud that was nehru dynasty 14/09/2019
why these muslims are leaving islam 14/09/2019
why are muslims leaving islam 14/09/2019
hearing the silence in kashmir 10/09/2019
provocative obscene indira gandhi international airport 10/09/2019
4.75m hindus killed or displaced in pakistan during partition 10/09/2019
comparing nehru and jinnah 10/09/2019
grooming, seduction & forcible conversion of non muslim females by mohammedans 05/09/2019
dissolve pakistan for peace in south asia 24/08/2019
your negative comments on abdul kalam 21/08/2019
extinction of christians in the middle east & of hindus and buddhists in south asia 19/08/2019
what is happening inside pakistan 19/08/2019
salute the sikhs 18/08/2019
chastise the baboos and the president 18/08/2019
what the koran says about the hindus 17/08/2019
lost generation of balochistan 17/08/2019
farooq abdullah should be tried for crime against humanity 17/08/2019
farooq abdullah should be tried for crime against humanity 15/08/2019
panchsheel of nehru. posted 13 august 2019 13/08/2019
strategic importance of kashmir 12/08/2019
former indian prime ministers 12/08/2019
revocation of article 370 and solving the problem of kashmir 12/08/2019
treaty of amritsar. march 16, 1846 12/08/2019
reminiscences of nehru by m o mathai 11/08/2019
reality and kashmir 370, 35a squabbles 11/08/2019
ladakh was treated like colony of kashmir 11/08/2019
ulta chor kotwaal ko dante 11/08/2019
exodus of pandits from kashmir valley 11/08/2019
eye witness account. accession of j&k state 11/08/2019
kashmiri muslims forced the hindus out of their homes 09/08/2019
treaty of amritsar march 16, 1846. 09/08/2019
the camel in the kashmiri tent 09/08/2019
how hindu citizens started suffering immediately after 1947 in kashmir valley 09/08/2019
india today is truly sovereign 08/08/2019
forcible conversions to islam 08/08/2019
jammu & kashmir bifurcation 08/08/2019
perceived planning by modi- shah team for the new shape of jammu and kashmir 08/08/2019
jammu and kashmir in chaos as india strips its statehood 08/08/2019
jammu and kashmir loses "special status": 08/08/2019
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winning over the hearts and minds of kashmiri muslims 06/08/2019
what should the hindus do? 06/08/2019
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how our lahore was betrayed? 26/07/2019
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how the ants dealt a blow to the land of elephants in 1947 16/07/2019
three eras of the hindu nation since 1947 13/07/2019
babas who have become billionaire in the name of uplifting hindus 11/07/2019
al qaeda head cals on kashmiri jihadists to make india suffer 11/07/2019
china separates muslim children from families 11/07/2019
uno has asked the eu 11/07/2019
hindus bashed & battered in hindusthan 11/07/2019
re: should we deport illegals? 11/07/2019
frustration, fraud, jehad, bloodshed & mass migration 07/07/2019
gangrene, cancer or snake in partitioned india? 14/06/2019
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india votes with israel. moldova moves embassy to jerusalem. german jews move to israel. 12/06/2019
has hindusthan lost her breath in terror ? 12/06/2019
anne frank: durch ihr tagebuch bleibt sie uns unvergessen 11/06/2019
our pm and cms are puppets of the ias 11/06/2019
the uncrowned farangee queen of hindusthan : richer than the queen of england 10/06/2019
air and doordarshan coverage of punjab after army action 10/06/2019
in praise of gandhi who sank the ship ss bharat. 10/06/2019
kashmir and balochistan 08/06/2019
character, courage & self-confidence missing 07/06/2019
two challenges for bharat 07/06/2019
chinese way of doing things 05/06/2019
hindu leaders must be more dynamic 05/06/2019
you could have heard a pin drop 05/06/2019
bharat should be hindu rashtra immediately 05/06/2019
foreigners and the fake gandhis ruined hindusthan 03/06/2019
quotes on islam by eminent indians 03/06/2019
hind baloch forum 31/05/2019
jewish boycott by muslims 30/05/2019
dossier on nehru & gandhi 30/05/2019
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hindus will soon be overwhelmed by default 28/05/2019
corruption & bureaucrats 28/05/2019
india - paradise on earth according to new york times 24/05/2019
dream of millions fulfilled at last 24/05/2019
fall of nepal due to nehru dynasty 22/05/2019
congress & dynasty free hindusthan at last 22/05/2019
india under dynasty + congress party was a slave colony as seen below 22/05/2019
betrayal of india by jinnah, gandhi and nehru through partition in 1947 21/05/2019
corrupt autocrat and dictator rajiv gandhi, law unto himself 21/05/2019
such leaders are worse than enemies 21/05/2019
italian connection of partitioned indian secular state 21/05/2019
london guardian newspaper sees jinnah white but modi black 21/05/2019
pakistan in the present pit 20/05/2019
2002 riot victim to get 50 lak compensation 19/05/2019
where should the frontier be? 19/05/2019
islamic tsunami is unstoppable in partitioned india 19/05/2019
where should the frontier be? 19/05/2019
indian justice given to one, denied to 2,000. 18/05/2019
justice given to one, denied to 2,000. 18/05/2019
west bengal - mayhem or murder of democracy 16/05/2019
disturbances in west bengal 16/05/2019
enslaved hindusthan had a prime minister who hated to be a hindu 14/05/2019
president putin on muslim minority 13/05/2019
rahul gandhi must come clean on his british citizenship and property ownership in the uk 13/05/2019
swamy accuses sonia 13/05/2019
the worst prime minister of indian colony of nehru dynasty 13/05/2019
trivialising indian history 12/05/2019
the greatest genocide in history 12/05/2019
for the sikhs of partitioned india - 1984 was the replica of 1947 12/05/2019
even after the caesarian operation of mother india... 12/05/2019
rahul gandhi. undeclared property in london 12/05/2019
time to strike 12/05/2019
rajiv khan (aka gandhi) of bofors commissions, tamil massacre & sikh genocide 10/05/2019
looking through blinkers at narendra modi 10/05/2019
autocratic rulers of coolie colony partitioned indian secular state 10/05/2019
the worst prime minister of partitioned india who was thrust upon people 10/05/2019
jesus was a buddhist monk 10/05/2019
bharat – haven for mafia’s/gangsters/scamsters 30/04/2019
sri lanka may ban burqa 25/04/2019
islamic organisations for peach on earth 23/04/2019
blasts in sri lanka and impact on partitioned india 22/04/2019
rahul khan aka gandhi. government of india failed to act on his citizenship 22/04/2019
jet airways. know the true story 22/04/2019
hindus, whither? 22/04/2019
a hindu girl wrote to rahul khan aka gandhi 21/04/2019
(nehru) dynasty invented hindu terror, forgetting partition 19/04/2019
let us recreate akhand bharat 19/04/2019
how should the veterans vote 17/04/2019
inspirational teachings of guru nanak dev ji. 17/04/2019
pakistanis executed in arabia 17/04/2019
proposed constitution of hindusthan 17/04/2019
tarek fatah on indian (coolie) civilization 17/04/2019
200 reasons to vote for mr. modi 17/04/2019
the new proposed constitution of india 17/04/2019
article 35a a great divider and destroyer of hindu-muslim unity 16/04/2019
happy baisakhi 2019 14/04/2019
left active in the usa and partitioned india 08/04/2019
voting patterns in partitioned india 2019 08/04/2019
jallianwala bagh and koh-i-noor 08/04/2019
apology for jallianwala bagh massacre? and safe keeping of koh-i-noor. 08/04/2019
press release by panun kashmir 08/04/2019
ancestry of pandit jawaharlal nehru 03/04/2019
a tale of two lals 03/04/2019
despicable conversion of two minor girls in islamic pakistan 25/03/2019
why only bogus "gandhis" on top? 25/03/2019
a true story. warning to new zealand 23/03/2019
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identity of pakistan 21/03/2019
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high treason at the top 14/03/2019
tragedy at christchurch and the outspoken senator 14/03/2019
two views on the massacre in new zealand 14/03/2019
jinnah’s call for jihad 13/03/2019
we salute honourable canada 13/03/2019
we salute julia gillard the prime minister of australia 11/03/2019
nature of pakistan 06/03/2019
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today america tomorrow partitioned india 02/03/2019
what kind of a neighbour is pakistan? 02/03/2019
commissions and bribes taken by corrupt congress party & nehru dynasty 27/02/2019
war between countries that need to lift their populations out of poverty. 24/02/2019
sindh, nwfp and balochistan should have been sovereign and independent 22/02/2019
permanent peace or temporary measure? 22/02/2019
henderson brooks report under wraps 21/02/2019
solving kashmir problem 19/02/2019
first peal of the bell in america 19/02/2019
strike while the iron is hot 19/02/2019
modi in the eyes of mark tully 16/02/2019
endemic genetic fear of hindus 16/02/2019
americans, brave alert & patriotic 14/02/2019
european girls in vienna wearing headscarves 14/02/2019
modi, the only choice left now. support him to the hilt 11/02/2019
robert wadra, the land grabber? 11/02/2019
pandit nehru praising and lifting himself 10/02/2019
jawaharlal nehru, the black tar, awarded himself bharat ratna, the shining white diamond 10/02/2019
up government to investigate the massacre of innocent sikhs in 1984 08/02/2019
from rs 50 lakh to rs 300 crore in just 3 years! 07/02/2019
no memorials to honour the 600 million hindus 07/02/2019
ceaseless war between believers and infidels 05/02/2019
political vendetta cries fraudsters dynasty 03/02/2019
lazybone inefficient useless irresponsible morons of hal 03/02/2019
supreme court should order the arrest of sonia gandhi 03/02/2019
india rejects hate 02/02/2019
facts one must know 01/02/2019
most grateful to nathuram godse. 01/02/2019
who betrayed india and who stood by her integrity 01/02/2019
are dark clouds of anarchy & chaos approaching partitioned india 31/01/2019
how hindus and muslims think differently 31/01/2019
pakistani claim to south kashmir 31/01/2019
american intelligence fears civil war in partitioned india 30/01/2019
a case for hindu state 30/01/2019
gandhi betrayed his country and his followers 30/01/2019
*the nation has the right to know* 28/01/2019
land where the coward is a hero 28/01/2019
where on earth do they call a coward a national hero? part 2 28/01/2019
dutch orchestra walks out 27/01/2019
lack of action over genocide of sikhs in 1984 27/01/2019
primitive law of the morons is a great concern to the free world 26/01/2019
sharia law and europe 26/01/2019
sobering day after christmas 26/01/2019
remembering the dead. what the others say. 22/01/2019
plea to the ruling party of india 22/01/2019
anybody can ride roughshod over hindus. their weakness is the best invitation to invaders. 21/01/2019
secular hindu is unique on earth 21/01/2019
india developing rapidly under modi 21/01/2019
kashmir betrayed 21/01/2019
why are you secular? 18/01/2019
yes, a few good muslims do not count. 16/01/2019
ram mandir crisis 15/01/2019
all-india congress party is against everything that is good for india 15/01/2019
fined for saying allahu akbar 12/01/2019
congress party of nehru & gandhi for the total destruction of india 11/01/2019
communal violence bill to lock up the hindus 11/01/2019
slavery of india brought about the tragedy at sarhind on december 26, 1705 11/01/2019
fined for saying allahu akbar 11/01/2019
proud punjab and broken bleeding bharat 08/01/2019
why babur beckons nehru-gandhis ! 05/01/2019
why is dynasty anti india? 05/01/2019
correct the historic injustice to hindus & sikhs 05/01/2019
stock taking, partitioned india, january 1, 2019. 31/12/2018
we fools did not cry for our own people and race 31/12/2018
jinnah has reached out from his grave 31/12/2018
time zones so weird! 31/12/2018
how the hindu nation is being ruined 31/12/2018
threatened hindus in hindusthan must be ready for self defense 31/12/2018
india was once known as golden sparrow 29/12/2018
where on earth is a single hindu republic? 29/12/2018
who has repented and come back to mother india? 29/12/2018
khalistan liberation force banned under uapa 27/12/2018
killing a nation without a bomb 27/12/2018
khalistan liberation force 27/12/2018
new constitution of partitioned india (broken bharat) 27/12/2018
snail pace bureaucracy in partitioned india 27/12/2018
after the conquest of lahore it is the turn of london 27/12/2018
the unholy trinity ("trishul" of misfortune) 26/12/2018
the unholy trinity 26/12/2018
spandau prison and jinnah house 23/12/2018
israeli technology saves the day, again. 23/12/2018
panun kashmir leaders addressing media 23/12/2018
bleeding broken bharat is the only country where the traitors are beyond law 23/12/2018
catch that rascal kamal nath and stand him before the dock. public outcry. 23/12/2018
maimoona begum aka indira gandhi committed high treason against india 23/12/2018
partitioned india. politician jailed for life for inciting anti-sikh riots 23/12/2018
we ask the president to step out of the shadow of fear 20/12/2018
comparing gandhi to churchill 20/12/2018
statue of gandhi removed 15/12/2018
most oppressors of muslims are muslim 11/12/2018
how islam progressively takes over countries 11/12/2018
hindus will face extinction if congress party regains power 11/12/2018
denying partition is like denying holocaust 08/12/2018
kartarpur sahib corridor 07/12/2018
modi & sidhu 29/11/2018
are hindus a dead nation? 28/11/2018
revolution needed to exterminate all the baboos and buraucrats in the coolie colony of india 28/11/2018
is india’s government undermining its military? 27/11/2018
uncouth, provocative “shaitaan” will never change 26/11/2018
free access to the holy shrine in kartarpur 26/11/2018
independence or partition & territorial surrenders after ignominious defeat? 23/11/2018
blunders by pandit jawaharlal nehru. he should have been sent to jail for them. 22/11/2018
proposed resolutions for consideration by hindu leaders 22/11/2018
cover his statues in black paint 22/11/2018
wolves in sheep coat in india 22/11/2018
why was nehru not hanged? 22/11/2018
hindus are denying their holocaust of 1947 22/11/2018
mitti dhund jag chaanan hoya! 22/11/2018
without america, asia bibi has no chance of surviving in pakistan 20/11/2018
was it coincidence that blood flowed on his birthday? 20/11/2018
chiefs of staff need new job description! 20/11/2018
lok sabha of cowards neither recalls partition nor the two million dead of 1947 20/11/2018
hindus must change their mindset 20/11/2018
maimoona begum aka indira gandhi betrayed india 20/11/2018
independence or partition & territorial surrenders after ignominious defeat? 18/11/2018
why parliament in new delhi is silent over partition of india 18/11/2018
nails in the coffin of hindu civilisation 18/11/2018
characher and patriotism of hindus 18/11/2018
hindus are the most secular people 18/11/2018
was it independence or partition? 18/11/2018
for some ignorant intimidated brainwashed natives tipu was a hero 11/11/2018
the statue will soon fall 11/11/2018
happiest diwali 07/11/2018
sikh dussehra 05/11/2018
those who do not learn from history 30/10/2018
most honourable and proud community in the world 30/10/2018
first independence of united india on october 21, 1943 27/10/2018
jawaharlal nehru exposed 27/10/2018
east punjab denied justice and jl nehru, thetraitor 27/10/2018
indira, the false goddess of partitioned indian secular state 15/10/2018
world defying logic 15/10/2018
justice for the yazidis 15/10/2018
aligarh muslim university and its role at partition of india 13/10/2018
decline and collapse of india’s political order 08/10/2018
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understanding the hindus collectively 02/10/2018
netaji 02/10/2018
morons wish to take the world back to seventh century ad 02/10/2018
birthday of mk gandhi 02/10/2018
if pakistanis are in sorry state and beg to come back to mother india 01/10/2018
indian judicial system slower than snails pace 01/10/2018
how kashmir became disputed 01/10/2018
a deadly terror plot is unfolding 24/09/2018
allah gave oil to muslims 24/09/2018
jinnah’s 11 aug. speech 24/09/2018
swamy accuses sonia, pc of nexus with ltte saturday, 22 september 2018 | kumar chellappan | chennai 22/09/2018
west punjab covered in ideological sand from the desert 21/09/2018
slovak politicians want to outlaw all aspects of muslim life in the country, forever, writes cj werleman. 21/09/2018
is pakistan a paradise for muslims? 17/09/2018
british girl held captive 17/09/2018
jackals hunting the lions in lawless india 13/09/2018
open way to kartarpur 13/09/2018
utter helplessness of the u.k. minister 13/09/2018
article 35a 13/09/2018
chiefs of staff need new job description! 11/09/2018
nine eleven 2018 11/09/2018
why there are no refugees in india 09/09/2018
for us india proved to be a .... ... 08/09/2018
motivation to defend delhi 06/09/2018
declare sri nankana sahib sovereign city state 06/09/2018
they will again rise from within 04/09/2018
indian muslims much safer than muslims in islamic countries 04/09/2018
reaction to partition 04/09/2018
frontier down from khyber to wagah! what next? 03/09/2018
bungalow on illegally grabbed land 02/09/2018
what uno ought to be doing 02/09/2018
how to kill the crocodile 01/09/2018
may god keep our prime minister safe 01/09/2018
hindu civilisation is dying 01/09/2018
uno should see the hindus back to lahore first. 01/09/2018
flashback 1947. the year when secularism, patriotism and sanity were all "murdered" by nehru & gandhi. 31/08/2018
let us challenge uno 31/08/2018
flashback 1947. the year when secularism and sanity were murdered by nehru & gandhi. 30/08/2018
rohingy muslims are islamic time bomb in the body of myanmar 30/08/2018
is there place for muslims in china? 28/08/2018
the big british asian summer 28/08/2018
revival of hindu civilisation 27/08/2018
rohingya muslims are a complete misfit in buddhist myanmar 27/08/2018
"colonization of pakistan" by chinese begins + "pakistanis are our slaves" - claims saudi defence minister 24/08/2018
how rotten was pandit jawaharlal nehru! 24/08/2018
does hindu nation have spinal cord? 23/08/2018
gandhi is inviting second partition of india 04/08/2018
an assessment of muslim threat to partitioned india 01/08/2018
independence day of india 2018. panchsheel of the bandit 01/08/2018
partitioned india must fear her future 31/07/2018
state of army and state of country 31/07/2018
birth of pakistan 31/07/2018
good riddance to bad rubbish. 29/07/2018
narendra modi electryfying speech and journey for india 2019 29/07/2018
what the hindus must do to survive 23/07/2018
role model of all the women on earth 22/07/2018
deny partition and put gandhi & nehru on trial for high treason 22/07/2018
indiscriminatesale of plots in dehra dun and jammu 22/07/2018
women in islam 21/07/2018
hindus betrayed akhand bharat and sikhs 19/07/2018
not to mention partition is cowardice 17/07/2018
islamic state offers female slaves 17/07/2018
devoutness in islam and violence 17/07/2018
love jihad takes a virulent form in bengal 17/07/2018
charter for muslims in partitioned india 17/07/2018
gandhian curse of ahimsa 15/07/2018
ambitions of islam 15/07/2018
hate ideology of islam 14/07/2018
muslims cannot be citizens of partitioned bleeding broken bharat 14/07/2018
hindu pakistan jibe of shashi tharoor 13/07/2018
charter for indian muslims 11/07/2018
ideological changes in malaysia for the worse 11/07/2018
second nation in partitioned india still alive and menacing 11/07/2018
systemic failure of indian judiciary 10/07/2018
denial of partition 08/07/2018
three cheers for pakistan 08/07/2018
shark and the goldfish 05/07/2018
hastinapur, the city in argentina. then the whole world was hindu 05/07/2018
khalistanis,naxals, and isis getting together to break hindusthan 05/07/2018
afghanistan. the vanishing sikhs 04/07/2018
suicide bomb attack on sikhs and hindus in afghanistan 03/07/2018
was gandhi a patriot? 03/07/2018
another memorial needed next to jallianwala bagh memorial 01/07/2018
silent killer of hindus (& sikhs) 01/07/2018
this suicide bomber will burn in hell for a thousand years 01/07/2018
this suicide bomber will burn in hell for a thousand years 01/07/2018
holocaust must never be forgotten 30/06/2018
indians treated like the cattle 28/06/2018
misuse of indian army in kashmir 25/06/2018
16 august, martyrs day in partitioned india 25/06/2018
hindus lack "kampfgeist" 25/06/2018
misuse of indian army in kashmir 25/06/2018
curse or course of indian politics 23/06/2018
angela merkel. historic denial or high treason? 18/06/2018
partitioned india should warn germany 14/06/2018
pranab mukherji at the rss headquarters 10/06/2018
operation blue star 1984 07/06/2018
partitioned indian secular state must be muslim free & nuclear free 02/06/2018
aimless wandering cow 29/05/2018
sub human race in the sub continent facing extinction 29/05/2018
ambitions of islam --goals of islam 29/05/2018
islamic "blitzkrieg" in india 27/05/2018
rohingya muslims massacred hindus in myanmar 27/05/2018
vanishing hindusthan. kalimpong going islamic 27/05/2018
europe becoming eurabia 17/05/2018
1947. muslim force & thrust vs. hindu vacuum & surrenders 17/05/2018
sovereignty of hindusthan dis-membered 17/05/2018
state of the only hindu nation on earth in 2018 30/04/2018
the learned judge on islamic terrorism 29/04/2018
how to save the perishing hindus 29/04/2018
social decomposition proceeding apace in middle india 24/04/2018
jawaharlal nehru ought to be declared a traitor. 23/04/2018
yet another desertion! 21/04/2018
with regard to religion we are "sheep" 19/04/2018
what the soil whispers! 16/04/2018
islam is in danger! 15/04/2018
wayward “slippery sarkar” must apologise 14/04/2018
sub human race in the sub continent facing extinction 13/04/2018
bogus partition must be rejected or re-negotiated. 11/04/2018
patriotic, brave and far-seeing buddhists and the british. 04/04/2018
the new, improved axis of jihad 04/04/2018
nation gone to dogs 02/04/2018
four british children phone child line 02/04/2018
tolerating the christians in their midst 01/04/2018
a bloodied leaf from memory 31/03/2018
the hoax called indira gandhi 28/03/2018
is partitioned india doomed to be a divided india? 28/03/2018
this arrogant and malicious political witch of partitioned india 26/03/2018
is india doomed to be divided? 26/03/2018
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"stray dogs" - my travels in india 19/03/2018
what the world says about islam 12/03/2018
5th. march, 1947. what happened on that day? 05/03/2018
what happened in multan on march 4, 1947? 04/03/2018
dictators of dynasty forced talent out of partitioned india after surrendering lahore & dhaka 27/02/2018
grand fraud of punjab national bank. feb 2018 19/02/2018
they all will live in homes vacated by hindus and sikhs 19/02/2018
loot and plunder no holds barred 19/02/2018
who will save the sinking ship "hindusthan"? 17/02/2018
under whose nose are/were they flourishing, and survived? 17/02/2018
god bless india! 17/02/2018
indo- israeli friendship 16/02/2018
the congress this, and the congress that’! 14/02/2018
nobody shouted high treason 10/02/2018
use of army in south kashmir 10/02/2018
how to solve kashmir problem 07/02/2018
kashmir: hang nehru & gandhi 07/02/2018
genetic deterioration of hindu nation 04/02/2018
why sikhs will see no justice for 1984 massacres 04/02/2018
why sikhs will see no justice for 1984 massacres 04/02/2018
denial of hindu holocaust and denial of partition 02/02/2018
justice indian coolie style 31/01/2018
soldiers on trial for doing their duty 31/01/2018
future of partitioned india 31/01/2018
tees january 29/01/2018
india and the usa are the main targets 27/01/2018
republic day of headless chicken called india 25/01/2018
republic of the defeated and the degraded one billion 24/01/2018
muslims in the united kingdom 24/01/2018
mohammed has to pay more for car insurance 22/01/2018
defending india with lathis and shields 22/01/2018
the sikh dilemma in decomposing partitioned india 21/01/2018
indira gandhi, evil witch of partitioned india 20/01/2018
unimagineable was the killing of hindus in hindusthan 20/01/2018
hindus in hindusthan need protection 19/01/2018
whoever writes the new constitution of partitioned india 18/01/2018
fate of east punjab since 1947. 17/01/2018
united kingdom welcomes the terrorists who broke united india 15/01/2018
frontier back to khyber! 28/12/2017
guru gobind singh ji 26/12/2017
why do people in partitioned india still vote congress party? 24/12/2017
frontier back to khyber! 19/12/2017
is bharat (india) a "moribund mass"? 13/12/2017
time to dismantle the ias 13/12/2017
life of a muslim 12/12/2017
muslims need urgent reform 12/12/2017
dismantle the moribund indian "administrative" service cadre 10/12/2017
a country without identity 10/12/2017
leprosy called gandhi, liability called nehru & partitioned india 08/12/2017
where masses are illiterate, ignorant or slaves they are treated as asses 07/12/2017
one in ruins the other in wrong country where rats are the majority community 07/12/2017
some fools are still celebrating the reincarnation of goat 07/12/2017
hindu nation is nothing but a balloon full of air 07/12/2017
fate of army in gandhian india 07/12/2017
dayal singh college to vande mataram college 29/11/2017
what would india be if the british never came? 28/11/2017
the ongoing great open war 28/11/2017
reflections: what would india be if... 27/11/2017
fate of noble yazidi girls and honourable yazidi women 25/11/2017
the tyrant has fallen 21/11/2017
supreme court in "gandhian" partitioned defeated india 19/11/2017
a fake country in south asia 16/11/2017
treatment of veterans in gandhian india 13/11/2017
supreme court is fake 13/11/2017
fall of nepal 10/11/2017
constitution of india 09/11/2017
nehru, the infamous villain 08/11/2017
sri nankana sahib sould be a sovereign city. 06/11/2017
shortest letter to pm modi 06/11/2017
what & why of 1984. 02/11/2017
wonderful parsis of india 27/10/2017
it can be wiped out without gun powder or sword 26/10/2017
end of europe as we know it 23/10/2017
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partition through the eyes of bbc 22/10/2017
real republic day of india 21/10/2017
hindus, decide and act 20/10/2017
islam is religion of peace 16/10/2017
law is man made & can be so wrong 14/10/2017
panch sheel of gandhi and nehru 11/10/2017
partitioned india shirking her primary responsibility 10/10/2017
"punj pyaare" and "punj phitkaare" 10/10/2017
every honourable nation has a goal 08/10/2017
slow & steady (lethal) take over 06/10/2017
the punjabi had not realised his stupidity 01/10/2017
dussehra 2017. significant reminder of evil in 1947 30/09/2017
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rohingya muslims & national security of partitioned india 15/09/2017
send rohingya muslims to islamic countries 15/09/2017
wait for the camel 12/09/2017
why myanmar was confused by modiji 08/09/2017
india most corrupt country in asia 04/09/2017
why are the rohingya muslims in jammu? 03/09/2017
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cost of defeats & slavery in lives 03/09/2017
why broken bharat (partitioned india) needs a new constitution 02/09/2017
memories of partition report by kate adie on bbc radio 4 02/09/2017
everybody go and visit kurukshetra 17/08/2017
first befitting holocaust museum in partitioned india 17/08/2017
india became independent in 1947 17/08/2017
remove those statues 03/08/2017
seventy years on it is time to sober up and be realist 03/08/2017
comparing china with india 03/08/2017
vision for united india 02/08/2017
half hearted holocaust museum 02/08/2017
mob rules 01/08/2017
take action 22/07/2017
dear prime minister, sir! 19/07/2017
janam patri of pakistan 15/07/2017
raising awareness about the new neighbours 15/07/2017
panch sheel of nehru or the independence of india 1947 11/07/2017
he filled his income tax return 07/07/2017
message from canada 05/07/2017
welcome in israel july 4 2017 04/07/2017
mr modi in israel 03/07/2017
germany, then europe transforming 03/07/2017
all that is wanted for eternal peace 01/07/2017
peaceful transfer of power 01/07/2017
memories of multan 22/06/2017
increae your knowledge about the religion of peace! 22/06/2017
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muslim mayors in england 20/06/2017
panchsheel of nehru 18/06/2017
is this the india we envisaged? 17/06/2017
social impact of muslim migration in sweden. 17/06/2017
never forget but tell the world 13/06/2017
germany gets women-only rail carriages 12/06/2017
transfer of power in 1947 12/06/2017
fate of iraki suicide bomber 12/06/2017
indians and japanese met under differenet flags 12/06/2017
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partitioned india can be reunited 09/06/2017
we salute canada 09/06/2017
seek knowledge about the religion of peace 07/06/2017
is india safe? 07/06/2017
"here is the news at one minute past eleven!" 05/06/2017
all about partition in brief 05/06/2017
a yank has analysed modi spot on 02/06/2017
the german view 02/06/2017
autonomous aligarh university 02/06/2017
swarna bharat party wants.................. 01/06/2017
air india rs 70,000 crore scam case 01/06/2017
europe, an easy picking for the jihadis. 01/06/2017
shri narendrabhai modi is in moscow 01/06/2017
who knew that air india was so corrupt? 01/06/2017
citizenship of secular india 30/05/2017
congratulate the germans 30/05/2017
clash of civilisations was a certainty. 28/05/2017
police chief kps gill was the hero of east punjab 28/05/2017
please show tolerance 27/05/2017
statue removed 27/05/2017
muslims to discuss in peace 27/05/2017
muslims should discuss in peace 27/05/2017
please discuss in peace 27/05/2017
please discuss in peace 27/05/2017
a minutes silence 25/05/2017
partitioned india will go back to square one! 25/05/2017
a minutes silence across the united kingdom 25/05/2017
discussion on british radio station 25/05/2017
call to british radio station 25/05/2017
burqa problem solved within a minute 21/05/2017
nehru dynasty & congress party rule over partitioned india "brutalised" the people 18/05/2017
slavery that became the "way of life"! 17/05/2017
kashmir imbroglio 01/05/2017
black stain on khalsa college, amritsar 29/04/2017
the sword of the prophet 23/04/2017
kashmir crpf jawans attacked in kashmir 14/04/2017
hindu journalist arrested in hindusthan 14/04/2017
lack of will & courage leads to blame game 13/04/2017
save india- no more minority - majority 09/04/2017
they served the country of their birth 09/04/2017
partitioned india: too much rhetoric little action 09/04/2017
meeting modi and hasina 09/04/2017
demography in london changing rapidly 09/04/2017
enterprising sikhs in tamil nadu 09/04/2017
why do we honour those who betrayed us 08/04/2017
fourteen years ago in kashmir 06/04/2017
save east punjab from the fools! 06/04/2017
effects of british multiculturism 03/04/2017
put the shine back where it belongs 03/04/2017
who is enemy no. one? 02/04/2017
raj ghat and shanti ghat 02/04/2017
saving indian souls. 02/04/2017
who is enemy no. one? 02/04/2017
two historic years ! 01/04/2017
such clever people. how could they? 01/04/2017
religion of peace 01/04/2017
muster guts to look at partition. 29/03/2017
sir radcliffe and his line 27/03/2017
the line drawn in sand 27/03/2017
hindrance at ayodhya 26/03/2017
first museum to partition of india 26/03/2017
radical terrorism 20/03/2017
jewish contribution to the well-being of mankind. 20/03/2017
chief justices in the land of sri krishna and guru nanak. 17/03/2017
india, the perennial loser 16/03/2017
in "praise" of jenab jawaharlal nehru of partitioned india 16/03/2017
when italians respected the sikhs 14/03/2017
old shoes and rotten eggs for rahul gandhi in east punjab! 12/03/2017
"rashtrapati", (mr. president), partition did happen 11/03/2017
denial of holocaust is like denial of partition 11/03/2017
honour the noble indian womanhood 11/03/2017
memorial for the women of india 09/03/2017
fate of sikh girls in march i947 08/03/2017
where university degrees or military service play no role 08/03/2017
china bans... 04/03/2017
multan 70 years ago 04/03/2017
re. e-mail below 03/03/2017
j n u. 01/03/2017
a familys ordeal in srinagar 01/03/2017
article 370 spellt out 27/02/2017
we live in a nation 25/02/2017
debate is going on over article 370 21/02/2017
freistaat bayern 21/02/2017
mind boggling 21/02/2017
eye opener for all 18/02/2017
sufis are not wanted 16/02/2017
thank god for trump! 16/02/2017
president vladimir putin said... 16/02/2017
pakistanis get treated correctly in saudi arabia 15/02/2017
demographics 13/02/2017
the proposed ban in canada 13/02/2017
land, land & more land 07/02/2017
land unlimited 07/02/2017
u.s. legislation on entry from certain countries 28/01/2017
constitution of india. 26 january 1950 25/01/2017
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women march! 21/01/2017
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all the four gentlemen are on the run 17/01/2017
the minority in india 17/01/2017
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mixed swimming at schools in switzerland & germany 10/01/2017
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happy new year, india! 01/01/2017
debt that can never be paid! 25/12/2016
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sonia &, singh to modi 20/12/2016
origin of islam. 17/12/2016
panun kashmir. press release 09/12/2016
another kind of morals 03/12/2016
islamists won: charlie hebdo disappears 30/11/2016
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vishwa bandhu gupta exposed fake currency scam of congress government and rbi 28/11/2016
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a month of turmoil in germany. october 2016 27/11/2016
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bill and hillary clinton and india 19/11/2016
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bharat must have a second ?dussehra?. 14/11/2016
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germany going to dogs, us could be next (under clinton)? 03/11/2016
india and unesco: historical view vs. jihad view 01/11/2016
millions of migrants in europe 01/11/2016
united nations lights up for diwali 30/10/2016
united kingdom. muslims demand... 30/10/2016
peripheries of hindusthan falling off like atrophied limbs 26/10/2016
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only one family in the land of gita ramayana granth and dharma? 17/10/2016
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gandhi: "hindus and muslims are brothers!" 14/10/2016
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france has a problem 12/10/2016
state of east punjab & capital on union territory 10/10/2016
good luck to hindu conference in nepal 08/10/2016
brave balochistan 2. 07/10/2016
modiji, please mention ?partition?! 07/10/2016
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shankaracharyas in bharat 04/10/2016
with regard to indiraji 03/10/2016
canadian muslim pulled our ears and gave a kick in the back 03/10/2016
ahimsa parmo dharma explained 02/10/2016
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in ancient (free) hindusthan 02/10/2016
under leadership of gandhi 02/10/2016
article in "hinduism today" 28 sep 2016 28/09/2016
national corruption institute of india ( n c i i ) 27/09/2016
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a tribute to the parsis in india 27/09/2016
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their policy, politics and ideology 19/09/2016
campaign for reunification of hindusthan 18/09/2016
serve the truth. whatever it takes! 17/09/2016
sects in islam 16/09/2016
world super power called israel 14/09/2016
free balochistan from illegal pak-occupation 12/09/2016
defying fasting at ramadan of muslims 12/09/2016
honourable americans and september 11. 11/09/2016
keith vaz, mp, quitting office. 04/09/2016
indian-origin british mp keith vaz implicated in sex scandal 04/09/2016
islamist war against sikhs is arriving in europe 03/09/2016
sovereignty of india & our failed leaders 23/08/2016
a good look at the holy book 20/08/2016
well done, us security! 19/08/2016
case for unity of sub continent is highest statesmanship & ultimate wisdom 17/08/2016
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"पाकिस्तान कि राजधानी" कहा है?" 12/08/2016
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"lions" and the "rats" of this world. 19/04/2016
india to grant citizenship to the persecuted hindus coming from pakistan 17/04/2016
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why do muslims stick out like sore thumb? 12/04/2016
parliament of india: biggest old people's home on earth 11/04/2016
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light for the dark muslim hearts 06/04/2016
woman, mahila, stree, mother & goddess 04/04/2016
the immoral "scoundrel" bogus mahatma mk gandhi, "father of nation" fraud! 03/04/2016
the great roll back (to mecca) has begun. 02/04/2016
safe & secure pakistani! 02/04/2016
donald trump has awareness and courage, 31/03/2016
dismantling, destroying hinduism in hindusthan 30/03/2016
rotherham sex abuse trial 30/03/2016
mk gandhi's ideological orientation 28/03/2016
people mourn the young doctor 26/03/2016
old traditon of sikhs 25/03/2016
what my friend in doncaster said 25/03/2016
president of india not recalling or mentioning partition has tragic consequences. 25/03/2016
nehru will be in the dock 25/03/2016
backwards from brussels 25/03/2016
nehru ensured our death in 1947 24/03/2016
sweden "licking" mohammed, "rejecting" christ 19/03/2016
no turks in e.u., please! 18/03/2016
rally against a suu kyi presidency 18/03/2016
obama ?the most anti-british president? 18/03/2016
bitter truth about the "muslims" 18/03/2016
investigation of wwii murder of 70 jews halted 17/03/2016
germany calls on incoming refugees to fight anti-semitism 17/03/2016
?ber-stealth jihad in america 16/03/2016
support donald trump 15/03/2016
bharat needs a new flag. 14/03/2016
modi speaking about italian born sonia in 1999. 14/03/2016
islamic state closing in on germany 13/03/2016
more sikhs in trudeau's cabinet than in modi's 13/03/2016
indira gandhi, the political "witch" of partitioned india 12/03/2016
foolish hindus (of hindustan) 12/03/2016
mohammedans degrade women 12/03/2016
yazidis' fate just like the hindus' fate in hindusthan 11/03/2016
they did not honour even our dead! 11/03/2016
we support donald trump 100%. 10/03/2016
giving up islam as state religion? 10/03/2016
uk: radio discussion on muslim burka 10/03/2016
germany: migrant rape crisis worsens 09/03/2016
one man, four wives 07/03/2016
1947: multan and its martyrs 05/03/2016
turkey, another keg of gun powder. ready to explode. 05/03/2016
one day in the life of multan. march 5,1947. 04/03/2016
islamic effect. take one country, tunisia. 01/03/2016
partitioned india paralysed by a hostile university? 29/02/2016
some women find safety in slavery 28/02/2016
background to situation in haryana. 27/02/2016
a most remarkable open letter to pakistani general 25/02/2016
eine frau in pakistan 25/02/2016
disgrace to pakistan, islam and mohammed. they did what comes naturally to a ......... 24/02/2016
partitioned india is now entering a dangerous phase in history 24/02/2016
original sin of india 24/02/2016
lawless state called bangladesh going back to 7th. century 24/02/2016
savage and brutal heart of islam 23/02/2016
school asked pupils to "convert" to islam! 23/02/2016
great betrayal. dangerous consequences. ( orop) 21/02/2016
kargil war and the jnu students union 20/02/2016
bring j&k under presidential rule 20/02/2016
parasites at jln university to produce army of traitors 18/02/2016
diametrically opposite teachings of guru nanak of punjab and the mohammed of desert 07/02/2016
all hindus made criminals by congress & upa parties. 07/02/2016
this "tamaashbeen" president (rashtrapati) is a liability to the nation. out with him! 04/02/2016
sweden has got "islamic" cancer. what about your country? 04/02/2016
muslim audacity in partitioned india 03/02/2016
"islamic state" in south india! 02/02/2016
india and nepal! no statesmanship in india. 02/02/2016
god loves those yazidi women! 01/02/2016
vicious muslim minority's increasing menace 01/02/2016
tamil nadu becoming "islamic state". will hindus run for life? 01/02/2016
exemplary spirit & outstanding service, "seva". 01/02/2016
sindhi muslims p*ss on jinnah's grave. and balochi muslims do even worse! 31/01/2016
mohammed would admonish "daesh" and " isil" against raping the captive women 31/01/2016
eight aspects that could rock, even sink, the boat called "partitioned india" 30/01/2016
faux pas on republic day 29/01/2016
in the land of sri krishna, sri rama, guru nanak and shivaji 28/01/2016
china and islam: inspiring example for "broken, bleeding" cowardly bharat 28/01/2016
the muslim "tiger" had to be mentioned in "goats' parade"! 28/01/2016
bbc documentary on china 26/01/2016
indian parliament playing with matches like an infant! 26/01/2016
corrupt and criminal anti national congress party vs. subhash chandra bose 26/01/2016
what noble prophet would have said! 26/01/2016
an anti-isis act 26/01/2016
send them off to islamic countries! 22/01/2016
"faulpelz" culture of bedouins vs. manufacturing ethos of the industrious 22/01/2016
bharat must assert her hindu identity. look, how her neighbours do so, provocatively ! 22/01/2016
imam's suggestion to german frauen: "wear burka & put cowdung in hair to repel men." 21/01/2016
eight questions that remain unanswered 20/01/2016
no more muslims here, please! 19/01/2016
the islamization of france in 2015 19/01/2016
15 august and 26 january 18/01/2016
jl nehru university should be renamed guru tegh bahadur university 18/01/2016
rape culture threatens european women 18/01/2016
mad maulvi urges pakistanis to conquer india 16/01/2016
rohingya, bangla & indian radical muslims all heading towards i.s. 16/01/2016
kill or be killed. clash of civilisations. 16/01/2016
fools, keep donald trump out, let islamic fanatics in! 15/01/2016
violent islam must be confronted by whole world like the nazis in world war 2 15/01/2016
india, lying in fear of mohammed, denies glory and recognition to her own warrior son! 15/01/2016
europe sinking in islamic quagmire 14/01/2016
badly decomposed hindu psyche 14/01/2016
kashmir, problem for jackals, not for lions! 12/01/2016
germany reeling under the shock of new year's eve hooliganism 12/01/2016
pakistanis & bangladeshis: children born out of rape 11/01/2016
dying west bengal desperately needs anyone carrying a kirpaan! 11/01/2016
"zafar namah" by guru gobind singhji 10/01/2016
partitioned india: . loyal muslim teacher beaten up and thrown out of school 09/01/2016
"rivers of blood" promised for germany? 09/01/2016
bungling at pathankot air base 09/01/2016
isolate, contain, suffocate and fight pakistan 08/01/2016
new year's resolve 07/01/2016
truth about islam through history 07/01/2016
bungled defence at pathankot air base 06/01/2016
germany stunned and shocked like a raped virgin 05/01/2016
is india a failed state? 05/01/2016
indian coolies, serfs and slaves touched her feet 04/01/2016
a re-born jehadi empire 04/01/2016
is war with pakistan inevitable? 04/01/2016
isis will soon meet its match 31/12/2015
reasons for assassinating mk gandhi 31/12/2015
india's congress party close to extinction (death) 30/12/2015
raam mandir in aydhya. 30/12/2015
foolish speaker of lok sabha. irresponsible lacking sense of reality 30/12/2015
india's congress party close to death (oblivion) 30/12/2015
corrupt congress party, killer hindu civilisation 30/12/2015
role of dishonour & national shame 29/12/2015
mosque ransacked in corsica 26 december 2015. 26/12/2015
jihad: "all the fault of the west!" 26/12/2015
grim life for christians in muslim pakistan 25/12/2015
mohammed, please explain the meaning of "kafir"! 23/12/2015
donald trump is absolutely right 23/12/2015
all-india congress party ought to be dead like akhand bharat 23/12/2015
stop holding india?s parliament at ramsom 22/12/2015
never compromise with evil (isil) 21/12/2015
why the danes are not retaliating! 18/12/2015
pull factor in islam. virgins in paradise 18/12/2015
strength (shakti) of america 18/12/2015
brutality and violence in islam 18/12/2015
donald trump on islam. full interview 15/12/2015
the "rascals" who took over india after bloody devastating partition 15/12/2015
modi disappointing all 13/12/2015
get your heads out of sand 13/12/2015
timid hindus have formed the government of india jeopardising the future 13/12/2015
they will reform the deformed islam 09/12/2015
mr. modi's perfect answer to his critic 09/12/2015
what the hell is mohammed doing in partitioned india? 09/12/2015
we salute donald trump for his courage and patriotism 08/12/2015
japan is smarter than partitioned india appeasing the muslims 08/12/2015
reality check for partitioned india 07/12/2015
over accommodating, over appeasing perishing hindus. 07/12/2015
islamisation is getting out of control 07/12/2015
internal divisions are due to treason by rulers. 07/12/2015
congress crooks are par excellence in swindle. none to challenge! 07/12/2015
stupid americans- can't see the killer enemy at home & abroad. 06/12/2015
where are you safe from savages and barbarians? show them hospitality and get killed! 06/12/2015
news from the sinking ship called "partitioned" india 05/12/2015
why so many prominent hindus are behaving like donkeys? 05/12/2015
list of expeditions / battles of muhammad 05/12/2015
alliance of sanity against international barbarity 05/12/2015
impossible to please the muslims 03/12/2015
hindu girl abducted for conversion to islam 01/12/2015
?6,500 fine on women wearing burqa or niqab 30/11/2015
no one wants pakistani delinquents, rapists, rascals and terrorists! 27/11/2015
from the land of mohammed, run run run like a rabbit, o' musalmaan, be-man, shaitan, haiwan!! 27/11/2015
हिन्दू मिटते जा रहे हैं 27/11/2015
mohammedan civilisation, a common scene, a common occurence. 27/11/2015
europe being invaded by savages. medieval dark age has descended. 26/11/2015
aamir khan's heart belongs to islamic state (pakistan)! 26/11/2015
myths about the so-called "islam" 25/11/2015
israel helped stop massive terror attack in germany 25/11/2015
our sympathies are with the russians 25/11/2015
islam is gangrene if not cancer 25/11/2015
india: "donkeys" in chairs of rulers 23/11/2015
since is wants to destroy everybody, everybody should unite to destroy is. 22/11/2015
the savages are back. 22/11/2015
god give strength and victory to donald duck who will "sort them out"! 21/11/2015
such wisdom of canada is not for the dying patient called pi (partitioned india. is it?! 21/11/2015
crude primitive brutal & odious "religion" that is forced by threat of death! 20/11/2015
justification for the sikhs leaving the indian coolie colony 20/11/2015
australian lioness vs. indian rabbit 20/11/2015
michigan, usa, paradise for all the muslims 20/11/2015
rising muslim terrorism in uk : serious threat to peace 19/11/2015
"i am a confused hindu!" 18/11/2015
shameless, dishonourable cowardly uno has abandoned the abducted yazidi girls 18/11/2015
why islam is curse & blight for ever. 17/11/2015
"we have nothing to do with it!" said the imams in paris, london and mumbai. 16/11/2015
what should our response be? 15/11/2015
what friend tasaddaq hussain said in 1947 15/11/2015
food and water rejected because red cross is christian! 15/11/2015
sex starved mohammed carries off a minor girl in east bengal 11/11/2015
hindu killer tipu sultan 11/11/2015
manufacturing intolerance 11/11/2015
decorated sikh soldier takes command in canada 10/11/2015
bihar under "idiots" 10/11/2015
jackals have claimed the lion's diamond! 10/11/2015
traitor jawaharlal nehru's view of patriot netaji! 07/11/2015
aurangzeb, the gentle lamb in the earlier bloodthirsty islamic state 05/11/2015
discontentment in indian armed forces 04/11/2015
a message from migrant laden geermany 03/11/2015
none should let in a single muslim! 03/11/2015
muslim female shows extremism and fundamentalism in australia 31/10/2015
re: before partition and now 30/10/2015
austrians buy guns for self protection from savages 30/10/2015
high treason by western governments? 29/10/2015
jinns and genocides in the lands of the mohammed of (intellectual) desert 28/10/2015
audacity, cheek & ambition of muslims in uk 25/10/2015
why muslims are not welcome in poland? 24/10/2015
will modi deliver? 24/10/2015
indian "coolies" erecting statue of "goddess" sonia gandhi! 24/10/2015
isil "warriors" on the run, some cowards in burkas!! 23/10/2015
"treat us like your sons-in-law." they demand! 23/10/2015
what are the muslims up to in poland and sweden? 23/10/2015
hindus, dare to ask questions. politeness is taken as cowardice & invites aggression 21/10/2015
israel and russia coordinate air-ops in syria 20/10/2015
grman woman asked to leave house to muslim migrant 20/10/2015
more mosques upsetting the peace loving citizens of europe 19/10/2015
how and why have the cleverest people on earth perished? 19/10/2015
cuba rejects first mohammedan mosque. ensures safety & avoids possibility of civil war 19/10/2015
kurds ask for peace, turkey attacks 18/10/2015
partitioned india is a failed state, yet unwilling & unable to improve. 18/10/2015
labour leader opposed mr modi's entry in england 17/10/2015
mohammed with so many wishes 16/10/2015
shiv sena, a force to reckon with 16/10/2015
define the constitutional status of muslims in partitioned (bleeding) india 16/10/2015
israel must have peace 16/10/2015
end of an era (savages exterminating the civilised- yet again!) 16/10/2015
angry foreigner's thoughts on refugee crisis 15/10/2015
fools worshipping false gods 15/10/2015
uproar if a hindu stirs. but all quiet when hindus are massacred in thousands 15/10/2015
how india lost gilgit and baltistan to the savages 13/10/2015
bangladeshi hindus pay the price of india's cowardice & betrayal 12/10/2015
perils of islam. listen to first hand. 12/10/2015
appealing to the "mutilated" cow called government of india 12/10/2015
survival of israel 12/10/2015
sweden digging its own grave 11/10/2015
angela merkel an evil woman? 11/10/2015
pakistan, a terrorist state 10/10/2015
the only peaceful muslim country on earth 08/10/2015
islam, the greatest threat to man's freedoms 07/10/2015
case for india 06/10/2015
reproduce like the mice and become the "vote bank" to get free housing 06/10/2015
dare to drive on indian roads? 06/10/2015
raul gandhi & morality. dishonest claims 06/10/2015
when islam becomes a beastly man-killer 06/10/2015
bastards and whores who ruled partitioned india for 67 years 05/10/2015
institutiional fractures in partitioned india 05/10/2015
india still a coolie colony under the foot of italian born "takkay ki laundiya"! 04/10/2015
saudi arabia can accommodate three million muslim migrants (shamelessly running to christian europe) 04/10/2015
indian army shambles over orop 04/10/2015
the sun is setting over christian europe (dark islamic clouds) 03/10/2015
modi pays homage to false god at "bhangi ghat" 03/10/2015
sri rama's cowardly followers cannot build the temple to honour him 03/10/2015
memorial to the dead of 1947 03/10/2015
maharashtra stands with j&k hindus for justice 28/09/2015
muslim migrants show their true civilisation in europe 27/09/2015
what per centage are the muslims in your country? better watch out! 26/09/2015
a muslim is radically (dangerously) different from the rest of us! 26/09/2015
14- year old boy could have been a terrorist. 25/09/2015
never was the prime minister of india treated abroad with such welcome! 25/09/2015
demoralised secularised brainwashed hindu girl keen to join islamic state 24/09/2015
what makes the muslims heartless, savage killers of humans 24/09/2015
what really died at auschwitz? (from a spanish paper) 24/09/2015
the devil is inside you! 24/09/2015
hidden meaning of mass muslim madness! 22/09/2015
terrorists among the mass muslim migrants 22/09/2015
a mohammedan cannot be the president of the usa 20/09/2015
what is rape? are they raping "lady" europe? 19/09/2015
merkel booed at rally 18/09/2015
europe, the palace of wood is being attacked by the termite 16/09/2015
what the media won't tell you 16/09/2015
muslim invasion of europe (2015) & the demise of christianity in the west 15/09/2015
pakistan. why muslims are killing muslims 12/09/2015
india needs an honest dictator 12/09/2015
revgenge by god. september 11, 2015 12/09/2015
?islam and the clash of civilizations? 11/09/2015
rape embedded in mohammedan psyche 11/09/2015
muslim rapes a minor girl in chemnitz, germany. is it their "thank you?" 10/09/2015
muslim "invasion" of europe worries all the infidels 10/09/2015
"soldier is the devil!" if fighting is evil 10/09/2015
jihadis among refugees 10/09/2015
germany's appasement of radical islam 10/09/2015
are the generals deaf or "mercenary"? 09/09/2015
military veterans assaulted by police 09/09/2015
takke ki laundiya pradhan 09/09/2015
anti hindu traitor jawaharlal nehru was the son of a muslim! 08/09/2015
99 per cent of terrorists 08/09/2015
emergence of fire worshipping in iraqi kurds 07/09/2015
"aa sher, mere ghar aa aur mujhe kha!" 07/09/2015
letter in sunday times, london. september 6, 2015. no more muslims wanted. 07/09/2015
which islamic country will give refuge to fleeing christians? none. 06/09/2015
muslim vice president of partitioned india. absurdity! 05/09/2015
why are they not going to muslim countries? 05/09/2015
historic storming of citadel europe 05/09/2015
islam unleashes the deadliest weapon against europe 04/09/2015
why not turkey or kazakasthan, even siberia? 04/09/2015
what a coolie colony this broken bharat is! road named after a "sarkari dog" 04/09/2015
responsibility for million muslim migrants 04/09/2015
europe threatened with destruction as in dark ages 04/09/2015
allah commanded 04/09/2015
historic storming of christian citadel europe 04/09/2015
target is europe right now! 03/09/2015
allah's command to bring out the weapon called "surprise" 03/09/2015
invading armies of mohammed without uniform and guns today 31/08/2015
name delhi "islamabad"! 30/08/2015
why was india partitioned so brutally in bloodshed? 29/08/2015
why on earth was he a vvip in the first place? 29/08/2015
cowardly hindus' self-negation and suicidal wish 29/08/2015
ban burka! 29/08/2015
saudi arabia spreading radical islam in partitioned india 29/08/2015
are hindus helplessly watching the islamic onslaught on their own patch? 29/08/2015
gandhian hindusthan: victory celebrated - victors humiliated. 28/08/2015
swedish imam tries to follow life style of mohammed of desert. 28/08/2015
migration signals death knell for british way of life 28/08/2015
it's europe's nightmare! 27/08/2015
8 million foreigners in britain 26/08/2015
hindu population declining, muslims increasing 26/08/2015
indian government shamelessly broke their word just as they betrayed india in 1947 26/08/2015
india has the world's most useless mp's and yet they reward themselves sumptuously & richly 26/08/2015
appeals for feeding the muslim refugees at calais: 11/08/2015
follower of gandhi ruling over followers of gobind! (how ridiculous!) 11/08/2015
"don't call them "asians" when they rape young girls - when they are muslims 10/08/2015
*isis planned to assassinate queen elizabeth 10/08/2015
fools, it was not independence but "mutilation" (fragmemntation) of india in pools of blood 10/08/2015
a government that insults, ignores or degrades the armed forces... 10/08/2015
modi's disappointing performance 09/08/2015
"adopt a terrorist!" advice to a kind hearted woman 09/08/2015
mr. modi's challenge: remove or jail dishonest doctors 08/08/2015
india israel coming together. good sign. 07/08/2015
this "patient" (hindusthan) must be force fed! 06/08/2015
what is normal in the world is a great sensation in partitioned india 04/08/2015
recover all those abducted girls from mohammedan rascals & rogues. 04/08/2015
"put pork on my fork!" said the brave canadian who stood for his civilisation 03/08/2015
isis targeting the unprepared, unmotivated, unprepared indian "cow" with two limbs missing 03/08/2015
funeral of the "hero" 02/08/2015
hindu woman in islamic hell. 02/08/2015
the evil that is islam from desert 01/08/2015
why are only muslims refugees everywhere? 01/08/2015
"hindu terror" an invention of enemies of hindusthan 01/08/2015
are you listening president mukherjee? 01/08/2015
the biggest holocaust in history 29/07/2015
david cameron declares war on islamic extremism 29/07/2015
how did they dare? bloodshed in gurdaspur. 29/07/2015
what the muslims say of the hindus 28/07/2015
india's "fu**ing" four in 1947 27/07/2015
"dump" gandhi or replace the coward by chatrapati shivaji 27/07/2015
vladimir putin admired as the hero of russia - man of millennium 25/07/2015
land where the hindu sheep are rabbits while muslim wolves are tigers! 23/07/2015
commendable action to take back all lands bought by corrupt dynasty. 23/07/2015
migration crisis in britain 23/07/2015
political correctness of a 22 year old american girl 21/07/2015
ban screening of (pk) a divisive movie in indian missions 21/07/2015
hindu memorial day 21/07/2015
terrifying muslims in usa 19/07/2015
government of feaer, hesitation, postponement, lack of resolve and negligence 19/07/2015
arun jaitley should quit 18/07/2015
inventing hindu terrorists 18/07/2015
everybody is yelling, "get rid of islam!" "throw out the gangrene of islam!" 16/07/2015
israel: security asset for the united states 16/07/2015
savagery built in. persecuti0n of innocent yazidis. rape of women blot on their islam 15/07/2015
lady with unique guts and exemplary courage 14/07/2015
तो क्या हम हिन्दू महा मूर्ख नहीं हैं ??? 14/07/2015
saudi arabia spreading radical islam in india ? hindus shoul........... 14/07/2015
us aiding isil? 13/07/2015
don't be fooled by "moderate" muslims 13/07/2015
is rahul gandhi on drug rehabilitation program abroad? where is he? 12/07/2015
"reach out to these helpless hindu girls," you scum of parliaments in new delhi! 12/07/2015
india is headingi towards slavery again 12/07/2015
are turks going mad musalmaan again? 12/07/2015
they are the ones who are doctors today! 12/07/2015
indian vip misbehaves at heathrow airport. 11/07/2015
why has crime rate dropped in norway but increased in partitioned india? 11/07/2015
american "lioness" gabriel and the muslim law student saba ahmed 10/07/2015
7/7. what happened? 10/07/2015
indian army was in barracks for one day; and one third of india was gone! 08/07/2015
ongoing civil war in india .....better wake up !! 07/07/2015
hindus and sikhs 06/07/2015
islamic isis sex slaves 05/07/2015
what a rubbish state this islamic pakistan is! watch the videol 05/07/2015
british national party sounds alarm 05/07/2015
sorry, no admission for muslims! rotten character : disreputable loyalty 05/07/2015
how muslims say "thank you"! 05/07/2015
what makes britain a strong nation? honouring the dead! 03/07/2015
israel closes southern borders 01/07/2015
david cameron's warning 01/07/2015
save the iraqi yezidis from genocide! 29/06/2015
saudi arabia spreading radical islam in india 29/06/2015
divert the flood of mohammedan migrants to islamic lands 28/06/2015
divert the flood of muslim migrants to islamic republics 28/06/2015
islam is religion of peace. the whole world has gone mad to say otherwise! 26/06/2015
stand by israel in solidarity. 25/06/2015
shocking, despicable and miserable plight of "gandhian" hindus in bharat. 24/06/2015
advice to punjabi musalmaan 17/06/2015
bradford family of 12 missing after saudi hajj trip 15/06/2015
first time india is free of yoke (of congress and dynasty) to help own people 15/06/2015
britain's youngest ever suicide bomber 14/06/2015
kashmir impossible for midgets and dwarfs 08/06/2015
as isis brutalizes women, a pathetic feminist silence 08/06/2015
preaching bigotry in pakistan 06/06/2015
follow the sane example of egypt 06/06/2015
spain under eye of storm of jihad 06/06/2015
government of india lying on article 370 06/06/2015
real hero of india. subhash chandra bose 05/06/2015
responsibility of cowardly india for the persecuted hindus in sindh and east bengal 05/06/2015
serious aspersions on bjp 04/06/2015
who is who in partitioned indian secular state 04/06/2015
gandhi, india's prophet of doom- "killed" manhood 20/05/2015
judge india by the saying that "corruption is like raping your mother!" 20/05/2015
mr modi is india's best prime minister so far! 19/05/2015
despite bjp rule, hindus in jammu betrayed 18/05/2015
mr. modi visiting south korea after nepal and china. 18/05/2015
muslim rape gangs - u.k. 17/05/2015
cross offensive to follower of mohammed 16/05/2015
pope's last words 16/05/2015
islamic take over of europe 16/05/2015
roll back islam to the black stone in mecca with love! 15/05/2015
mecca could be captured by islamic state 14/05/2015
cry in despair of an indian citizen 14/05/2015
nehru was the illegitimate son of a muslim 13/05/2015
murder for dishonour 13/05/2015
"whoever disbelieves, strike off his head" (mohammed's "geneva convention!") 13/05/2015
why nehru begged of mountbatten to stay on after partition! 12/05/2015
hindus need homelands in bharat (india) 12/05/2015
isil wants to be exterminated in partitioned india 11/05/2015
hindu leaders either goats or blind 11/05/2015
slaves and stalwarts 11/05/2015
islam in europe. tim 09/05/2015
torrent of muslims fleeing to europe. no islamic republic will have them! 09/05/2015
real gandhi, "the goat" exposed 09/05/2015
new greeting in pakistan 08/05/2015
what to do about isil? 08/05/2015
u.k. general elelctions: model for indian democracy 08/05/2015
tolerance in india. report by an arab 06/05/2015
indian muslims of isil 06/05/2015
"bandit" jawaharlal nehru. what the holy man said about him! 05/05/2015
silent invasion of europe 05/05/2015
exiled hindus dare not return home in srinagar! 04/05/2015
jihad against free speech 04/05/2015
new hajj application asks ?are you shia?? 03/05/2015
where is the jewish aid to nepal going? 01/05/2015
fault line, invisible to the blind! 30/04/2015
limit muslim families in non muslim (infidel) countries to one child! 30/04/2015
mohammed with four f****** wives and 24 children. implications for partitioned india 30/04/2015
mr. obama...keep them out. do not "sabotage" america 28/04/2015
our sacred soil going to "dogs" 28/04/2015
islam in austria : elimination is better than restriction. nazism in any hue, garb & shape? 28/04/2015
rights of kashmiri hindus 27/04/2015
cowardly india threw her daughters to the wolves 27/04/2015
islam is promise of paradise to those for whom earth is hell. 27/04/2015
"nepal's tragedy is our tragedy," mr. modi, prime minister of bharat 26/04/2015
spain wants no more murderer muslims 26/04/2015
brave armenians remember their dear. what about the millions of hindus massacred? 24/04/2015
failed state pakistan is crumbling into chaos 21/04/2015
disgusting postage stamps from former "coolie colony" of india 21/04/2015
the heroic evacuation from yemen. the general's work begins only now! 20/04/2015
why did you not go to an islamic republic? there are 50 of them on earth 20/04/2015
on the origin of urdu language 18/04/2015
india: will there be repeat of 26/11? 17/04/2015
uk : sharia courts abusing muslim women who hold british passports 17/04/2015
islam in the u.k. 17/04/2015
followers of mohammed- in thought and deed 15/04/2015
watch "kill the christians!" hindus will be next. 14/04/2015
netaji bose was "murdered" by nehru who also broke up india. 14/04/2015
shame on you the bloody press & media of bharat 14/04/2015
remember the armenian genocide, april 24, 1915 12/04/2015
pakistani double standards 09/04/2015
none expected "swords" dangling overhead so soon 09/04/2015
sweden surrenders to saudi arabia 09/04/2015
dark truth about the mayhem & chaos called "pakistan" 08/04/2015
confronting the islamic rattle snake 08/04/2015
britain's jehadi brides 8 april 2015. bbc2 tv. 9 p.m. 08/04/2015
indian muslim - from devil to saint overnight 07/04/2015
communities and countries rise against islam 06/04/2015
"kneeling" before the ideological and political enemies 06/04/2015
extremist muslims in the u. k. confronted! 05/04/2015
anti islam rallies in australia. europe has yet to wake up! 05/04/2015
explosion of muslim numbers. what are the implications? 03/04/2015
privileged islamist politicians of kashmir 03/04/2015
british home secretary to islamic extremists 01/04/2015
"aayo gorkhaali!" and "sat sri akaal!" 01/04/2015
a third of americans think jews "aren't loyal". 01/04/2015
julio ribeiro?s nonsense exposed! 01/04/2015
koran orders muslis to kill non-muslims ? 31/03/2015
bihar disgraced again 29/03/2015
why muslims hate the west, yet prefer to come and live here! 28/03/2015
rise of islam in america is worrying. islam has already risen in partitioned india! 28/03/2015
rotten immigration officer at airport- disgrace to india 27/03/2015
"o islam, deception, fraud & surprise attack" is thy name! 26/03/2015
allah's soldiers will return to land of kafirs 24/03/2015
mohammedan cowards kill an innocent woman 23/03/2015
isis: the fourth reich 23/03/2015
barbarians lynch a helpless young woman in kabul 23/03/2015
censor or ban the book 21/03/2015
"dogs of (nehru) dynasty" were eating the wealth of nation 20/03/2015
pakistan tired of saudi interference 19/03/2015
mr. obama ought to congratulate natanyahu 18/03/2015
open letter to narendra modi from francois gautier 18/03/2015
modi must deliver 18/03/2015
will kashmir consume modi too? 18/03/2015
pictures they don't want you to see! 18/03/2015
shameful loot of temples 17/03/2015
"love jehad" meets its own match in west bengal 17/03/2015
no new mosque in bromley, kent in england 17/03/2015
top level "role models" in coolie colony called india 16/03/2015
why slavish mentality in bharat? 16/03/2015
the islamist way 16/03/2015
indian genes made of slavish mindset 16/03/2015
why are indians political midgets? 16/03/2015
kashmir imbroglio. trap for hindusthan 16/03/2015
church in lahore "blasted". christians killed. relatives mourn. 15/03/2015
austria bans foreign funding of mosques. well done! 09/03/2015
savages, swine, barbarians and beasts in human form, all followers of peace loving, gentle and merciful mohammed of mecca 06/03/2015
barbarians, savages, beasts & devils in human form, the followers of peace loving mohammed. 06/03/2015
muslims are safest in hindusthan 05/03/2015
partitioned india bans the film but not the koran! 05/03/2015
indian politicians are biggest cheats. 05/03/2015
racial attack on sikh boy in america condemned 05/03/2015
who is grooming hindu and sikh girls in the u.k.? 05/03/2015
self righteous rapist in hindusthan 04/03/2015
high morality and divinity of the defeated & the degraded 04/03/2015
men & mice on earth: egyptian government closes 27,000 mosques, hindu refugees from srinagar! 04/03/2015
political vacuum in lawless 'muslim - infested' partitioned india. 04/03/2015
india: covering up shame. show the bbc documentary, "daughter of india" 04/03/2015
netanyahu speech in america 03/03/2015
the rule of "baboons" and the president with the dignity of a "dog". 02/03/2015
treacherous constitution of partitioned india (broken bharat) must go! 01/03/2015
when raped, yell, shout and cry the loudest, and tell the world! 01/03/2015
avijit roy killed in dhaka. 01/03/2015
is india sovereign or a "coolie" colony ruled by pygmies? 28/02/2015
this wretched consitution of "broken" bharat ("partitioned" india) 27/02/2015
net migration into uk 26/02/2015
such a rotten "father of nation" that destroyed the nation (mk gandhi) 26/02/2015
islamic law.. women don't exist. (as received) 25/02/2015
muslim take over of west bengal 24/02/2015
truth about the so-called "mahatma" gandhi 24/02/2015
india among the most dangerous places for women travellers. 24/02/2015
land records in india in shabby condition - like much of other "petrified" administration. 23/02/2015
communal criminals of gujarat in february 2002. 23/02/2015
will the "politically correct" punish every free thinker in europe and america? 20/02/2015
be happy: school will serve pork at canteen 20/02/2015
three mourning muslim parents in the united kingdom tonight. dear daughters gone! 20/02/2015
mounting muslim threat in partitioned india 20/02/2015
richest beggar in the world. 20/02/2015
islamic state's designs on rome 18/02/2015
treatment of women & girls as per isil (role model mohammed of desert) 18/02/2015
violence against women in islamic turkey 16/02/2015
"koran" and "mohammed" had to be banned in broken bleeding bharat 15/02/2015
europe upon her knees. increase in jihadi rape 14/02/2015
chaim zehavi = three stories 14/02/2015
jobs to do by mrs. modi 13/02/2015
isis -volunteers -in -india 09/02/2015
no go zones in europe 07/02/2015
nri's plea to mr modi 06/02/2015
job offers pour into india's colleges 06/02/2015
indian mujahideen getting ready to "swallow" gandhian hindus 06/02/2015
"inadequate" islamic school in britain 06/02/2015
achievements of mr modi. congratulations! 06/02/2015
growing radicalization in india 06/02/2015
india should join jordan and japan to crush the i.s. serpent 05/02/2015
saudi arabia?s new king helped fund radical terrorist groups 05/02/2015
savages behead two japanese hostages 03/02/2015
rising muslim terrorism. reaction by a native. 02/02/2015
christmas slaughter 01/02/2015
japanese hostage killed by savages 31/01/2015
sachar (rhymes with "khachar") committee, a fraud on nation 31/01/2015
pakistan, mohammed's very own "third reich" 31/01/2015
interview with patriot gopal godse 30/01/2015
save the free, democratic and secular world from the barbarians 30/01/2015
israel will fight for survival for a long time 30/01/2015
hindu persecution continues in bangladeshi "reich of mohammed"! 29/01/2015
muslims are not only in denmark! 29/01/2015
"free speech will prevail. tell this to every mohammed on earth!" 29/01/2015
france implores jews not to leave 29/01/2015
hindus' plight in hindusthan. 29/01/2015
commemorating the dead 28/01/2015
character of mohammed seen from the conduct of his faithfuls! 28/01/2015
thomas friedman on ukraine 28/01/2015
christian elders at uno, what are you doing? world is watching! 28/01/2015
sad fate of denmark 27/01/2015
nigel farage in britain could be addressing the demoralised indians! 27/01/2015
why don't the hindus commemorate their dead? 26/01/2015
lipstick on the pig 26/01/2015
the hindutva legacy of netaji subhas chandra bose. 26/01/2015
islam in nigeria now, not only in irak, syria, libya, pakistan and bangladesh! 26/01/2015
musalmaan, threat to secularism, sanity and democracy 26/01/2015
nehru and article 370 25/01/2015
i.s. will impact on bharat via pakistan 25/01/2015
the incorrigible muslim 25/01/2015
mohammed's picture in museum. controversy! 25/01/2015
prevailing over radical islam 23/01/2015
patriot netaji and traitor nehru 23/01/2015
discrimination against hindus in indian public discourse 22/01/2015
muslim increase in partitioned bleeding bharat. 22/01/2015
denmark in the islamic abattoir 22/01/2015
how budweiser handled terrible islam 21/01/2015
norway deports muslims, crime rate drops 21/01/2015
in the "land of lions" ( usa ) even women can "floor" them all! 21/01/2015
self doubt and self criticism of pakistani muslims. 21/01/2015
bandits, robbers, throat cutters, abductors, rapists, arsonists, kidnappers, killers take after the man born in mecca 1400 years ago. 20/01/2015
resurrecting indian glory 19/01/2015
rise of totalitarianism & islam, fall of democracy & secularism 19/01/2015
no "tear" for kashmiri pandits! shame on india. 19/01/2015
expecting indian "poodle" to emulate manly china? 19/01/2015
when death beckons, the snake crawls on to the road! 17/01/2015
rant by an isis mad mullah 17/01/2015
how hindus became "dead man's shadow"! 17/01/2015
ban islam to save the muslims slaughtering one another 17/01/2015
isis cut throats of babies 16/01/2015
muslim cleric praises paris killers 16/01/2015
the world has no choice but to ban islam 16/01/2015
simple! simply send them all back home! 16/01/2015
indian politician ("baboo") is like a dog 15/01/2015
hatred, violence killings & barbarity in islam 15/01/2015
rape in hindusthan like ebola in west africa 15/01/2015
salman rushdie defends freedom of speech 15/01/2015
india's three bleeding ulcers 15/01/2015
president hollande honours the dead 13/01/2015
this woman: so praiseworthy, so noble, so unique in india. 12/01/2015
indian prime minister to be inspired by netanyahu 12/01/2015
partitioined india needs a minister of veterans 12/01/2015
rally in paris against islamic terrorism 11/01/2015
cartoons that offended the morons 11/01/2015
paris: grand mosque open, grand synagogue closed 11/01/2015
"mohammed" cartoons that offended the morons; 11/01/2015
"islamophobia" is out, "islamonausea is in" 10/01/2015
indisciplined hindus 09/01/2015
greatness, uniqueness of india 09/01/2015
clash of civilisations? 09/01/2015
attack on france. implications 09/01/2015
reward for paris killers? is india decomposing? 09/01/2015
"i am charlie!" 08/01/2015
attack on christian civilisation by barbarians 07/01/2015
come home, my countrymen 07/01/2015
murder of freedom of expression in paris 07/01/2015
gang rape of japanese girl in kolkata 06/01/2015
canada tells muslims: "it is better here than where you come from!" 05/01/2015
anti-india terror links of pk exposed 05/01/2015
coming home to intuition and reason ? from blind belief 04/01/2015
have more islam, koran and mohammed. do love his desert, and make life hell for all & yourself 04/01/2015
blessings of intolerant alien islam: death and devastation in pakistan 04/01/2015
reconversion vital to hindu survival 04/01/2015
ancestors of pakistani muslims. converted degraded hindu cowardly scum 03/01/2015
india, land of bad governance, immorality, deception, corruption and rape. 03/01/2015
progressive, developing expanding chine. rail link to kathmandu. 03/01/2015
muslims are not happy in pakistan. they are happy in every kafir/infidel land 03/01/2015
article 370 in constitution makes indians "dogs" in kashmir 03/01/2015
cry of bleeding broken bharat: "i gave them pakistan to go there!" 02/01/2015
"islam is a religion of peace!" ask a hindu, jew or infidel. 01/01/2015
france: we must call the "killer" a saint 01/01/2015
save the mohammedans from mohammed 31/12/2014
hindus, prepare for collective funeral 30/12/2014
traitor nehru and article 370 29/12/2014
muslims rue partition 29/12/2014
his only crime was being an ahmadi 29/12/2014
"don't convert to islam!", plea churchill 28/12/2014
i am a pakistani hindu 27/12/2014
saudis are rebelling against the quran, and how ! 27/12/2014
cursed land of pakistan 27/12/2014
destructon of "civilisation" of mohammed by followers of mohammed 26/12/2014
what an inspiring hindu girl 26/12/2014
pakistan eating herself to produce sh*t 25/12/2014
christians attacked in the west! 24/12/2014
stop converting ("killing") the hindus 24/12/2014
from the heart of a muslim 23/12/2014
pakistan 'to execute 500 militants' 23/12/2014
islam is essentially based on sex, female debauchery 21/12/2014
weak and confused: indian army generals 21/12/2014
peshawar killing consistent with prophet mohammed's teaching 21/12/2014
pakistan will be "killed" by islam "made in mecca" 21/12/2014
muslim "beasts" in action in peshawar 20/12/2014
the brave gurkha beat off the taliban 19/12/2014
geert wilders was right 19/12/2014
muslims must save themselves from islam 19/12/2014
shahi imam in delhi calls for "love jehad". 18/12/2014
pakistani terrorists: human "beasts". 18/12/2014
"ghar vaapsi" is hindus' vital self defence for survival! 15/12/2014
turkey, to implode e.u.? 14/12/2014
nehru's high treason, not mere blunders! 13/12/2014
nehru should have been hanged or shot, not nathu ram, the honest patriot. 13/12/2014
prime minister shocked the army 13/12/2014
the tragedy of crpf 13/12/2014
germans rise up against islamization 13/12/2014
muslims on this side of the border and on the other side! 10/12/2014
nehru, the scoundrel who called netaji traitor 10/12/2014
cognitive seizure of the hindus. wolves & hyenas prowl around the carcass 09/12/2014
real hero of india: bose 09/12/2014
alarm bells for the deaf (dead) hindus 09/12/2014
sikh leaders: from lions to jackals. aurangzeb road in new delhi? 09/12/2014
yet another high profile rape in india's capital 09/12/2014
lawless & cowardly india. cover up of gang rape of minor girl 08/12/2014
india sinking in corruption 08/12/2014
britain unveils world's "toughest" counter-terrorism law 07/12/2014
we have the same gut feelings. we are hindus! 07/12/2014
uae media debate burqa ban 05/12/2014
what partitioned india has suffered under these swine ("haraamzaade") since 1947. 05/12/2014
"ramzade or haramzade" in partitioned india 04/12/2014
kashmir muddle, nehru and his constitution 04/12/2014
who killed subhash chandra bose? jl nehru! 04/12/2014
odd sight of a soldier in gandhi's india 04/12/2014
hindus' world record in slavery. never asked, why? 03/12/2014
europe ripe for (bloody) political upheavals 03/12/2014
the cheapest thing in our country is the honour & life of a soldier 03/12/2014
the real hero of india: netaji subhash chandra bose 02/12/2014
canada: declaration of war on hindus 02/12/2014
gandhi, the bogus londoner! 02/12/2014
gandhian india and her territorial defence! 01/12/2014
isis calls for poisoning and running down westerners 01/12/2014
in the world tigers and wolves the sheep will not survive for long 01/12/2014
"kill, kill, kill!", one-word idiotic outburst of islamic state 01/12/2014
fraud and deception and bogus qualifications by nehru and dynasty 01/12/2014
baroness warsi's obsession 30/11/2014
noble musalmaan on horse, native hindu on donkey. nehru's constitution 30/11/2014
nehru was the most horrible monster of pre-, and post-, partition india 29/11/2014
"sorry, i can't pay," says the unfortunate indian pensioner 29/11/2014
nehru's loyalty was towards the enemy. hyderabad & kashmir 28/11/2014
all about islam and the mohammed of mecca 27/11/2014
for pakistani hindus india is black crow while israel is white swan 27/11/2014
why are muslims fleeing islamic republics of rasul allah? 27/11/2014
whiff of real freedom in hindusthan. hail real hero narendra modi. 26/11/2014
jihadis jailed. bravo britain! 26/11/2014
peace will never come to pakistan if mohammed of mecca is more divine than nanak of universe! 25/11/2014
mission safer india. taming the "out of control" devil (police in east punjab) 24/11/2014
gandhi, nehru and jinnah in king solomon's court 23/11/2014
useless chief minister, patron of vandalism & mayhem 22/11/2014
they regard themselves the best muslims, acting just like mohammed 22/11/2014
india: army of "baboons" vs. modi 22/11/2014
archbishop wants the christians to stay put in the middle east 21/11/2014
history's worst treacherous "dog" jawaharlal nehru of partitioned india 21/11/2014
rise in dangerous fundamentalism in islam 20/11/2014
intelligent muslims abandoning crude & promitive islam for better values 20/11/2014
who let the wolves in? 19/11/2014
nehru the "dirty" autocrat 18/11/2014
disgracefully correct & treacherous political party in india 16/11/2014
black sheep of india beyond law? 16/11/2014
belgium's brave mayor sets example in courage & patriotism 16/11/2014
inbreeding in islam 15/11/2014
incomparable loc fencing 13/11/2014
so that is where nepotism began. after nehru his daughter and down the line! 13/11/2014
how could the europeans open flood gates for the muslims to rush in? 13/11/2014
when one is bashed or battered, the other "damn fools" look away! 13/11/2014
illegal sale of loot by islamic state 11/11/2014
sexist row at aligarh muslim university 11/11/2014
हत्याएं केवल हिन्दुओं की 10/11/2014
sonia maino deserted her first love! 10/11/2014
25 jahre mauerfall - buergerfest 10/11/2014
bold move to send the mafia back to italy 10/11/2014
world is a more dangerous place. thanks to mohammed! 10/11/2014
god dare not send another prophet down to earth! 08/11/2014
government of nehru dynasty and italian mafia hit the nri's hard. 08/11/2014
some genuine heroes of hindusthan 08/11/2014
indian films lampoon the hindus and insult morality, culture & hindu religion 08/11/2014
india and the jews. both in firing line 07/11/2014
partition: put it in constitution & curriculum 07/11/2014
why do pakistanis love to come to england? there's no beheading! 06/11/2014
goddess saraswati statue near white house 06/11/2014
greetings on birth day of guru nanak 06/11/2014
the land broken by jinnah, enslaved by nehru and ..... ... 06/11/2014
crippling indian office system 05/11/2014
honourable bradford sikhs remember. cowardly hindusthan has forgotten 05/11/2014
dilapidated, ignorant slave & demoralised delhi, capital of coolie colony 05/11/2014
intolerant, savage, brutal islam. ask the yazidis and the christians! 05/11/2014
"we need your head": muslim persecution of christians 05/11/2014
was mohammed the role model of isis (islamic state) ? 05/11/2014
muslim mischief results in violence in bengal 04/11/2014
"schaulustige" childish spectators at wagah 04/11/2014
archbishop speaks like gandhi 04/11/2014
why oppose the building of a mosque? 03/11/2014
o mohammed, do not kill if you cannot revive! 27/10/2014
a jewish boycott 25/10/2014
pm?s visit to siachin 25/10/2014
a soldier reviews ?haider? movie 25/10/2014
islam neither democracy nor secularism. 25/10/2014
turkey: the "great muslim democracy" 25/10/2014
nehru's gift of love & loyalty to his motherland 23/10/2014
support the yazidis. save them from islamic "vultures". 23/10/2014
canada's shame and disgrace 22/10/2014
crippled & invalid ruling administration & establishment in partitioned india 22/10/2014
allah said, "muslim will kill muslim!" 20/10/2014
india must deal in earnest with three things. 20/10/2014
indians, visit china to be inspired! 19/10/2014
india: what kind of president and supreme commander she has! 18/10/2014
they come crawling on their tummies... 17/10/2014
the finest religion on earth 14/10/2014
"dump" gandhi at last and move forward! 14/10/2014
forgetting partition is like committing collective suicide by hindus 14/10/2014
islam is illegal in angola 13/10/2014
india is netural towards the i.s. threat! 13/10/2014
"all european life died in auschwitz" 09/10/2014
india's defence is a gandhian joke, deflated balloon 08/10/2014
muslim persecution of christians, may 2014 08/10/2014
creating golden hindusthan 08/10/2014
alarm raised on the islamic state 07/10/2014
nehru treated hindus & hindusthan with extreme contempt 06/10/2014
great (but unsung) heroes of bharat 06/10/2014
is dutch military to be invisible due to fear of jihadists? 05/10/2014
grand festival of dussehra in mysore. impressive background 05/10/2014
conviction of jayalalithaa was a historic landmark event in corruption ridden india 04/10/2014
shimla, the resort that could vanish overnight 04/10/2014
beheading of aid worker alan henning & the "geneva convention" of mohammed of desert. 04/10/2014
why muslims will stay put among kafirs 02/10/2014
status of muslim women 02/10/2014
another scam in partitioned india? 02/10/2014
dear prime minister, please do it or perish (with india) 01/10/2014
wake up ignorant timid indians, nothing to celebrate on october 2! 30/09/2014
islam is violation of human rights 29/09/2014
modi's speech in america 29/09/2014
conspiracy to dismantle hindusthan 28/09/2014
who is missing from the allied action against islamic caliphate? 28/09/2014
hopes of the nation tied with modi 28/09/2014
partition was the result of third class rotten native "leaders" 27/09/2014
mohammed allowed only four wives! 23/09/2014
why was india broken up without referendum? 23/09/2014
what is islam in the eyes of free men 22/09/2014
fleeing savage, brutal islam 22/09/2014
islam and violence 21/09/2014
conditions of partition of india, 1947 21/09/2014
islam, pain in the neck in partitioned (secular) india. 20/09/2014
modi meets muslim 20/09/2014
government interference in hindu temple unacceptable 20/09/2014
"hindi chini bhai bhai" 19/09/2014
hindu procession in south india, cradle of ancient native civilisation 19/09/2014
glasgow and srinagar 19/09/2014
hindu in hindusthan is "dying" 19/09/2014
scotland kept the family together 19/09/2014
sheep crying over the death of she-wolf 17/09/2014
man behind modi is a "mouse" 17/09/2014
sindh and balochistan will be sovereign 16/09/2014
collapsing, perishing dying "broken" bharat 16/09/2014
a "must watch" video on "miracle modi" 16/09/2014
beheadings: dark shadow of death of journalists & aid workers 16/09/2014
absurdity of bogus partition 15/09/2014
british valour & unity led to conquests 14/09/2014
beheading of 44-year-old haines 14/09/2014
portugal under lethal threat, too. 14/09/2014
who is narendra modi? 14/09/2014
floods in srinagar 13/09/2014
congress without the anti national !alien and aloof" gandhis 13/09/2014
our "lion" is ensnared 13/09/2014
stop bashing the brits, while letting off the real rascals 13/09/2014
chinese deepaavali in bharat 13/09/2014
fleeing muslim hordes ought to be sent to islamic republics! 11/09/2014
devastating "love jehad" in partitioned india (broken bharat) 11/09/2014
break up of the united kingdom. horror! 10/09/2014
remove that reminder of cowardice, appeasement and surrender 08/09/2014
there can be no compromise with evil, starting with partition 08/09/2014
indians reduced to level of animals did notice absence of toilets 08/09/2014
hardly an encouragement to women tourists in bharat 08/09/2014
straight talking brave american pilot encourages all the infidels in broken bharat 06/09/2014
beheading is as per their "geneva convention"! 06/09/2014
partition of india was murder of "secularism" and unity of nation 06/09/2014
common rape due to lack of manhood & honour in indian coolie colony 04/09/2014
hell hole of pakistan & its founder 04/09/2014
cannot a muslim doctor or teacher or friend! 03/09/2014
inferiority complex ridden gandhi destroyed social equilibrium in india 02/09/2014
explosion during funeral procession killing more arabs 01/09/2014
boundless prejudice in dark mohammedan mind 01/09/2014
israel shines while the arabs are killing one another 01/09/2014
yet another bjp leader (hindu) slain 01/09/2014
nalanda university re-opens. great! 01/09/2014
the day i met the ?naked fakir? 01/09/2014
"love jehad" rampant in the land of cowardly secular hindus 30/08/2014
why a hindu cannot be chief minister of j & k 30/08/2014
pakistanis seeing the wrath of god 30/08/2014
modi in japan. break with islamic adoration of hindu slaves 30/08/2014
modi's shining pride in hindu religion 30/08/2014
british party's reaction to grooming of girls and sex with young girls 30/08/2014
the battle that went badly wrong for us 30/08/2014
;partition. actual stories 29/08/2014
stand by israel. 27/08/2014
mohammedans targeting non muslim females. 26/08/2014
partitioned india; betrayed hindus, betrayed soldiers 26/08/2014
jews protest. 26/08/2014
ethnic cleansing of hindus in pakistan 26/08/2014
islamic state forcibly circumcises christian men, sells 700 yazidi women just like 7th. century ad. 26/08/2014
death of a soldier in battle 26/08/2014
austria: springboard for global jihad. warning for sleepy hindusthan. 26/08/2014
lucky japan. no gangrene of islam 25/08/2014
power of media in the west 25/08/2014
"commending islam": "islam or death?" 25/08/2014
indian democracy 25/08/2014
a mohammedan will be editor of army magazine in partitioned india 25/08/2014
mayor of london wants the jihadi john to be killed 25/08/2014
violence in assam 23/08/2014
tunnel from pakistan to india 23/08/2014
islam in the the uk and iraq 23/08/2014
pentagon warns of islamic state obama once downplayed 23/08/2014
murer of journalist james foley 21/08/2014
a brave hindu mp 20/08/2014
five daggers stuck deep in collective hindu body 19/08/2014
it is a curse to be hindu in hindusthan. see hindus wiped out in kashmir and east bengal 18/08/2014
brave kurdish women are taking on the cowardly mohammedans of islamic state 18/08/2014
why broken bharat will be invaded again and again 18/08/2014
who are the yazidis and what should the "lame duck" hindusthan do? 18/08/2014
who are the yazidis and what should "lame duck" hindusthan do? 18/08/2014
beasts of islamic state in northern iraq 17/08/2014
british response to the barbaric islamic state and silence of bharat 17/08/2014
wait for the camel, o mohammed 16/08/2014
betrayal of indian army and india by nehru. 16/08/2014
prophet of doom, appeasement and surrender. 15/08/2014
modi's speech was so moving! 15/08/2014
banned book on nehru will be released soon 15/08/2014
sedition in partitioned india 15/08/2014
conspiracy to kill hindu leaders foiled 15/08/2014
"pigeon" gandhi closed his eyes seeing cat "jinnah" 12/08/2014
isis take a young woman to be stoned to death for refusing to convert 12/08/2014
gandhi "led" wretched indian coolie colony to doom 12/08/2014
who is sonia gandhi? 11/08/2014
see the 7th. century beasts in action today (2014 a.d.) 11/08/2014
truth about islamic state. too gruesome for words 11/08/2014
why gandhi statues? 10/08/2014
no statue of "goat" gandhi anywhere, please! 10/08/2014
why are hindu leaders all dead for this helpless girl? 08/08/2014
gandhi, the "goat" was keen on collective suicide 08/08/2014
there was none to bomb mohammed ali jinnah's "all-india muslim league" headquarters 08/08/2014
origin of rawalpindi 07/08/2014
gunmen shoot at sikhs in peshawar 07/08/2014
yet another hindu girl gang raped in partitioned india 07/08/2014
are hindus eternally and incorrigibly cowards, or a sub human race? 07/08/2014
partitioned india: violent muslim mob struck and the indian police ("jackals") ran away! 07/08/2014
israel and india, same fate. nehru's samadhi? 07/08/2014
hindu genocide that we forgot! 06/08/2014
a sheep lodged a complaint with the supreme commander! 06/08/2014
yet another indian soldier killed in action 06/08/2014
killing burden of bureaucracy, red tape & futile form filling in coolie colony of india 06/08/2014
sleeping nations like the hindus get slaughtered 06/08/2014
saving the vanishing hindus 06/08/2014
hindus in partitioned india "invite" further partitions, massacres & rape 06/08/2014
baroness warsi is first & foremost a muslim, then a british subject. 05/08/2014
15th august is a day of mourning. 04/08/2014
pakistanis fooled by their leaders 04/08/2014
given a jehadi violent minority the so-called peaceful majority is irrelevant, liability, even a lethal trap 04/08/2014
people of india back israel. but government of india in utter confusion 04/08/2014
defeated & partitioned bharat celebrates "independence"! 04/08/2014
for the first time a hindu ruling hindusthan 03/08/2014
ignore the pundits, p.m. 03/08/2014
what should we commemorate on august 15 every year. 03/08/2014
woman is doomed in islam 03/08/2014
india gets notoriety at commonwealth games in glasgow 03/08/2014
for armed forces india is a "gandhian goat republic" 02/08/2014
despicable indian stooge denies bofors commission deal! 01/08/2014
all admiration for israel 01/08/2014
menacing statements of muslims leaders in partitioned india. 31/07/2014
"independence day" last year 31/07/2014
voice of kashmiri women 31/07/2014
hindus "damned" and "hammered" in hindusthan 31/07/2014
what happened in saharanpur? the litmus test of modi sarkar. 31/07/2014
like the mohammed of mecca, the indian muslims, too, .. . . . . 31/07/2014
violence in saharanpur by muslim morons (in hindi) 31/07/2014
partitioned india: a second dawn 28/07/2014
why muslim females hide faces 27/07/2014
rescue of israel 27/07/2014
is india's majority community dead or alive? 27/07/2014
the civilised vs. the barbarian 25/07/2014
civil and military in partitioned india (mother india) 25/07/2014
"accept islam or death!" christians warned. 25/07/2014
wail of a hindu living abroad. "sikhs & partition" deleted from national memory. 24/07/2014
islam is religion of peace & tolerance. what more proof does one want? 30/06/2014
nehru wanted to disband the army due to gandhian cowardice 30/06/2014
radio star dropped for calling prophet muhammad a paedophile 29/06/2014
indian "donkey" shedding the useless burden of bureaucracy and "baboo(n)s. 29/06/2014
pakistani couple's throats cut. sharia law of mohammed of mecca 29/06/2014
indian muslims off to irak! 28/06/2014
terrorist with gang-leader charisma 28/06/2014
a german's view of islam. read it and remember it. 28/06/2014
world could be hell in 20 years if we do not wake up 28/06/2014
"hindu cheeni" could be genuinely "brothers"! "hindu muslim" bhai bhai was the cry of the "gandhian goat" 28/06/2014
senile coward mk gandhi rues his appeasement of muslims after bahrat broken up 28/06/2014
pakistan, pariah of the world. 27/06/2014
newshour debate: subramanian swamy vs gandhis 27/06/2014
indian rulers : thugs like the italian mafia 27/06/2014
islam creeping all over partitioned india. yet all are silent. 27/06/2014
a pc( politically correct) islam for journalists 26/06/2014
sikh community in mutilated hindusthan. 26/06/2014
swiss denial of black money 25/06/2014
the lion and the sheep in partitioned india 24/06/2014
mohammed's "way of life" needs sorting out! 23/06/2014
​a ​history of sikhs in old shanghai 23/06/2014
secular government and hindu temples in hindusthan 23/06/2014
india will be free when these names are changed. till then, "bandit" dynasty's coolie colony. 23/06/2014
peaceful (?) muslims. beware of muslim fundamentalists! 23/06/2014
defiant bikers of jihadi islam. muslim mayhem in partitioned india. 23/06/2014
disgraceful: indian greed for money 22/06/2014
beginning a new conversation with women 22/06/2014
global forces of secularism must confront global menace of islam 13/06/2014
u.p., the most lawless state in india? 12/06/2014
partitioned india: the ultimate target of fanatic warring islam 12/06/2014
interview with a young lad in dynasty controlled hindusthan 12/06/2014
islamic onslaught. britain in denial 10/06/2014
genesis of article 370 and its after effects 10/06/2014
radical islam in british schools 10/06/2014
genesis of article 370 and its after effects 10/06/2014
sonia gandhi & rahul gandhi ought to be disqualified as mp's 10/06/2014
still no uniform civil code in partitioned bleeding bharat 10/06/2014
narendra modi, please pay a visit to sri nankana sahib while in pakistan 09/06/2014
"rascals" in police uniform 09/06/2014
corrupt congress raj before bjp's sun rose 09/06/2014
rapist muslim sufi pir 09/06/2014
genocide of sikhs in lawless brutalised india under maimoona begum (secret convert to islam) 07/06/2014
musalman's oath is wind 05/06/2014
what modi government ought to do 05/06/2014
india's deadly road traffic. costs a minister his life 04/06/2014
shame on india for one rape every 21 minutes! 03/06/2014
when did priyenka's husband discard his native religion? 03/06/2014
simple ways to hinduise bharat 02/06/2014
hindu mule, muslim rider. hindu bride, muslim groom. why? 02/06/2014
tiny gurdwara in china 02/06/2014
canada sinking in muslim morass, too? 01/06/2014
five things about article 370 one ought to know 01/06/2014
muslim master and his hindu "bitch". set tradition for 1,000 years. 31/05/2014
indian black money in foreign banks abroad. only trial in hague will put the criminals in dock. 31/05/2014
who will make the donkeys 'race horses'? 31/05/2014
statues and monuments of false gods of death in partitioned india 27/05/2014
europe is paying jezia tax. 26/05/2014
constructive approach for kashmiri hindus 26/05/2014
idiots of india who predicted modi's defeat 26/05/2014
article 370, how gandhi ruined kashmir! 26/05/2014
indian ministry of defence. source of illegal wealth through deals & contracts 26/05/2014
place for sonia maino gandhi is jail. corruption and foreign deposits 24/05/2014
everyone came to loot india. shame on indians who never fought back! 24/05/2014
watch out for the "second nation" in bleeding broken bharat! 24/05/2014
another attack on indian embassy by talibans 23/05/2014
india became independent only on 16 may 2014, not in 1947.. 22/05/2014
massacre after massacre of hindus in east bengal and elsewhere 22/05/2014
remove the devils picture from 500 rupee bank note 22/05/2014
new hope for sri lankan hindus 22/05/2014
indian armed forces: challenges for modi 22/05/2014
some essential points for the government of india 22/05/2014
"broken" bharat: biggest fraud and bogus secularism 22/05/2014
robbing krishna to reward the mohammed of desert 22/05/2014
no memorial to the dead of noakhali or pakistan. are we cowards? 21/05/2014
sonia maino gandhi : a blot on the hindu nation 21/05/2014
sonia gandhi - a blot on the nation 21/05/2014
dealing with surplus overflowing muslim "trash" from bangladesh 20/05/2014
moving speech by modi 20/05/2014
pracharak to prime minister 20/05/2014
how east punjab registered its protest 20/05/2014
after a thousand years a native rules bharat at last 20/05/2014
congress will be group, not party in lok sabha 16/05/2014
indian election results: summing up. 16 may 2014. 16/05/2014
modi: rags to riches. 16/05/2014
pakistan, a tragedy, a mistake, a failed state, "living hell" for her citizens 15/05/2014
government of indian "coolie colony" frustrates, insults and betrays the men in uniform 15/05/2014
possibilityi of civil war or military coup 14/05/2014
resolve on the eve of lok sabha election, 2014! 14/05/2014
likelihood of fraud in elections in india may 2014. 14/05/2014
what the nation expects from the new prime minister of india 13/05/2014
islam is an arabic religion for the arabs. 13/05/2014
"haraami" boko haram showing islam's very best 12/05/2014
poisonous islamic tsunami drowing secular (partitioned) hindusthan. 12/05/2014
what are the muslims doing in partitioned india (bleeding broken bharat)? 11/05/2014
indian elections can be interfered with by criminals 04/05/2014
nri's for modi 03/05/2014
hindu badly beaten up in hindusthan 01/05/2014
islamic threat to a sikh mla in india. 01/05/2014
army's low esteem in the coolie colony of partitioned india under draconian dynastic hold 01/05/2014
india must know the real modi 01/05/2014
disgusting mismatch between civil and military in india 30/04/2014
how can we be such fools? 26/04/2014
scam. corruption in india. is png cheaper than cylinders gas 25/04/2014
guru gobind singh ji. "man of millennium" 25/04/2014
letter to the detached non-aligned secular president who needed to be told! 25/04/2014
indian ex servicemen and their "deaf, detached & distant" supreme commander 25/04/2014
muslim man and danish girl. reaction. 25/04/2014
the west and modi 24/04/2014
million dollar questions. (in hindi) 24/04/2014
corrupt, decomposed and dying government of partitioned india 24/04/2014
the accidental prime minister 23/04/2014
currently, america at the crossroads. 22/04/2014
angola bans islam. (she will have peace) 22/04/2014
government of india sold to the italian mafia? 22/04/2014
indian farmers suicide and gmo agriculture 22/04/2014
temple plundered (nothing unusual!) 21/04/2014
soldiers in coolie colony of partitioned india not allowed to vote 21/04/2014
shameful statement by amrinder singh 21/04/2014
why article 370 in constitution? 21/04/2014
mayhem on indian roads. as lawless as the police and the ministers 21/04/2014
did nehru betray netaji? 21/04/2014
corrupt gandhi family exposed 20/04/2014
video clip on brutal mutilation of india in 1947 20/04/2014
hitler's reich vs. mohammed's realm 20/04/2014
there are muslims in partitioned india! 19/04/2014
success: russia in crimea. failure & disgrace: india in northern sri lanka and kashmir 11/04/2014
sam bahadur deserves the bharat ratna 11/04/2014
2014 will be the year of global destiny 11/04/2014
12 reasons for narendra modi as pm 11/04/2014 for archives. 10/04/2014
genocide of hindus 10/04/2014
don't forget the "mutilation" of india in 1947 10/04/2014
fears for hindus' perishing grow 10/04/2014
state of the nation (india), 2014. 09/04/2014
why broken bleeding bharat must ban islam & koran 08/04/2014
everything seems so wrong in partitioned india 08/04/2014
partitioned india lodges criminal case against israeli diplomats 07/04/2014
muslim morons & sex maniacs "exposing" themselves in denmark 07/04/2014
high treason by a gandhi! 04/04/2014
post partition muslims are the same lot as the pre partition muslims 03/04/2014
supreme court orders voting rights to soldiers 03/04/2014
hindus do need the mohammedans 03/04/2014
hindus, the perennial slaves, crave for status quo. why? 02/04/2014
son of a "witch" rajiv khan has a "samadhi" in new delhi 01/04/2014
mr. modi's gujarat is most advanced and modern. 01/04/2014
why was nehru the traitor not shot dead? 31/03/2014
the country is all set for disaster- the coming elections 31/03/2014
indian rats begin to flee? 25/03/2014
conviction on inside trading upheld by us courts 25/03/2014
secularism of hindu slaves 23/03/2014
case against sonia maino gandhi 21/03/2014
nehru's deliberate high treason towards india in 1947 (unconditional surrender before indigenous islam) and 1962. 21/03/2014
indian's cry in wilderness. 21/03/2014
"we hindus are in denial and inviting hindus' "endloesung"! 21/03/2014
"teach the sikhs a lesson!" will cost dearly to hindusthan eventually. 20/03/2014
when indian army (1962) became rag bag mob, and later (1984) "eunuchs in uniform"! 19/03/2014
evaluation of jawaharlal nehru, the secret traitor. 19/03/2014
fault line called "kashmir". 19/03/2014
visitor frm bharat 18/03/2014
who is a eunuch in bharat? in hindi with translation in english 02/03/2014
do muslims have the right to live in (partitioned) india? 02/03/2014
india's ;defence in shambles. coup is overdue by five decades! 02/03/2014
name changed, identity lost, country gone! making hindus rootless. 02/03/2014
muslims in partitioned india: most unwelcome "poison" 02/03/2014
"eunuchs" galore in "broken" bharat 01/03/2014
recalling march 1, 1947 01/03/2014
good but ineffective measures by vhp 28/02/2014
putin's warning to the muslims 27/02/2014
india's porus defence is mockery. "first lady" sonia is top security risk! 27/02/2014
rahul should be tried for treason 27/02/2014
hindus hold defence rally in kolkata 27/02/2014
political focus on soldiers: real concern or realpolitik? 25/02/2014
field marshal chetwode dishonoured by indian "coolie" jawaharlal nehru 24/02/2014
partitioned india, where traitor (nehru) was a patriot and crooks (sonia & rahul) are patriots 24/02/2014
narendra modi on the soil of warriors, east punjab (video) 23/02/2014
antony & sonia : two crooks ("dharam bhai-behen!") who are beyond law in indian coolie colony 23/02/2014
bharat being "raped" day and night 22/02/2014
democratically eelected corrupt "blood sucking terror" kicked out 22/02/2014
future prime minister aspirant rahul gandhi sings a song 21/02/2014
india is an elephant 20/02/2014
communal and targeted violence bill 20/02/2014
indians should hang their heads in shame 19/02/2014
islamabad declared 'extremely dangerou 19/02/2014
india will shed its "slave of sonia" image & join great hindu-buddhist family of nations 19/02/2014
polluted, stinking, corrupted "bleeding" india (broken bharat) 19/02/2014
india is an elephant 18/02/2014
"king rahul sanctions orop!" 17/02/2014
very disturbing pictures. mutilation of christians in indonesia 17/02/2014
with knowledge & education both islam and jehalat are vanishing from earth 16/02/2014
despite threats hindus meet! whose threat? 16/02/2014
disabled brigadier dies awaiting medical reimbursement. shame on useless min of defence, india 16/02/2014
in hindusthan a jackal (coward) is regarded a lion (warrior) 15/02/2014
remember this before voting 15/02/2014
devious "devil" does not mention "partition" 14/02/2014
wow! using two superpowers to destroy two muslim countries! 13/02/2014
the earthquake! 13/02/2014
when lawless agents of ruling party in partitioned india insulted an air marshal in public 13/02/2014
taliban the frankenstein of pakistan (that is not islamic enough yet!) 13/02/2014
sonia's mafia type annexations in bharat 12/02/2014
who will give the hindus pride in theselves? 11/02/2014
army of cowards did not defend their own fellow soldiers 11/02/2014
we did not change our ancestors! 11/02/2014
$20,000 reward for information on sonia gandhi's whereabouts 11/02/2014
when ruling party in india acted like savages & criminals 10/02/2014
a vast gathering of thousands of rss. (photo) 09/02/2014
narendda modi in imphal, manipur. 08/02/2014
what logic! amusing or divine message? 08/02/2014
30th. of january and ("mouse") mk gandhi 07/02/2014
get to know indira gandhi (maimoona begum) 07/02/2014
speech of narendra modi 07/02/2014
modiji, how many seats will you give the muslims? 07/02/2014
modi and the winds of change 07/02/2014
gen dyer and maimoona begum (indira gandhi) 07/02/2014
fourth war with pakistan & india re-united. 06/02/2014
are the hindus prepared? 05/02/2014
does india need another clown for a prime minister? 05/02/2014
the evil mind of the europeans 05/02/2014
a new definition for al-qaeda 04/02/2014
al-qaeda: defender of christians? 04/02/2014
sonia & rahul & their corrupt congress party : poison in indian politics 03/02/2014
mohammeds did not spare even children! 03/02/2014
narendra modi biography: 03/02/2014
folly of of fools: tamil nadu 03/02/2014
modi's speech. after a thusand years a son of soil. 01/02/2014
broken bharat (partitioned india) neglects, degrades and insults her brave armed forces 31/01/2014
no memorial to the dead civilians and the members of armed forces of nehru colony (partitioned india) 31/01/2014
gandhi compromised with the devil 31/01/2014
how islam enters schools & colleges. must view! 30/01/2014
know your "gandhis", you humble and humiliated hindus! 30/01/2014
criminal thinking and critical thinking 29/01/2014
does india deserve such a prime minister? rahul g. 29/01/2014
rahul gandhi's historic interview 29/01/2014
sikh genocide and all-india congress party 29/01/2014
patriotic hindus cry for the victimised sikhs in 1984 29/01/2014
girls should be careful about what they wear. 29/01/2014
loksatta party communication 29/01/2014
unity & disunity 29/01/2014
rebuttal to rahul gandhi 28/01/2014
alarming crime rate in india 28/01/2014
an indian musalmaan wants to improve islam 27/01/2014
transformation of jackals into lions 27/01/2014
"republic day" of broken bharat 27/01/2014
republic day of partitioned india 25/01/2014
two calendars, 1947 and 2014. 24/01/2014
when kashmiri pandits fled islamic terror 24/01/2014
islam: awful, political, scoundrel 24/01/2014
corrupt defence minister! corruption in india presentation. 24/01/2014
mohammedan predators, non muslim females victims of rape 24/01/2014
mani shankar aiyar, the congress "rat" 22/01/2014
where did sonia go to eat in cambridge 22/01/2014
will muslims be safe in hindusthan? 22/01/2014
ugly scenes in new delhi. aam aadmi people lathi charged 21/01/2014
kashmiri hindus sacrificed 20/01/2014
another gandhi is the contender for prime minister's post. 20/01/2014
world's #9 most powerful person now accused of corruption -- will she fall? 19/01/2014
islamization of belgium and the netherlands in 2013 18/01/2014
ndtv & chidambram accused of money laundering scam of r (hindi) 18/01/2014
india rotting in morass of corruption and loot 18/01/2014
what are the muslims doing in partitioned india? 18/01/2014
probe into thatcher link to op bluestar 16/01/2014
partitioned india is neither secular nor a democracy 14/01/2014
hindus, think! 14/01/2014
truth about indian democracy and secularism. 14/01/2014
india's criminal neglect of her army martyrs 13/01/2014
is england getting ready to confront islamic terrorism? 13/01/2014
pro modi sentiment in nepal & elsewhere 13/01/2014
islam, a horror in the making 12/01/2014
separating the patriots from the hindu scum 12/01/2014
dysfunctional attitudes of hindus will have dire consequences (civil war & slavery) 12/01/2014
english lesson for the government of india 11/01/2014
the whole country misses field martial maneckshaw. 10/01/2014
hindus in afghanistan will be exterminated after the americans leave! 09/01/2014
if they are peaceful.... they are not muslims. 09/01/2014
nation's tribute & homage to guru gobind singhji 09/01/2014
"man eater" mohammed and his "believers" 09/01/2014
hindus sentenced to death due to ignorance, disunity & cowardice 09/01/2014
where are all the "dogs & bitches" called "government of india"? 08/01/2014
only a banana republic can make such a low life president. 08/01/2014
swami baba ramdev spoke truth 07/01/2014
ultimate strategy of government of mutilated india 07/01/2014
primitive, crude, separatist, violent and backward islam of indian "coolies" 07/01/2014
biggest post independence (post devastating partition!) fraud 07/01/2014
the brave, defying to convert, were beheaded while the cowardly scum converted to islam 07/01/2014
true face of mohammed: murder, arson & mayhem. see irak, syria & east bengal 07/01/2014
don't vote for the "hindu bashing & battering", corrupt congress party of loot & scams! 07/01/2014
sikhs threatened to embrace islam or leave kashmir valley 06/01/2014
most useless prime minister ever! 06/01/2014
collective cowardice makes a whole nation victims 06/01/2014
salute all parsis and sikhs. 06/01/2014
"pakistani" given key police post in u. p. 05/01/2014
qualifications of india's minister of home affairs 05/01/2014
mutilated bharat: useless, uninspiring prime minister, "poodle" of italian born first lady sonia 05/01/2014
mutilated bharat: useless, uninspiring prime minister, "poodle" of italian born first lady sonia 05/01/2014
india: the issues and problems: 05/01/2014
dead as dodo in pakistan 04/01/2014
paki dictators, yes! democrat narendra modi, no! 04/01/2014
india: the issues and problems: 04/01/2014
saving mutilated bharat 03/01/2014
the mutilation of india in 1947 03/01/2014
who is looting lawless, directionless, wayward adrift & doomed (mutilated) india 03/01/2014
what if mr. modi is assassinated? 02/01/2014
"bjp idiots should stop responding to aap in media" 02/01/2014
india's manned moon mission 31/12/2013
muslim in chair, hindu in dust on earth. 31/12/2013
hindu "cow", mohammedan "bull". a nation so degraded & shameless! 29/12/2013
genetic deterioration of the hindu nation. 29/12/2013
muslim men find muslim females disgusting and ugly. 28/12/2013
kejriwal, chief minister of delhi state 28/12/2013
"three monkeys" of mutilated bleeding bharat 26/12/2013
this diplomat is no virtuous woman 26/12/2013
china's mao, a hero. vs. mutilated india's "goat" gandhi 26/12/2013
muslim savagery in india 25/12/2013
the coming of no nonsense modi! 25/12/2013
united kingdom: christians 'feel cowed into silence'. 25/12/2013
sad, sad, sikh story in mutilated directionless india. 24/12/2013
what the islamic invaders did to india 23/12/2013
india broke up into fragments and the enemy stayed back! 23/12/2013
uprooted sikhs, broken bleeding bharat (perishing india) and the brave state of israel 11/12/2013
lion called israel and goat called india 11/12/2013
hindu remained a "jackal". 11/12/2013
salute nelson mandela. "shoot" mk gandhi. one was the lion the other a goat 09/12/2013
learn from those who perished before sword of the mohammed of mecca 09/12/2013
corruption in the indian armed forces. "spit on gandhi!" 08/12/2013
a german's view on islam 08/12/2013
sex bribery & corruption in india 08/12/2013
modi's letter to pm opposing communal violence bill 08/12/2013
shanghai students topping pisa laudable 08/12/2013
the abdication of the intelligentsia in india 08/12/2013
defeat of the pro islam & anti hindu "party of partition" 08/12/2013
italian born sonia like empress rezia sultana born in afghanistan, making donkey out of sheep 07/12/2013
daily toll in karachi. seven killed in shoot outs today (3 dec 13) 03/12/2013
urgent enquiry into fraud needed. where has her wealth come from? 03/12/2013
urgent enquiry into fraud needed. where has her wealth come from? 03/12/2013
tell every native hindu in partitioned india. look out for bogusdeshis & pakis 03/12/2013
abdul gafoor gilani, a biased muslim writer 03/12/2013
appeal to indian veterans pre elections 03/12/2013
build the memorial to these soldiers 02/12/2013
slaughtered for refusing to accept islam 02/12/2013
what will india tell the world? 02/12/2013
bogus pakistani seducers and grooms at work in eu. 02/12/2013
personal vendetta by vindictive government of india 30/11/2013
sam bahadur was the only "man" in india! the rest were "eunuchs"! 29/11/2013
muslims demand separate malabar state. 29/11/2013
voice of drummer lee murdered by his muslim fellow citizens 28/11/2013
intolerant, separatists muslims demand separate malabar state 28/11/2013
why is christian west committing suicide? 28/11/2013
tamilnadu4modi 28/11/2013
no new mosques for moscow 28/11/2013
personal vandetta by vindictive government of india against baba ram dev 28/11/2013
famous sayings of india's great leaders (all "rascals" no. 1!) 28/11/2013
don't complain. hit them hard! 28/11/2013
where is india's defence minister? 28/11/2013
no new mosques for moscow 28/11/2013
insight into islam's mindset 28/11/2013
murder of child brides "legal" in islam 27/11/2013
when people laugh at rulers in public,....... 26/11/2013
islamic "cancer" in united kingdom 26/11/2013
partitioned india too must ban koran & islam 26/11/2013
angola demolished all islamic mosques 26/11/2013
angola bans islam. congratulations. will broken bharat do the same? 26/11/2013
an autobiography of gen. vk singh 26/11/2013
a patriot on barkha dutt being honoured 26/11/2013
bharat's indiscriminate secularism is her undoing & perpetual slavery. 26/11/2013
tirupati, the most cherished hindu shrines of lord vishnu is vanishing. 26/11/2013
angola, not even partitioned by sword of mohammed, has banned islam. 24/11/2013
lord singh speaks powerfully against human rights violations 24/11/2013
shutting his ears to change 24/11/2013
crooks ruling / looting partitioned bleeding india 24/11/2013
patriot bose and traitor nehru 23/11/2013
corruption in britain's pakistani community 23/11/2013
india responsible for tamil tragedy 22/11/2013
treacherous bogus partition of india. it solved nothing. 22/11/2013
criminals who partitioned india 22/11/2013
who will benefit from indo- chinese war? 22/11/2013
hindus under attack by rulers of india 22/11/2013
construction of islamic university in sacred hindu city 22/11/2013
how india treated the prime minister and his entire family! 18/11/2013
alexander and porus 17/11/2013
modi is carrying the nation with him 17/11/2013
india an accomplice to crime of tamil extermination in sri lanka 17/11/2013
communal and targeted violence bill 16/11/2013
maimoona begum (indira gandhi) totally disregarded national security 16/11/2013
manmohan singh is an honest man 16/11/2013
try the muslim's tolerance 16/11/2013
vladimir ;putin's speech for manmohan singh & president moorakhjee 16/11/2013
cameron meets tamil refugees in northern sri lanka 16/11/2013
hypocrisy of india: take sri lanka. 16/11/2013
what the taliban want 16/11/2013
this takes the cake! 16/11/2013
moharram violence in west bengal 16/11/2013
cameron faces danger of missed opportunity at chogm 15/11/2013
ioc serves ultimatum 15/11/2013
sycophancy in the congress party 15/11/2013
homage to uncle (chaacha) nehru for children's day 14/11/2013
don?t whitewash culpability of congress in 1984 riots 13/11/2013
robert vadra exposed 13/11/2013
islam is dying. watch the video 13/11/2013
pakistan is islamic. hindustan is secular to give donkey ride to italian mafia & mohammed. 13/11/2013
patriotism of the british & their respect for the soldier. 13/11/2013
who will relate to the hindu family in their burning house? 12/11/2013
biggest damage done by savage islamic marauders 12/11/2013
how many muslims should partitioned india execute for possesing the koran? 11/11/2013
nervous congress party using terror tactics 10/11/2013
pakistan govt. prints fake indian currency. 09/11/2013
last nail in the coffin of the nehru dynasty 09/11/2013
dirty draconian measures by autocratic & treacherous (nehru) dynasty of partitioned india 09/11/2013
hindu "sheep" sleep walking towards the abattoir 08/11/2013
mayor of boston gave away land 07/11/2013
rare colour video clip - : a 1947 independence video 07/11/2013
jawaharlal nehru was "traitor of millenium" but adored by suicidal hindus 07/11/2013
man of people, narendra modi. 06/11/2013
patna blasts: foretaste of what is coming 06/11/2013
forced marriage and rape of a 14 yeaer old muslim female holding uk passport. 05/11/2013
french resistance. not against the nazis this time 04/11/2013
not all muslims are cannibals. these two were! 01/11/2013
ask the muslims just one thing 01/11/2013
hindu jirga at halloween 31/10/2013
lion and the rat. sardar patel vs. jl nehru. 31/10/2013
india is a tragedy 31/10/2013
halloween: india had her own witch 31/10/2013
grand hindu jirga and rampant corruption 31/10/2013
patna city and attempts to scare the hindus and kill mr. modi. 30/10/2013
traitor jl nehru saw ogre (devil) in sardar patel 30/10/2013
what the defeated pakistani general writes 30/10/2013
india drowning in corruption and stifling red tape 29/10/2013
sharia law out! islam out! 29/10/2013
victorious muslim groom and the subdued "hindu" bride 29/10/2013
"joys" if muslim women 29/10/2013
a bill to "kill" (the hindus in hindusthan) 28/10/2013
definition of the government of india 28/10/2013
baboo vs. military. war is at home! 26/10/2013
teacher of the year award 26/10/2013
unforgetable martha cothren of the usa. 26/10/2013
india never had it so bad. 25/10/2013
killing of 50 muslims 25/10/2013
prime minister of india off to china 25/10/2013
wake up, supreme commander of "gandhian" india! 25/10/2013
ban the burka. channel 4 tv in britain 24 october, 2013. 25/10/2013
modiji?s visit was an unparalleled success 24/10/2013
sonia maino "gandhi" contests cased against her. 24/10/2013
first a hindu university in mecca. then a muslim university in partitioned india 24/10/2013
is india doomed? 23/10/2013
rahul met a sikh. so did his grandmother at halloween 23/10/2013
place of hindu heritage wiped out 22/10/2013
protest against another muslim university in partitioned india 22/10/2013
from quran to vedas 22/10/2013
the worst is yet to come to the hindus 22/10/2013
india's tryst with destiny 22/10/2013
muslims must respect the customs & traditions of hindusthan 22/10/2013
"vanishing" hindu nation perishing through default! 21/10/2013
dirty & deceitful rulers of india where the people are herded like the cattle. 21/10/2013
ban conversion to islam in prisons 20/10/2013
useless prime minister: national shame! 20/10/2013
government should step down or be thrown out! 19/10/2013
3 shockers in red (nehru's kashmir dispute) 19/10/2013
muslim crowds gather "im nu"! 17/10/2013
sacrilege and mohammedan vandalism in kashmir 17/10/2013
american justice 17/10/2013
nixon ?kept quiet? on hindu genocide 17/10/2013
political progress of military veterans 17/10/2013
hindus in bharat are in extreme danger. 17/10/2013
the cowards have no place on earth 17/10/2013
by bangladeshis fleeing their country! 16/10/2013
foreign fingers in indian affairs 16/10/2013
seminar on islamic terrorism in jammu 16/10/2013
discontent in armed forces 15/10/2013
air india: poor standards of maintenance! 15/10/2013
what the kashmiri hindu refugees want for their protection! 13/10/2013
ungrateful thankless & anti army government of partitioned india. 13/10/2013
congress, pakistan and usa conspiracy on kashmir 12/10/2013
all muslims revert to your ancestors' peaceful religions & civilised way of life 11/10/2013
the mighty hindu eating octopus 10/10/2013
sonia gandhi - a blot on the nation 10/10/2013
world's most cowardly & useless defence minister 10/10/2013
jagan taken into preventive custody 10/10/2013
britain heading towards the fate of india 10/10/2013
fm sam manekshaw said about leadership of our country 09/10/2013
"o' appeasing, conceding "gandhian" (partitioned) india, value your brave soldiers 09/10/2013
"hang the corrupt to save bharat!" 09/10/2013
anti hindi rulers hate hindi 08/10/2013
despicable devious indian authorities concealed the name of mohammedan 08/10/2013
poor civil-military relations - root cause of malaise today 08/10/2013
power vacuum in broken bharat is again threateninig the hindu nation 08/10/2013
beaten, defeated, thrashed and brutally partitioned dying india 08/10/2013
full force & thrust of anglo-islamic ( "secular") attack on hindus 08/10/2013
state of india in cesspit of corruption 08/10/2013
state of the indian armed forces 07/10/2013
unrest in the south 07/10/2013
durga ashtmi and the king of belgium 07/10/2013
veterans' hands are tied behind their backs 06/10/2013
hang the negligent prime minister! 06/10/2013
joys of muslim women 06/10/2013
anti-telengana agitation 06/10/2013
peshawar: centre of mohammedan civilisation 06/10/2013
what you don't know about namo 06/10/2013
"patriot dies, sonia maino thrives." this is gandhian bharat. 05/10/2013
corupt indian scoundrels could never do it! (we salute the chinese!) 05/10/2013
did it embarrass the secular "gandhian goat" president of partitioned india? 05/10/2013
corruption in congress coolie colony, 05/10/2013
precarious state of the hindu nation 05/10/2013
letter to rahul gandhi, pretender to the throne of broken bharat 04/10/2013
gen giap, contrast to gandhi 04/10/2013
it is an islamic tragedy: ( fleeing mohammedans ) 04/10/2013
reach out to the rural masses 04/10/2013
stephen knapp's amazing india 03/10/2013
stephen knapp's holy pilgrimate along the life of sri rama 03/10/2013
gandhi could have prevented the death of united india (akhand bharat) 03/10/2013
sexual torment of a saint. 02/10/2013
rapidly dying hindus 02/10/2013
gandhi jayanti, 2013. 02/10/2013
gandhi was akhand bharat's worst misfortune 02/10/2013
patriotic ex servicemen/women support bjp 01/10/2013
sack sectarian home minister of partitioned india (broken bharat) 30/09/2013
manmohan singh spoke well at un 29/09/2013
prime minister, time to go! 29/09/2013
freedom of speech and despicable subservient indian "coolie" media 29/09/2013
modi inspires a rally in india's capital 29/09/2013
media manipulats hindus 28/09/2013
biggest old age home in the world. it's in india's capital. 28/09/2013
deaths & violence in pakistan are divine retribution 28/09/2013
aspersion on lk advani's patriotism 26/09/2013
sharia law. law of 7th. century inflicted in 21st. 25/09/2013
mischievous rumours of an army coup in corrupted, rotting partitioned india 24/09/2013
interview with gen vk singh. 24/09/2013
indian ex servicemen demand white paper from the government 24/09/2013
bangladesh?s hindu population is dying 23/09/2013
kashmiri hindus, be vigilant 23/09/2013
what the hindu young can do 23/09/2013
why muzaffar nagar is burning. 22/09/2013
pakistani mohammedan with indian passport. 21/09/2013
"baboos" of india will ensure india's defeat in war 21/09/2013
time magaziane: 'next pm of bharat' 21/09/2013
hindu muslim clashes in muzaffar nagar 21/09/2013
non-muslims forced to wear hijabs 21/09/2013
islamic coolie colony called bharat hides the name of mohammedan rapist 20/09/2013
congress mischief against gen. vk singh 20/09/2013
abduction, seduction rape and murder in islam 20/09/2013
fraudster who hid face behind muslim veil 19/09/2013
hindu politics goes to italian mafia or dogs 19/09/2013
crime and punishment in india 19/09/2013
when and why did burka begin? 18/09/2013
burka from the wild and savage arabia of 7th. century a.d. 18/09/2013
islamic university in tirupati, south india. time bomb for hindus. 17/09/2013
islamisation of pakistan means murder, rape & destruction 16/09/2013
the reshaping and redefining of india 15/09/2013
muslim persecution of christians 15/09/2013
great turn of history in bharat 15/09/2013
new sun is rising in hindusthan 15/09/2013
pulse of the hindu youth is rising 15/09/2013
treacherous gang betraying the hindus 14/09/2013
governmnt can confiscate temple property but not mosque or church 14/09/2013
"devil" and "witch" of partitioned india 14/09/2013
gandhis deadly fraud on india 14/09/2013
american " lions" will never forget sep 11, 2001. 13/09/2013
the unknown gandhi! 13/09/2013
people's choice for prime minister 13/09/2013
indian armed forces: demoted and degraded 12/09/2013
speech by nathu ram godse, the shining star in the betrayed, defeated & mutilated india 12/09/2013
advice to advani 12/09/2013
sikhs confront the "alien from italy"! 10/09/2013
weed out the traitors. force out the mohammedans from partitioned india 01/09/2013
seducing a non muslim female : : morals of 'mohammed of mecca'. 31/08/2013
hindus are bleeding without remedy 30/08/2013
india's finance minister "guided" by "white elephnat" ("tuckay ki laundiya") 30/08/2013
hefty visa fee to visit pi (partitioned india) 30/08/2013
indian coolie coolie colony: "goddess" in jail. italian mafia free. 29/08/2013
what are the treacherous muslims doing in partitioned india? 29/08/2013
mosques declared terrorism organisations by nypd 29/08/2013
sexual abuse among muslims and converted christians in india 29/08/2013
where are the muslims happy? 27/08/2013
india, paradise for muslims who want to rape virgins 27/08/2013
does poor india have a "white elephant"? 27/08/2013
indian government's apathy towards the murdered soldiers 25/08/2013
i.a.s. and i.p.s. are both rotten now 24/08/2013
media hide names of muslim rapists in mumbai 23/08/2013
denmark has gangrene as well as cancer. 22/08/2013
why people are wailing crying. no escape from dynastic prison! 22/08/2013
know thine enemy - american style 22/08/2013
10 shades of indian secularism 22/08/2013
future map of partitioned india 22/08/2013
education institutions in india eclised? 22/08/2013
what comes naturally to mohammed; abduction, conversion & rape 22/08/2013
patriotism, pride & honour like ratan tata's 22/08/2013
2002 was "peanuts". talk of 1947. talk of 1947! 22/08/2013
muslims have no right to be seen 21/08/2013
muslims on american plane 21/08/2013
why paki is a four letter word! 20/08/2013
violence by muslims in uk 20/08/2013
can india die? 18/08/2013
treatment of the sikh delegation at rome airport. 18/08/2013
the sikh anger on 15 august 18/08/2013
press release by v.h.p. 17/08/2013
coup or revolution? 17/08/2013
watch english defence league in action 17/08/2013
indian soldiers so cheap? 17/08/2013
unbecoming martially deficient response of veterans, over loc killings. 17/08/2013
land of jackals does not recognise a hindu family from pakistan! 17/08/2013
murder of british soldier in broad daylight 17/08/2013
valley of gods being destroyed 17/08/2013
henderson brooks report 17/08/2013
gandhi destroyed india's manhood 17/08/2013
emaciating the armed forces 17/08/2013
india: land of quantity but little quality 17/08/2013
extremely brave fearless patriot madanlal dhingra. 17/08/2013
indian army and nation building 17/08/2013
europe's voice of caution. geert wilders 17/08/2013
government of "sonia & stooge" in india worse than mahmud of ghazni 17/08/2013
arun jaitley's speech in rajya sabha 17/08/2013
check wahabi islam 17/08/2013
despicable collapse of moral values. shadow of the new flag 17/08/2013
lest the hindus forget their dead & become the scum of mankind 16/08/2013
vande mataram 16/08/2013
pictures of burnt temples & murdered hindus in kishtwar (kashmir) 16/08/2013
transfer of power, india, 1947 16/08/2013
egypt: muslim anger on friday 16/08/2013
india: forecast 15/08/2013
indian submarine sank in peace time! 15/08/2013
indian held kashmir, tourists' paradise resembles hell 15/08/2013
indian soldiers getting killed. no retaliation 15/08/2013
mouse of delhi congratulates lion of lahore 15/08/2013
singh greets sharif 15/08/2013
islamization of indian subcontinent through islamic banking 15/08/2013
indian navy submarine sinks 14/08/2013
partitioned india's poodle & pakistan 14/08/2013
sonia's congress and gujarat 14/08/2013
five conditions of pakistan. nehru's "panch sheel" 13/08/2013
persecution of minorities in pakistan 13/08/2013
lion of gujarat 13/08/2013
turkish stone in german stomach 13/08/2013
exterminate the traitors in our own ranks 13/08/2013
uk is soft & london is londonistan, but ........ 12/08/2013
ethnic cleansing of hindus in south kashmir 12/08/2013
enemy on top, nation of sheep, and "eunuch" generals below! 12/08/2013
why do muslims need state protection in u.k. but not in broken bharat? 12/08/2013
india splintered and tottering 11/08/2013
corrupt "gunda raj" of congress 11/08/2013
gallant army under "jackals" 11/08/2013
coup or revolution? 10/08/2013
why muslims are morons and "schwachkopf" 10/08/2013
mohammedans acted as per life and hadis of mohammed himself 10/08/2013
anguished cry of despair in india: 10 shades of indian secularism 10/08/2013
shattering indian economy 10/08/2013
rohinga mohammedans in hyderabad? high treason by rulers of indai. 10/08/2013
india had gangarene. india has cancer. 10/08/2013
indian army with their hands tied behind back cannot retaliate. 09/08/2013
coup or revolution? corrupted, decomposing brutalised india's choice 09/08/2013
zanzibar acid attack by two mohammedan cowards on innocent girls 09/08/2013
mark tully, frankly on the hindus 09/08/2013
revise the constitution of (partitioned) india 12/07/2013
india's iaf "mafia" 12/07/2013
history of india 12/07/2013
rohingua mohammedans simply walk into "decomposing" partitioned india 12/07/2013
they preferred soft hindusthan to islamic bangladesh & pakistan 12/07/2013
funeral of drummer lee rigby moved the world. 12/07/2013
tale of unending massacres murders & rape by mohammedans 12/07/2013
largest democracy preparing to snoop on citizens 11/07/2013
saudi arabia rejects pakistani diplomat 11/07/2013
act of piety in ramadan. kill a woman. in the name of islam 11/07/2013
hindus, hit back hard! don't cry or complain 10/07/2013
muslim problem in norway 09/07/2013
taking the hindu nation for donkey ride. rama setu. 09/07/2013
why everyone should support modi 08/07/2013
bargain hunter hindu warriors! 08/07/2013
the "tamaasha" of indian elections where many are "beheaded"! 08/07/2013
india's super media heroes 08/07/2013
indian corruption in uttar khand 08/07/2013
america will celebrate independence; india will celebrate partition. 08/07/2013
hindu charge-sheet against the upa govt. 08/07/2013
is turkey in europe? no way! turkey is asian and islamic. 08/07/2013
wrath of gods on the people of corrupted bharat 08/07/2013
army of lions led by "donkeys" in partitioned india 08/07/2013
compromising national security 08/07/2013
indian army has the same mind set of the old colonial army 08/07/2013
fools put the enemy on top 08/07/2013
fires consuming world of mohammed will reach partitioned india. 08/07/2013
wishful thinking of a defeated nation. 08/07/2013
stand by mr. modi 07/07/2013
hindus, stand by narendra modi. 07/07/2013
nri's, were you treated like a "dog" at indira gandhi int'l airport new delhi? 07/07/2013
uttar khand tsunami. criminal negligence of rulers 05/07/2013
ishrat jehan may be suicide bomber 05/07/2013
india's security compromised 05/07/2013
us interest in arming india 05/07/2013
partitioned india's peripheries are burning but delhi still too far to worry! 05/07/2013
we salute indian army 04/07/2013
don't swallow the pill "islam means peace"! 04/07/2013
inept bungling in kashmir leading nowhere 04/07/2013
lawlessness in india - police s.p. killed 03/07/2013
ram mandir & gurudwra 03/07/2013
bogus citizens have bogus government and bogus army 03/07/2013
day of remembrance. march 5. 03/07/2013
don't f*rt woman, this is islamic republic! 03/07/2013
murder sparks anti-muslim backlash 03/07/2013
murder of british soldier in broad daylight 03/07/2013
fundamentalist zakir naik - provocation extreme & extra ordinary! 03/07/2013
[media_monitor5] ghotala: air services agreement with abu dhabi for a mere $50b investment, bartering traffic over indian skies 03/07/2013
india's despicable rotten ruling party: corruption & treachery in perpetuity 03/07/2013
murder of one hindu. what does it mean for one billion of us? 03/07/2013
muslim graves defaced. 03/07/2013
letter to editor on kashmir 03/07/2013
muslims behind bars, girls safe in the u.k. 02/07/2013
rootless pakistan seeks identity 02/07/2013
no foreign aid to the corrupt govt of india 02/07/2013
myanmar does not wish partition nor bloodshed by her resurgent islam 01/07/2013
another "gandhi" stamp to spit on 01/07/2013
criminal neglect by governments of uttarkhand and sonia maino gandhi. 01/07/2013
partitioned india (broken bharat) behaves like concubine of mohammed 01/07/2013
"call it guru tegh bahadur highway," you indian "coolie" 30/06/2013
muslim teens in sweden took turns raping the girl 30/06/2013
mysterious death of lal bahadur shastri 30/06/2013
no foreign fingers! 30/06/2013
efficient, upright, honest, dynamic & a patriot. narendra modi. 30/06/2013
south kashmir: hindu sikh "rats" honour the savage killers. 29/06/2013
rotten civic discipline 29/06/2013
build schools teaching hindu history 29/06/2013
brave rss volunteers doing flood relief 28/06/2013
bloodshed in the north east 27/06/2013
uttarakhand's congress govt. wants cash. refuses food and relief materials 27/06/2013
world was punished for not confronting the nazis initially 27/06/2013
misruled partitioned india needs revolution like in brazil 27/06/2013
resurgence of kashmir militancy 27/06/2013
state of the enslaved indian nation. media is treacherous. 24/06/2013
dead mass called the hindu nation 23/06/2013
india among high risk nations facing hefty visa fee to uk 23/06/2013
rule of rascals & thugs in india 23/06/2013
no rights for hindu refugees in india 23/06/2013
"islam is religion of peace!" cried the crow 23/06/2013
does india need a prime minister? 21/06/2013
modi as pm will usher in a new era 21/06/2013
inventing muhammad? 21/06/2013
re-inventing jehad, kashmir style. 21/06/2013
islam, assam and partitioned sinking bharat 21/06/2013
this government has to be told! 21/06/2013
futile to expect the army to deliver 21/06/2013
smash these bogus "samadhis" of slavery 20/06/2013
fast moving politics of jammu & kashmir state 20/06/2013
us taliban peace talks in doha, qatar. 20/06/2013
the politics of muslim magic 20/06/2013
"humbled us (sic) makes concessions to taliban" 20/06/2013
india sets up nationwide snooping programme to tap your emails, phones 20/06/2013
hindu girls are defenceless "game" for mohammedan (beastly) predators 19/06/2013
hindus liable to be blown up on way to amarnath. shame on hindu mothers 19/06/2013
why india fails. 2 19/06/2013
why partitioned india fails 19/06/2013
it is true and frightening. 18/06/2013
rising islam in white house. scary! 18/06/2013
be indian but not in india !! 18/06/2013
myanmar should expel them lock, stock & koran. 17/06/2013
resolution to construct sri rama temple in ayodhya 13/06/2013
vigilance against the pakistan-based militant group 13/06/2013
decaying, decomposing perishing hindusthan. girls up in arms! 13/06/2013
it's only a joke! 13/06/2013
third class indian coolie press at it again! 13/06/2013
english defence league & the muslim extremists 13/06/2013
rahul's dilemma 12/06/2013
is prime minister trying to save a corrupt politician? 12/06/2013
the farce that was kargil "victory" 12/06/2013
4 stages of islamic conquest 11/06/2013
"rat" called enslaved bharat is not honouring the dead soldiers. 11/06/2013
shame, shame on government of india. 11/06/2013
immovable "baboo(n)s" of defence ministry in partitioned india 11/06/2013
george cross medal with indian widow 11/06/2013
american woman gang-raped in india 11/06/2013
police asks facebook to shut down 10/06/2013
indian rupee becoming useless 10/06/2013
nehru wanted all the billion hindus dead 10/06/2013
rapid & alarming growth in muslim population 10/06/2013
how muslims will take over the world 10/06/2013
expensive propaganda "face lift" for rotten gandhis 10/06/2013
indian submarine fleet sinking 10/06/2013
rupee slumps to all-time low 10/06/2013
cowards do not raise statues & memorials to their brave 10/06/2013
partitioned & corrupted india in 2013 resembles france in 1789. 10/06/2013
presidenet of partitioned india needs a heart transplant 10/06/2013
"kargil diwas!" 09/06/2013
dazzling king of punjab 08/06/2013
callous brutality against own citizens 08/06/2013 08/06/2013
on muslim heritage in america 08/06/2013
corruption in country where people are slaves 08/06/2013
great muslim heritage in the united states 07/06/2013
callous, colonial & trigger happy "government" of partitioned india 07/06/2013
reject bogus partition & counter attack 06/06/2013
intolerant "beasts" called the mohammedans 05/06/2013
khalistan because there is pakistan where hindus are extinct 05/06/2013
sikh community 05/06/2013
food security bill. 05/06/2013
jihad on egypt's christian children 05/06/2013
the good news in turkey 05/06/2013
preparing to divide india again 05/06/2013
is sonia maino-gandhi dead set against the kumbh mela? 05/06/2013
muslims will die without the jews' inventions 05/06/2013
british anger at killing of a soldier. 05/06/2013
congressi goondahs turn upon one another 05/06/2013
congressi goondahs turn upon one another 05/06/2013
mohammedan dynasty masquerading as hindus to rule & fool hindus 05/06/2013
why field marshal sam maneckshaw fell foul of prime minister. 04/06/2013
immigration ?reform? and national security usa. 04/06/2013
wild & savage cultue of arab beduines of 7th. century is spreading 03/06/2013
govt must have say in appointment of judges of higher courts 03/06/2013
bharat going broke. already broken and bleeding. 03/06/2013
panun kashmir rejects twin city concept 03/06/2013
criminal government of india seeks to suppress voices abroad! 03/06/2013
indians are poor but india is rich 03/06/2013
gujarat will surpass singapore 03/06/2013
grand fraud of building new srinagar 03/06/2013
indians will be slaves again very soon 03/06/2013
questionnaire for hindu intelligentsia 03/06/2013
dump the divisive book called koran 02/06/2013
wilders in australia and the "islamic problem" - part ii :: mark durie 01/06/2013
islamic civilisation, the cover name for islamic primitivism 01/06/2013
hindus' right to return is no less sacred 01/06/2013
for the gandhian supreme commander & defemce minister of partitioned india 31/05/2013
muslims fleeing myanmar must be diverted to malaysia, not to thailand. 31/05/2013
for sri krishna's sake wake up! 31/05/2013
nightmare that is global rule of islam 31/05/2013
muslims in us naval academy. implications? 31/05/2013
doctors in india: "beasts" in human form 31/05/2013
?islamic civilization? - the biggest lie known to mankind 30/05/2013
how chauhan's arrow killed mohammed ghori 30/05/2013
the 4 stages of islamic conquest 30/05/2013
the price of justice for a raped pakistani girl 30/05/2013
india never got freedom 30/05/2013
india never got freedom 30/05/2013
india never got freedom 30/05/2013
nehru, nehru, nehru. 30/05/2013
islam?s war of annihilation against hindus 30/05/2013
weapon carrying mystery plane flown by dutch pilot 30/05/2013
are hindus in coma or paralysed? 30/05/2013
the calm before the jihadi storm 30/05/2013
no brains needed for the answer 30/05/2013
disillusioned to the extreme. whither india? 29/05/2013
"dump" the koran or leave myanmar! 29/05/2013
no government in partitioned india 29/05/2013
hounds harrying the fox (myanmar) 29/05/2013
lesson from london 28/05/2013
indo - chinese imbalance 28/05/2013
congratulations myanmar. stand up to muslim menace. 28/05/2013
whither britain? 28/05/2013
muslim "explosion" of numbers 28/05/2013
on traitor jawaharlal nehru 28/05/2013
congress to crush hindus for next century? 28/05/2013
in condemnation of "chacha" jawaharlal nehru 27/05/2013
kashmir solution in sight 27/05/2013
terrorism and islamisation of west 27/05/2013
the naxalite issue 27/05/2013
maoist ambush that killed 30 26/05/2013
trigger hjappy government bent upon neglect, betrayal and suppression 26/05/2013
delhi high court on rape 26/05/2013
no compromise on kashmir 25/05/2013
murder of young soldier. implications 25/05/2013
islamic barbarity and jihad in hindusthan 25/05/2013
repudiate partition & counter attack! 24/05/2013
murder in london, fires in stockholm 24/05/2013
starvation in indian held kashmir. betrayal and neglect. 23/05/2013
hindu starved to death in j&k 23/05/2013
hinduism facing eclipse 23/05/2013
views on partitioned india's unity 23/05/2013
narendra modi for the next prime minister. 23/05/2013
murder of british soldier 23/05/2013
indian muslim who went to islamic pakistan returned bitterly devastated 22/05/2013
unfolding disaster that is decomposing partitioned india 22/05/2013
dr. swamy on kashmir 22/05/2013
corruption destruction death & slavery 22/05/2013
voice of partitioned broken bleeding bharat (hindusthan) 22/05/2013
o hindu, know thy enemy! 21/05/2013
broken bharat in a mess 21/05/2013
perishing hindus take insults & destruction "lying down". 21/05/2013
kashmir solution in sight 20/05/2013
former soldiers cry into deaf ears. that is partitioned india (broken bharat)! 20/05/2013
sir winston knew 20/05/2013
hindus in islamic countries 20/05/2013
distorted education, cripple nation 20/05/2013
why this secrecy over sonia gandhi? 16/05/2013
never ever come back! 16/05/2013
netaji, hindutva and nationalism 15/05/2013
horrendous rape and sex abuse of british minor girls by muslim men. 2 15/05/2013
don't fart, woman. this is islamic republic! 14/05/2013
aurangzeb totally smashed the hindus 14/05/2013
ratan tata, the magnificent 14/05/2013
bali, the island to visit 13/05/2013
kashmir: letter to the editor 13/05/2013
hindus ready for slaughter in the impending civil war 13/05/2013
you must be a muslim 13/05/2013
mass exodus of christians from the muslim world 13/05/2013
muslim loyalty to bharat 12/05/2013
"upon my dead body!" 12/05/2013
who made her the queen of leaderless partitioned bleeding bharat? 12/05/2013
"burning bharat". no memorial to the dead. 06/05/2013
hindus should earn the respect of sonia gandhi and salman khurshed. 05/05/2013
what the chinese delegate will say to partitioned india 05/05/2013
decomposing india : rise in sexual assaults on defenceless daughters of hindusthan 05/05/2013
shock to the chinese to see muslims in partitioned india! 05/05/2013
"kalyug" described in puranas over 2,000 years ago. 05/05/2013
trapped among the jackals 04/05/2013
who gave the title of mahatma to gandhiji? 04/05/2013
sarabjit singh spent 22 years in pakistani jail. india did nothing. 03/05/2013
govt. of india betrayed the indian citizen in pakistani jail 03/05/2013
incorrigible, parmanent victims, oft raided and raped, the hindus of broken bharat 01/05/2013
what are these muslims doing in partitioned india (broken bharat)? 01/05/2013
india- israel- ties 01/05/2013
mk gandhi exposed. 01/05/2013
sarabjit singh wounded in pakistani jail 30/04/2013
lion modi vs. dog nehru 30/04/2013
jawaharlal nehru of india. worst traitor in history 30/04/2013
nehru, secret convert to islam, was the enemy of hindus 30/04/2013
gandhi the weakest link. so the chain broke badly. 30/04/2013
hindus the weakest nation on earth 30/04/2013
world of fatwas. dark and scary world of islam 27/04/2013
mischievous mind of congress party in broken bharat 27/04/2013
india is no more a civilised country. 26/04/2013
germany behaved in despicable way 26/04/2013
hindus being persecuted & expelled from bangladesh. 26/04/2013
questions that demand answers or (hindu) blood 26/04/2013
destructive islam wiped out the buddhists in india 24/04/2013
muslim's view of islamic rule over hindusthan 23/04/2013
converting the innocent people 23/04/2013
?jihad will not be wished away? 23/04/2013
"kafirs and momins": division by an intolerant separatist war monger 22/04/2013
o kafirs, momins, infidels, & those destined for hell! 22/04/2013
westland helicopter scandal 22/04/2013
indian jackal with the gun trying to intimidate the lions 22/04/2013
the day a muslim girl is raped in broken bharat! 22/04/2013
who can revive dead hindusthan? 21/04/2013
hindusthan is doomed 21/04/2013
partitioned india is like the five year old raped girl 21/04/2013
fitnah - movement for women?s liberation 20/04/2013
letter from tasaddaq hussein in multan 19/04/2013
ramsethu issue : crying in wilderness 19/04/2013
video: grab you 19/04/2013
view on islam held since 2003. 19/04/2013
view on islam held since 2003. 19/04/2013
indians most ungrateful towards their armed forces 18/04/2013
truth about the sikhs in defence of hindusthan 18/04/2013
look at the top brass in indian army in humour. 18/04/2013
historic rama temple "crying" in the secular republic of nehru 18/04/2013
without state support both hindus and their temples are dying 18/04/2013
the devil seems to have taken over india in 1947 17/04/2013
the indian general who spoke bravely to defence minister 17/04/2013
boston explosions kill runners in marathon 15/04/2013
tolerance of the intolerant is stupidity 15/04/2013
sikhs: cowards and traitors are home grown 15/04/2013
evaluation of sardar vallabhbhai patel . vital facts. 14/04/2013
hindus protest at white house 12/04/2013
how can the hindus save themselves from extinction 12/04/2013
cowardly indians most ungrateful to their armed forces 12/04/2013
agenda for india?s youth 12/04/2013
indian sub continent muslims : incorrigibly schizophrenic with split personality 12/04/2013
nehru wanted a british general, fearing his own assassination 11/04/2013
hindus: clever head but paralysed body. fools, be stupid but act. 11/04/2013
the black sheep at partition. 11/04/2013
dangerous draconian hidden agenda behind communal violence bill 11/04/2013
3,000 killed in delhi alone. try to catch one killer! rotting india. 11/04/2013
sindhi hindus are as much indian as prime minister manmohan singh 11/04/2013
pakistan: a failed state 10/04/2013
plight of hindus who escaped the hell called "pakistan" 10/04/2013
corruption of the gandhi dynasty 10/04/2013
betrayed hindu destitute from sindh (& kashmir) 10/04/2013
gandhi brothers competed as middlemen for iaf deal 10/04/2013
decomposing india: perpetual rule of one dynasty & massacre of sikhs 10/04/2013
sikhs missing from indian army 10/04/2013
april 10 sacrifice day of chhatrapati sambhaji maharaj 10/04/2013
rajiv "gandhi", the middleman in arms deal. 09/04/2013
suicidal path by indian muslims 09/04/2013
peep into deliberately concealed indian history (patel vs. nehru). 08/04/2013
save myanmar from the same enemy that swallowed one third of india 08/04/2013
2011 census. alarming increase of muslims 07/04/2013
why the hindus, the most massacred people on earth do not have their own holocaust memorial? 07/04/2013
there will be riots so long there are mohammedans in any country 07/04/2013
how the mohammedan barbarians destroyed the civilised hindu country 07/04/2013
sex after death. (muslims, please don't read!) 06/04/2013
introspection at baisakhi, 1947. part 1 06/04/2013
tamil poem for rahul "gandhi" 05/04/2013
pak hindus betrayed by nehru in 1947 05/04/2013
when and how did the indians become hobbesians? 05/04/2013
despicable moral decline in hindusthan 05/04/2013
personal account of holocaust of 1947. 05/04/2013
muslim - buddhsit tensions in indonesia 05/04/2013
pakistan, a failed state. 05/04/2013
hindu goats feeding the foreign wolves 02/04/2013
who is a hero? who is insulting him? 02/04/2013
why are we secular when nobody else is? 01/04/2013
field marshal maneckshaw on moral courage, including attack on golden temple 01/04/2013
upright patriot sam bahadur & treacherous maimoona begum 01/04/2013
compare indian regard for her servicemen & women with italy. 01/04/2013
partitioned india under the foot of "italy & islam" does not need acts, she needs action, 01/04/2013
son of soil fasting while rulers callous. 01/04/2013
hindu identity crushed and destroyed 31/03/2013
hindu is a "dog" in his own country called hindusthan 31/03/2013
sanjay dutt, enemy of state. 31/03/2013
conversion by force or deception by intolerant mohammedan savages. 30/03/2013
hindu identity must be restored with pride 30/03/2013
why the scoundrels & traitors did not like the field marshal 29/03/2013
quality of rulers: white britain, black bharat 29/03/2013
the (nehru) dynasty must die 28/03/2013
rohingya muslims in myanmar 28/03/2013
alarming increase of muslims 28/03/2013
open letter to gen. musharraf of pakistan 28/03/2013
corruption, thine is the splendour & glory in hindusthan. (water scam) 28/03/2013
fate of hindus in bangladesh (east bengal) betrayed by india in 1947 and 1972. 28/03/2013
irony: foreigner free, native in jail 28/03/2013
how secular is secular turkey. reality check. 28/03/2013
unlike despicable conceding "broken bharat" proud russia warns the fundamentalist muslims 28/03/2013
"secularism" of sovereign christians imposed on slave hindus through fraud 28/03/2013
india and sri lanka 27/03/2013
not one hindu has desire for political sovereignty like a bangladeshi 27/03/2013
how imminent is the take over of india by savages? 26/03/2013
how will nehru dynasty die? 26/03/2013
imminent death of despicable "dirty" dynasty is near 26/03/2013
honourable america stands up for abducted hindu girl. shame on india! 26/03/2013
italy foreign minister giulio terzi resigns 26/03/2013
lock up the collaborators! 26/03/2013
islam religion of peace? yes, for suicidal hindus! 26/03/2013
mosque opens in paris for gay mohammedans 25/03/2013
hindus must see how buddhists defend their land. 25/03/2013
will "cease-firing" indian army proceed to afghanistan? 23/03/2013
is the koran pulling you lot back? 22/03/2013
how the great "akhand bharat" was reduced to a fragment. 22/03/2013
who is edvige antonia albina maino ? 22/03/2013
what hindus can learn from hindus in bali 22/03/2013
partitioned india's only "lion" snubbed by the ruling (& fooling) "jackals" 22/03/2013
teacher in america bullied by mohammedans 22/03/2013
no halal in poland. thank you. 21/03/2013
balinese hindus put the hindus in hindusthan to shame. 21/03/2013
when british lion held all the brown "chickens" in one basket for 200 years 21/03/2013
price of voting against sri lanka 21/03/2013
charge sheet against sonia gandhi 21/03/2013
why do we avoid snakes? 21/03/2013
state of india since the surrender of 1947 (partition) 20/03/2013
i am a muslim! 20/03/2013
corruption case of procurement of helicopters from italy 20/03/2013
india under dynastic hold was responsible for massacre of tamils of indian origin 20/03/2013
partitioned india's "first lady" is italian by nationality 20/03/2013
putin: role model for our cowards at the top 19/03/2013
stand him before the firing squad! (metaphorically speaking.) 19/03/2013
angry, frustrated disappointed intelligentsia of corruption ridden broken bharat 19/03/2013
india under congress' "boot" cares two hoots for the hindus anywhere 15/03/2013
rot has set in the indian army 15/03/2013
india downgrades diplomatic ties with italy 15/03/2013
eye witness account of "khoon ki holi" in multan, 1947. 15/03/2013
india in collusion with the hindu killers. 13/03/2013
first hindu free bangladesh then hindu free hindusthan! 13/03/2013
kashmiri hindus left to perish under government design 13/03/2013
corrupt government holding the country to ransom 13/03/2013
undeclared war against the hindu natioin. 13/03/2013
largest kickbacks for foreign defence contracts 13/03/2013
put the supreme commander on a donkey and walk him, face blackened, through srinagar 13/03/2013
partitioned india is now the colony of italy. 13/03/2013
?americans united to defend free speech? 12/03/2013
exterminate the "gandhi / nehru termite" in partitioned india 12/03/2013
what really happened to hindus of lahore and jews of europe? 12/03/2013
imagine mecca razed to ground by hindus & medina occupied by sikhs! 12/03/2013
on christmas day (2012 ad) when lights in broken bharat (partitioned indai) went out 12/03/2013
is there a government in partitioned india besides the terror of italy now & of islam then? 12/03/2013
a cabinet minister sent to jail in the "shining" democracy of england. 11/03/2013
lahore is now hell for the chritians 11/03/2013
a marine's view of life in afghanistan 11/03/2013
deadly confusion of loyalties in south asia 11/03/2013
"hindu rashtra" vital for survival of hindus on earth 08/03/2013
where girls and women are raped the "men are dogs and jackals" 08/03/2013
the insoluble kashmir dispute 08/03/2013
who will impliment the solution to kashmir dispute? 08/03/2013
british muslims terrorist convicted 08/03/2013
enjoy the devotional music 06/03/2013
hindu victims in bangladesh in the last two weeks. 05/03/2013
who really died at auschwitz? who really died in india? 05/03/2013
islam cannot be reformed. 05/03/2013
muslim inbreeding 05/03/2013
india's retired servicemen/women find the bureacracy inefficient and useless 05/03/2013
what to do with human predators in human jungle? 05/03/2013
europe going down. be prepared! ====================== 05/03/2013
india, apologise to the tamils 04/03/2013
future of the beseiged hindu civilization 04/03/2013
result of "shanti shanti shanti": coward's death. 04/03/2013
pakistanis, if you want peace send the koran back to mecca. 03/03/2013
us child sex abuse case. 03/03/2013
ka'aba in mecca was a hindu temple. 03/03/2013
day of remembrance. march 5. 02/03/2013
thailand's tragic fall 02/03/2013
muslim menace in thailand 02/03/2013
on islam. the genius called winston churchill 01/03/2013
remove islam from the earth. send it to allah. 01/03/2013
j&k assembly adjourns after furore over afzal issue 01/03/2013
nature of islam and the non muslim girls 01/03/2013
corrupt government wants the honest out! 01/03/2013
bangladesh. islam at its worst & dirtiest. 01/03/2013
eradicating islamic nightmare from broken bleeding bharat 01/03/2013
bangladesh: trials for treason 01/03/2013
islam a 'dangerous and totalitarian ideology': wilders 01/03/2013
lawlessness on indian railways - passengers pushed off the moving train 27/02/2013
partition of the punjab in bloodshed 27/02/2013
instead of ram rajya hindus have got "chandaal" rajya. 27/02/2013
confronting, conbating & exterminating islamic terror in partitioned india 27/02/2013
deadly shia - sunni conflict 27/02/2013
state investigation launched after students dress in burqas 27/02/2013
prime minister of india should apologise. helicopter scam. 26/02/2013
death for preaching christianity 25/02/2013
catch a slippery musalmaan, if you can! 25/02/2013
show it to the world. plight of majority community in partitioned india 25/02/2013
corrupt civil, more corrupt military 25/02/2013
fate of alleged killers of rajiv gandhi 24/02/2013
raped rinkle and the supreme commander of partitioned india 24/02/2013
pakistanis forgetting kashmir. "grapes are sour?" 24/02/2013
what to do with the muslims in partitioned bleeding bharat? 24/02/2013
hate - infested pakistan in throes of death but will not revert to pre-partition status. 23/02/2013
what motivates india and her italian born "first lady" to send troops in afghanistan? 23/02/2013
how and why hindus and sikhs became "nishkam sewaks" ("coolies") 23/02/2013
build another memorial in amritsar 20/02/2013
comparison. germany and pakistan 19/02/2013
gandhi, godse and gobind 18/02/2013
"kashmir: its aborgines and their exodus" 18/02/2013
poisonous weeds in the garden of mayhem, chaos & corruption called hindusthan. 17/02/2013
after all these are exterminated india (hindusthan) will no more be the land of slaves or "donkeys". 16/02/2013
corruption in defence deals. partitioned india 15/02/2013
david cameron welcomes indian students. 14/02/2013
marriage of corruption and bribery between india and italy? 13/02/2013
no comment needed on the corrupt rascals of broken bleeding bharat. stink travels round the globe. 13/02/2013
1984 genocide of the sikhs. time is running out for the criminals 13/02/2013
for one political 13/02/2013
india: republic of hate and nightmares 03/02/2013
muslim rohingas heading towards buddhist thailand 03/02/2013
truth about india's bogus mahatma 03/02/2013
german view of islam 31/01/2013
rushdie banished from calcutta 30/01/2013
bogus democracy in broken bharat 30/01/2013
unveiling truth on treacherous cover up 30/01/2013
who beheaded the indian soldier as per "geneva convention" of taliban 30/01/2013
280,00,000,000,0000 rupees of corrupt indians in swiss banks 30/01/2013
tees january & mk gandhi, the "father of broken bleeding italian - administered bharat" 29/01/2013
concerns of the army due to unfit & corrupt civil superiors 28/01/2013
enslaved hindusthan crying, "yaa hassan!" 28/01/2013
hindu holocaust. worst, most gruesome & savage in entire history 28/01/2013
seer & sage anwar sheikh on islam 28/01/2013
hindu holocaust museium- a dream unfulfilled 23/01/2013
launch of the human rights ngo 22/01/2013
same party government going beyond generations 22/01/2013
beware! hindu terrorism in india. 22/01/2013
muslim trouble at michigan university 22/01/2013
desperate cries of a rape victim in india 21/01/2013
nehru did not conceal his hatred of hindus 20/01/2013
loyalty to corrupt government amounts to high treason 15/01/2013
revealed: two more indian army soldiers beheaded 14/01/2013
damn the supreme commander, the cda and the orop 14/01/2013
million strong gatherinf at ganges for kumbh 14/01/2013
nehru and the ina 13/01/2013
martyr's family in mourning whilwsupreme commander looks the other way 13/01/2013
india, a failed state. 11/01/2013
happy new year 07/01/2013
rattled by india's corruption & scams 09 dec 2012
indian officers named in report on kashmir abuses 09 dec 2012
intolerant mohammedan "beasts" in the land of hindu "jackals & sheep". 08 dec 2012
what the mohammedan invaders really did 07 dec 2012
"take to streets". 07 dec 2012
broken bleeding bharat needs surgical strike 06 dec 2012
betrayal of indian army 06 dec 2012
zakir naik, agent of pakistan. 06 dec 2012
struggle for hindu emancipation 06 dec 2012
hindus have no enemy! 05 dec 2012
proposed constitution of india. a strategic corrective initiative. 04 dec 2012
hindus in hindusthan are an endangered specie 04 dec 2012
hindu in hindusthan being "bashed, battered, persecuted & exterminated" 04 dec 2012
geneva convention of mohammed & young indian captive 03 dec 2012
what a boast! indian navy to challenge chinese navy. 03 dec 2012
crushed hindus must dare to ask 03 dec 2012
india's military takes after the rotten civil 30 nov 2012
ignorance, goddess of the indian slaves 30 nov 2012
indian army: the last dashed hope of the nation. 29 nov 2012
neglect of indian armed forces 28 nov 2012
time to feel the national shame. 27 nov 2012
martyrdom of guru tegh bahadur ji, neglected by intimidated secular hindu scum 27 nov 2012
where are you, hindus? stand up and be seen. 27 nov 2012
west's anti indian / anti hindu policy 27 nov 2012
stunning blow on collective hindu head 27 nov 2012
are we flogging the dead horse called "hindusthan" (india)? 25 nov 2012
hindu sheep voting for wolves. 23 nov 2012
warning to myanmar 23 nov 2012
man of millennium..... 23 nov 2012
tribute to bal thackeray 23 nov 2012
president obam pleads for rohingya mohammedans in buddhist myanmar 22 nov 2012
truth behind albanian nun teresa in hindusthan 22 nov 2012
everybody is crying in broken bharat (hindusthan) 22 nov 2012
japan does not wish to be partitioned by mohammeds 21 nov 2012
punjab congress launches membership drive 20 nov 2012
world class indian team treated like dirt. 20 nov 2012
don't blame israel 19 nov 2012
bal thackeray mourned nov 18, 2012. 18 nov 2012
bal thackeray is no more 17 nov 2012
bal thackeray was expected to do more 17 nov 2012
can or should " dying decomposing" india help israel in this hour of peril? 16 nov 2012
hindu killed in hindusthan is no news. 16 nov 2012
sickening islam is "killing machine." 16 nov 2012
india to go to aid of israel 16 nov 2012
echo from pakistan 16 nov 2012
pakistan, its latest definition 16 nov 2012
guys from vatican and mecca 16 nov 2012
anti "mandir" government claims to be secular 15 nov 2012
pakistani muslims: "bar-barriyyat ke darindeh" 15 nov 2012
who is safe in pakistan? fate of christian girls. 15 nov 2012
'muslim gangs raping white kids' remark (uk) 14 nov 2012
mk gandhi, the "father" of vanishing hindusthan & perishing hindus 14 nov 2012
diwali or deepavali 14 nov 2012
why hide history to appease muslims? (all pakistanis as per "act of partition 1947". 14 nov 2012
diwali 2012 bc and diwali 2012 ad. 13 nov 2012
national anthem of partitioned india 12 nov 2012
de-briefing of the indians desperately needed 12 nov 2012
world's most useless supreme commander 11 nov 2012
article 2119 11 nov 2012
why deepaavali is celebrated by the sikhs 11 nov 2012
get ready for civil war in partitioned india 10 nov 2012
i.a.s. officer, appointed as cag, then held upto ridicule. 09 nov 2012
hindu nation's head chopped off. 09 nov 2012
such is the terror of islam in hindu psyche due to gandhi 09 nov 2012
no warrior in the land of "eunuchs" , cowards & slaves. 08 nov 2012
no warrior in land of "eunuchs" 08 nov 2012
elections in america and india 07 nov 2012
31 october 2012: the wounded sikh cried: 06 nov 2012
beating, burning, torturing, imprisoning and mutilating helpless weak girls is the hallmark of mohammed & islam. 05 nov 2012
hindu version of aesop's fables 05 nov 2012
aesop?s fables for the disunited demoralised and defeated hindus in hindusthan 05 nov 2012
partitioned india (broken bharat), get up now. 04 nov 2012
how many "bastards" in broken partitioned india? 04 nov 2012
sikhs are mourning the dead of 1984. 03 nov 2012
mohammed was the first to destroy temples, synagogues and temples. 02 nov 2012
"hijdas" (eunuchs) guarding the hindu harem 01 nov 2012
hindu limbs falling off (nepal decomposing) 31 oct 2012
there is no modest muslim on earth 31 oct 2012
ram killed mohammedan 31 oct 2012
sonia, rahul convert trust into property 30 oct 2012
nehru unmoved when pakistan took gilgit 26 oct 2012
why paki is a four letter word 25 oct 2012
india is not free yet. 25 oct 2012
indian actor aamir khan in mecca 25 oct 2012
so this is democracy! 25 oct 2012
paki is a four letter word 24 oct 2012
rare peep into golden era of hindusthan before partition struck in 1947 24 oct 2012
dlf-vadra and their defenders with cooked books 23 oct 2012
bail for syed kazmi but not sadhvi pragya 23 oct 2012
tit for tat means, "kick out the muslims." 22 oct 2012
what (the hell) are the mohammedans doing in broken bharat? 22 oct 2012
karma is made by sword, not by submission before a bully 22 oct 2012
first sign of life in the dead hindu body 22 oct 2012
islam: the giant killing machine. 22 oct 2012
why and how india got freedom? 21 oct 2012
no more muslims cries france. 21 oct 2012
robert: wadra, king of corruption? 21 oct 2012
existential threat to hindus in south asia 21 oct 2012
hindu nation in nehru's mouse trap 21 oct 2012
bride beheaded in islamic afghanistan 20 oct 2012
disco very of nehru 20 oct 2012
hindu holocaust museum 19 oct 2012
perfect "mohmmeds" act like their prophet. 19 oct 2012
turning point in indian history 19 oct 2012
fatherless india. anarchy of corruption and political vacuum 19 oct 2012
law of "dictators and devils" in enslaved india 19 oct 2012
law of dica 19 oct 2012
islam, islam, everywhere. hindu nowhere, nowhere. 19 oct 2012
illegal land grab in partitioned india 19 oct 2012
khurshid, who should have been packed off to pakistan at partition 19 oct 2012
flood of muslims in england 19 oct 2012
hindu in chains. hindu in cage. 19 oct 2012
go ahead, mr cameron! 19 oct 2012
salman khurshid, a pakistani in deceptive indian garb 14 oct 2012
what a "father of hindu nation"! mk gandhi. 14 oct 2012
spectacular rise of "robber" robert wadra 14 oct 2012
mohammedan is no brother! 14 oct 2012
indian muslim's mission to kill 13 oct 2012
corporation bank denies giving overdraft to robert vadra 13 oct 2012
mohammed is still on top of hindusthan. 13 oct 2012
" rascal & robber" robert wadra ( "lutera") is after hindus' wealth and land. 13 oct 2012
case for a hindu holocaust museum 12 oct 2012
mohammed by laws of america 12 oct 2012
kejriwal escalates attack on vadra-dlf-haryana 'nexus' 12 oct 2012
prelude to partition. mohammed's blood - thirsty hounds. 12 oct 2012
extra land for rajiv gandhi 11 oct 2012
muslim jihadi groom converts hindu goat of girl to islam 11 oct 2012
there is no indian muslim any more. 11 oct 2012
corrupt congress distances it self from vadra 11 oct 2012
the entire hindu nation is in deep depression 11 oct 2012
wait for the camel, mr. jinn! 11 oct 2012
comment on gandhi 11 oct 2012
robert vadra's wealth row 11 oct 2012
fortunes and gains of robert wadra through his divine right 11 oct 2012
sikhs and kashmiris put in turmoil by dishonest centre 09 oct 2012
secular india crushes the hindus and temples 09 oct 2012
the hindu infidel said, "dear muslim brothers"! 08 oct 2012
dear muslim brothers! 08 oct 2012
voice of ex- muslims in u.k. 07 oct 2012
anti hindu pogroms in hindusthan. 07 oct 2012
sonia gandhi & corruption in family 07 oct 2012
sonia gandhi 4th richest politician in the world 07 oct 2012
extradition of muslim terrorists to the usa 06 oct 2012
"innocent" muslims deserve a kick 04 oct 2012
victims of muslim grooming of minor girls. 04 oct 2012
"mongrel" rahul gandhi: product & proof of broken bharat's alarming political vacuum. 04 oct 2012
partition of india bbc film 03 oct 2012
partition of bengal , punjab, assam and kashmir 03 oct 2012
mohandas karamchand gandhi 03 oct 2012
mk gandhi's legacy: mutilated shrunk & reduced india. 01 oct 2012
delhi's collapse like lahore will mean one billion more mohammeds on earth. 01 oct 2012
article 2026 01 oct 2012
cowardly punjabi muslims, converts from hindus 01 oct 2012
attack on us mission in ben ghazi. 01 oct 2012
scourge of islam in partitioned india 01 oct 2012
how japan keeps mohammedans at bay 30 sep 2012
film on mohammed 30 sep 2012
shame of britain: paedophiles and predators with "mohammed" in name 28 sep 2012
watch the film on the man from mecca 28 sep 2012
when we play dirty with mother india 28 sep 2012
hindu - muslim riots in partitioned india. what are the muslims doing in broken bharat?. 28 sep 2012
india degrading her own armed forces. wishes them dead! 28 sep 2012
rulers of broken bharat: friends of enemy, but enemy of indian army 28 sep 2012
kashmir must remain "disputed". -nehru. 28 sep 2012
article 2013 28 sep 2012
the whole world knows a muslim 27 sep 2012
kick out the enemy agent zakir naik 27 sep 2012
ex-servicemen in india reject governmen t decisions 27 sep 2012
ignorant "outstanding" us historian! 27 sep 2012
islam ought to be banned for preaching hatred and intolerance 27 sep 2012
muslim marriage of small girls 19 sep 2012
film on mohammed of desert (arabia) 19 sep 2012
four urgent steps broken bharat (partitioned india) should take. 19 sep 2012
geneva convention of the mohammedans. 18 sep 2012
geneva convention of the mohammedans. 18 sep 2012
geneva convention of the mohammedans. 18 sep 2012
geneva convention of the mohammedans. 18 sep 2012
islam, enemy of all religions 18 sep 2012
are the sheep in broken bharat (partitioned india) still voting for the wolves? 18 sep 2012
prices of daily essentials soaring 18 sep 2012
movie on mohammed. 18 sep 2012
i 18 sep 2012
in 18 sep 2012
movie on mohammed of mecca 17 sep 2012
islam is evil 17 sep 2012
pakistan, the demon created by the west 16 sep 2012
don't call it "holy" koran 16 sep 2012
armenian genocide was like hindu genocide in 1947 16 sep 2012
they have acted like beasts for thousand years in india 16 sep 2012
lion and the dog. 15 sep 2012
the film that has incensed the believers. <> 15 sep 2012
betrayed hindus in sindh. 15 sep 2012
from party girl to super- sikh 01 sep 2012
tyranny of diesel subsidy 01 sep 2012
notice on prime minister's door: "sleeping. don't disturb!" 31 aug 2012
article 1982 31 aug 2012
islam, re-packaged jehaalat. 31 aug 2012
letter by wide awake patriots to captive helpless "rubber stamp" prime minister of bleeding broken bharat (partitioned india) 31 aug 2012
what else was partition of india all about? 31 aug 2012
why are muslims so backward and powerless? 30 aug 2012
why muslims and chinese hate pakistan 29 aug 2012
turmoil in arab world will shift to demoralised & disunited hindu world 29 aug 2012
questions for the hindus 29 aug 2012
fragmentation of middle east. is directionless partitioned india under the " foot" of sonia maino's the next theatre? "gun powder, cancer & gangrene are there!" 29 aug 2012
territorial sense of hindus and sikhs 28 aug 2012
the paradise of asia , kashmir, is mohammed's hell now 26 aug 2012
mohammed, the son of a kafir (infideel) parents 26 aug 2012
empress of despicable "coolie" indai 26 aug 2012
police force against demonstrators in new delhi 26 aug 2012
blunders or crimes, treachery , sediton and treason? 20 aug 2012
rumour mongers' last laugh 20 aug 2012
ship called "mother india" about to sink. 20 aug 2012
the prayer for the indians? 20 aug 2012
what after the extermination of treacheerous and corrupt congress pary? 20 aug 2012
planning for ousting the congress 20 aug 2012
rss volunteers ensure safety of bodos in karnataka 20 aug 2012
assam events 19 aug 2012
india fracturing due to mohammedan influx. centre losing control. 18 aug 2012
coal scam 18 aug 2012
pakistan's ploy succeeds. boot up lethargic hindusthan 18 aug 2012
unstoppable invasion from the east. hindusthan "vanishing." 18 aug 2012
where is the despicable refugee from bengal called pranab mukherjee? 18 aug 2012
broken bharat breaking up like fragmentation of east punjab after surrender of lahore 18 aug 2012
empress of degraded & enslaved coolie colony called india 17 aug 2012
indian muslims out of control 17 aug 2012
perishing hindus in north east 17 aug 2012
partitioned indian secular state's mission to mars 17 aug 2012
we gave you land. off with you to pakistan! 17 aug 2012
prime minister manmohan singh appeals for peace, not knowing the causes of unrest 17 aug 2012
hindus being clobbered, battered and squeezed out of hindusthan 17 aug 2012
sinking ship called hindusthan 17 aug 2012
last hindu to be beheaded 17 aug 2012
what must the hindus do now 17 aug 2012
india's gold medalists 16 aug 2012
gandhi father of pakistan. nehru father of corruption 16 aug 2012
no place for mohammedans in broken bharat, or partitioned india. sounds unfair? 16 aug 2012
deception and fraud of independence: comment by a patriot 15 aug 2012
what will partition day (august 15) next year be like? 15 aug 2012
reckless power withu 15 aug 2012
suckers of bharat 15 aug 2012
why 15 august 1947 was chosen 15 aug 2012
?independence? day message 15 aug 2012
background to bogus independence 15 aug 2012
riots in assam 15 aug 2012
partition or independence? defeat or victory? 14 aug 2012
message for the sikhs. day of mourning. 14 aug 2012
shooting in gurdwara august 5, 2012. 13 aug 2012
firing squad for these corrupt baboo(n)s in partitioned defeated india. 13 aug 2012
nehru wanted to disband the indian army 12 aug 2012
corruption in indian airlines 12 aug 2012
cancer and gangrene consuming the body of broken bleeding bharat 12 aug 2012
what are the "sons-in-law" of jawaharlal nehru doing in partitioned india? 11 aug 2012
hindus lost their turkey in 712 ad. 11 aug 2012
treacherous muslims stayed back in broken bharat to reproduce & rape. 11 aug 2012
olympics hockey debacle: why india fared poorly 11 aug 2012
bogus secularism in partitioned india (broken bharat) 10 aug 2012
roles of the useless president and the prime minister 09 aug 2012
broken bleeding bharat rising from the ashess 09 aug 2012
lion vs. goat in south asia 09 aug 2012
repeated harassment and humiliation of jawans 09 aug 2012
partition of india: deception, corruption, fraud & high treason 08 aug 2012
ongoing ethnic cleansing in assam 08 aug 2012
indian fools "celebrating" their holocaust and territorial surrenders 08 aug 2012
august kranti - 1942. a critical appraisal 07 aug 2012 06 aug 2012
a further comment on lakshmi sehgal 06 aug 2012
"do you think you die for your country?"- 05 aug 2012
mind of a muslim 05 aug 2012
east punjab pays homage to its martyrs 05 aug 2012
capt lakshmi sehgal, ina. a comment 04 aug 2012
robert vadra exposed for corruption 04 aug 2012
kerala: intolerance of the savages 04 aug 2012
jinnah and his pakistan in hindsight 04 aug 2012
captain lakshmi sehgal, ina 03 aug 2012
dutch courage , "taming" the muslims 02 aug 2012
no churches in islamic countries 02 aug 2012
ramadan fasting in (lion) china and (rat) bleeding bharat (india) 02 aug 2012
defending goverenment's "right" to be corrupt 02 aug 2012
partitioned india and cricket 02 aug 2012
dysfunctional partitioned india. dysfunctional electric grid 02 aug 2012
muslims don't learn. do they? 01 aug 2012
are hindus fools? 01 aug 2012
corruption in "burning" bharat and the silent spectator army 01 aug 2012
clash between the savage and the civilized 31 jul 2012
burning bharat, burning assam and burning bengal 31 jul 2012
cowards want partitioned india to give up kashmir 30 jul 2012
referendum demanded on three bogus "samadhis" in india's capital 29 jul 2012
nehru of india, assad of syria 28 jul 2012
it is like netaji re-born! (in hindi language) 28 jul 2012
watch this: 27 jul 2012
only the brave remember their dead. 27 jul 2012
denigrating the generals in partitioned india? 26 jul 2012
don't criticise only the generals 26 jul 2012
india's peripheries on fire. 25 jul 2012
hindus are dying like the fies on their own territory 25 jul 2012
invalid limbless rat threatens the king of jungle 25 jul 2012
sick india (partitioned, bleeding bharat) is dying 25 jul 2012
captain lakshmi sehgal (ina) passed away. 23 jul 2012
we wish the new president of indai good luck. may he succeed, 22 jul 2012
new british national anthem 22 jul 2012
guwahati - arrest the molesting mob 21 jul 2012
concept of national security among the indian ?baboons? 21 jul 2012
muslim immigration in europe 19 jul 2012
muslim immigration in england 18 jul 2012
homosexual third rate "mouse" called gandhi,, father of hindusthan. 18 jul 2012
indian army' s greatest tragedy 17 jul 2012
broken bharat (partitioned india) in throes of death 17 jul 2012
?partition? for honorable patriots, ?independence? for despicable traitors 17 jul 2012
tragedy of the kashmiri hindus betrayed by anti national government of india 16 jul 2012
honour the armed forces. celebrate kargil victory. july 26, 2012. 16 jul 2012
mohammedan cowards throw acid on defenceless girls 16 jul 2012
netaji subhash chandra bose 16 jul 2012
hindus kidnapped in lawless pakistan 16 jul 2012
lion of france, goat of india & the wolf 16 jul 2012
the lion of france vs. goat of india 15 jul 2012
con man nehru on kashmir 15 jul 2012
to what obnoxious extent will "mohammed" go for his jihad! 15 jul 2012
provocative islamic burka in "broken" bharat 15 jul 2012
england's new burden, love jihad & netaji 15 jul 2012
crush the islamic terrorist "vermin" 14 jul 2012
no dime for pakistanis. 14 jul 2012
"goat" m.k. gandhi, the "walking vacuum" 13 jul 2012
when will the hindus be free? 13 jul 2012
honour those martyred "jawans"! 13 jul 2012
corruption even in the army. 12 jul 2012
who betrayed bharat? 12 jul 2012
martyrdom day of bajiprabhu deshpande, a mighty hindu warrior 12 jul 2012
who cares for the dying indians? not even india. 10 jul 2012
islamic invasion of america. check it out. 10 jul 2012
why hindu rashtra? 10 jul 2012
a jewish boycott! 10 jul 2012
execution of woman under sharia 10 jul 2012
islam & religious riots 10 jul 2012
corruption in india 09 jul 2012
why are the muslims here? 09 jul 2012
"shanti" seems a virgin available to them! 09 jul 2012
bashing, suppressing and subduing the hindus 11 jun 2012
modi vs. indira (maimuna). good vs. evil. 11 jun 2012
will history repeat itself? 10 jun 2012
burma (myanmar) between two devils 10 jun 2012
indira and modi: are like coal and diamond. 10 jun 2012
friend, father & philosopher of black money is chidambaram 09 jun 2012
constitution that is root of all evil 08 jun 2012
abductiion of our daughters 08 jun 2012
beware, trap for hindus 08 jun 2012
trivialisation of presidency 07 jun 2012
third classs president imposed on a third class partitioned country 06 jun 2012
sleep walking singh 06 jun 2012
brokenb bleeding partitioned hindusthan ought to go "dutch". 06 jun 2012
muslim thought 06 jun 2012
wives of mohammed 05 jun 2012
coup or revolution? 04 jun 2012
india is a hindu nation 04 jun 2012
hindus begin long delayed counter attack 04 jun 2012
know thy islam 03 jun 2012
two nation theory 01 jun 2012
pakistan is turning into another afghanistan 30 may 2012
proud baltic people commemorating their dead unlike the indians 30 may 2012
mark tully on indian politics 30 may 2012
india of uncontrollable runaway scams can be called "scamdia"! 30 may 2012
criminal governments destroy their own armies 30 may 2012
time to expose mohammad 30 may 2012
advice to muslims: shed your islamic leprosy 29 may 2012
no pilgrims to these ruined temples & gurdwaras 29 may 2012
rape & plunder of our "dharti maata" (mother india) 29 may 2012
time to unmask mohammed 29 may 2012
pakistan is turning into another afghanistan 28 may 2012
what nehru thought of the sikhs and the hindus 28 may 2012
bleeding broken bharat (partitioned india) ought to be inspired by japan 19 may 2012
pope honours the sikhs 18 may 2012
status of hindi and other news of concern 17 may 2012
failed "gandhian" india importing & importing arms & weapons. why? 17 may 2012
ubuntu to mohammed! 17 may 2012
abduction & forcible conversion of a defenceless hindu girl. shame! 17 may 2012
amend or ban koran 17 may 2012
hindi will remain at third place in hindusthan 17 may 2012
india the largest importer of arms 17 may 2012
roar of the lion 16 may 2012
no seditious islam in peaceful japan 16 may 2012
criminals are muslim (mohammedan), not hindu or sikh. 16 may 2012
british patriots give a call 15 may 2012
london cabbie. match for mujahid 15 may 2012
corruption in indian parliament 15 may 2012
rights for betrayed wretched hindu refugees 15 may 2012
dutch courage 12 may 2012
those who control the media 12 may 2012
letter to home minister (uk) 12 may 2012
who controls the media controls the nation 12 may 2012
rise and fall of islam 12 may 2012
muslim sex criminals sentenced (uk) 11 may 2012
daughters of "lion" mao & sons of "goat" gandhi 11 may 2012
pearl s. buck and the sikhs' holy book. 09 may 2012
corruption in defence purchases in india 08 may 2012
shah rukh khan (srk): security risk for india 08 may 2012
the answer is a new constitution. 08 may 2012
partitioned india better shut all the mosques rather than shut israel embassy. 08 may 2012
"bandit" nehru's "sons-in-law" get haj subsidy. defeated hindus get nothing. 08 may 2012
tagore, a great patriot. & the treacherous congress party 08 may 2012
impact of foreign companies in india 08 may 2012
the british have gone, no fear of army take over. native "baboons" are busy in corruption. 08 may 2012
pakistani hindus are orphans 08 may 2012
ask pm david cameron. 08 may 2012
islamic pakistan of "mohammed of mecca", a miserably failed state 08 may 2012
"blood sucking" president of india 08 may 2012
hindu terrorists? a 08 may 2012
pakistan, covered in intellectual sands of wild & violent bedouine culture of desert, has failed as state 05 may 2012
india,: chaotic , corrupt and a million mutinees 04 may 2012
who betrayed india and her hindus? 04 may 2012
imran khan inspires the whole sub continent 04 may 2012
implications of muslim marriage system 04 may 2012
media in india 03 may 2012
shah rukh khan (srk) 03 may 2012
aesop's fables for the hindus 03 may 2012
a mohammedan to govern uttarkhand 02 may 2012
hindus from islamic hell in india 02 may 2012
in "broken bharat" (partitioned india) sikhs are more endangered than hindus 01 may 2012
ignominious defeat and humiliating surrender by supreme commander of partitioned india 30 apr 2012
land grabbing supreme commander of "mafia land" called india 30 apr 2012
dark savage medieval era returning to free world. 29 apr 2012
hindus in pakistan perishing. muslims in partitioned india, thriving 29 apr 2012
poor and ignorant servile indians' white elelphant from italy is the most expensive 29 apr 2012
indira gandhi's decomposing indian "coolie colony" in 1984. 28 apr 2012
kashmiri hindus betrayed like the dead of noakhali and west punjab. 28 apr 2012
a good muslim's blind love for mohammed 28 apr 2012
advice to all muslims in partitioned india: "go away to your pakistan.!" 28 apr 2012
another "son-in-law" of pandit jawaharlal nehru. shah rukh khan 24 apr 2012
british police "on the ball" 24 apr 2012
result of muslim aggression : the punjab 24 apr 2012
seven days of a good muslim 24 apr 2012
7 days of a cood muslim 24 apr 2012
nature of islam on the sub continent 23 apr 2012
ban the koran for peace in pakistan 23 apr 2012
fake currency and economy of india 22 apr 2012
guard buddhism or it will vanish 22 apr 2012
strong woman in india 20 apr 2012
was netaji alive in 1946? 20 apr 2012
shah rukh khan son in law of mother india 20 apr 2012
mother & daughter, both "prostitutes" 19 apr 2012
what a wonderful childhood before birth of pakistan 19 apr 2012
corruption corruption corruption that is black bharat 19 apr 2012
devious crafty mohammed and simpleton gullible hindu. 18 apr 2012
no peace in afghanistan & pakistan 18 apr 2012
indian army: then a lion today a jackal 18 apr 2012
peace in afghanistan? never! 18 apr 2012
generals are watching the country go to islam and italy 17 apr 2012
broken bharat : scandal in defence purchases 17 apr 2012
plundering president. despicable supreme commander of partitioned india 17 apr 2012
forgotten sarvjit singh 17 apr 2012
detention of shah rukh khan at air port in new york 17 apr 2012
face the threat bigger than the communists. 17 apr 2012
son- in- law of partitioned india's "bandit queen" 17 apr 2012
video banned by sonia maino / "gandhi", "bandt 17 apr 2012
who is the latest billionaire in enslaved india? 17 apr 2012
can afghanistan be rescued? 17 apr 2012
a true hero in india where "muslims, italians & corruption" rule 17 apr 2012
the wise fore-see and prevent disaster (australia) 16 apr 2012
who consults the animals? 15 apr 2012
there is no man in hindusthan for a man's job. 15 apr 2012
every islamic republic is "hell" for mohammedans. 15 apr 2012
exploiting the welfare system through "nikkahs"... 15 apr 2012
india mired in scandals scams & corruption. 15 apr 2012
british tax payer will pay for four wives and 14 children of mohammed. 14 apr 2012
ethnic cleansing of hindus continuing in bangladesh 13 apr 2012
for "indira gandhi" hindusthan was islamic republic 12 apr 2012
status of kashmir 12 apr 2012
titanic remembered but not partition of india 11 apr 2012 10 apr 2012
hyderabad: wherever there is a muslim, there is mayhem, mischeif & murder 10 apr 2012
saudi princess speaks about muslim women 10 apr 2012
letter to al jazeera 10 apr 2012
indian national army that "bandit" nehru regarded traitors! 10 apr 2012
crooks iin indian parliament seem to be beyond the reach of law 10 apr 2012
coup not possible in broken bharat. generals are what the "gandhian" nation is. 10 apr 2012
the brave remember 1500 10 apr 2012
indian cowards have forgotten their heroes 10 apr 2012
muslims: "filthy despicable cowards" who target vulnerable girls for conversion 10 apr 2012
hard questions for intelligence bureau 09 apr 2012
are there two types of muslims in "broken" bharat? 08 apr 2012
truth behind taj mahal 08 apr 2012
zardari from starving pakistan donates $1million to a mosque in the land of kafirs 08 apr 2012
asaf ali zardari at ajmer in "infidel" india 08 apr 2012
catch a fish by oily hands. saeed a reformed man 08 apr 2012
murder by state: jaspal singh 08 apr 2012
netherlands tackling the uncivilised savages 08 apr 2012
brave british girl confronts the savages 08 apr 2012
kashmir belongs to india 07 apr 2012
vital concern of the sikhs in east punjab (partitioned india) 07 apr 2012
jaspal singh and ps badal 07 apr 2012
muslim rascal seduced a girl 07 apr 2012
assumptions about the indian armed forces 07 apr 2012
sleepy sikh & slave hindu leaders 07 apr 2012
what the sikhs of east punjab expect 07 apr 2012
why do they leave islamic republics? 06 apr 2012
indian illegal wealth in swiss banks. criminals scot free. 03 apr 2012
article on the army chief controversy in the land of baboos and baboons 03 apr 2012
"naked seductress in england" 03 apr 2012
indian convoy starts march towards jerusalem 02 apr 2012
sonia maino could be india's fujimori 02 apr 2012
murder by state: jaspal singh 02 apr 2012
confusion over muslim loyalty to land of birth 01 apr 2012
pride of the sikhs is proverbial 01 apr 2012
follow the "naked fakir" and perish 01 apr 2012
what justice if the government is traitor, bandit and thief? 01 apr 2012
indian defence deals rotten to the core 01 apr 2012
the big fight civil & military discord in partitioned india 01 apr 2012
reasons for the disastrous decimation of nehru-gandhi dynasty in up elections 01 apr 2012
hindus in basirhat persecuted gravely 31 mar 2012
hindus in basirhat persecuted gravely 31 mar 2012
gen vk singh is a real hero 31 mar 2012
brave english girl confronts the jihadi "beasts" in street 31 mar 2012
muslim extremists try to take over england. howls of jihadi "wolves" in streets. 31 mar 2012
"from george to mohammed. " george galloways of bradford 31 mar 2012
parliament of bandits thugs & criminals- all beyond law 31 mar 2012
hindus' shrinking homeland. extermination in sight 31 mar 2012
demise of pakistan is nigh 31 mar 2012
fragile, collapsing, betrayed, neglected dying hindu nation 31 mar 2012
loot the helpless fatherless motherless directionless enslaved india 31 mar 2012
follow the inspiring leader 31 mar 2012
who is aarti thakur? 31 mar 2012
converting hindus as easy as cutting carrots 31 mar 2012
degrading the proud armed forces of partitioned india 31 mar 2012
kind hearted goat and the hungry wolf 31 mar 2012
constitution of broken bharat 31 mar 2012
maimuna begum,, not indira gandhi 31 mar 2012
pandit jawaharlal nehru indicted for high treason 31 mar 2012
utterly useless baboo(n)s (government) pushing partitioned india down the cliff 30 mar 2012
incompetent indian rulers ruining the peace in punjab, having done so in kashmir 30 mar 2012
india buying rubbish from usa 30 mar 2012
congress can not blame the army chief 30 mar 2012
india is a jackal or a rat 30 mar 2012
bribe in ministry of defence tatra vehicles 29 mar 2012
rot & corruption in the indian army 29 mar 2012
defence scandal by ministry in bharat 29 mar 2012
commemorating selective martyrs in india 29 mar 2012
soldier & his struggle (partitioned india) 29 mar 2012
how pakistan surrendered in humiliation and disgrace 28 mar 2012
paradise called engalnd 28 mar 2012
shining israel 27 mar 2012
discover the bandit queen of partitioned bleeding bharat 27 mar 2012
follow the leader in "langoti", you "rats"! 27 mar 2012
why ajmal kasab will never be hanged 26 mar 2012
savages target scared non-muslim. women with cardinal sin of k 26 mar 2012
divorce made so easy in islam, the religion of peace. 26 mar 2012
nehru dynasty is dying. 18 mar 2012
non muslim girl converted to islam 17 mar 2012
why muslim men go for non muslim girls 17 mar 2012
decimation of corrupt anti-national nehru / gandhi dynasty 16 mar 2012
ordeal of a 16 year old kurdish girl in germany 13 mar 2012
vital concerns of the sikhs 13 mar 2012
apostates of islam - a must read 12 mar 2012
why muslim men marry non muslim girls 12 mar 2012
darkness , intolerance, separatism and brutality that is islam 10 mar 2012
hindus' shrinking homeland 10 mar 2012
birth and death of pakistan 28 feb 2012
india "soft belly" of free world 28 feb 2012
stop islamization of america 24 feb 2012
despicable behaviour of indian diplomat abroad 24 feb 2012
teaching religion in british schools 23 feb 2012
govt. of india wants to listen to private conversations 23 feb 2012
pakistan . born on august 14, 1947. died on ...................... 22 feb 2012
shocking to see relics of slavery in delhi 21 feb 2012
another scandal like bofors? 21 feb 2012
wake up call for the enslaved hindus 21 feb 2012
when did israel occupy half an inch of india? 21 feb 2012
when did israel occupy half an inch of israel? 21 feb 2012
have the french bribed the corrupt gandhis of india? 20 feb 2012
na-pakistan in the eye of storm 20 feb 2012
president of india. lack of suitability 17 feb 2012
the urdu language 17 feb 2012
india welcomes and salutes independent balochistan 17 feb 2012
ideological power vacuum in canada 14 feb 2012
islam's bridgehead in america is expanding 12 feb 2012
o 12 feb 2012
putting hinduism on the american cultural map 11 feb 2012
yousuf khan, shah rukh khan and all the khans 11 feb 2012
nuclear race is unstoppable 11 feb 2012
credit to the sikhs 11 feb 2012
still voting for dynasty & congress, you fools? 11 feb 2012
on reciprocl basis, ban koran and the muslims. 10 feb 2012
britain honours her armed forces. what about india? 10 feb 2012
honorable nri castigates government of "baboos" in india 10 feb 2012
is sonia maino-mussolini the empress of hindu slaves? 09 feb 2012
ship called partitioned india is leaking badly 09 feb 2012
a brave canadian lady. an example for indian men! 08 feb 2012
kashmir belongs to india 08 feb 2012
kash 08 feb 2012
best school of the world is in partitoned india 08 feb 2012
2g scam verdict : blow for justice, blow to government 07 feb 2012
german lady writes on india 07 feb 2012
baba ramdev and dr. subramanian swamy 06 feb 2012
when the sikhs defeated the afghans 05 feb 2012
follow that inspiring leader 05 feb 2012
savages imposing their way of life on the civilized. 03 feb 2012
who is aarti thakur? 03 feb 2012
afghan pedophilia 02 feb 2012
acid attack on hindu girl 02 feb 2012
how do i know about islam? 01 feb 2012
kashmiri hindus are dreaming of going back home 01 feb 2012
kashmiri hijn 01 feb 2012
article 1578 01 feb 2012
re-write the outmoded constitutions 01 feb 2012
fear for the hindus is justified 01 feb 2012
indian goat and australian lioness 01 feb 2012
7 steps to hindu liberation 31 jan 2012
article 1573 30 jan 2012
article 1572 30 jan 2012
30th. january & gandhi. 30 jan 2012
worsening law & order situation in india 29 jan 2012
broken bharat being bled to death 29 jan 2012
alliance for peace & survival. (jews & hindus) 28 jan 2012
nigeria and ivory coast are the next. 28 jan 2012
threat to christians in kashmir 28 jan 2012
sonia gandhi"s education in cambridge university 27 jan 2012
congress, islam & dynasty have "murdered" secularism & democracy in broken bharat 27 jan 2012
gandhi and jinnah. ("goat and the wolf") 26 jan 2012
zakir naik, a wolf among the hindu sheep. 2 (final) 26 jan 2012
zakir naik , a wolf among the hindu sheep. 1 (of 2) 26 jan 2012
pope sheds tears for the persecuted christians 24 jan 2012
the strategic (ultimate) target: partitioned india 24 jan 2012
gen vk singh, a national hero 24 jan 2012
india's civil and military 24 jan 2012
rahul gandhi or raul vinci? making fool o f ignorant timid enslaved indians 24 jan 2012
killing non muslims is jehad. 22 jan 2012
a new sovereign country called balochistan? good luck! 22 jan 2012
more rapists from afghanistan 22 jan 2012
"man from gutter" is judge at patna high court 22 jan 2012
what if the civilian bosses are a monkey? 21 jan 2012
indian army has enemy at home! 21 jan 2012
britain: 370,000 migrants on the dole 21 jan 2012
pm steers clear , gen meet mos defence 20 jan 2012
fatwa on christian priests in j&k 20 jan 2012
islamic bid to criminalize free speech 20 jan 2012
corruption galore in the land of "naked fakir" gandhi 20 jan 2012
assumptions about the (indian) army 19 jan 2012
political victim : gen. vk singh 19 jan 2012
ऐसा देश है मेरा 18 jan 2012
mk gandhi, despiser of arya samaj (& hindus) 18 jan 2012
most corrupt government 18 jan 2012
"bapu" gandhi stepped forward to offer "baleedaan" 17 jan 2012
american soldiers urinated over dead taliban 16 jan 2012
true face of islam & mohammed in partitioned india 16 jan 2012
"mahatma" mk gandhi recalled on january 30th. 15 jan 2012
are the indians brainwashed or conditioned? 15 jan 2012
indian slaves conditioned or brainwashed? 15 jan 2012
indian slaves conditioned or brainwashed? 15 jan 2012
misplaced charity by indians 14 jan 2012
time to revive "akhand bharat" defying the muslim bullies 14 jan 2012
plans to exterminate the hindus in hindusthan 14 jan 2012
american soldiers urinated over dead taliban. 13 jan 2012
jews and hindus : building a passage to india 13 jan 2012
solving the muslim problem in partitioned india 13 jan 2012
why are there muslims in partitioned india? 13 jan 2012
why are there muslims in partitioned india? 13 jan 2012
"republic day" in partitioned india (broken bharat) 13 jan 2012
bedbugs at the uno 12 jan 2012
is p;artitioned india the worst country on earth? 12 jan 2012
the cowards are bringing it upon themselves 11 jan 2012
truth must be told. nehru & mutilated india 11 jan 2012
lesson from india's mutilation & "rivers of infidel blood". 10 jan 2012
oath of office on gita. 10 jan 2012
article 1517 10 jan 2012
bandit nehru indicted 09 jan 2012
wherever radical islam goes, the death of freedom follows 09 jan 2012
ban the congress party 07 jan 2012
three stages of jihad. 07 jan 2012
dormant hindus can be a formidable fighting force 05 jan 2012
tens of millions killed by mohammedans 05 jan 2012
america cannot afford to wink an eye. 05 jan 2012
ban the congress party in partitioned indai (broken bharat) 05 jan 2012
oppose every mosque tooth and nail 03 jan 2012
politics of partition 31 dec 2011
panun kashmir homeland day rally. (better late than never) 31 dec 2011
"peace be upon him". oh yes? 30 dec 2011
europe strikes back at islam 30 dec 2011
pandit nehru indicted 29 dec 2011
if we (kafirs) had been them ("momins") 29 dec 2011
islam is not a religion 28 dec 2011
p;ick up the flag and advance 28 dec 2011
hindu's pen. 28 dec 2011
article 1498 28 dec 2011
hindus betrayed by bandit jl nehru in 1947 28 dec 2011
murder in manchester 27 dec 2011
murder in manchester 26 dec 2011
save kashmiri hindus from extinction 26 dec 2011
where has she got all this money from? 26 dec 2011
are mohammedans "brothers"? 25 dec 2011
which country will end corruption sooner? 25 dec 2011
islamic terror in kashmir. india is pathetically a helpless victim 25 dec 2011
indian elections are fraud. 25 dec 2011
two taboos for the vanquished hindua 24 dec 2011
"hindu-muslim bhai bhai!", cry of fools 24 dec 2011
partition without referendum 23 dec 2011
pick up the flag and advance! 23 dec 2011
had they been hindu! 23 dec 2011
deadly clash of ideologies 22 dec 2011
hindus regard the killer enemy as their family. 22 dec 2011
abdul kalam's wise move for islam 21 dec 2011
what is sonia maino's real pedigree? 21 dec 2011
islamisation of europe and death of democracy and secularism. 20 dec 2011
death knell of hindus in hindusthan 20 dec 2011
patriotism : american and indian 19 dec 2011
united states will never forget. broken bharat will never remember! 19 dec 2011
the "witch" called "maimuna begum" 19 dec 2011
how can ndtv fight corruption? 19 dec 2011
what to do with the enemy within? 19 dec 2011
deception jehad! 19 dec 2011
"do you have a blue pakistan?" 18 dec 2011
sonia gandhi, root cause of corruption in india 18 dec 2011
always hindu "cow", mohammedan "bull". why? 18 dec 2011
hindus, act fearlessly. 17 dec 2011
terrorists come in easily 16 dec 2011
why india is world's "nigger" 16 dec 2011
challenge for gopio (american indians) 14 dec 2011
cockroaches of bandit jl nehru 14 dec 2011
girls' "nuclear" weapon against mohammed. 12 dec 2011
missing limbs of crippled india 11 dec 2011
mosques safe but temples threatened 11 dec 2011
"shuddhi" for indian musalmaans 09 dec 2011
comment on gandhi and nehru and indian muslims 09 dec 2011
"women must not touch bananas." muslim cleric 09 dec 2011
collective punishment by muslims 08 dec 2011
deadly maimuna begum 08 dec 2011
forthcoming song and dance (republic day) 08 dec 2011
message from children of jewish holocaust survivors 07 dec 2011
they become "wild beasts" of frenzy at moharram 07 dec 2011
"love jihad". watch the videos to see daring and dirty muslim jihad on girls 07 dec 2011
"love jihad". w 07 dec 2011
what india? disgusting! 07 dec 2011
indian army a mercenary force since 1947 07 dec 2011
congress / dynasty ethos of indian army 06 dec 2011
who was indira gandhi? 04 dec 2011
islami threat to america 03 dec 2011
american "lioness" vs. islamic "wolf" 02 dec 2011
how india was looted by britain and now by sonia 02 dec 2011
last resort in corruption, nepotism and "red tape"- ridden india 02 dec 2011
thoughts on despicable natives who are selling india cheap. 01 dec 2011
brave response to mad mohammedan moron. (all hindu / sikh girls & women must read) 01 dec 2011
questions to bjp 01 dec 2011
?understanding the threat of radical islam" 01 dec 2011
uk to expel all iranian diplomats over embassy attack 01 dec 2011
the most useless president in the world is in partitioned india 01 dec 2011
taqiyya - the muslim wolf in sheep's clothing 01 dec 2011
the politics of betrayal: the strange behavior of hindu traitors 01 dec 2011
monumental fraud on the hindu nation by nehru 01 dec 2011
communal violence bill 2011 ? malafide in intent, mischievous in content, 01 dec 2011
jammu and kashmir embroglio 01 dec 2011
hindus fleeing pakistan. betrayed by traitor jl nehru in 1947 01 dec 2011
despite crimes they cannot be sent back to beloved lands of their birth 01 dec 2011
return them promptly to lands of allah, mohammed and koran 01 dec 2011
suggestions to sadhus, sants and sri satya sai baba 01 dec 2011
who was mrs. feroze khan of allahabad? (none other than the hindus' "mrs. gandhi"!) 30 nov 2011
who was indira gandhi? 01 nov 2011
shame heaped on indian president madam "cow". 01 nov 2011
sharia rule in indian kashmir. indian state & secular law have failed. 31 oct 2011
india, a totally failed state. kashmir stalemate & unconditional surrender at partition 30 oct 2011
india, a totally failed state. kashmir & unconditional spartition 30 oct 2011
"crushed & " supine" hindus in partitioned india must take their destiny in their own hands 30 oct 2011
moguls back in partitioned india? 30 oct 2011
boundless corruption in partitioned india 30 oct 2011
bouquet for the crminials, bricks for the victims, crime and punishment in india 30 oct 2011
muslims stone catholic festival goers in france. 30 oct 2011
hindus are a dying race. no breath left in body. 30 oct 2011
hindus will never return to south kashmir. in north kashmir they are already exterminated 29 oct 2011
even the president of partitioned india is in the muslim lap. shame! 29 oct 2011
intimidating, gagging & liquidating the hindus in hindusthan 29 oct 2011
independence talks soon became partition talks and india was doomed 29 oct 2011
court cancels permit for french mega-mosque 29 oct 2011
why don't you notice islam's bestiality? 28 oct 2011
voice of the people 28 oct 2011
kashmir spring. pakistan & islam, get out! 28 oct 2011
fikle f.i.r. against sonia maino-khan 27 oct 2011
stop talibanization of kashmir 27 oct 2011
this is hindusta 26 oct 2011
double crossing pakistan 26 oct 2011
hindu muslim marriages : "death" of the wretched girl 26 oct 2011
hindu girls used t 26 oct 2011
brave muslim women "spit" on mohammedan culture of veil 26 oct 2011
usa: hotel cancels anti-sharia event 25 oct 2011
paradox. where are the mohammedans happy? 25 oct 2011
stop talibanization of kashmir 24 oct 2011
partition (broken bharat) or akhand bharat? 24 oct 2011
how do i know? (about islam) 24 oct 2011
partition or akhand bharat? 24 oct 2011
time bomb of partition (muslim aggression) must be removed 24 oct 2011
the evil (gaddafi) is dead. long live the (islamic) evil. 22 oct 2011
slow death of hindu india 22 oct 2011
inferiority and servility of hindu nation. 22 oct 2011
taj mahal agra: love mohammedan style. 22 oct 2011
kashmir dispute creation of bandit nehru 22 oct 2011
500 years of history of indian slavery, a world record.: 22 oct 2011
ahmedabad, secunderabad, haiderabad, allahabad, , faizabad, murshidabad, ghaziabad in "dying" hindusthan 21 oct 2011
put amitab bachan in the dock 21 oct 2011
another tyrant in islamic world eliminated. 20 oct 2011
how do i know about islam? 20 oct 2011
insane troll logic 19 oct 2011
afghanistan's claim over waziristan and bajaur. 19 oct 2011
honest anna hazare and corrupt rahul "gandhi" 18 oct 2011
when the (ignorant, slavish, foolish or simply decomposing) hindus choose their enemies to wipe them out with apparent love! 18 oct 2011
powerful protest in support of dr . subramanian swamy 18 oct 2011
islam, koran & mohammed explained. 18 oct 2011
getting drifting india right 18 oct 2011
muslim husbands with more than one wife to get extra benefits 18 oct 2011
sonia means corruption, thugggery and banditry by the anti-national dynasty.. 18 oct 2011
someone blundered and government of india was born 17 oct 2011
what kind of a baboon is government of partitioned india? 17 oct 2011
w 17 oct 2011
;punjab regiment is 250 years old 17 oct 2011
before another hindu is "killed" in hindusthan like a rabbit 17 oct 2011
indian political system explained for simple indians 17 oct 2011
the timid, the traitors & the incompetent are in charge of broken, bleeding, dismembered & disfigured bharat 17 oct 2011
why hindus are treated as non entity in india? 17 oct 2011
boycot rascal rahul 17 oct 2011
air india international, too, gone to dogs 17 oct 2011
hindus have forgotten all this 12 oct 2011
required four male witnesses to rape 12 oct 2011
corruption is meant to kill "broken" bharat 12 oct 2011
u.s. tolerating mosques & islamic mafia and terror 12 oct 2011
rape of minor girl in pakistan 12 oct 2011
israel and the u.n .resolution 12 oct 2011
how to wipe our islamic terrorism 12 oct 2011
time to "lynch" bogus corrupt & fraudulent gandhia. 09 oct 2011
challenges ahead for hindu youth 09 oct 2011
"what is your religion, you damn slaves?" , 08 oct 2011
mark tully on indian politics 08 oct 2011
mk gandhi was as much a patriot as his son was a hindu 08 oct 2011
"sikh killer" nath, a walking disgrace from congress coolie colony called india 08 oct 2011
any condition for signing surrender of india to the enemy? 07 oct 2011
homage to "mouse" who defended neither hindusthan nor hindus 05 oct 2011
the morons gather at raj ghat. 05 oct 2011
me and muslims , a personal view 05 oct 2011
partitioned india (broken bharat) is land of corruption and chaos 05 oct 2011
corrupt and killer police make india look like " rat colony" under mafia 05 oct 2011
how illegal loot is legalised in decomposing broken bharat 05 oct 2011
italian mafia led indian government in death throes 05 oct 2011
enslaved "coolie" nation bleeding to death through corruption 05 oct 2011
kashmir dispute, nehru's smoke screen to hide high treason of partition 01 oct 2011
evolution of paki militant networks 30 sep 2011
vande matram 30 sep 2011
zakir naik, "rabbid mad" mohammedan in over tolerant bharat 26 sep 2011
nine eleven & eight fifteen 12 sep 2011
the walking dead and doormats called "indians" 08 sep 2011
hindus in broken bharat on road to extinction 06 sep 2011
defiant provocation at ground zero 06 sep 2011
who, and why, are they incorrigible "damn fools"? 29 aug 2011
after breaking the fast 29 aug 2011
for ever & ever "akhand bharat" of pre partition 29 aug 2011
jaws of the "hindu- eating" crocodile 28 aug 2011
cowardly supre me commander does not mention pastition of india 28 aug 2011
cowardly hindu leaders must question & challenge that bogus partition. 28 aug 2011
burning the quran on you tube: 27 aug 2011
partitioned india: wolves , sheep and the butcher live together 27 aug 2011
when will the "secular" indians not be regarded "cattle" by their rulers? 26 aug 2011
islam is not part of our civilization 25 aug 2011
letter to shri anna hazare: 25 aug 2011
hindu jagat is guru tegh bahadur 24 aug 2011
pandit jawaharlal nehru is a dog in sweden 24 aug 2011
meet future prime minister of congress coolie colony india 23 aug 2011
supreme court to hear petition 23 aug 2011
muslim mischief in partitioned (middle) india 23 aug 2011
silent revolution in partitioned india (bleeding broken bharat) of the defeated. 23 aug 2011
if black money is brought back to india 23 aug 2011
(damn) fool hindu nation feeds foreigners, starves natives 23 aug 2011
anna hazare's promise 22 aug 2011
the best supreme commander of india 22 aug 2011
tentacles and cancer cells of dirty dynasty 22 aug 2011
"if this battle is won!", said a secular scholar. 19 aug 2011
one man changed history. anna hazare. 19 aug 2011
will sonia gandhi fall? .huffington post 18 aug 2011
america plans to get pakistan's nuclear facility 18 aug 2011
colonial army is national army now. 18 aug 2011
thank you america, for "interest" in corrupted india. 17 aug 2011
slave colony called hindusthan 17 aug 2011
independence (partition / mutilation of india) day blues 16 aug 2011
indian slaves start struggle for freedom 16 aug 2011
patriot anna hazare and emperor aurangzeb. 16 aug 2011
pakistan in the eyes of a mohammedan 15 aug 2011
pakistan is no. 1 in what? 15 aug 2011
bitter truth about islam and india 15 aug 2011
time for decisive action against corruption 15 aug 2011
sea of corruption in the land of sri krishna 15 aug 2011
anti corruption march in new jersey, usa. 15 aug 2011
15 august azadi or barbadi? 15 aug 2011
corruption is killing middle india (broken bharat) 14 aug 2011
?kirpan?, the sword of "akhand bharat". 13 aug 2011
significance of rakhi bandhan 12 aug 2011
speech by nick griffin, chairman, british national party 12 aug 2011
street dpgs of ,mohammed & ethnic cleansing in india 12 aug 2011
al qaeda planning to target india 11 aug 2011
sonia, the empress of coolie colony ( middle india) , is ill 07 aug 2011
sonia gandhi: sphinx who would be pharaoh 06 aug 2011
is sonia maino dying? 06 aug 2011
beheading of prisoners is serious violation of geneva convention 06 aug 2011
battles fought during ramadan by muslims 05 aug 2011
article 1284 05 aug 2011
now it is the turn of coptic christians 10 jul 2011
government is confusing the issue 09 jul 2011
play the "hindu card" with courage and conviction 08 jul 2011
save india from corruption 07 jul 2011
muslims out! 07 jul 2011
toronto hindus oppose muslim prayers at school 07 jul 2011
problems beyond recovery stage. 07 jul 2011
female supreme commander of hindus than (partitioned india) is a muslim 05 jul 2011
voiceless, disunited and ignorant hindus being crushed. 05 jul 2011
italian born sonia is above the law in partitioned india 04 jul 2011
the tipping point: embracing the muslim brotherhood 04 jul 2011
islam, the religion of deception, rape & violence 04 jul 2011
"security" in india is non existent 03 jul 2011
sense of security is lacking in hindusthan 03 jul 2011
the big hole in the charity bucket 03 jul 2011
rahul cannot be the p.m. of india unless..... 03 jul 2011
brothels, prostitutes & red light areas. origin of india's ruling dynasty. 03 jul 2011
all about nehru dynasty. the hindus are trapped. 30 jun 2011
the sikhs in india: times have changed 30 jun 2011
a new messiah has appeared in hindusthan 14 jun 2011
struggle of the indian proletariat 14 jun 2011
india sinking in quagmire of corruption 14 jun 2011
put sonia and rahul in the dock. 14 jun 2011
baba ram dev must live, to lead! 14 jun 2011
two giant grinding wheels of india 13 jun 2011
wake up india. 12 jun 2011
sonia maino-mussolini preparing to flee india? 12 jun 2011
oust or exterminate the rascals looting the people 12 jun 2011
it is time to deal with the corrupt like china 11 jun 2011
how india (1947) and china (1948) dealt with their muslim minority. 09 jun 2011
india and china : founding fathers 09 jun 2011
kill the mocking bill! 08 jun 2011
vengeful reaction will recoil back 08 jun 2011
truth about india's corrupt congress 08 jun 2011
did mohammed speak like this? 08 jun 2011
government high handedness in india 08 jun 2011
how to deal with the corrupt in india 08 jun 2011
ultimate reaction to justice denied 08 jun 2011
death of democracy in india. 08 jun 2011
corrupt digvijay singh, black mark on india 07 jun 2011
essence of islamic culture. promise of paradise. 06 jun 2011
perennial bleeding "march" to death 06 jun 2011
churchill on islam 06 jun 2011
sonia's loot from india 06 jun 2011
vengeful act of revenge by discredited government of india 06 jun 2011
"burning" bharat about to explode. 06 jun 2011
news from the islamic middle east (june 5, 2011) 05 jun 2011
murder of a journalist in the land of the mohammed of desert 04 jun 2011
muslims can learn from this. jews in india. 04 jun 2011
somebody please prove it wrong 04 jun 2011
quit india! quit india! quit india! off to italy. off to italy. off to italy! 03 jun 2011
who was india's first native prime minister, jawaharlal nehru? 03 jun 2011
indians should not need visa to visit sacred bharat "maata" 03 jun 2011
america is foolishly sacrificing her own human rights 03 jun 2011
name changing in partitioned india is criminal 03 jun 2011
it's called, "nip the evil in the bud!" 03 jun 2011
no visa required by hindus visiting hindusthan 03 jun 2011
who is corrupt in india? 02 jun 2011
fires of islam 01 jun 2011
thank you, canada, for standing up for truth 31 may 2011
islam will reform or perish 30 may 2011
pakistan & osama bin laden. world view. 30 may 2011
gandhi, the appeaser. gandhi, the goat. gandhi, the fly. 30 may 2011
hindu heroes neglected in hindusthan 30 may 2011
hindutva: translating into guiding principles 30 may 2011
prime minister is not asleep. he is a captive. 30 may 2011
support baba ram dev on 4 june 2011. 30 may 2011
yet another state of islamic bararity like pakistan? 30 may 2011
indian corruption. "dilli chalo !" 28 may 2011
hindus, too have the right to return! 28 may 2011
it must be regime change this time! 26 may 2011
where the natives are "rats" 24 may 2011
india must stand up and retaliate 21 may 2011
america and israel must stand together 20 may 2011
is obama above the law? 20 may 2011
army: nation's ultimate stick for the incorrigibly corrupt 20 may 2011
what should israel tell america 20 may 2011
evaporate pakistan first before taking an inch from israel 20 may 2011
largest episode of graft in indian history 20 may 2011
no aid to p.a. until it fulfills 19 may 2011
muslim mothers who "honor kill" their daughters 19 may 2011
corruption will vanish in no time! 19 may 2011
land, land, land. why only for the mohammedans? 19 may 2011
govt. of india: treacherous, evil and corrupt 19 may 2011
air india ~ systematic sabotage 18 may 2011
islam in denmark 18 may 2011
public loot since 1947: let us bring back our moneyt 18 may 2011
wipe out corruption by wiping out the corrupt top 18 may 2011
free world must correct the imbalance 18 may 2011
what's china doing in p.o.k.? 18 may 2011
brutal murder of mona & of the tens of millions of hindus 17 may 2011
why america is less safe? 16 may 2011
paki bred multiheaded monster 16 may 2011
muslims hate the very sight of a hindu 16 may 2011
geer wilders, the "lion" of europe speaks 15 may 2011 15 may 2011
punjab: christian student nurse forced to convert to marry muslim man 14 may 2011
brave americans will fight it out, and oust it. 13 may 2011
map of kashmir shown on cctv. 13 may 2011
america on koran 13 may 2011
what is china doing in p.o.k.? 13 may 2011
the muslim mosque: a state within a state 13 may 2011
india's suicidal largesse 12 may 2011
israe; & her security concerns 12 may 2011
politics in the strip of land called west bengal 12 may 2011
indian farmers are crying and dying 12 may 2011
corruption at the highest level in indai 12 may 2011
gandhi was chamberlaine of fragmented / broken bharat (partitioned india) 11 may 2011
you let us down, prime minister! 11 may 2011
"more osamas will be born." o yes? 10 may 2011
who ought to be even more embarrassed? 10 may 2011
"declare pakistan a terrorist state,!" salman rushdie 09 may 2011
will india's she-devil fall? 09 may 2011
let the fools feed us. 09 may 2011
swamy ram dev . satyagrah yes, fast no! 09 may 2011
expecting a wounded cow to act like a lion : covert raids, american style. 08 may 2011
if bin laden was killed by indian security forces.. 08 may 2011
wonder how india surviv es! 08 may 2011
islamic pakistan's double game 08 may 2011
plo?s desperate defenders 08 may 2011
?there will be no virgins waiting for osama? 08 may 2011
........ because nehru was one of them. 07 may 2011
this ev il will not end. 07 may 2011
save air india against corruption 07 may 2011
why is sonia gandhi so scared of narendra modi? 06 may 2011
archbishop criticises the killing of bin laden 06 may 2011
india will be a modern country by 2020 (abdul kalam) 05 may 2011
america re-thinks about pakistani loyalty. 05 may 2011
was osama a typical husband and father?\ 05 may 2011
gandhi and nehru were smoke or stink in our history 04 may 2011
running a country ngo-style 03 may 2011
indian reporters are running to hear the muslims' opinion 02 may 2011
purchase of french planes 02 may 2011
not a penny to terrorist state 02 may 2011
"slap the (corrupt) "baboo!" ca,mpaign ! " in india. 01 may 2011
times square armenian genocide commemoration 01 may 2011
hindus numbed & dulled by hammer blows 30 apr 2011
corruption suspect sonia maino from land of mafia italy 30 apr 2011
murder assassinations abduction, conversion & rape : main occupatons 30 apr 2011
alarm bells for the dead? 30 apr 2011
broken bharat; corruption sharad pawar style? 30 apr 2011
partitioned india: corruption unlimited 30 apr 2011
india is in a mess 29 apr 2011
our farmers are dying, to hell with the world cup! 29 apr 2011
royal wedding, a national celebration. 29 apr 2011
the royal wedding today 28 apr 2011
article 1137 28 apr 2011
corruption: try the cat now, the mice later. 28 apr 2011
one scoundrel among a million. start with the bofors chor, s.o.b. 28 apr 2011
it is time to push them back to mecca! (koran, the kafir & the world) 28 apr 2011
they do get it all in paradise! 28 apr 2011
is it racist to criticise islam? 28 apr 2011
partitioned india again heading towards marshal law ( emergency)? 28 apr 2011
send them all to islamic countries 28 apr 2011
fanatic muslims burn hindu scriptures 28 apr 2011
vande matram & the enemy 28 apr 2011
why are these muslims not going to islamic republics? 27 apr 2011
muslims killed 80 million hindus in 500 years 27 apr 2011
honorable armenians commemorate their holocaust unlike the hindus! 27 apr 2011
will sonia gandhi of corrupt congress escape trial for corruption? 27 apr 2011
julian assange on indian corruption 27 apr 2011
lack of patriotism, pride and self confidence among hindu slaves 27 apr 2011
baba ramdev : a historic door is opening for india. 26 apr 2011
islam from the desert and the women 26 apr 2011
cheapest place in india to eat & drink 26 apr 2011
mk gandhi, anti hindu, pro muslim coward was responsible for hindu genocide 26 apr 2011
when decomposing hindusthan (bharat) broke up into three ugly fragments 26 apr 2011
resignation & despair of intelligentsia in corrupt congress dynastic ?mafia? raj in broken bharat 26 apr 2011
proseuction of congress leaders for november 1984 killings of innocent sikhs 26 apr 2011
kashmiri hindus refugees in their own collapsing country 25 apr 2011
hindu rulers of hindusthan do not mention partition 25 apr 2011
salute this brave german girl 25 apr 2011
regime change and a new constitution 23 apr 2011
well legislated - badly governed 22 apr 2011
whose land is palestine? 22 apr 2011
hindu apathy 22 apr 2011
lok pal bill. intimidation by corrupt government? 22 apr 2011
what is needed is regime change. 22 apr 2011
a hindu can, and must, change 21 apr 2011
ruthless dictatorship in broken bharat (partitioned india) 21 apr 2011
what patriotic indians can do 21 apr 2011
news from the world of mohammed of mecca 21 apr 2011
brave kafir's challenge to killer / converter mohammed of mecca 20 apr 2011
incompetent civilian superiors of indian armed forces 19 apr 2011
india in a mess. 19 apr 2011
koran and god's non muslims. read & feel sick 19 apr 2011
she rejected islam and escaped to freedom 19 apr 2011
national campaign against corruption, partitioned india 19 apr 2011
jews: facts the world ought to know. 19 apr 2011
where will the rescued libyans end up? 18 apr 2011
muslims in bangladesh burn copy of sacred gita. 18 apr 2011
"slap a baboo" campaign! 18 apr 2011
the predatory wolf, the timid sheep & the brave lioness. & burning the quran 18 apr 2011
dismal future of hindus & sikhs in taliban infested "kafir killer" pakistan 17 apr 2011
census in india 16 apr 2011
prosecute sonia maino 16 apr 2011
watch video clip on sonia ?gandhi? 16 apr 2011
prosecuting sonia "gandhi" 16 apr 2011
british aid to educate the savages 15 apr 2011
koran ought to be burnt in partitioned india 15 apr 2011
what makes a good immigrant? 14 apr 2011
mohammed did what the british could not. 1919 and 1947. 14 apr 2011
baisakhi greetings 14 apr 2011
sikhs have the witch at home and devils abroad. 14 apr 2011
yesterday the singh sahibs in amritsar (1984). tody the hindu swamy 14 apr 2011
mass grave of 65 sikhs in delhi 14 apr 2011
muslim woman in mohammedan religion 14 apr 2011
filthy india, ruled by congress & dynasty does need patriot citizen forum watch urgently. 14 apr 2011
proud to be a sikh. 13 apr 2011 13 apr 2011
a political fast for the past 11 years 13 apr 2011
muslims have arrived! 13 apr 2011
well done france! ban burqa. 13 apr 2011
law of land and constitution of coolies 12 apr 2011
burqa in france 12 apr 2011
these females say, "burqa is as per islam." 12 apr 2011
why a dead muslim is a good muslim in (partitioned) india 11 apr 2011
ban on burqa in france 11 apr 2011
comments on indian corruption 11 apr 2011
who owns the media in india ? 11 apr 2011
divide and rule policy by the native "rascals". 11 apr 2011
well done france! 11 apr 2011
narendra modi writes to anna hazare 11 apr 2011
anna hazare's fast 11 apr 2011
aftermath of anna?s "fast unto death" 11 apr 2011
misplaced generosity towards pakistan 11 apr 2011
mandate inquiry into intolerant faiths! 10 apr 2011
why a dead muslim is a good muslim in (partitioned) india 08 apr 2011
could anyone explain islam better? 08 apr 2011
india against corruption 08 apr 2011
anna hazare's letter to pm 08 apr 2011
india, the paradise of bofors thug & rapists, needs this brave woman 08 apr 2011
sikhs & hindus both at the same receiving end 08 apr 2011
anna hazare's letter to prime minister 07 apr 2011
anna hazare's fast unto death 07 apr 2011
corruption in the sacred land of sri rama & guru nanak 06 apr 2011
ban or bur koran 06 apr 2011
koran burning in america 05 apr 2011
pakistani girl tells mohammedan mullah to ?mind his own business.? 05 apr 2011
mohanned cannot be the last prophet if god is not dead 05 apr 2011
good reasons to reject koran as holy book 05 apr 2011
is anna hazare's fast a "tamaasha " for the hindus? 05 apr 2011
a german view of islam 04 apr 2011
chhatrapati sambhaji maharaj 04 apr 2011
american muslim leader issues fatwa against democracy! 04 apr 2011
muslim mischief. pictures insulting indian cricketers 04 apr 2011
cheap like dirt and unique and priceless. koran & the statues 03 apr 2011
destruction of buddha statues and burning of koran. what came first? 03 apr 2011
islam ver y humane civilised peace loving religion? sheer indiscriminate killing. 03 apr 2011
what & when of islam? 02 apr 2011
in support of anna hazare fast 02 apr 2011
census in india. do we know how many muslims? 02 apr 2011
rape of a billion maidens in one night 01 apr 2011
savages kill un staff in kabul 01 apr 2011
political reality of broken bharat 01 apr 2011
muslim jihad in christian ethiopia 30 mar 2011
who should be punished if five mohammeds equal one innocent girl? 30 mar 2011
time to unmask muhammad 30 mar 2011
gandhi killers are enemies of india. ( o yes?) 30 mar 2011
lady in libya 29 mar 2011
a letter the whole world could have written. (iman al- obeidi.) 29 mar 2011
rape in islam where women are property of lecherous men 29 mar 2011
the most islamic community in europe 29 mar 2011
"turkish delight" (girls of lithuania) 29 mar 2011
ineffective, ludicrous, and useless entity called "government of india" 28 mar 2011
corruption in the land of sri krishna and rama. 28 mar 2011
wolf in sheep's clothing 28 mar 2011
corruption in india ? the new lethal war 27 mar 2011
a bill to derail indian society . 27 mar 2011
geert wilders. lion among the rabbits in europe 27 mar 2011
land grabbers and violent extremists 26 mar 2011
secularism of a donkey and a lion 26 mar 2011
mohammed's first day of school 25 mar 2011
muslim women 25 mar 2011
magnificent japanese people 25 mar 2011
why are the hindus addicted to their abusers? 24 mar 2011
an eye opener scene from paris, france. 24 mar 2011
hindus heading for extinction, unfit to survive 24 mar 2011
savage islamic "tsunami" poses danger to secular societies 24 mar 2011
baba ram dev, crusader against congress culture of corruption 24 mar 2011
army in footprints of rajiv gandhi, the "dirty bofors chor" 24 mar 2011
christian woman scared in france 23 mar 2011
the deadly snake called " ahimsa" 22 mar 2011
noble hindu 'daughter of soil' is perishing while an italian unworthy is queen 22 mar 2011
india- corruption is state policy 20 mar 2011
japanese character unsurpassed. 19 mar 2011
india's perilous road to transparency 19 mar 2011
difference between a man and a musalmaan 19 mar 2011
re-conquest of bharat has begun! 17 mar 2011
governance-public feedback-separation 17 mar 2011
dad, meet my boy friend mohammed! 17 mar 2011
immoral ?bitch? is the president 17 mar 2011
savage killers in israel 16 mar 2011
shocking conversions in partitioned india 16 mar 2011
islam vs. billion maggots in broken bharat (partitioned india) 16 mar 2011
unable to defend hindus at home and abroad. 15 mar 2011
akhand bharat 15 mar 2011
andhra pradesh samachar: dividion of state, not heroes 15 mar 2011
clean up job for indian "baboo(n)s" before they are all hanged 14 mar 2011
truth be told. (besieged israel) 14 mar 2011
why the west is importing huge number of muslims 12 mar 2011
letter to the sikhs in america 12 mar 2011
sikh genocide. indian . government shelters criminals 12 mar 2011
liberating hindusthan 12 mar 2011
the trinity of evil (i 10 mar 2011
what will islamist india look like? (see 7th. century mecca!) 10 mar 2011
what is happening in egypt? islamic way of life! 10 mar 2011
28 responses to jew-hatred week 10 mar 2011
jew hatred week. 10 mar 2011
peter kings congressional hearings 10 mar 2011
protest by defence veterans 10 mar 2011
don't copy the cowardly "gandhian" indians who collapsed before islam 10 mar 2011
islamic gangrene spreading in america 10 mar 2011
separatist, totalitarian, intolerant, suppressive & killer islam in usa 10 mar 2011
despicable collapse of hindu leaders. 09 mar 2011
commemorate the holocaust 09 mar 2011
hindus' days are numbered. slaughter imminent. 08 mar 2011
bring forth original names. dump provocative islamic names 08 mar 2011
kashmiri refugees eke out livelihood in kolkata 08 mar 2011
sikh genocide memorial. where is the one for the hindus massacred in lahore in 1947? 08 mar 2011
?sikh genocide memorial? to come up in hondh chhillar 08 mar 2011
hindu bashing congress culprits of sikh genocide 08 mar 2011
keep europe pest free & islam free 08 mar 2011
why muslims hate the jews and the hindus 07 mar 2011
what else would the son of a muslim do? 07 mar 2011
what does agniveer stand for, 07 mar 2011
pre-requisite of hindu rashtra 06 mar 2011
when the indians behave like unquestioning slaves 06 mar 2011
muslim men and non muslim women 06 mar 2011
home grown terrorists in the usa 06 mar 2011
the insidious jehad 05 mar 2011
we expect england to take note 05 mar 2011
the bofors scandal 04 mar 2011
jehad has come to india 04 mar 2011
you may be a muslim! 04 mar 2011
no sharia here. keep it to yourselves! 04 mar 2011
despicable role of indian army in 1947 03 mar 2011
roll back islam to mecca 03 mar 2011
corruption ridden middle india on the mend? 03 mar 2011
treat them the same way 02 mar 2011
treat them the same way 02 mar 2011
baba ramdev in delhi 02 mar 2011
mortally wounded civilization of hindusthan (middle india) 02 mar 2011
ban halal meat across partitioned india 01 mar 2011
stop halal meat across hindusthan (partitioned india) 28 feb 2011
on the brink of war 27 feb 2011
cruel, brutal savage illiterate crude violent heartless paedophile intolerant allah and the gentle hindu or christian virgin 09 feb 2011
islam and democracy 08 feb 2011
geert wilders speech at court in amsterdam today 08 feb 2011
hindu samhati. story of great courage 08 feb 2011
amalgamation of south kashmir and east punjab. 08 feb 2011
fusion of eth. cleansed south kashmir and betrayed east punjab as a separate state 08 feb 2011
noble daughter of england marries a sikh 07 feb 2011
educate the kashmiri muslims 06 feb 2011
mera hindustaan mahaan 06 feb 2011
will they burn our parliament tomorrow? 06 feb 2011
flagellation by zealots in england 06 feb 2011
halal meat. islamic noose is tightening around our necks 06 feb 2011
murder of hindu in the land of mohhamed of mecca 06 feb 2011
the new g5 06 feb 2011
revolution needed in broken bharat 05 feb 2011
muslim wolf & the british lion 05 feb 2011
again koran & mohammed on top 05 feb 2011
what a useless administration & supreme commander!! 05 feb 2011
mohammed of mecca,, not democracy, will not come to egypt 04 feb 2011
indian black money: the swindler?s list 04 feb 2011
nehru & indira: two enemies of india 04 feb 2011
islamic revolution comes round and round 04 feb 2011
corruption: the number one concern in india 04 feb 2011
mosques & the islamization of america 03 feb 2011
"chor bazar" called india. 03 feb 2011
unstoppable saffron revolution 02 feb 2011
inerior scum of mankind in south asia 02 feb 2011
fall of egypt and partitioned india 02 feb 2011
india waiting for her second mutilation 02 feb 2011
why mr. modi cannot be the prime minister of india. 02 feb 2011
menacing dark clouds of violence 31 jan 2011
britons complainng 31 jan 2011
60,000 sikhs asked to convert to mohammed of mecca and love his camels 31 jan 2011
why godse does not command the respect of india 31 jan 2011
geert wo;ders is a lion among the sheep. 31 jan 2011
what happens if the army is "men of straw"? 31 jan 2011
muslim brotherhood is the enemy 31 jan 2011
when islam jinn escaped india lay fragmented and bleeding 30 jan 2011
no mosque here. no mosque here. if no church in mecca. 30 jan 2011
why muslim morons' genetic count is very low 30 jan 2011
not just britain, the whole world under attack 29 jan 2011
misfortune of world that is called islam 29 jan 2011
"godse does not command the respect of india, gandhi does". 29 jan 2011
indian hold over kashmir. very precarious. 29 jan 2011
start of revoluton in broken bharat 27 jan 2011
upright & honest officer killed in land of gandhi 27 jan 2011
it's back to emergency in partitioned india 27 jan 2011
the bofors story 27 jan 2011
hindus worse than four legged animals 27 jan 2011
islamophobia in england 27 jan 2011
preventable deaths in temples 27 jan 2011
corruption threatens to destroy partitioned indian secular state (p.i.s.s.) 27 jan 2011
india, republic of scams & corruption unlimited 27 jan 2011
republic of scams. 1 27 jan 2011
kashmir is islamic and pakistani now. 26 jan 2011
muslim intolerance 26 jan 2011
muslim sex gangs, a threat to christian girls 26 jan 2011
churchill and nehru 25 jan 2011
the plight of kashmir hindus. 24 jan 2011
muslims target defenceless christian girsl to rape 24 jan 2011
muslims target gullible christians and also their daughters 24 jan 2011
indian democracy exposed regarding the sikhs 24 jan 2011
american love of muslime 24 jan 2011
loot , plunder, rob and scams: free for all robbers; india 24 jan 2011
book ban in decomposing partitioned india 24 jan 2011
book on islam banned in congress controlled coolie colony of india 24 jan 2011
hindu holocaust it was, for sure! 21 jan 2011
deep frozen indian baboons 21 jan 2011
the brother said, "it is not my business!" 21 jan 2011
savagely beaten for having hindu friend 21 jan 2011
iran film cancelled in canada 21 jan 2011
hindu civilisation without foreign ideology 20 jan 2011
"act for britian". there is no "act for broken bharat" 19 jan 2011
divided hindus robbed & looted at home , crushed abroad 19 jan 2011
shut your mind & brain to mohammed & his islam 18 jan 2011
islam, the perpetual mass murderer 18 jan 2011
indian republic capitulates to islamic terrorism 18 jan 2011
a, b & c for the perishing hindus 16 jan 2011
british imam charged with raping a minor. 16 jan 2011
deadly end goal in broken bharat 16 jan 2011
article 857 16 jan 2011
bjp's flag hoisting will set subcontinent on fire 15 jan 2011
hindus must shoot with guns and kill with swords 15 jan 2011
proposed letter to mr. jack straw 14 jan 2011
the ungrateful (rubbish) rulers of india 14 jan 2011
final question for treacherous "indian" muslims. 14 jan 2011
what is the problem with hindus? 13 jan 2011
swamy vivekananda 12 jan 2011
betrayal of hindus and hindusthan by nehru and gandhi 12 jan 2011
islam will be totally eradicated & wiped out 11 jan 2011
join the anti corrupton march in new delhi on january 30th. 11 jan 2011
these are only financial scame! 11 jan 2011
the lion roars. but the lion is in cage. 11 jan 2011
discussion about hindu myth & reality 11 jan 2011
liberate lahore! surrendered by traitor to terrorist. 11 jan 2011
kidnap of hindu minor girl 11 jan 2011
israel sitting on time bomb like broken bharat 11 jan 2011
mumbai meet for a new hindu renaissance 10 jan 2011
"switzerland of asia" gone to indian dogs and bitches 10 jan 2011
the english defense league: the new face of europe? 09 jan 2011
in praise of invincible indian "jawan" 09 jan 2011
aamir khan;s brother weds anatika 09 jan 2011
sonia and quattrocchi 09 jan 2011
bjp attacks sonia at nda rally 09 jan 2011
india : the biggest democratic republic of scams 09 jan 2011
moths perishing in fires of islam 09 jan 2011
land of scams & fraud. but no firing squad or hanging 09 jan 2011
whole system, not just manmohan singh, i s dreadful failure 09 jan 2011
clones of mohammed.: cowardly scum from dark ages 08 jan 2011
challenges facing india 08 jan 2011
sonia, the queen of defeated & broken bharat 08 jan 2011
call sonia to dock! 08 jan 2011
role of " sadhus and sants" in partitioned india (broken bharat) 08 jan 2011
weak and useless prime minister of partitioned india 07 jan 2011
beware! secularism proved suicidal for hindus 07 jan 2011
german view of "peaceful" islam 07 jan 2011
coptic christmas shattered 07 jan 2011
truth about indian economy 06 jan 2011
o mohammed, you reap as you sow 05 jan 2011
pakistani muslims grooming white girls for sex 05 jan 2011
sonia gandhi: crooks are audacious, nation is enslaved, army is mercenary 05 jan 2011
mohammedan gangrene in kashmir 05 jan 2011
one billon indian sheep and one italian she-wolf sonia 04 jan 2011
trhro out rubina, sonia , etc. 04 jan 2011
murder in pakistan captured by mohammed of mecca 04 jan 2011
egypt and the destruction of churches 04 jan 2011
broken american society 04 jan 2011
massacre of egyptian christian copts 03 jan 2011
azerbaijan feud over hijab 03 jan 2011
sikhs are asking these questions 03 jan 2011
terrorists : just the tip of the jihadi iceberg 03 jan 2011
the role of religious leaders in overcoming hindu catastrophe 03 jan 2011
solve kashmir dispute. threatens pakistan. 01 jan 2011
article 804 01 jan 2011
article 803 01 jan 2011
pakistan needs and feeds the taliban 01 jan 2011
new year slaughter of christians in egypt 01 jan 2011
sonia maino aka gandhi. deadly "columbus" in soft and decomposing bharat. 31 dec 2010
hindusthan' head in noose 31 dec 2010
hindus killed by sword and constitution 31 dec 2010
why india does not honour her soldiers 30 dec 2010
why mandir will not be built in ayodhya! 29 dec 2010
corruption in partitioned india 29 dec 2010
crossing the border of slave colony called india 29 dec 2010
extra judicial killings in pakistan, land of mohammed 29 dec 2010
why mandir will not be built 27 dec 2010
corruption, corruption corruption in partitioned india 27 dec 2010
islamic tyranny and the problem of citizen apathy 27 dec 2010
"gandhian" i ndia has no war memorial 26 dec 2010
indian army let us down 26 dec 2010
america gives billions of dollars to pakistan 25 dec 2010
sonia gandhi and the hidden trail 24 dec 2010
muslim girl, hindu boy. how wonderful! 22 dec 2010
muslim police in east punjab 21 dec 2010
muslim bride hindu groom 21 dec 2010
if israel ceases to exist 21 dec 2010
muslim menace in united kingdom. (how long more "united"?) 21 dec 2010
mother killed daughter while listening to koran 21 dec 2010
look, indian army is "mercenary" under dynasty & congress 21 dec 2010
meeting of traitors & robbers 21 dec 2010
congress held partitioned india rotting with scams 21 dec 2010
perishing hindus in shrinking hindusthan want their enemy to rule them 19 dec 2010
the arab invasion of south america \ 16 dec 2010
where is the public outrage over squandered billions? 16 dec 2010
pakistan is disputed, not kashmir. 15 dec 2010
you are all (damn) taliban 15 dec 2010
islamic terrorism and public fear 14 dec 2010
imbecile orphan india's bogus "mother of nation" 14 dec 2010
praying muslims like nazis, says le pen daughter marine 14 dec 2010
corrupt indian rulers law unto themselves. neither fear of uno nor of army 13 dec 2010
where the hell is the love ??????? 13 dec 2010
two questions 13 dec 2010
muslim girl killed for love affair with hindu 13 dec 2010
joys of muslim women 13 dec 2010
bharat and hindus 13 dec 2010
"don't touch the devils!" true? 12 dec 2010
muslims in america and pakistan 11 dec 2010
angry roar of another lion 10 dec 2010
the general cannot be wrong! 10 dec 2010
singh is dead. long live sonia! 10 dec 2010
speech in israel 08 dec 2010
ethics & power in india (ram jethmalani) 08 dec 2010
india is a slow goods' train loaded with islamic rock. 08 dec 2010
non stop ongoing slaughter (massacres) of hindus in south asia. (once they were in east bengal and north kashmir!) 07 dec 2010
what barbarian muslims did in india 06 dec 2010
pakistan is disputed, not kashmir 06 dec 2010
pakistani muslims died but the indians did not 05 dec 2010
germany will become islamic state, says chancellor merkel 05 dec 2010
the embattled sikhs in taliban territory 05 dec 2010
tension grows between muslims and fbi 05 dec 2010
"rascals" looting india day and night 05 dec 2010
pass the resolution 04 dec 2010
rotten degrading old colonial pension - paying system in india 04 dec 2010
billions looted from defeated partitioned india 04 dec 2010
india refuses to act against scams 04 dec 2010
dynastic corruption 04 dec 2010
sonia g, rahul g, priyanka g italian citizens? 04 dec 2010
misbehaving islam in australia, get out!. 04 dec 2010
indian cyber security breached. incompetence? 04 dec 2010
roar of the austrian lion 04 dec 2010
"mercenary" generals of partitioned india at ease with grease 04 dec 2010
defenders become looters in hindusthan 04 dec 2010
sonia?s certificate, pm?s ultimate humiliation 02 dec 2010
india denies visa to musharraf 01 dec 2010
murder of a muslim girl 01 dec 2010
sonia?s certificate, pm?s ultimate humiliation 01 dec 2010
killing of innocent helpless animals by muslims 30 nov 2010
islami tsunami threatens to cover the earth 30 nov 2010
mother superior of all corruption: quit india! 30 nov 2010
india bled by robber class 30 nov 2010
corruption- who is the blackest sheep of them all? 30 nov 2010
muslim caller to radio in america 29 nov 2010
heard on an american radio 29 nov 2010
sonia's sisters get rs. 36000 crores? would you believe it? 29 nov 2010
time to exterminate congress and show the muslims the way out 28 nov 2010
who will negotiate with islamic "wolves"? 26 nov 2010
wish the taliban success! 26 nov 2010
who owns the media in partitioned (middle) india? 26 nov 2010
enemy looting bharat. take action now. 26 nov 2010
partitioned india being looted day and night 26 nov 2010
granny wants obama to show his true islamic colours. 26 nov 2010
muslim scene in britain. bnp warns! 26 nov 2010
"honour" killing in iraq being liberated by infidels 24 nov 2010
"educating" british muslim children 24 nov 2010
you are a muslim if you don't forward it 24 nov 2010
civilised world loses its sleep when a savage makes a claim 24 nov 2010
she bandit from land of mussolini plundering helpless india 24 nov 2010
looting helpless, "fatherless" partitoined india day and night with impunit y 24 nov 2010
buy goods made in israel 23 nov 2010
what free world thinks of islam 20 nov 2010
mischievous muslim callers "sorted out" 19 nov 2010
to mohammedan ?swine? murder of one innocent man is murder of all mankind. 19 nov 2010
muslims insult war heroes 19 nov 2010
inspiration for all the "dead" indians of broken bharat 19 nov 2010
muslims in britain insult the war heroes 19 nov 2010
we bombed the wrong side? 16 nov 2010
india ruling party mired in giant graft scandal 16 nov 2010
hindus badly beaten up in hindusthan 15 nov 2010
america is becoming ugly shadow of islam 14 nov 2010
despicable stooges of sonia , the import of bofors chor 14 nov 2010
do we need china to break up india further? 13 nov 2010
indian money in swiss banks 13 nov 2010
obama, the son of a mohammedan in india 09 nov 2010
dynastic ravanas will fall, starting with sonia 08 nov 2010
ayodhya as holy for hindus as mecca for muslims 08 nov 2010
president obama's address to parliament in new delhi, 8 nov 10 08 nov 2010
why people are becoming intolerant towards the muslims. 08 nov 2010
proud punjab was once the size of france 05 nov 2010
pakistanis are doomed due to koran and sharia 05 nov 2010
pakistan was created to curse & smite the unfortunate pakistanis 05 nov 2010
light (diwali) in bharat, bomb blast in pakistan 05 nov 2010
the blanket won't let go of me. i can't get rid of the blanket 05 nov 2010
two countries out of one 05 nov 2010
flood aid to islamic pakistan? 04 nov 2010
jawahar lal nehru is a dog in sweden 31 oct 2010
controversial arundhati roy 31 oct 2010
fake money ruining india 31 oct 2010
hindu "sheep" have no enemies! 31 oct 2010
arundhati heard of a raped muslim female 30 oct 2010
britain: groveling alone? 30 oct 2010
future of pakistan 30 oct 2010
who owns media in hindusthan 30 oct 2010
marriage in islamic paradise 30 oct 2010
raul vinci == rahul gandhi 29 oct 2010
complaint filed against geelani, arundhati in delhi 29 oct 2010
islam is a murderous ideology 29 oct 2010
geert wilders. listen to him! 29 oct 2010
rise of mohammed and fall of christ in england 29 oct 2010
concress party committed to grinding poverty, divisions, sectarianism and turmoil 29 oct 2010
tashkent agreement and kashmir 27 oct 2010
accession of kashmir is final. 25 oct 2010
hindus being "robbed fleeced and flogged" 23 oct 2010
do the hindus have enemies? 22 oct 2010
salute norway for courage to keep islamic wolf away 22 oct 2010
"islamic" republic of flattened, battered, defeated, chopped, cut & curtrailed, leaderless "hijda" hindusthan 22 oct 2010
zero calibre leaders of hindusthan. world record in slavery. 22 oct 2010
angelina jolie not happy with her visit to pakistan 22 oct 2010
?kashmir should get azadi from "bhookhe-nange" hindustan? 22 oct 2010
fight this sharia law 20 oct 2010
isolated kashmiri hindu youth 19 oct 2010
article 657 19 oct 2010
rahul gandhi or khan? 19 oct 2010
indian industrialists funding universities in rich countries 19 oct 2010
wife beating is fine, says mohammed of mecca 19 oct 2010
the revolution is coming: military take - over 18 oct 2010
street scene in france. christians vanishing 18 oct 2010
"deadly serpent" of islam in europe 18 oct 2010
khalistan closely viewed 18 oct 2010
muslim menace in partitioned india. 17 oct 2010
islamisation of denmark is europe sinking under weight of mohammed? 17 oct 2010
islamisation of france 17 oct 2010
hindu leaders : criminal, useless or plain stupid 16 oct 2010
muslim brotherhood in america. who will be their next victim? 16 oct 2010
fastest growing cities in broken bharat 16 oct 2010
provocative islamic flag over lahore and filthy foot in ayodhya 16 oct 2010
recovery of demolished hindus will be slow 15 oct 2010
?muslim brotherhood ?declares war? on u.s.? 12 oct 2010
stoking the embers 12 oct 2010
brave jew ish state supports india 12 oct 2010
omar abdullah challenges j&k integration with india 12 oct 2010
mohammed, his camel and the kind kafir. 12 oct 2010
l ok satta : new party, new sun rising over broken bharat 12 oct 2010
mohammed's provocation in ayodhya 11 oct 2010
stoking the embers (courtesy, the pioneer) 11 oct 2010
parliament of ?baboons? and army of ?eunuchs? 11 oct 2010
non violence killed the hindus and destroyed india 10 oct 2010
hindus perished due to wishful thinking 10 oct 2010
who made kashmir a "disputed" territory and why 10 oct 2010
muslim gandhi family. enemies of bharat 10 oct 2010
fake dishonest & corrupt gandhis destroying partitioned india 06 oct 2010
no mosque of provocation, insensitivity and mischief here! 06 oct 2010
perishing through non violence (ahimsa) 05 oct 2010
did 'ahimsa' (non-violence) lead to partition? 05 oct 2010
crude deen" from arabia cracking up & perishing except in broken bharat 04 oct 2010
islam, the religion of war and terror, is an imposition. 03 oct 2010
brainwashed intimidated gutless indian "slaves coolies" condemn patriots but worship traitors 03 oct 2010
hindu / muslim languages are poles apart 03 oct 2010
muslim morons' mischief in ayodhya 03 oct 2010
savage islam in indai 28 sep 2010
demonstration by ofbjp in new york 26 sep 2010
hindus holding breath , awaiting court orders on sri rama 26 sep 2010
let "mohammed" have his mosque right there 26 sep 2010
islamic slap in the face of usa 26 sep 2010
time to stand by israel 26 sep 2010
"donkey load" kashmir , the hindu coolie must carry 26 sep 2010
india became independent 25 sep 2010
menace of islam in america 24 sep 2010
"mohammed" was seen very stupid and dangerous. beware of him! 24 sep 2010
why the hindus can't build the temple in ayodhya 24 sep 2010
the betrayal of israel 24 sep 2010
what islam wants 24 sep 2010
no aid to pakistan! 24 sep 2010
decline and fall of the roman empire 23 sep 2010
the ?mccarthyism? epithet 23 sep 2010
commonwealth games. so much expressed in so few words. 22 sep 2010
western freedom by susan macallen 22 sep 2010
uno must declare islam an ideology 21 sep 2010
ill-fated and inauspicious commonwealth games, new delhi, oct 2010. 21 sep 2010
"sheep" expecting favorable verdict of high court 20 sep 2010
fiery zakir naik of partitioned india 19 sep 2010
"zardari" jokes banned by pakistani authorities 18 sep 2010
building material for taj mahal did not come from arab deserts 17 sep 2010
"bas*ards;" boast: "we are the people who gave india taj mahal." 17 sep 2010 (view on mosque in new york) 17 sep 2010
all what you want to know about islam 17 sep 2010
mosque of mischief, provocation and absurdity 16 sep 2010
british reply to mosque on ground zero 16 sep 2010
crawling out from under the rauf 16 sep 2010
imam rauf. know all about him. 14 sep 2010
mischievous incendiary imam of "fitna & fasaad" told to behave! 14 sep 2010
imam of new york on cnn television 13 sep 2010
nehru betrayed the indian army 13 sep 2010
stop islamisation of america 13 sep 2010
building mosques on sacred sites of defeated enemies 12 sep 2010
call from maryam namazie 11 sep 2010
koran teaches 11 sep 2010
how savages will subjugate the united states 11 sep 2010
49% of americans say.... 11 sep 2010
bbc on islam in usa 10 sep 2010
islam's ugly head in denmark 10 sep 2010
imam, the liar, lied to pastor 10 sep 2010
plight of hindus in secular india 10 sep 2010
letter by a housewife to prime minister of u.k. 10 sep 2010
hindus are facing existential threat in deganga 10 sep 2010
price of nehru's high treason 10 sep 2010
vanishing minorities 10 sep 2010
hit them back. hit them hard. 06 sep 2010
an army coup too late defeats its own purpose. 06 sep 2010
jehad watch 06 sep 2010
is india really booming? 06 sep 2010
mohammed's pakistan exploding & imploding 06 sep 2010
massive rally against mega mosque at ground zero on 9/11 at 03:00 pm 05 sep 2010
ruin the "switzerland of asia", , you inferior baboo(n)s of india 05 sep 2010
mutilated india , bleeding broken bharat & weak hindu nation 05 sep 2010
civilisation of mohammed of mecca. seen in quetta 04 sep 2010
pakistanis, human cockroaches 03 sep 2010
muslim provocation in bharat 02 sep 2010
why security forces are bleeding in kashmir 01 sep 2010
comparing noble china with ignoble islam 01 sep 2010
empowered women, priyanka gandhi and the new indira 31 aug 2010
obama's citizenship case reaches the supreme court 31 aug 2010
situation of hindus pathetic, disunited, ignrant, subservient , weak & surrendering 31 aug 2010
haraami & "behen ch*d". two leaders.. 31 aug 2010
letter to prime minister who will not reply 31 aug 2010
salaries of corrupt & useless (parasites) mp?s of india. 31 aug 2010
sikhs threatened in kashmir 31 aug 2010
sharia for dummies & morons 30 aug 2010
speech on hindu unity 30 aug 2010
urgent message for the americans in new york 24 aug 2010
aid to muslim pakistan is money down the drain 23 aug 2010
?daylight rape of public interest? ? excerpts 23 aug 2010
besieged but brave israel keeping the "devils" away 23 aug 2010
learn about islam through centuries of murder and mayhem 22 aug 2010
obama's citizenship scandal like sonia maino's? 22 aug 2010
americans say, "prevention is better than cure." 22 aug 2010
if the mosque gets built, "we will bombard it," 22 aug 2010
america must eject muslims at once 22 aug 2010
liberal america nearing her own doom 21 aug 2010
they will burn the koran 21 aug 2010
why american left is so blind 21 aug 2010
is this holy koran? god help the one who believes in it. 21 aug 2010
dishonest muhammad and damn fool infidel 21 aug 2010
congress' coolie colony called partitioned india (broken bharat) 21 aug 2010
you are not safe if the government at your back is eunuchs, monkeys and donkeys. 21 aug 2010
sikhs under threat. nothing new in this. 21 aug 2010
mohammed upon mohammed 20 aug 2010
pakistan ?deserves? $53 billion foreign debt write-off 20 aug 2010
plus or minus of that mosque in new york 20 aug 2010
failed state pakistan is dying 19 aug 2010
kashmir was given away by traitor nehru 18 aug 2010
prime minister fails. doom awaits partitioned india 18 aug 2010
sacrilege at ground zero 18 aug 2010
why is pakistan islamic? 18 aug 2010
questionnaire for muslims seeking u.s. citizenship 18 aug 2010
why the world is not sending money to pakistan 17 aug 2010
living with wolves 16 aug 2010
hindus, stand up to save hindusthan 16 aug 2010
massacre of hindus by mohammedan invaders 16 aug 2010
delete the offensive word "kafir" from koran 16 aug 2010
neither nehru showed up nor uno turned up 15 aug 2010
all infidels must sit up and take note 14 aug 2010
the messiah (jinn) and the promised land 14 aug 2010
partition of india, part 3 (final) 14 aug 2010
overheated property prices in india 13 aug 2010
your tax dollars building mosques 13 aug 2010
mosques & the islamization of america 13 aug 2010
god smite them hard, they cried in 1947 12 aug 2010
rage, anger, frustration and the maha mantra 11 aug 2010
partition of india , part 2 11 aug 2010
partition of india, part 2. 10 aug 2010
terror mosque shut in germany 10 aug 2010
islam threatens the usa 10 aug 2010
"islam is native to america," claims the son of a muslim.! 10 aug 2010
partition of india, part 1. 10 aug 2010
useless "gandhis" are leaders of partitioned india 10 aug 2010
mosque shut down in germany. 10 aug 2010
build your mosque somewhere else! 09 aug 2010
islam penetrates the top in america: 09 aug 2010
"join the british resistance!" call by british national party 09 aug 2010
wilder's warning to perishing america 08 aug 2010
aid money lets them buy more weapons to kill more americans. 08 aug 2010
article 496 08 aug 2010
indias deficit democracy 08 aug 2010
india burns while her native leaders sleep 08 aug 2010
wolves in sheep paddock 08 aug 2010
congress party goons 07 aug 2010
moderate (sic) muslim imam of new york 07 aug 2010
taliban?s ghastly deeds 07 aug 2010
floods are the divine retribution 06 aug 2010
return we will. 06 aug 2010
floods in pakistan are anger of god 06 aug 2010
ban koran in partitioned india. 06 aug 2010
islam and violence 06 aug 2010
savage & beastly act of stoning to death in mohammed's islam 06 aug 2010
is the indian government on self destructive path? 04 aug 2010
david cameron is right 02 aug 2010
hindus rotten political side. how effective is bjp? 01 aug 2010
what (damn) freedom are you fighting for, mr. mujahid? 01 aug 2010
for cbi, slander is evidence! 01 aug 2010
?buggers' muddle? at indira khan?s (witche's) airports in new delhi 01 aug 2010
govt muzzled cag alarm on c?wealth games delay 01 aug 2010
seven blunders by incorrigible foolish infidels of partitioned india 01 aug 2010
islam: degradation & slavery of women 01 aug 2010
astronomical sum of indian black money in swiss banks. 01 aug 2010
indo pak talks 01 aug 2010
hindu nari divas 31 jul 2010
hindu nari divas 31 jul 2010
kerala & kashmir descend into islamic hell 29 jul 2010
islam is political ideology not a religion. 29 jul 2010
rawalpindi calling! march 1947 & july 2010 28 jul 2010
in the case of muslims aggression pays 27 jul 2010
replace "jew" for " hindu" below. both face extinction on earth/ 27 jul 2010
why the sikh chief minister shifted his seat from lahore to union territory 27 jul 2010
hindu rabbit and islamic fox went to discussion. rabbit lost more land 27 jul 2010
islamic trojan horses for battle against civilisation 27 jul 2010
why ?indira gandhi? airport in delhi? 26 jul 2010
weak & decomposing hindusthan is dying, starting with kerala & kashmir 26 jul 2010
islamization of kerala & east punjab. 26 jul 2010
mayor of new york is like pandit nehru of india in appeasing islam. 26 jul 2010
is this the land that captain kalia gave his life for? 26 jul 2010
koran burning day. join in at ayodhya and mathura if you can. 26 jul 2010
force jihadis to freedom (kick them out) 25 jul 2010
germany: muslim boys more aggressive 25 jul 2010
deliberate neglect and insult of indian army heroes by baboos, congress and dirty dynasty 25 jul 2010
no megamosque near ground zero. 25 jul 2010
stop that provocative offensive mosque 25 jul 2010
there is no "excellency" in congress misruled & controlled coolie colony called india. 24 jul 2010
enlarge your remit! 24 jul 2010
muslim protests in secular democracies: 24 jul 2010
ban the rss (cries a musalmaani). 23 jul 2010
why is israel unpopular? 23 jul 2010
send them all from palestine to pakistan. 23 jul 2010
bloodshed in lawless wild islamic (mohammedan) pakistan 22 jul 2010
revelation of swiss bank accounts 22 jul 2010
is "koran" producing rapidly increasing army of brainwashed savage morons? 22 jul 2010
wolves are going to be more than the sheep on earth 21 jul 2010
remove all the mosques of insult & provocation 21 jul 2010
kill the nexalites! 20 jul 2010
can the rss do what the army cannot? 20 jul 2010
turkey in cyprus vs. israel in gaza 20 jul 2010
manly challenge for rss & military 20 jul 2010
dying bharat's last hope: its army. 19 jul 2010
will muslim men wear nikab? 18 jul 2010
land for peace! 18 jul 2010
lucky jehadi is a rabbit 18 jul 2010
three united brothers 04 jul 2010
islam, straight from horse's mouth 04 jul 2010
netaji, nehru and jinnah 04 jul 2010
no more muslims in the uk. 03 jul 2010
hindus need a leader! 03 jul 2010
degraded muslim women, quit islam! gain freedom & dignity 03 jul 2010
ethnic cleansing of hindus in east bengal (bangladesh) continues 02 jul 2010
murder in nepal, 02 jul 2010
on rajiv gandhi's assassination. 01 jul 2010
hindus in nepal to be hammered into conversion after their ignominious fall 01 jul 2010
indian army chief develops serious differences with govt 01 jul 2010
get th at looted wealth of india back. hang the traitors 01 jul 2010
uk border security is not useless like india's 29 jun 2010
islam, the two jaws of crocodile. india 1947, europe 2047. 27 jun 2010
it is so very important. islamic tsunami! 27 jun 2010
should the indian army take over now? 26 jun 2010
tens of thousands of nepali girls shipped to middle east/saudi arabia 26 jun 2010
"who is the agent of death?" asks modi, 26 jun 2010
he saw palestinian refugees but not the 15 million hindu refugees or the sikh widows of 1947 and 1984. 26 jun 2010
dump gandhi, you fools! 26 jun 2010
sheila dixit traitor today, patriot tomorrow 25 jun 2010
india still in shackles of emergency 25 jun 2010
light fire in the bellies of hindus! 24 jun 2010
nehru, gandhi , "corruption , deception" everywhere. 24 jun 2010
partitioned india (broken bharat) must kick out zakir naik to pakistan. see act of partition, 1947. 21 jun 2010
corrupted, decaying, decomposing, dying mutilated india. wake up call to her sleeping home minister. 21 jun 2010
un must speak up for banning every islamic republic. 21 jun 2010
without criticism inferior cannot become superior. who will tell it to mohammed? 20 jun 2010
in partitioned india nehru and gandhi have the status of allah 20 jun 2010
they hoped for roubles on earth but got virgins in heaven 20 jun 2010
wail of kashmiri hindus 20 jun 2010
a nation under leadership of dull , duffer and (damn) fools 20 jun 2010
i only need ?10 to go back to pakistan. 20 jun 2010
rise, unite and counter attack 20 jun 2010
indian baboo(n)s want money for visa to visit motherland 16 jun 2010
then the two legged beasts turned to kill their own kind in the end 16 jun 2010
broken bharat where wolves and sheep mix and mingle. 16 jun 2010
"slavery to slavery" for wretched indians under dynasty and congress for ever. 16 jun 2010
brave indian army being degraded by bureaucratic civilian baboo(n)s wedded to appeasing surrendering ("mahatma") mk gandhi, the "father" of pakistan. 16 jun 2010
dual nationality & the "pimp" called sonia gandhi, w/o bofors chor, father of corruption 16 jun 2010
statistical islam 14 jun 2010
most truthful woman in islam- who speaks the truty. 14 jun 2010
obama has put america on way to doom 13 jun 2010
killing is what comes easily t o muslims "beasts"/ lahore, pakistan. 13 jun 2010
civilisation that is india. 13 jun 2010
no mosque in new york. call to indian organisations in america 13 jun 2010
no mosque in usa 13 jun 2010
saudi arabia gives israel clear skies to attack iranian nuclear sites 12 jun 2010
serious corruption in indian aviation 11 jun 2010
are you still a muslim moron? liberate yourself. 10 jun 2010
wild & lawless world of mohammed in f.a.ta., pakistan 10 jun 2010
india under eclipse: the political folly ? 1 09 jun 2010
mass upsurge in jammu 09 jun 2010
wounded israeli soldiers honoured in new york city 09 jun 2010
indian government?s anti worker move defeated in ilo 07 jun 2010
stop that mosque in new york. it is insult to the dead of 9/11 07 jun 2010
israel being punished for her kindness. 07 jun 2010
sonia gandhi: "hindi, language that servants speak". 06 jun 2010
6th. of june for the indian baboons in coma 05 jun 2010
"koh i noor". the bravest of the brave possess it. 04 jun 2010
vanish israel and hindusthan, to please mohammed of mecca. 04 jun 2010
the honourable balts remember those deported. 04 jun 2010
advancing the cause of allah by gun, boat or koran. 04 jun 2010
muslim "burqa" aggression in partitioned india. 04 jun 2010
is the nation in coma? 04 jun 2010
stop islamisation of america 04 jun 2010
uncalled for state suppression of truth. 04 jun 2010
dictator needed in the quagmire called "india". 03 jun 2010
man sucking at the breasts of female co-worker. joys of being a man in islam 03 jun 2010
here comes the burqa ban 03 jun 2010
indian bureaucracy the worst in asia 03 jun 2010
turkish predators 03 jun 2010
reason for wearing burqa (burka) 03 jun 2010
quran burning. a personal view. 03 jun 2010
hindu killed in most gruesome manner in mosque in bangladesh 30 may 2010
exposing mk gandhi, the naked saint and his spiritual terrorism of nonviolence 22 may 2010
wail of punjabi musalmaan 22 may 2010
pariahs of pakistan. dump koran that makes you shaitan, haiwan, be-iman. 21 may 2010
jazia on amarnath yatra: furthering the islamic cause. 21 may 2010
riots over burqa. paris 20 may 2010
foolish lithuanian girl, turkish groom 20 may 2010
hindu persecution in bogus desh (bangladesh) 20 may 2010
article 350 20 may 2010
billions of indian rupees in swiss banks. 20 may 2010
shooting own brother for the sake of enemy. 18 may 2010
do we deserve a mosque at ground zero? no! 18 may 2010
islam free europe and america 16 may 2010
human rights rainbow coalition stages rally in times square 16 may 2010
pakistan, your foreign (arabic) religion will punish to hell. "dump" koran. 16 may 2010
stop this mosque. in new york. 16 may 2010
internet hindus, breaking shackles of dirty dynasty & treacherous congress 16 may 2010
they killed their mother (partition of india) then their father (z.a. bhutto) as per koran. 16 may 2010
mosque at ground zero..2 16 may 2010
when allies become ?flies? or "nishkam sewaks" 15 may 2010
if america falls nothing will be left standing 15 may 2010
before some bastards say, "it never happened". 14 may 2010
radical islam? 12 may 2010
empower hindus; save india 12 may 2010
brutal islamic killings in iran 12 may 2010
pathways to jihadi terrorism 11 may 2010
can muslims be loyal to a non muslim country? 11 may 2010
pathways to jihadi terrorism 11 may 2010
pakistan a breeding ground for islamism 11 may 2010
stop the mosque in new york. 10 may 2010
an interview with ali sina on muslims in europe 10 may 2010
pakistan is a terrorist state. 10 may 2010
"koraan makes shaitaan" (experience of partitioned india) 09 may 2010
bnp (british national party) in uk 09 may 2010
in terror of mohammed of arabia 09 may 2010
we ran, fearing in terror of mohammed of arabia 09 may 2010
pathetic, hapless crushed hindus in hindusthan 08 may 2010
what directions for india? (civil war and anarchy) 08 may 2010
hapless hindu in hindusthan 06 may 2010
islamic jehad 06 may 2010
don't let posterity say this of america 06 may 2010
president obama. check it out. 05 may 2010
ban the burka in broken bharat, too. 05 may 2010
hindu holocausts of past and future 05 may 2010
every walking mohammedan in partitioned india (broken bharat, or smashed akhand bharat) is a dead hindu.) 05 may 2010
what directions for india? 05 may 2010
banning of burqa,, minarets, divisiv e separatist koran, and ultimately, islam 03 may 2010
jinnah on gandhi 01 may 2010
british protesters attack israel's deputy ambassador 29 apr 2010
the pakistani third reich 28 apr 2010
islam in the u.k. 24.04.10 24 apr 2010
partitioned india. letter by general to sonia maino 22 apr 2010 20 apr 2010
indian government of "morons and stooges" cheats honourable military veterans 16 apr 2010
canadian sniper and the supreme commander of middle india 11 apr 2010
useless leadership in middle india. 04 apr 2010
muslims beat up the hindus in middle india, having exterminated them in east and west india. 03 apr 2010
india?s bureaucratic albatross 03 apr 2010
jehad, the (murderous) military tool of islam 03 apr 2010
the significance of easter. christian children decorating eggs. 02 apr 2010
muslims in partitioned india again coming on top of infidel "cow" 02 apr 2010
world's most useless supreme commander. you find her in partitioned india 02 apr 2010
raw deals for indian army veterans. // despicable supreme commander of broken bharat (middle india) minus kashmir. 01 apr 2010
true islam 01 apr 2010
shattering, battering demoralising, destroying indian army, dirty dynasty's very own mercenary force. 31 mar 2010
nature of islam in nutshell. be warned! 28 mar 2010
is middle india in imminent danger of military defeat and surrender? 28 mar 2010
essence of koran 24 mar 2010
all european life died in auschwitz 21 mar 2010
understanding mohammed.. book review. 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. 1. 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. ch. 5 (introduction) 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammad. ch. 20 onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. ch. 40 onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. from taqayya onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. ch 60 onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. ch. 70 onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. ch. 80 onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. chap 3 onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. 110 onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. 120 onwards 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. 140 - 159 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. chapter 160 - 179 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. ch. 180-189 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. 2 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. 3 20 mar 2010
understanding mohammed. 4. 20 mar 2010
appeal to indian media 18 mar 2010
muslim menace in europe. geert wilders. 17 mar 2010
"third class rotten" supreme commander of middle india snubs the veterans 17 mar 2010
split, divide, weaken andkill policy of congress (italy & islam) in divided (partitioned) india. 11 mar 2010
why islam is feared in england 10 mar 2010
anguished cry of ex servicemen over neglect of their pension rights by india 10 mar 2010
reservation of seats for women is to degrade them 08 mar 2010
culture of mohammed bequeathed to pakistan: mayhem, murder & kidnapping 07 mar 2010
"sarkari interference" none should tolerate! 07 mar 2010
foreigners bashing, beating, crushing, degrading and exterminating the hindus in hindusthan 07 mar 2010
is "middle india" (called "bharat") heading for a repeat of 1962?? 06 mar 2010
strong military, corrupt government and useless supreme commander 06 mar 2010
foreign masters turn lions into donkeys 05 mar 2010
lying prime minister of a dying government. 03 mar 2010
hindus getting beaten, thrashed & demoralised in broken bharat (partitioned india) 01 mar 2010
muslims need to introspect (mice appealing to cat) 01 mar 2010
"zeb" (as in aurangzeb) in arabia is an obscenity 28 feb 2010
vanguards of mohammedan army 28 feb 2010
why the indians do not speak of partition. 27 feb 2010
coward gandhi was assassinated, nor murdered! 17 feb 2010
monkeys in parliament of india? 17 feb 2010
story of two pakistans 17 feb 2010
"my name is khan." therefore, mr . khan, you are a pakistani wolf in sheep coat for gullible hindus 17 feb 2010
pakistanis are growing up drinking anti kafir venom at schools & madrassas 17 feb 2010
capture of mullah. congratulations, america. 16 feb 2010
verdict by india over her bogus partition 16 feb 2010
islam in the u.k. 15 feb 2010
delhi in hindusthan is like port du prnce in haiti 14 feb 2010
explosion in pune 14 feb 2010
monkeys in parliament! 13 feb 2010
peace with destabilised, disturbed, destructive, devil (pakistan) 13 feb 2010
pakistan, the fractured statey of tyranny & grief 13 feb 2010
home minister of india, the blind coward.. 13 feb 2010
choice to muslims, be loyal and stay or leave! 13 feb 2010
jihad coming to a school near you 13 feb 2010
dreamland called pakistan 13 feb 2010
why christian and other non muslim girls must not marry a muslim 11 feb 2010
german view of islam. 10 feb 2010
islam explained. 10 feb 2010
pakistan's identity crisis: two views. 04 feb 2010
will kashmir be betrayed like west punjab & east bengal? 03 feb 2010
pious hindu lives in cuckoo's world 03 feb 2010
what scam, sir, and where? 03 feb 2010
indians feel free to insult each other over identities. 01 feb 2010
"ziarat" by sheila dikshit. honour to sonia maino in defeated hindusthan. 01 feb 2010
4th. netaji subhash chandra bose lecture. january 23, 2010 30 jan 2010
tees january marg (30th. january road) in new delhi 30 jan 2010
constitution of partitioned indai, slow but visible extermination of the hindus 30 jan 2010
partitioned indian secular state has two flags. 26 jan 2010
unashamed india does deep salaam to air marshal of pakistan 25 jan 2010
pakistan-bangladesh plan a mughalistan to split india 25 jan 2010
india's republic day and constitution 25 jan 2010
comment on constitution of broken bharat (partitioned india) 24 jan 2010
reopening of mughal road in kashmir 24 jan 2010
saudi girl, 13, sentenced to 90 lashes 23 jan 2010
the fort hood report: why no mention of islam? 23 jan 2010
pakistan-india peace strategically impossible 23 jan 2010
birthday of netaji. january 23, 2010. 23 jan 2010
lion & the mouse. subhash chandra bose & mk gandhi 23 jan 2010
muslims - heavy economic burden on country 22 jan 2010
north kashmir will be recovered. south kashmir will never be surrendered to mohammed of arabia 22 jan 2010
the ant and the grasshopper. (hindus and musalmans) 21 jan 2010
two decades of exile of kashmiri hindus. jan 20, 2010 20 jan 2010
12 year old hindu boy haqiqat rai refused to accept savage murderous islam from arabia 20 jan 2010
islam in canada 19 jan 2010
we (hindus & sikhs) love to dine with the killers. murder of south kashmir. 17 jan 2010
jawaharlal nehru?s ancestors 16 jan 2010
is religion of the church a religion of love and service? 15 jan 2010
new delhi is collapsing and dying with regard to kashmir 14 jan 2010
are muslims the sole stakeholders of kashmir? 14 jan 2010
how many muslims will the fellow muslims slaughter, kidnap and rape? 12 jan 2010
religion of peace, confirmed 12 jan 2010
a hindu woman had to write this twenty times over. 11 jan 2010
brave sikh sacrifices his life defending victim of mugging 11 jan 2010
"teach the tamils a lession!" barked "bofors chor" rajiv khan. 08 jan 2010
can muslim fundamentalists be moral? 08 jan 2010
cowardly india's double speak on kashmir 08 jan 2010
they have murdered mankind seven times over. 08 jan 2010
lies & deception in islam 08 jan 2010
march against the british troops 04 jan 2010
problem with islam 04 jan 2010
can you compare religions? 04 jan 2010
shashi tharoor, the indian diplomat. for loyalty, ask his first wife. 03 jan 2010
watch this before they takeit off the web. wafa sultan warns. 01 jan 2010
jawaharlal nehru stadium and corruption in broken bharat (partitioned india) 31 dec 2009
vast indian ill-gotten wealth in swiss banks. 30 dec 2009
who poisoned the minds of muslims? 30 dec 2009
the dead of noakhali come back to haunt the hindus. the ghosts of lahore have yet to singe the beards of sikhs 30 dec 2009
third class cowardly choo*iya gandhi led his people into partition & death 30 dec 2009
what can save the dying cow called "hindusthan"? (coup de grace or coup d' tat?) 30 dec 2009
watch the indian sheep in islamic abattoir 30 dec 2009
article by a journalist daughter of a veteran soldier 29 dec 2009
"islam is deception, fraud & surprise attack." tell shah rukh khan 28 dec 2009
kashmir dispute will be eternal 28 dec 2009
kashmir, a rotten egg in decomposing muslim dominated (partitioned) india 27 dec 2009
attempt to crash the plane over america 27 dec 2009
save nepal from further fall 24 dec 2009
"battle stations" now to prevent islamisation of europe 23 dec 2009
congratulations to shree nitin gadkari 23 dec 2009
mohammed's slogan in pakistan 21 dec 2009
pandit jawaharlal nehru was the son of a musalman 19 dec 2009
pandit jawaharlal nehru of broken bharat. 19 dec 2009
a victim a day . still no shame or regret by mohammed and mehmet. 18 dec 2009
a victim a day in great britain alone. 18 dec 2009
are the christians & hindus feeding their own killers? 15 dec 2009
gandhi and obama 14 dec 2009
indestructible yoke of koran 12 dec 2009
"minarets are our bayonets," declare the mohammedans 09 dec 2009
"joys" of a muslim woman 06 dec 2009
kashmir issue 04 dec 2009
muslims are sensitive over switzerland 04 dec 2009
lion of punjab roars 04 dec 2009
what the h*ll are you doing here, mohammed? 04 dec 2009
new us surge in afghanistan. 03 dec 2009
warning to rapidly weakening peerishing europe. after hitler & stalin it is mohammed & islam now 30 nov 2009
bbc discussion on minarets in switzerlan 30 nov 2009
o mohammed, what goes up, comes down. 30 nov 2009
no minarets or missiles. follow the swiss example 29 nov 2009
same muslims, same problems 26 nov 2009
reward for crossing the border illegally. 26 nov 2009
who made kashmir a "disputed" territory? 26 nov 2009
maulana mohammed k. gandhi 24 nov 2009
are muslims enemies of the rest of the world? 23 nov 2009
friendship of muslims with non-believers 23 nov 2009
why i turned against the evil in islam: 23 nov 2009
?oh allah, defeat the kafirs [christians & jews]? 23 nov 2009
why i turned against the evil in islam: 22 nov 2009
indian politicians ought to get similar letters from citizens 21 nov 2009
kuldip nayar's conceding collapsing india 21 nov 2009
pseudo-secular supreme commander takes joy rides 19 nov 2009
mohammed & his radical islam. watch this video 19 nov 2009
by article 370 india herself makes kashmir a disputed territory 19 nov 2009
the treacherous myth of "imperial british lion" being scared of "goat gandhi" who could not even defend lahore. 18 nov 2009
grumble by bharti in canada 17 nov 2009
india does not honour her military heroes. (who will teach manners to "baboons" in india?) 16 nov 2009
what the "hell" are you doing here, mohammed? 15 nov 2009
smashed hindu "pulp" walking with mohammed 15 nov 2009
remembered are not those who died fighting for freedom but those traitors who surrendered one third of india. 15 nov 2009
noose around the hindus' neck 14 nov 2009
month of november: why the struggle for dharma is never wholly won. 13 nov 2009
poles in the u.k . and cyprus under turkish threat. 13 nov 2009
real defence of india 13 nov 2009
indian "coolie" press & the soldier. (playing flute before the buffalo) 13 nov 2009
we don't break up, partition & mutilate the country we grew up and live, in 12 nov 2009
indian ex servicemen's letter to their members of parliament. will they listen? 12 nov 2009
kill the woman. kill, kill, kill. islamic sharai law 11 nov 2009
temples in india face ruins. 11 nov 2009
islam has jumped on america like tiger jumping on buffalo. god help america! 10 nov 2009
indian coolies give credit to sonia for economic recovery 08 nov 2009
indian ex servicemen/women ignored & insulted by gandhian "baboos" 07 nov 2009
mistake by minister & muslim men in uniform 07 nov 2009
"your (bogus) excellency!" 31 oct 2009
mohammeds of somalia 30 oct 2009
fight ruthless totalitarian islam. geert wilders. 30 oct 2009
warring afghans and the mutually slaughtering schizophrenic pakistanis 28 oct 2009
how to deal with afghanistan 28 oct 2009
frankenstein of mohammed in partitioned india and beyond 26 oct 2009
ill-fated "government" of partitioned indian secular state (p.i.s.s.) frustrating the military pensioners 25 oct 2009
tragic realities of today's broken bharat (middle india). 19 oct 2009
pandit jawaharlal nehru, history's biggest conman 19 oct 2009
what should middle india (hindusthan) do to congress party in india? 18 oct 2009
americans remember while indians forget 18 oct 2009
hindu bashing/ hindu killing go unnoticed 18 oct 2009
country ruled by baboos and "baboons" degrades her brave armed forces 15 oct 2009
home office (uk) rules relaxed. 11 oct 2009
muslim growth due to making women child producing machines & seduction, abduction and multiple marriages 11 oct 2009
immense indian wealth in swiss banks. rulers plunder while farmers commit suicide 11 oct 2009
bogus heroes of bandit nehru's partitioned indian secular state. 11 oct 2009
lesson for india's female "baboo(n)" supreme commander, trailing behind first lady from italy. 11 oct 2009
partitioned indian secular state (p.i.s.s.) serving italian mafia? 09 oct 2009
the widow colony that government of partitioned india does not want to know 09 oct 2009
rotten indian legal system like her rulers 08 oct 2009
taliban told, "either go to jail or to india for jehad." 08 oct 2009
pakistan robs america. where is the surprise? 07 oct 2009
mk gandhi documentary my michelle hussain, a muslim 07 oct 2009
should we celebrate gandhi jayanthi? 06 oct 2009
top indian leaders in 1947 03 oct 2009
mahatma gandhi of partitioned india re-visited 03 oct 2009
listen, o' kafirs, infidels, jews, hindus, sikhs, christians, non believers, atheists, (and women) all over the world, 03 oct 2009
weak gandhi who loathed hindus but admired muslims invited aggression. 02 oct 2009
pakistani claim over kashmir rebutted by india 02 oct 2009
china issues separate visas to indians from j & k state. 01 oct 2009
non indian as mp in india. read on - the decomposing & dying world of the hindus. 30 sep 2009
corrupt dynasty, corrupt government in delhi, bofor chor escapes unpunished. 29 sep 2009
onl;y after death one knows their religion 28 sep 2009
india's intelligence failure 26 sep 2009
article 85 26 sep 2009
why pakistani army wear brown trousers? 25 sep 2009
these thugs will go scot free since there will be no revolution in "ahimsa smitten" suffering hindusthan 25 sep 2009
india's airports a disgrace 24 sep 2009
hindu holocaust museum 20 sep 2009
india?s psychological shock troops 20 sep 2009
hindus are more than willing to be kicked 19 sep 2009
here (france & uk) an awkward muslim girl, three (india) an awkward muslim boy. islam is provocation from north to south pole. 19 sep 2009
muslim mischief in christian school 19 sep 2009
kafirs, infidels, hindus jews finished? now kill the muslims. 19 sep 2009
in lahore they drank the hindus' blood. 19 sep 2009
land eating grub: (land for peace). 17 sep 2009
who played hell with punjab, bengal & kashmir? 16 sep 2009
hindus are more than willing to be kicked, beaten, raped & slaughtered. 16 sep 2009
india is 'losing maoist battle' 15 sep 2009
hindu temple destroyed in muslim hamtramck 15 sep 2009
price rises may affect the elections in india 15 sep 2009
?boot up the supreme commander!? shout the kashmiri hindus in refugee camps 14 sep 2009
recalling the dead of kashmir in perspective 14 sep 2009
cut out wishful thinking and prayers. militarise the hindus. 13 sep 2009
four wives of devil control hindusthan 13 sep 2009
partition, jinnah, jaswant singh 12 sep 2009
letter to obama 12 sep 2009
demoralising the proud armed forces. 12 sep 2009
will london go the way of lahore? 12 sep 2009
creeping to top. islam in washington, usa. 10 sep 2009
fleeing wrath of allah fearing taliban, pak hindus take thar express to india 10 sep 2009
doomed sikhs in perishing hindusthan 10 sep 2009
disciples of gandhi 09 sep 2009
terror's tipping point 09 sep 2009
indian army looks up to governors as they look up to sonia khan 07 sep 2009
reverse it. give them peace for land. 06 sep 2009
democracy of future in europe. 06 sep 2009
democracy mohammed upon mohammed style when no kafir or infidel is on hand to mutilate. 06 sep 2009
miraj riots in maharashtra: a surge of muslim insolence 05 sep 2009
two despicable traitors of century in india 05 sep 2009
dialogue with a muslim 05 sep 2009
bangladesh destroys hinduism, buddhism 05 sep 2009
corrupt congress party plundering partitioned bleeding india 04 sep 2009
part 36 - crimes against india- 31 aug 2009
pakistan: muslims kidnap eight christians 30 aug 2009
muslim appeasement: police denied permission to shiv sena for erecting an archway depicting afzal khan killing 30 aug 2009
billions worth of indian wealth in swiss banks? 30 aug 2009
where are mother teresa's millions? 30 aug 2009
breaking bharat, bit by bit. now kerala, rot from bottom 30 aug 2009
jaswant singh's book 29 aug 2009
kargil victory not recognised by india's rulers who do recognise nehru & islam above all. 28 aug 2009
will islam conquer europe? 28 aug 2009
soldier's cry. soldiers never cry if country is strong 20 aug 2009
bharatiya sprachbund (linguistic area) 20 aug 2009
causes of partition 20 aug 2009
muslim menace, ab initio 20 aug 2009
afghanistan -no sex - no food 19 aug 2009
people of sand & desert 19 aug 2009
manual of islamic terrorism 19 aug 2009
ill gotten (illegitimate) state of pakistan 19 aug 2009
all the muslims are "politically incorrect" 18 aug 2009
shah rukh khan's identity is clearer than a hindu's. 18 aug 2009
selective tributes on bogus independence of india 18 aug 2009
"we will not cross cease fire line," said indian baboo(n)s 17 aug 2009
tipu sultan, the hindu killer 17 aug 2009
an invaluable eye witness experience of partition 17 aug 2009
terror textbook: step-by-step guide to jihad 17 aug 2009
kargil blunders: accountability 17 aug 2009
archive information 15 aug 2009